Aimee’s First Massage

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Aimee’s First

Aimee is the 18-year-old daughter of two of my good friends. Recently, after giving her mom a massage that turned into sex, she mentioned she would like Aimee to get a massage from me. That night I thought she was asking me to have sex with her daughter, but as the weeks went by, I realized she probably did just want her to have a massage.

Aimee plays Volleyball in the local college. She is a really good player and I have been to several games and watched her give it her all. Yes. She is quite the sexually attractive hard body teenager. I never looked at her like that before until her mom planted that seed.

One night after leaving one of her games with her parents, Aimee came out of the gym jogging towards us. I could see she had a slight limp to her jog as she approached us.

“What happened to the leg,” I asked her.

“Hey Mr. C,” she said. “I think I pulled something in my thigh back here.” She said rubbing the back of her thigh. “Mom says you do sports massage, think you can fix it?”

“If your mom and dad want, I guess I can take a look at it,” I said looking at them.

“Of course,” her mom said. “When can you take care of it?”

“Tomorrow, after work, say 6PM,” I said.

“Ok,” Aimee said. “I’ll come over to your place after practice.”

We then went to dinner and all had a good time. I couldn’t help but to notice how cute Aimee was and so grown up now. It was like talking with an adult during the whole conversation and many times both her mom and dad reminded us all that she was now an adult and had to make her own decisions regarding many things. I never looked at her like an adult until that night. Before that she was always the kid next door.

The next night I got home and set up the massage table in the living room. Dimmed the lights down and preheated the oil. Right on time Aimee showed up at the door. I greeted her and asked her to come in and sit down on the couch, so we could go over some things.

Like any other client I asked her to show me where she was hurting. She stood up and turned around in her tiny shorts and showed me by rubbing her hand up and down her upper thighs. She told me she thinks she pulled something, and it was sorer than Aydın Escort anything. I then went over the massage and how and where I would be massaging her. I told her that if at anytime she felt uncomfortable to let me know and we would stop.

I stood up and asked her if she had any music preference and she asked me to put on some mellow tunes. She then stood up and asked me what she should wear. I handed her a large towel and a massage bra. I told her to change into the massage bra and then wrap the towel around herself and come out and lay face down on the table. She asked me about her shorts and I told her she could leave them on if that made her comfortable since they were short enough to work around. We both laughed as she commented that her dad thinks her volleyball shorts are way too short.

I turned around and started to get everything ready. A few minutes later Aimee said she was ready. As it turned around I was taken a little aback. There was Aimee, standing there in a short towel, hair up in a ponytail. Now I have massaged many young clients but this one was looking so hot at this moment. What had I gotten myself into.

I patted on the table and told her to lie down on top of it. She crawled up and laid down on the table trying to keep the towel wrapped around her. I told her to put her face in the pillow and to lay her arms by her side and to relax. I then moved around the other side and turned the volume up slightly on the music.

Taking oil in my hands and rubbing them together I started on her lower leg and worked from the foot to her knee. After several minutes I then moved to the other leg and did the same to that foot and lower leg. I told her I was going to start on her upper legs and if she felt any pain to let me know.

I rolled the towel up to just below her buttocks and then took a heated oil-soaked towel and placed it on her upper thigh and leg. I then took another towel and did the same to the other leg. After letting them sit for a few moments I removed the towels wring the oil out onto her thighs and legs. I then started to massage first one leg and then the other. I worked from the back of her knees to the edge of the towel just below her buttocks.

After several Aydın Escort Bayan minutes I moved to the foot of the table and gently moved her legs slightly apart so that I could massage the inside of her thighs as well. I kept below the edge of the towel. After working this for several minutes I asked her how she was doing, and she moaned approval.

“Could you do my back too,” she asked.

“Sure,” I said.

I moved to the side of the table and told her I was going to roll the towel down to her butt so that I could work on her back. She lifted herself slightly so that I could fold it back. Once it places there was just the towel barely covering her young butt. She had the massage bra on and I told her I was going to untie it so that I could work her back. She mumbled ok and I let the straps fall to the side. I took her arms and placed them hanging over the table above her head. I could now see perfectly the side of her young breasts.

I took one large heated towel soaked in oil and placed it on her back and then I took two more heated towels, resoaked them in oil and then placed one on each thigh explaining to her I wanted them to heat her thighs while I worked on her back. I removed the towel on here back and stared from her butt and work her entire back. She was really relaxed and enjoying the massage with slight moans. As I worked her back I would run my hands along her side and gently run them over the side of her breasts.

I moved to the head of the table and leaning over her massaged from her next down to her butt. After several minutes of this I got a little brave and as I rubbed down the middle of her back I moved down lower than the towel, under it and just past her waist and realizing she had no shorts on but just her panties which had narrow straps. As I continued massaging her back each time would move the towel down a little lower and her panties were exposed now enough to show me she was wearing a thong.

I stopped and told her I was going to work on her legs one final time. She mumbled ok and as I moved to the foot of the table she realized her towel was down pass the top of her butt and reached down pulling it up to her waist.

“Sorry,” she said. “My towel must Escort Aydın have slipped.”

I said no worries and to myself was a wee bit disappointed till I looked up from where I was and realized she had pulled the towel so far up that I had a clear view of the bottom of her butt cheeks as well as the very slightly panty covered crotch.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I told her I was going to elevate her some so I could work on her thigh muscles. I took a towel and rolled it into a tube and asked her to lift her stomach up. As she did I placed it under her. This caused her buttocks to be arched slightly upward giving me more access to her inner upper thighs as well as an excellent view of her panty covered vagina. The panties were pulled up snug, so you could see a small indentation of a camel toe.

I started to work on her thighs again and as I massaged the inner thigh of each leg, I felt her move her legs apart slightly. I massaged a little deeper on each thigh and the pressure of me massaging moved her legs even further apart. Her panties were now being pulled up more so that there was a definite camel toe visible. I worked my way up her thighs closer and closer waiting for her to stop or even to move her legs together, but neither happened. Instead I could hear a slight moan from her and her buttock ever so slightly arched up.

I touched a sore spot at one moment and she let out a little louder moan and arched up. As she did my hands moved right across her vagina, but I quickly moved back to massaging the sore muscle until she relaxed again, spreading her legs even more. Now I was consistently brushing her vagina with my hand as I massaged her sore muscles. I could see the dampness starting to show thru the thin material of her panties.

One final brush across her dampening pussy and up onto her butt giving her a pat on the right cheek I said, “I think we have done enough tonight.”

She looked back over here shoulder a haze in her eyes and asked me if I was sure I didn’t need to continue. Hiding the very stiff hard on I had I told her I thought it was getting late and she should head home. I walked out of the room telling her id give her a chance to dress. As she was leaving that night, she gave me a hug and told me she felt good after the massage. I told her anytime and closed the door after her.

I had crossed a line with my friends’ daughter and knew the next time was in her eyes staring at me.

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