After the Journey

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Jasmine’s heart was beating fast as her sister opened the door into the Delhi restaurant just off Southall High street. John had told her he would be there and she didn’t quite know whether or not to believe him.

They had never met but they knew each other intimately over the internet and they had been building up for this first meeting ever since Jasmine had been woken from her sweet innocent self by the encounter on the train. Only Jasmine knew though. Her 2 sisters and their friend Shanti had no idea what was running through Jamines mind.

After they had entered Jasmine’s fears were answered. There were only a few people in the restaurant and none of them bore the slightest resemblance to the John she had known off the net. Cursing herself for believing him she sat down with a frown on her face that baffled her sisters and friend. About 10 minutes later she had resigned herself to a fruitless evening when in walked John.

He didn’t appear to look at Jasmine and her group and she bit her lip as he instructed the waiter were he wanted to sit, directly opposite her. Now her heart really started to pound.

The experience on the train had made her mind think of doing things she had never even imagined before. Since she was in her early teens she had thought of sex only in a lovemaking sense. The concept of raw sex was beyond her realm. Yet for the last three months she had pleasured herself virtually every night with scenes of being raped by strangers constantly running through her thoughts.

It was one night when she was in one of these moods that for the first time ever she replied to an instant message from a stranger.

John had been browsing through the profiles on AOL when he chanced upon her picture Kocaeli Escort and was immediately attracted. She was an exotic asian and the picture gave off a hint of naughtiness……….just as Jasmine had intended.

Over the course of the following two months their chat had gradually built up to agreeing to meet for a one off sex session. Part of the deal was that Jasmine would be with someone she knew and there would be no introductions. The main attraction for Jasmine had been that she had some control over the situation and she felt safe that she could abandon the meeting at any time she wanted.

In order to appear in control of her emotions she made a point of not looking over at him for the next 10 minutes, instead she talked excitedly to her group. Being careful not to mention anything about the new diner opposite.

Just as her heartbeat returned to normal she glanced over and saw John casually looking her way. When he realized she was looking he slowly lifted the knife in his right hand. Just as he had instructed her beforehand Jasmine opened her legs. She could see by his reaction that he could see what he wanted and it excited her even more.

She quickly got back into the conversation with Shanti and in an offhand way mentioned about the white guy sitting opposite. Shanti was sitting alongside Jasmine with her two sisters opposite. They couldn’t see John. Shanti said that she thought John was looking at them but couldn’t make out if he was looking at anyone in particular. Jasmine juiced up even more because she knew exactly where his eyes were directed. The raised knife made sure of that. Jasmine, as instructed, wasn’t wearing any knickers and she felt sure that her juices were dribbling Kocaeli Escort Bayan down her inner thigh as his eyes remained fixed on her.

It continued in this voyeuristic vein for about twenty minutes. She couldn’t have opened her legs any wider without sliding off her stool. Just as the initial arousal began to wane she noticed John stand up and make his way to the back of the restaurant where the ladies and gents rooms were next to one another.

As planned John checked quickly that no one could see him as he entered the ladies. Just as Jasmine had described there were two toilets in there and John quickly entered the second one and locked the door.

Jasmines heart seemed to be beating so hard she almost expected one of her sisters or her friend to notice. She casually looked at her watch and waited the allotted two minutes before she wiped her mouth with a napkin and made her way to the ladies.

In order not to arouse any suspicion she knew that time was of the essence and darted towards the second door, which was locked. Two light taps later it opened wide and she saw Johns face with a wicked smile on it.

To show who was in charge he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside before locking the door again. With one finger to his lips he pushed Jasmine and made her stand on the toilet seat. Before she knew it his head was inside her skirt and she felt his tongue lapping at her labia lips. She lowered herself a little as she spread her legs in order to give him better access. His tongue started to dance around her swollen clitoris. The excitement and danger of the situation soon made her gush with pleasure.

John let her die down from the orgasm for ten seconds or Escort Kocaeli so before he pulled her to the floor and lifted her skirt. Her juices made it all the easier for him to slide in as he pushed her against the wall.

He pumped away with a gusto Jasmine had never imagined and she just closed her eyes waiting for his love juice to shoot inside her. However before that happened he suddenly pulled himself out and dropped her dress between them. She was in shock. She was afraid that he had heard someone come into the room. As she strained to both be quiet and listen she suddenly felt something on her stomach. She looked down and saw that he had shot his load all over her blouse and top of her skirt.

She was in shock and had no idea why he had done that. She was trying to take stock of the situation when John said the only words she would ever hear from him.

“I dare you to let it dry and see if your friends notice.”

Then he was gone.

She sat on the toilet for a minute while she regained her senses. She thought he had been so selfish and cruel to leave her. She looked down and saw that it would be noticeable only if someone looked hard enough. She decided to take up the dare and as calmly as possible made her way back to her seat.

She hoped that no one would notice how flushed in the face she was and quietly sat down as close to the table as she could. She looked across at John and he was smiling as he beckoned the waiter for his bill.

She decided that one day she would get her own back on him. Ten minutes after he had left no one had noticed anything about her appearance which made her feel good. When they were leaving she even left her coat open in order to chance anyone seeing but no one did.

One hour later she had made her way to her bedroom and as she held the blouse in front of her she put it to her nose and smelled the sex. Then it went immediately on top of her pillow. Her eyes closed and she knew that one day he would pay a price for putting her through such a test.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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