After Run Fun

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Michelle and Steve both walk in after going for a run together. Steve walks into the bedroom to get a change of clothes for after his shower whilst Michelle stands at the bedroom door. She asks “Are you getting a shower?” to which he replies “Only a quick one”. She then says “I enjoyed our run together” whilst holding the pull up bar with both hands when Steve replies “Me too”. Michelle asks “How do you do pull ups?” Steve comes over, puts her hands in the correct position, tells her to let her arms take her weight and stands behind her with his hands on her hips to assist her.

Michelle tries 2 or 3 pull ups when Steve still standing behind her says “You always look sexy when you work out”. She smiles as she brushes her beautiful ass against the front of his shorts. Steve kisses her neck seductively wrapping his arms around her waist. She brushes her ass against the front of his shorts again this time feeling how hard she has made him. Steve continues to kiss her neck in the same seductive manor whilst his hands wonder over her clothes up her stomach to her chest as he gently squeezes her supple breasts together. Michelle turns around wraps her arms around his neck as he wraps his arms around her waist. Whilst in their embrace they start kissing passionately. His hands move slowly to down as he finally fulfills his desire to touch her beautiful ass which caused the trouble in the first place. He pulls her closer his hands still on her ass so she can feel his hard cock against her yoni. She lets out a small moan of excitement upon feeling how turned on she has made almanbahis adresi him.

Michelle then stops kissing Steve and lowers herself to her knees. She looks up at him making eye contact delaying teasingly whilst smiling. She lowers the front of his shorts and his boxers revealing his nice cock then kisses & licks up his shaft tantalizingly slow. As she gets to the tip he groans in anticipation. She knows exactly what he wants so she lowers his shorts and boxers to his ankles, grabs his ass as she likes to do and takes his cock as deep as she can into her mouth. Sliding slowly up and down his cock using only her mouth she hears him moan this time with pleasure. She knew he was enjoying it anyway as she could feel him get even harder. Caressing his cock with one hand she strokes and kisses his balls. She pulls back his foreskin revealing his sensitive tip which she starts to lick groaning so he knows she is enjoying this too. He starts to move his hips so she reacts by stroking his cock up and down with her hands following them with her mouth. He lets out another pleasurable moan. She can feel his cock throbbing as she edges him close to climax but he stops her.

Steve stands Michelle up, turns her around, puts his left hand around her stomach as his right hand wanders down into her little shorts. As she rubs her beautiful ass against his throbbing cock he starts rubbing her lovely labia. His hand still outside of her panties occasionally grazes her clitoral hood. As he feels her getting wet he pulls his hand away from her yoni and orders her to take off her almanbahis adres little shorts and panties. She obeys by bending over as she lowers them to take them off. They get even more horny as they can feel each other’s skin as her sexy ass cheeks and his nice cock touch. Steve then unclasps Michelle’s bra, pulls the straps of her bra & vest down and takes her bra off exposing those supple breasts that he loves so much.

He gently squeezes her breasts together as he did earlier whilst also clamping her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. His left hand continues to caress her breasts gently as he uses his right hand to lubricate her yoni. He slides his hand from her pubic mound right down the middle of her yoni over her clitoris, labia and the entrance to her yoni. As his hand slides back up he parts her labia enjoying the warm feel of them. His left hand then does the same as he asks her permission to enter her yoni. She groans and as she says”Yes”. His left hand continues to caress her breasts as it did before whilst his right slides right down her yoni and he enters her with 2 fingers sliding them deep inside her as she groans again. Steve says to Michelle “I love the feel of your sexy body!” He slowly slides his right hand back up her yoni, rubs her clitoris for a second or 2 then slides his fingers back down deep inside her. He repeats this 4 or 5 more times spending more time rubbing her clitoris each time. His left hand all this time has wondered feeling her sexy ass. He stops, stands almost by her side then slides 2 fingers from his left hand almanbahis adres deep inside her yoni from behind stimulating her g-spot as his right hand is now constantly stroking her clitoris. Her groans gradually get louder and louder her body unable to remain still until she climaxes.

Michelle then whispers to Steve “I want to feel you inside me” as he holds her. He obliges by placing her hands on the pullup bar and entering her wet yoni with his throbbing cock from behind slowly so she can feel every inch. They groan simultaneously. Once Steve has pushed his cock all the way deep inside Michelle’s yoni he pauses to admire how beautiful she is in this moment. He places his hands on her hips and pulls his cock almost all of the way out of her yoni before pushing it back in again. They enjoy the slow sensual deep penetration that this brings. All the while Steve’s hands switch between holding her hips and shoulders. He also can’t resist those supple breasts caressing them as he penetrates her yoni deep. Steve slides his cock out of Michelle’s yoni and removes his t shirt as she turns around removing her vest. They’re both now totally naked but for their socks and running shoes.

They tell each other “I Love You” and kiss passionately as they hug enjoying the feel of skin on skin. Steve then lifts Michelle up his hands on her beautiful ass, her hands on the pull up bar and her legs wrapped around him. He lowers her slowly penetrating her yoni once again with his cock as they gaze into each other’s eyes and moan. They kiss as they enjoy their sensual penetration which eventually becomes too much for them both as they climax together. Steve cumming really hard inside Michelle due to her taking him close to climax earlier. They kiss again exchanging “I Love You” then both smile as Steve says “That was fun”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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