Afternoon Explorations

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After finishing up my morning duties at the lab I checked the time and realized it was already 12:30PM. Since there were no restrictions from my supervisor’s side about when I wanted to take my lunch break, I decided to head out. I locked the door to the upstairs lab, glad to finally be able to breathe a little fresh air rather than smelling churned fruit fly food and ethanol. As I walked down the stairs I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and found a text from him, bringing a smile to my face immediately, as it said he wanted to have lunch together. I loved the fact that we worked at the same building since I got to spend so much time with him. I met him a year ago when I first started volunteering in my supervisor’s lab. He was working on his PhD and our first meeting was probably one of the most cliché moments that anyone could ever imagine.

Being a little clumsy I always have to work on things without any rush but on that fateful day I was almost flying down the stairs since I had forgotten to turn off the hot plate before heading to the upstairs lab. Worried about the outcome I ran down the stairs without even realizing that I was skipping steps and had he not been there to catch me in his arms I would have tumbled right into the door, face first. I could feel his nicely toned arms underneath my fingers and his strong chest against my cheek. The smell of spicy cologne greeted my nostrils as he helped me steady myself on my feet. My cheeks and ears felt warm and I could feel a deep red color seeping into them as I looked up to find him chuckling to himself. Short, well-kept light brown hair, greyish blue eyes and a warm smile on a rounded face.

We bumped into each other a lot over the next few days and it didn’t take long before he asked me out on a date. We enjoy each other’s company a lot…I don’t have to worry about maintaining a persona in front of him. I can be myself around him. He laughs with me when I’m being silly and comforts me when I feel the darkness crawling back inside my mind.

I packed up my bag and headed to the washroom before going to his lab…running my fingers quickly through my long, wavy, dark brown hair, straightening it out. I adjust the purple metal rimmed glasses resting on my nose…looking into the big, dark brown eyes before putting some pink lip gloss on my lips. Smiling, I head to his lab…knowing that he hasn’t seen me this morning and doesn’t know what I decided to wear today. As I knock on the door I feel the gazes from people walking by…looking at the short, black and white polka dot skirt that rests just above mid-thigh. A V-neck, red, form fitting top that scoops just low enough to show off a hint of cleavage, a headband with a big, nude color bow on it and simple black flats complete the look.

The door opens and the first thing I notice is his smile…I could never get tired of seeing that smile. He smells different today…a hint of ethanol (probably from maraş escort all the disinfecting that needs to be done in bio labs) mixed with something sweeter…not the usual Axe that he likes to wear. He pulls me in closer…his arm around my waist and whispers, “Hi baby”, before kissing my lips softly. The way his lips just softly caress mine and his fingers rest on my lower back always makes me melt. Almost too quickly he breaks away and asks, “Ready to go?”, laughing as he sees the slightly dazed expression on my face. I nod, letting him lock the door, before walking towards the elevator. I had only taken a few steps when he grabs my wrist…pulling me back against him.

“Did you wear this outfit for me baby?”, he whispers against my ear, his fingers moving up my right thigh.

His touch makes me shiver deliciously as I whimper, “Yes, I did. Do you like it?”

“Mmmhm I do very much.” His hand moving further up and past the length of my skirt to caress the soft flesh of my bare ass.

“Did you forget something up here?”, he asks. I can practically see the grin on his face as one hand squeezes my ass while the other moves up to slide my long hair towards the side…bending down to trace his lips along my neck. I can feel the wetness slowly gathering at the crotch of my panties as his lips and fingers tease me…his fingers now gliding over the crotch of my panties. He knows how even the gentlest of his touches can have an impact on me. As I lean back slightly and close my eyes I can hear a soft growl escape his lips as he continues to touch me…nibbling at my now exposed shoulder as his fingers pull the fabric of my shirt to the side.

My knees start to weaken a little as I fall deeper into a trance with his teasing…that’s when I hear footsteps. I abruptly stand up, prying myself apart from him and fixing my clothes quickly as best as I can.

Thankfully the individual turned away from us and continued walking. I turned around…my face flushed, a slight pout on my lips.

“We could have been seen! What were you thinking?! Come on we have to go eat.”

On the inside though my heart was pounding…the thought of being caught like that was so thrilling. I knew it was making me wet and yes I grabbed his hand and started walking towards the elevators.

I didn’t notice how his eyes had darkened though and his jaw was slightly clenched. His hand pulled my wrist again…rough this time. I knew what this meant and I struggled to keep up as he pulled me to the door leading to the stairwell. As we stepped out the warm air felt good against my chilled skin…they always have the air conditioning on too high in the building. We climbed all the way up to the sixth floor and he pushed me against the grey wall of the dimly lit stairwell. We were standing right in front of the door…his body pressed close to mine as he whispered into my ear, “No one will disturb us here”, before kissing mardin escort me.

His lips crashing into mine…not sweet and gentle but demanding. My mouth parting slowly as his tongue probed and licked my lower lip…his strong hands massaging my breasts through the shirt as knee pushes into my soaked crotch. I arch my back…rocking my hips back and forth against his knee as his tongue teases mine…his teeth raking against my lower lip as he nibbles gently. Moaning and whimpering in his mouth as his hands push my shirt up…pulling the cups of my purple lace bra down urgently to take the soft, warm flesh into his hands…massaging and squeezing…teasing the nipples as his fingers pinch and tug at them. His lips now move along my jaw line up to my ear…biting the ear lobe then licking it gently. His tongue traces down my neck and licks at the junction between the neck and shoulder before biting gently…making me wince.

“That’s going to leave a mark! What if…someone comes here?!”, I manage to whimper, trying to push him off weakly even though my hips are moving of their own accord, as his hand moves down my stomach…lifting up the skirt to caress me through my wet, light green thong.

“Mmm you’re contradicting yourself baby…I think this part down here wants something else.”, he whispers while rubbing his fingers over the damp fabric covering me. “Besides, let them…I want them to see how naughty my baby girl is.”

My knees getting weaker as he moves the panties aside and with two fingers traces the outer lips…coated with my own juices while kissing me slow and deep.

“Is my baby girl getting wet at the thought of someone catching us here?”, he whispered into my ear making me shiver as I feel myself clench and squirm.

His voice driving me crazy as his fingers now focus on that swollen and sensitive bundle of nerves…tracing circles around it and flicking it with his fingertip. I buck against his fingers…holding on to his shoulder as my back arches.

“Mmm please don’t tease me like that…I want your fingers inside me”, I whimper in between the moans.

“Like this?” His middle finger slipping inside just an inch…making me squeal.

“Mmmm…ahh more baby, please.” My hips pressing against his finger…completely forgetting where we are as he pushes his finger deeper in slowly and then out…slipping in another as I tighten around his fingers.

I can only gasp and moan at this point as his fingers bring me closer to the precipice…his tongue flicking at the hardened nipple as I arch against him. His lips closing around my nipple to suck and nibble at the sensitive flesh.

As I writhe, pinned against the wall, reaching so close to letting go…he pulls his fingers out quickly and positions the head of his hard length against my tight opening, rubbing the head against my slit to coat it in my juices.

“Not so fast baby…you’re mersin escort only allowed to cum as long as it’s with me inside you”, he whispers looking right me as he places his fingers in my mouth…letting me taste myself on him.

With that he torturously pushed himself inside me…my knees almost buckling as I am so close to the edge. His growls and groans in my ears driving me crazy. Slowly he works himself deeper inside me…his mouth taking mine…his tongue mimicking.

And again I heard the footsteps…it sounded like someone was coming towards the door leading to the staircase. My mind was in panic as I tried to push him off…but at the same I wanted him to keep going…the thought of someone discovering us like this too arousing. His only response was to kiss me harder and lift one leg up so it was wrapped around his waist…thrusting hard and fast now as I got wetter around his cock inside me.

“Oh look at that…is my dirty little baby girl is getting excited at the thought of someone seeing us here?”, he whispered into my ear, his fingers reaching between us to rub my swollen clit.

“Oooh god…mmmm yes…it’s too much baby…I want to..!” digging my nails into his shoulders as I felt myself clenching and pulsing around his cock deep inside me.

“Mmm that’s my good girl…cum for me baby.” groaning against my neck as I felt him throb inside me…feeling my body shake and shudder against him.

As I slowly came back down after reaching that peak I found him looking right at me. He leaned in to kiss me softly as he pulled out…my hands reaching instinctively to trace a finger along his length.

I broke our gentle kiss and slowly knelt down…never breaking eye contact as I slipped the head into my mouth…my tongue tracing circles around the tip while my hands massaged his balls. Slowly sinking his length deeper into my mouth as I heard him groaning and grunting…feeling the warm of my mouth on him. I could taste myself on his cock…our scents mixed together. My mouth sucking gently at the head since he likes that a lot while I continued to look at him in the eyes…watching his head thrown back as his own hands rested on my head…patting and playing with my hair. He was so close…his hips thrusting deeper into my mouth as I continued to suck, moaning. With one final push I heard my name escape his lips as he shuddered…his warm cum dripping onto my tongue. I tasted every drop…sucking and licking while continuing to play with his balls. As the last of the drops were released he slowly pulled out…watching as I licked my lips, letting a few drops spill only to swirl my tongue over them. Letting him watch as I let the warmth caress my throat…a sly grin on my face. He straightened me on my feet and planted his lips on mine for a slow, lingering kiss. As his lips left mine I whimpered…opening up my eyes to see him smiling down at me. We quickly adjusted our clothes and hair and headed towards the stairs…his lips planting a soft kiss on my cheek.

“So? Did I fulfill your fantasy well baby?” he asked…taking my hand as we walked down the stairs.

“Mmmhmm you did more than well…I can’t wait until you fulfill the next one baby.” I replied…winking at him.

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