Afternoon Delight

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I had gotten myself into a terrible sleep pattern since I had broken my leg and wrecked my knee, I would sleep until about 5 o’clock in the morning and then I just had to get out of bed.

My wife would leave for work about 8 o’clock and then I had the place to myself all day long, but I just couldn’t go back to bed. Then about two or three o’clock in the afternoon I was simply beat and couldn’t stay awake.

It was summertime and I was only wearing thin baggy shorts and a tanktop plus the heavy bandage around my knee and the cast on my lower leg. I needed to have baggy shorts so that I could easily get them over my cast and my heavily bandaged knee.

It was on one of those hot summer afternoons that I was laying on the lounger on the covered front porch having a beautiful nap that was just chock full of wonderful sensuous dreams. They must have been wonderful because I awoke with a huge erection that was poking well through the bottom of my baggy shorts and the young woman that delivers the newspapers was stood at my side.

“I’m collecting the newspaper money, its $11.50, Mr. Green. How’s your leg doing now?” She said coyly as she kept glancing down between my legs. I reacted without even thinking.

“Which one?”

“The one with the bandage, the other one looks like its doing just fine, swollen but fine.” She said with a big smile.

“Oh, my knee is still painful Karen, but it’s getting a bit better. The painkillers seem to help.” I said to Karen who had been delivering our newspaper for many years.

“You need to get tighter shorts, I could see most of your hard dick when I came up the steps.” She said as she chuckled.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t know I was on display. I better go in and get your newspaper money.”

“Don’t be sorry, I just thought you should know about it, in case some young person came by.”

“Well thanks for letting me know, I was fast asleep really.”

“Yes, I know and probably dreaming, I’ve been stood here 5 minutes.”

“Looking at it?” I asked.

“Yes. More or less.” She replied with a smile.

“I thought you were happily married, Karen?” I said as I hobbled into the house and she followed behind into the kitchen.

“I was until he took off with a young chick, almost a year ago now.”

“Well you’re still a young chick, aren’t you?”

“I’m 29 years old now, over the hill I guess. The chick he picked up was only 19 years old.” She told me as she stood waiting for payment.

“I’m sorry to hear that but at my age you look like Konya Escort a young chick. Listen excuse me a minute Karen I really do have to pee.” I said as I painfully hobbled into the bathroom and she followed and stood in the doorway.

“Do you like to watch?” I asked as I smiled.

“Yes, it’s been a while, do you need help?”

“I wouldn’t refuse help from a pretty young woman.” I said and she came very close and lowered my baggy shorts then held my cock while I finished peeing. Then she gently shook it and didn’t let go for quite a while so I just started to get harder and harder.

“You seem very virile and well endowed for an old guy.” She said as she chuckled.

“Hey, I’m only 56, girl. It’s a good job you let go or I would have made a mess all over the seat.” I told her.

“I could always continue.” She said as she put her hand back on my hard cock and started stroking and pumping.

“God that’s so nice sweetheart, but its killing me having to stand like this, do you mind if I lay down, on the couch maybe.” I said and she eased up my shorts and turned for the living room.

I hobbled behind her like a lap dog and once my shorts were off I lay down on the couch with my bad leg on the couch and the foot on the other leg on the floor.

She knelt by my side and smiled then put one hand under my balls and the other on my hard cock as she began to stroke it slowly and gently.

Damn she was so incredibly good as she quickly whipped up my tanktop while I was gripping the couch and trying my best to push upwards into her hand. She had the touch of an angel as she stroked even faster and I leaned my head back and moaned loudly just before I violently shot my load all over my belly.

Her eyes seemed to light up and she didn’t stop pumping until the oozing had stopped. Then she seemed to be in a total trance as she very slowly pumped my cock and stared at the mess on my belly.

Suddenly she broke the trance and partially stood as she discretely removed her panties and then wiped away all of that cum on my belly and cock until it was virtually dry.

Somehow she hopped back into those wet panties then brought my shorts and asked if I needed a wet cloth to further wipe my belly. I told her I would look after it later but she insisted and got a soapy washcloth and towel and then cleaned me up like nothing had ever happened.

I had a big smile on my face and she did too as I paid her for the newspapers and then she said that she should really start collecting Konya Escort Bayan here weekly instead of monthly.

“With pleasure. Comeback anytime during the day.” I told her and laughed.

“You’ll need several days to refill your peashooter.” She whispered and then laughed as she walked away down the pathway.

It was almost 18 months since I had had intercourse with my wife, she has absolutely no sexual urges anymore and I can’t seem to change her mind. But in all other respects she is a wonderful woman and I wouldn’t dream of leaving her, so I was incredibly pleased with Karen’s advances.


One week later Karen came back to collect the newspaper money again at pretty much the same time of day and pretty well repeated the same performance on the couch. Except this time she took off her panties beforehand and wrapped them around my cock as she expertly masturbated me and had me empty my entire warm sticky load of cum into her panties.

When she had finished with me she slipped them into a plastic shopping bag, smiled and then left. “See you next week.” She had said.


Another week later we went through the same process and I told her that I felt better and maybe we could do something that would please her too.

She declined because I was married and she said that she didn’t want to spoil my marriage by having sex. Then she told me that her wet panties lasted her nicely for several days and that pleased her at night in bed.


Several weeks later I went back to work and since then I had missed out on those afternoon opportunities with Karen. But then she happened to come by one Saturday morning for the newspaper money and luckily my wife had gone shopping.

Karen was very nervous about using the couch that day so we went and stood at the side door, which has a window that looks somewhat towards the driveway.

“Why don’t I put it right into your panties?” I told her and she looked confused until I put my hand under her dress and then put my hand down the front of her panties. “Right in here, I don’t mean penetration.” I told her as I slowly pushed my hand back and forth through her bushy pubic hair.

Her hands had already opened my fly and she was prepping my pecker as I continued slowly stroking between her legs. When I was hard enough I eased down the front of her panties and I pushed my hard cock inside. It went slightly downwards and between her legs then I eased Escort Konya the panties back up tight under my balls.

I gripped her bum and slowly pushed and we got a rhythm going which heated her up something fierce. With me being much taller my cock was riding downwards over her clit every time I pushed in and out between her legs. My god did she ever moan and now it was me that was scared that we would miss my wife coming home and be caught virtually with our pants down.

But her panting and her excited state of arousal when she orgasmed really did miracles for me and I was shooting my load of hot sticky cum into her panties in no time flat. Karen was so excited that she could hardly move for a good 5 minutes as her legs were trembling so much. I quickly pulled out of her panties after I had finished and wiped my cock in the bathroom then hugged Karen until she felt more stable.

“Oh my god that was so intense, why didn’t we do that before?”

“I don’t know sweetheart. But we’re lucky this Saturday morning with the wife being out.” I told her as we still hugged closely and eventually I had one hand on her breast and then other on her tight butt.

She must have been wearing a thin bra because I could feel her nipples harden and the squeezing on her butt cheeks must have been doing something for her because she put her hand back on my cock.

Pretty soon I was hard again and she looked at me as if saying ‘what now’.

“Turn around Karen and lean over.” I said and she complied.

I lifted her dress and slightly eased down her panties then pushed my hard cock in between her legs and she reached down her hand from the front and held it tightly against her. Both her panties and pussy were still wet so I pushed slowly and in no time I was gliding in and out between her legs. The tip of my cock being held against her which must have been sliding beautifully between her wet pussy lips and striking her clit because she got all hot and bothered again.

“Oh Jesus, keep going, don’t stop.” She cried and very soon she orgasmed and that was enough to make me shoot my load of sticky warm cum again. I gripped her hips tightly as I kept cringing and then plunging between her soggy legs. How I didn’t manage to slip inside her pussy I will never know but it really was an awesome event.

“Wow, I’d love to do that again sometime, but not here. Do you know that I never had an orgasm with my ex-husband, he was only ever interested in pleasing himself.” She said and I asked if she wanted me to drop by her place sometime next week and she nodded that she would.

So now I drop by Karen’s place weekly and we do our thing, we’ve still not had actual intercourse but I’m really not bothered because we make what we have seem so real without the actual penetration.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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