After Work

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Anri Okita

Gary often did his work in the nude. Who else was going to enter a cabin that wasn’t being rented 11pm to 7 am? He always kept the doors locked and his bosses never checked in on him. Perfect for him, he could do whatever he wanted, as long as he got the empty cabins cleaned by morning. With all but 1 cabin occupied every night, which meant 8 hours to clean an entire cabin, Gary had a lot of masturbation time. Once in a while, teenagers and women would leave a pair of their panties behind. Gary would be in heaven on those nights and if he were lucky, they were left because of wetness or sexual contact.

Gary would sniff the females’ panties while jerking off. He’d carry the panties with him, and when their smell went away, Gary would wash them and wear them while he was at his house. While there, he’d go around in just the women’s underwear and purposely rub his cock through the panties against everything. And when he could stand being hard no longer, he’d either rub himself against the couch until he came, or lay on his counter and hump that, or, he’d get out his sex doll, and cum against her.

And when Gary was feeling extra horny, he’d wear the panties to work and hump the beds that he smelled pussy juice on, and 90% of the guys left him cum stains to sniff. On one particular day, Gary had 4 cabins to do, so there wasn’t much time for jerking off, except when he had cum in the toilet. Gary was so hard and horny that when he touched himself to take a piss, cum shot from the end of his prick first. “Fuck I need to get laid.” Gary panted after that orgasm. There had been a note when Gary got to work from his boss that cabin 18 wanted his bathroom cleaned as early in the morning as possible.

Gary got done at 6 am, and decided to punch out since who knew how long 18 would take answering the door and Rob would pay him for all 8 hours anyway, knowing full well Gary never left early. Gary got to Cabin 18 at 6:30 am having walked to the office and all the way back to it. The pulling of the fabric against his cock was almost too much and the warm morning air didn’t help. He knocked on 18’s door and immediately heard moaning sounds.

“Oops, they’re fucking. Maybe I can get a look and cum!” Gary thought. Just as he moved away from the door, it opened and a rather good-looking guy stood at the door with his enormous cock in his hand. “Come on in. I’ve been waiting all night.” the guy said and pumped his erection twice.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Had I known, I would have gotten here sooner.”

“Oh, that’s ok. I kinda had something on my hands anyway.” and the guy really started stroking his dick, “Why don’t you come in?” As he walked by, Gary chanced it and grabbed the man’s cock and started pulling on it. “Quite a something you have had on your hands all night.”

“Oh yeah, pull my cock!” the man responded and shut the door. Gary obeyed and kept pulling the man’s cock. “I’m gunna cum!” the man yelled out. The man came all over Gary’s shirtfront. “By the way, I’m Steve. And you must be Gary.”

“Yeah, I am. And I am also glad you need your bathroom cleaned.”

“By the time aydın escort we’re done, the whole house will need cleaning.”

“I wouldn’t mind, so long as you understand I’m bi.”

“No problem at all but, lets get you out of that dirty shirt. You poor thing, all hard and horny.” The last part Steve said as he knelt before Gary and took Gary’s cock into his mouth after removing the pants, shirt and panties, “MMMMMM Panty fetish.” Uhhh DAMN did Steve know how to suck cock. “Oh yes, Steve, suck my dick! I’m gunna cummmmm.” Gary shot a huge wet load down Steve’s throat. Steve didn’t miss a beat and kept stuffing his throat and mouth with Gary’s prick. It was then that Gary realized the moaning was a porno. “Whatcha watchin’?” Gary asked.

“An old fave, ‘Rear Door Delivery Boy’ that I’ve watched a thousand times over.”

“Mine too, wanna watch it for the first time together?”

“Sure! Wanna watch it from the beginning?”

“The best way to watch it!”

Steve rewound the tape as Gary made himself comfortable on the couch. Gary remembered watching many a porno with this VCR and cumming on the carpet. He laughed to himself and looked for the stain. There it was, right as he had left it so long ago. Steve touched his dick and Gary jumped back to the present. “Started without me did ya?” Steve joked.

“Just got it warmed up is all.” Steve sat next to Gary and the movie started. Steve wasted no time in grabbing Gary’s cock and stroking him, so Gary returned the favor. Gary got a good feel this time of Steve’s monster dick; glad that he wasn’t the only well endowed man in the room. Gary’s cock measured 11 inches long and half the width of a pop can. Steve’s dick was just as wide as a pop can, and at least 3 inches longer than Gary’s. “I am SO going to enjoy getting his cock up my ass.” Gary thought. His mouth started drooling and his ass desiring a cock that large in it so bad that Gary listened to the top part and dove onto Steve’s hard cock. Steve moaned quite loud and kept tugging Gary’s pole. Gary then got on all fours and took Steve’s hand from his cock and moved it towards his asshole. Steve lay on the couch and Gary got on top as Steve went under and started sucking Gary off and rubbing Gary’s asshole. Both started humping the other’s face, trying not to choke the each other. “You wanna cum in my mouth or in my ass?” Steve said.

“Both. I can do it.”

“Good.” And Steve latched his mouth onto Gary’s cock and sucked his dick hard. Gary started humping Steve’s face harder and faster, which got Steve all the hornier, so he started fucking Gary’s face faster and rammed his finger up Gary’s shitter. Gary lost it and blasted a huge load into Steve’s mouth. Steve then let a big juicy load into Gary’s mouth. Gary threw himself on the floor and jerked Steve off on himself ending up with a huge cumbath on his face. “I need that gargantuan cock in my ass, now, PLEASE!!!” Gary begged.

“Get on all fours!” Gary kissed Steve’s cock in thanks and got on all 4’s and turned his ass toward Steve.

“A friend of mine, Rob, said you like it rough up aydın escort bayan the ass. Is that true?”

“Oh yes, I remember Rob and I DO like it rough up my hole. Please take it, it needs to be fucked by you.”

“Are you a cock whore?”

“If you want me to be your cock whore I can.”

“Good, I need a whore I can fuck up the ass whenever I want to.” Steve spanked Gary’s ass as hard as he could. Gary kept quiet; he might even get a master now if Steve wanted him. “I’ll be right back.” Steve whispered in Gary’s ear as he reached under the man’s body and smacked Gary’s cock as hard as he could. Gary moaned in pleasure at the sting. “I’ve got to piss, and what the fuck, I need a good pain session.” Gary thought. He then timed himself. He heard Steve’s footsteps and he let it flow.

“Oh you dirty little Cumsucker, pissing on the floor! You are really going to get a flogging. You bad bad bad boy,” and Steve spanked Gary, “here put this on when you’re done emptying your bladder.” Gary figured he needed a severe beating so he changed into the suit that was thrown at him, pulled out his cock and started beating off in Steve’s direction. “NO! BAD!”

Steve yelled at Gary and slapped Gary’s cock and hands. “Oh yes! Give me more pain, Master. Please, I need it. Give me more!!”

Steve blindfolded him and then grabbed Gary by the cock and pulled it so hard, it felt as though it were going to be ripped off. “FUCK YES!” Gary yelled. Steve pulled harder and Gary started walking to ease the pain. That seemed to be what Steve wanted, for a few seconds later, Gary had been pushed on the bed and handcuffed. Gary was surprised that his cock was still hard he could feel it bobbing in the air. Gary then felt something cool at his piss hole and a couple seconds later, an intense pain coming from the top the going down. Then Gary felt something else, he still was unsure what it was in his cock. Then he felt his bladder getting fuller. “Master I need to piss.”

“I know, but you are going to hold it all. Every last drop that I put in plus your piss and to make sure.” Gary felt an almost full bladder and whatever it was being pulled out then a clamp on the end of his cock. Then his bladder felt like it was on fire! “Master my bladder feels like it’s burning!”

“As well it should, Slave, that’s what Tabasco sauce does; it burns. That’s what you get for peeing on Master’s Carpet, a reverse catheterization.” Gary started squirming around and then felt the clip release and the catheter go back in. “You’re not in enough pain, Slave.” Steve poured even more Tabasco sauce in and Gary felt even fuller and felt more burning. “OH FUCK MASTER! THAT HURTS!”

“Good.” And Steve pulled the catheter out and put the clip back on the tip of Gary’s dick. Steve then started licking Gary’s asshole and it partially took away from the pain, but never completely. Steve bit and chewed Gary’s asshole, and stretched it then put an enema up the pretty little pucker. Steve put Tabasco sauce in the enema too for Gary felt the same burning up his shitter. Steve filled Gary’s ass up too. escort aydın “Now, Master is going to go to the bathroom and watch the rest of the movie. Nothing best be on this comforter when I get back.”

Gary had the hardest time keeping his asshole closed. The burning made him want to release it, but he clenched his asshole tightly. By this time, he was thoroughly enjoying the pain and his cock was totally limp. From the bed, Gary could hear the porno and imagined what was going on. His cock started to stand on end again. The movie ended and Steve got up, got next to the bed and beat himself off on Gary. Then Gary heard something, or someone else jerking off. That cum came from the other side. Suddenly Gary heard more and more guys jerking off, at which point Steve removed Gary’s blindfold. None of the guys he recognized, so he thanked his lucky stars for that. They must have been in the other room hiding while Steve got Gary started.

“Do you have to pee slave?”

“Yes, Master, I do.”

“Did you learn your lesson about peeing on carpets?”

“Yes, Master, I did.”

“I don’t think so. In fact, no one here does. We all think you need it fucked into you. But first, so as to not hurt us, you may empty your pisser and shitter.”

Gary was turned on beyond belief. Gary started letting the Tabasco sauce mixture out of his asshole, and it pooled on the bed. One of the guys started licking Gary’s asshole as it came out. Another started licking the guy’s ass that was licking Gary’s. When the last of the Tabasco sauce had left Gary’s ass, one of the guys released the clip on his dick. Gary started pissing and that guy started catching what came out in his mouth. The guy who had started eating Gary’s ass was now sticking his fingers up it, and the one behind him was doing the same. Steve came from around the other guys and shoved his cock in Gary’s face. Gary started hungrily devouring Steve’s prick.

“Cum on me, Master!” Steve pulled out his prick and the guy sucking Gary’s cock joined him. They kissed and both put their dicks into his mouth. Gary blew them both at once and felt his dick being grabbed and then some pain somewhere on it. Then he felt something dry being pushed up his asshole. He tried screaming, but both of the cocks just muffled it and whatever it was, its thickness was 2 dicks wide, then Gary realized what it was, it was two dicks. He felt so used that he started cumming. Steve and the other guy in his mouth started cumming too and the guys up his ass just fucked him harder. Steve pulled his dick out of Gary’s mouth and started pissing on his face, then his chest, and on the two guys kissing and fucking Gary’s asshole.

Gary was moaning constantly and when the guys fucking his ass started cumming, he was practically screaming in pleasure. Gary must have passed out, because the next thing he knew, his ass hurt worse than ever, his dick was sore and his hair felt nasty. He was still tied up, but he could feel what was probably dried up cum on his body. They must have emptied their life’s worth of cum on him. Steve was lying next to Gary, and he was humping Gary’s leg in his sleep. Gary nudged Steve awake and Steve grinned at Gary then un-cuffed him. “If you want, you can cum back tomorrow for more.”

Gary kissed Steve and whispered in his ear, “Only if it’s just you and me.” Gary went home, showered and went back to work.

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