Afternoon Delight

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Abella Danger

I wake up in the bed in our hotel room and stretch. Looking over at you, I see you are fast asleep so I crawl out and walk to the bathroom, not bothering to close the door as you are snoring away and I don’t like stuffy rooms.

I am totally oblivious to the fact that the combination of the shifting of the bed as I got out and the afternoon light filtering through the curtains did wake you but you were too worn out from our last round of sex to let me know. However, you were more than happy to watch my ass wiggle as I was walking away.

I turn on the light in the shower, leaving the rest of the bathroom partly shadowed as I set the water temp on the fully enclosed glass shower. You watch me move around as I collect my stuff for my shower, my breasts moving and swaying as I do.

I stretch my back out, arching and mmmm-ing before cupping first one breast and then the other to check for any marks you may have left, blushing as I remember your cock buried snugly between them.

Rasping my thumbs over my nipples and waking them up a little, I moan and smile before placing one foot on the closed toilet to check my pedicure, my breast swinging free…

Satisfied with my first foot, I switch feet and you catch a glimpse of my pussy, all wet and glistening, winking at you to catch your attention.

I open the shower door and walk in, enjoying that the shower is as big as my entire washroom at home. I place my raspberry shower gel and bath pouf on a handy bench built into the shower and step under the spray.

I stand there a moment, just enjoying the warm water washing over me and relaxing the muscles that got misused when we were playing.

You decide you need a better view and grab the chair at the desk in the room, setting it just outside the door where you can see me just fine but are still in the shadows so I cannot see you.

I squirt some apricot scrub into my hand and raise my arms to wash my face and head, raising the girls and causing them to bump around as I work.

I step back under the spray to rinse the scrub off and reach for the shower gel, pouring a generous amount on my bath pouf, working it into a nice, thick lather and smiling as the aroma of raspberries fills my senses.

I run the pouf down one arm and then the other, bringing it up to my shoulder and swirling it around first my left breast and then my right, lifting them one at a time to wash all around and beneath them, letting them fall and bounce back into place.

I run the pouf down to my tummy, smiling and remembering you kissing it as you were making your way down to spend some quality time with my pussy, letting your tongue dip into my belly button and tickle on its journey down.

My hands dip lower with the pouf and leave a swirl of raspberry scented bubbles in its wake as I wash down one leg, starting at my hip, getting all around my thigh and continuing on down to my knee and calf, ending with my foot.

I work my way up the other leg, turning as I do to swirl the pouf behind me to wash my ass, still sporting some really nice red hand prints from when you put me over almanbahis adresi your knee earlier. I jump a little as I hit a sensitive spot, moaning just loud enough for you to hear over the water.

By this time you are standing and leaning against the door jamb, your cock very awake and enjoying the show as I start to wash my pussy, using one hand to open the folds as I use the other to direct the pouf and make sure I don’t miss any bits of her.

I step back under the water to rinse off; you keep your eyes glued to the bubbles sluicing down my body, watching as the last of them cling hopefully to my breasts before they too go the way of the rest of the lather and head down the drain.

I settle on the bench and grab the hand held shower head to thoroughly rinse between and beneath my breasts and before directing the spray towards my pussy, my clit once again hard and engorged, all ready to play.

I tease myself a little with the spray of water, gasping as I cum just that quickly, crying out, not caring at that point if I wake you or not. You clear your throat and I gasp and look up, meeting your eyes, letting mine travel down your body to see your cock standing straight up. You hold my gaze as you step to the toilet, I let my eyes travel down to your penis once again and watch as you take a moment to relieve yourself.

Finishing, you close the lid and flush, and then start walking towards me, the tiger stalking his prey. You step into the shower and kneel in front of me, taking the shower head from me to replace the spray of water with your mouth and tongue, diving into my pussy without any warning to let your tongue dance against my G-spot, licking up all of my juices.

I cry out and grab onto your head, holding you in place to make sure you don’t stop before I am ready for you to. I hook my legs over your shoulder and buck my hips and shudder as you pull another orgasm out of me.

I sigh happily as I come down and slide my hands down to cup the sides of your neck and pull your face up to mine to give me a long, slow, wet kiss, twining our tongues together. I can smell myself on your lips and taste myself on your tongue.

You wrap your arms around me and pull me to you as we stand, moving us under the spray of water. I step from your embrace and reach for the shampoo and nudge you down to your knees. “Now you know, you need to behave so you don’t end up with soap in your eyes.”

You grin up at me and then simply wrap your arms around me, holding on to my ass, just lightly rubbing it occasionally. I squirt a little shampoo into my hand and hand the bottle to you to set down as I rub both palms together to spread the shampoo a little before settling my hands on the side of your head.

I make quick work but also enjoy myself as I feel the texture of your hair under my hands as I massage around your ears and to the back of your head. Taking up the hand-held head again, I gently rinse your head, making sure the soap runs away from your eyes.

You stand up as I take up the shower gel and pouf once again, this time a nice, light citrus scent, something almanbahis adresi a little manlier than raspberry. I turn you to face the wall and work up a nice lather before reaching up to wash your shoulders, swirling across them and down your back, making sure I don’t miss any bits.

I wash your ass, taking a little time to fondle and play with it before working my way down your left leg and then move up your right. You take a step forward and brace your hands on the wall as I stand up again.

Pouring a little more gel on the pouf I step closer and wash your sides, applying enough pressure that it doesn’t tickle you, reaching up to get your underarms and washing up your arms as far as I can reach, my breasts bumping against your back as I do.

I duck beneath your arm and now turn to face you as you keep your hands where they are. I reach up and get the parts of your arms I couldn’t reach, giving you a great view of my breasts as I stretch and move; you notice that the sight of you and the friction of brushing against your back was enough to bring them to sharp points.

I bite my lip as I reach up to swirl the pouf across your chest, applying a little extra pressure as it moves across your nipples, rasping against them. Working down I make quick work of washing your tummy, filling your belly button with the soapy lather.

I kneel down again to wash your left hip and work down the front of your leg, seemingly ignoring your cock as it moves around, dancing for me in an attempt to get my attention as I work. I swirl the pouf up your right leg and wash your right hip.

I drop the pouf and pour a little more of the shower gel into my hand and work it into a lather and finally reach for your cock. I start by taking it in my hand and give it a stroke from mid-shaft to its base as I lean forward to give it a taste and am nicely surprised that there is some precum mixed in with the water droplets on it.

Your head drops and your eyes close as you gasp as my tongue works its way around your head, opening enough to take just the head in and suckle at it a little, hoping for more precum and I am not disappointed.

I pull away and look up at you with a grin as I finish washing your cock, reaching under to cup and massage your balls with my soapy hand. Reaching for the hand-held I quickly rinse your cock, letting the spray gently tickle your head to tease you a little before directing it to wash your shaft and down your balls.

Once you are rinsed clean, I quickly rinse my hands and let the shower retract back into the wall again. I start stroking your cock again, getting it nice and hard and coaxing some precum from it, letting it pool in your slit before I slip my tongue out to lick it all up.

Opening wide again, I slide the head part way in as I lick around it, running my tongue around the bottom of your ridge and then up through your slit before wrapping my lips around the tip and giving it a firm, hard suck, causing you to grip the wall a little harder so you don’t fall on top of me.

I pull back a little and tickle the back of your head with my tongue almanbahis adresi before turning my head sideways and rubbing it with my lips, then sliding them down to take your balls into my mouth one at a time, giving each of them a suck as I use my free hand plays with your ass, teasing your hole.

I dip my finger into my pussy and lube it up a little before moving back to your ass and slowly but surely slide it into your ass, chuckling low in my throat as I hear you say “fuuuuuck” as my finger slides deep.

I open wide and start sucking again, almost making you cum, only stopping when you rest one of your hands on the side of my head, slowing down my rhythm and then pulling out of my mouth.

You reach down and pull me to my feet, wrapping your arms around me in a tight hug, both of us sighing in contentment as we hold each other close for a moment.

Before I really know what is happening, you reach down a little lower and plant your hands under my ass and lift me against the wall of the shower. Lining your cock up with my pussy, you slowly lower me onto it, holding me there a moment as you lower your lips to mine for a deep kiss, swirling your tongue against mine.

I wrap my legs around your waist and hold on as you start to slowly fuck me, moving your hips slowly you pull your cock almost all of the way out before sliding all the way back in, gasping as I squeeze my pussy around you.

You continue to fuck me, starting slow and eventually picking up speed until you are groaning in time to your thrusts as you slam into me over and over. The tip of your cock rubs against my G-spot, making me cry out over and over as you make me cum, my pussy spasming around your cock.

You slow down a little as I finish cumming to give me a little rest and also to calm down yourself before you once again start pounding against me, pushing me to another orgasm by rubbing my G-spot again, this time following me over the edge, groaning loudly as you cum, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into me.

You rest your forehead against mine as we both try to catch our breath. Once we do, you plant a swift, hard kiss on my lips and relax your arms for a second, your hips holding me in place before you once again take hold to slide your cock out of my pussy as I relax my legs from around your waist and I am lowered to the floor again.

We stand for a moment, holding onto each other so we don’t fall over before we step apart to quickly rinse ourselves off under the spray of water. The sweat runs down our bodies as we stretch and relax under the warm spray before we turn it off and step out.

Grabbing a couple of soft fluffy towels, I hand you one so we can dry off and then make our way back to the nice big bed which is still a mess, ropes still tied to the posts and the wevibe and ass wand peeking out from the twisted bed sheets.

Taking a quick minute to straighten the sheets, we tuck the toys and rope back into my toy box but leave it nice and handy and then crawl into the bed, pulling up the blankets. I curl up in your arms, tangling my legs with yours, lift my lips to yours for a quick good-night kiss and, for once, fall asleep before you.

You put your hand on a breast and softly massage it as you also fall asleep, a smile on your face as you make plans to wake up before me and give me a nice wake-up surprise…

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