After Work

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After Work

Returning home from work, she knew the next couple of hours would be liberating! Stress free fun was definitely needed!

After putting her laptop away, she pulled out the satin sheet — a quick change was needed to add a little luxury to her fuck! Followed by a change into something sexier — she would blow his mind. Slipping of her work top, she admired her slim figure in the mirror, her tits looked so much more voluptuous, since she had lost waist. She now had a figure that many woman envied — small waist, large bazookas and long legs, which looked so slim and long especially in high heels. She unclasped her bra, let her bazookas drop down as they were released, running her hand over the warm and firm bubbies. Her nipples felt soft to touch, she watched herself in the mirror as she explored herself, keeping her hands close to her nipples, encouraging them to harden. She dipped her fingers in to her icy cold glass of water, and pulled out an ice cube. She moved the ice cube across her tits, paying close attention to her nipples, she rubbed the ice around the nipple and watched as they hardened and stiffened. Sighing in pleasure she sat down in front of the mirror.

The phone buzzed, bringing her back to her senses. She checked the phone. He was on his way. Topless, she dashed down the stairs. Her tits were ready for action, she continued to rub the ice cube across her nips, and it felt so good. The glass door excited her, if someone knocked now, they’d be able to see her, half naked approaching the door. She unlocked the door and left the catch off.

She turned and headed back upstairs, as she picked up her pace she admired her jingling, jangling melons. Returning to her room, she pulled her bag of goodies out from under the bed. She unzipped it — pulled out her crotchless silk panties and her toys and clamps. She turned her bullet on, then held the buzzing cock next to her face — the batteries were charged.

Slipping on her long silky skirt, she grinned to herself as she thought about his fingers then tongue and in her pussy. She tingled at the thought. She slipped on her silk panties, felt her pussy and lay back on the bed. But she jumped up within seconds when she kırşehir escort remembered her heels. She slipped on the lace pull ups and her heels.

She was looking forward to being fucked again in her heels — he loved her ankles and her long legs. She recalled his teasing as he had licked her ankles before making his way up her leg to her love hole.

The door creaked open, and she waited with baited breathe as she listened to his footfall on the stairs. She stood up, and he walked in. She over shadowed him in height. She looked down and he met her gaze. Without hesitation his tongue snaked into her mouth and they both enjoyed the moment, while their tongues explored the warmth moist feeling. Flickering around and darting in and out, exploring each other like new lovers. She could feel his intensity through his grip, as he gripped her waist tightly, whilst thrusting himself hard against her.

The kiss, was a kiss of lust with passion being unleashed as they continued to explore one another. Her pulse quickened as her lustful feelings heightened, as he moved his hand under her skirt and touched her soft skin. Slowly, he moved his hand up her leg, as she lifted the other up to rest her foot on the side of the bed. His fingers continued to move up, she felt the tips of his fingers brush against her clit. Gently, he rubbed her clit and she arched her back, slightly, as he slipped her fingers into her.

She groaned and kissed him harder and he reacted by pushing her back onto the bed. He pushed her legs apart, moved his head down and began his feast.

She tasted so good. He felt good, as he nibbled her clit.

She could feel his tongue run across her clit, gently and slowly. She laid back and let herself go, to enjoy the feeling. A feeling of total ecstasy……as she took great pleasure in him exploring her pussy with his tongue. She wanted to push herself hard against him, but held back as the first waves of an orgasm hit her.

Her body relaxed and felt so light, the adoration of his tongue left her feeling blissful.

No words could describe the sheer delight and pleasure she was feeling at that moment. As she felt the pleasure build kocaeli escort up, she wanted to scream out loud. Cream out to the world to share her pleasure. Instead she pulled the pillow to herself, and gripped part of it in her mouth, as her back arched and she screamed, a silent scream into the stuffing of the pillow.

He nibbled her clit, bit her lightly as her cum gushed into his mouth, making him hungrily respond by digging his tongue deeper into her. He was hungry and thirsty for her pussy juice, and he continued as he felt his balls tighten, when she let out the muffled scream.

Moving his head back, he took in the feel of her soft, soft skin. He moved back and then over her before exploring her body with his hands. Her softness was so nice, a luxurious feel, nicer than silk. He moved up the bed, lay next to her and kissed her again, their kisses were heavenly delightful. Their tongues intertwined into one. The tips danced about, before they pushed their tongues deep into each other mouths. She gasped as she tasted herself, and his hands moved to explore her nipples and those amazing tits.

He pushed her back and he began his feast on her tits. Her nipple in his mouth, his teeth biting her teasingly while his tongue explored the full mound. He could feel her body tense and relax as she shared her delight without a word.

He moved her hand to her pussy, and listened to her breathes become deeper as he sucked her nipples and she fucked herself with her hand. He could feel her wetness and her pussy smelt so good, he had to have another drink from the fountain of youth. He didn’t want to rush!

Moving up first, his tongue travelled over her breasts to her neck. She stretched back as his tingling wet tongue ravished her soft, sweet skin. Her moans of pleasures, kept him aroused to the point of being desperate to satisfy and delight her for as long as possible.

His hands moved with ease to her stomach, he took in the delight of her softness, her perfect body — flat stomach, wide hips and tits for die for. He wanted the moment to last, last a long time. The strains and stresses of everyday life washed away from him as he took in her beauty konya escort and awesome, luscious body.

The tingling in his groin, wasn’t needed for motivation, her taste and desire for him, aroused him. Feeling her body, as she came, gave him so much pleasure.

He grabbed her hair and pulled it hard, as he lunged his tongue deep into her mouth, she responded as he expected, with passion and excitement. He could feel her hard nipples against his chest, poking into him, as he could feel her cuming again.

Swiftly, he moved to her pussy, he thrust his tongue in, hard and deep and explored and explored the fountain of youth with his tongue and fingers. She was so, so wet and yet tight like a virgin. As he fucked her pussy, she pushed hard against his face. She was cuming again…..fuck did she never stopped for him! She lunged herself hard into his mouth, as she let out muffled screams and he felt her pussy juice filling his mouth. The sheer delight mad his balls tighten more. Fuck he needed to get his cock in her!

She pulled back. “Let me sit on you.” She asked so sweetly, he had to oblige.

He lay back. She straddled over him, she sat on his face and gyrated hard into him, as he licked her zealously and passionately.

Her body jerked as she came with a gush, squirting her love juices into his mouth. Her back arched and she moaned out loud.

She then turned, and as he took in the pleasure of her orgasm she rimmed his cock with her tongue. She was so good, and it was so good to have his cock at the edge of her mouth. Rimming it gently, up and down and then licking his balls, he strained to keep himself from cuming.

Her mouth felt so good……

She stopped. Sat back and sat next to him. She took a swig of beer before he pushed her back and gently eased her cock into her. She was so wet, his cock was full and almost at bursting point. But he had to hold on, to make the most of her. He pushed gently against her, his cock slid in, as they moved in rhythm with each other.

He stiffened more, his balls tightened to the point he felt pain as he took in the intense pleasure.

Riding her hard, yet slowly and deeply, he squeezed her tight.

He held onto her, tight in his arms as he felt himself release his cum.

Unable to move. He held her tight. He unloaded himself and stayed close to her, his cock was really at home now. He savoured the moment and the pure pleasure that he had experienced.

She was amazing — it was an amazing night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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