Alene Raven’s New Life – Recap

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Annika Albrite

This isn’t a new chapter, just a shorter version of years 1 & 2.

Year 3 chapter 1 will arrive here in two weeks time, in the meanwhile enjoy Alene’s recap.


Well, let’s start at the top. My name is Alene Raven, I used to live in London, my best friend Nadia agreed to go searching for a job with me, and when I say searching for a job I mean for me, Nadia searched for a new boyfriend, it’s a wonder a sexy girl like her even needs to look for a boyfriend. I’m digressing, while we looked for a job we came across a magic shop where a girl called Elpis gave me a spell book and told Nadia to keep me safe.

Back then I thought it was fake, but I now know it’s as real as it gets. I used one spell on myself as a test, it was called ultimate pleasure and that is precisely what it gave me, next morning I woke up with a massive new addition, a giant cock and a pair of balls. long story short I gave myself a lot of money and surprised Nadia with the biggest facial she ever got, she didn’t talk to me for a kaçak iddaa few days after that, but we got over it and became girlfriends.

What can I say, sex with Nadia is amazing and we fucked like rabbits, sadly Nadia didn’t have my magic and we needed help with all the sex my body demanded, I used another spell and Jenifer came to us, we call her Jen. She was the perfect fit for my sexual needs, she was amazing and for some time things went well for us, we even bought a giant house in Bristol.

But things changed when Jen wanted me to use a spell to give her a cock, I refused because I didn’t want her to be a slave to her sexual needs like I was. I refused and somehow used her own spell on me, no matter what I did I couldn’t cum. After doing this to me she left me and Nadia.

Soon enough my unreleased sexual need overtook my better judgment and I granted Jen’s wish, the gargantuan release of cum that followed nearly killed Nadia but luckily Elpis came to the rescue and used her magic to fix things.

That kaçak bahis was my first year with the book. After that most of our time went by rather nicely, until one day when I received a letter from my boss Paula, she took pictures of me and Nadia together fucking and planned to blackmail me, I didn’t know it at the time, but she was doing it because Jen seduced Paula’s husband and took him from her.

Paula dragged me into her twisted BDSM game, she made me cum to show her what I could do, and I did just that. Next, she called Angie and made me have sex with her, Angie basically has the biggest set of breasts I ever saw.

So, after a few rounds with Angie and one crushed car later I got to fuck Paula, it was then that I placed her under a spell and made her undo all the damage she did to me and my friends, we also made sure she gave all her money to her victims. After that Angie decided she wanted us to take revenge and do it at Paula’s summer home, I fucked her all night long and filled her until the spacious room illegal bahis became very crowded with a cum filled Paula.

We invited Angie to live with me and Nadia, she agreed. When we arrived home we found Nicky, a girl Jen raped and left at our home as a reminder that she is still our problem. Turns out she was as sexually active as I am. We got Nicky back into shape and soon enough Elpis came to visit us again. she explained that the girls are my guardians and that each one was unique in her own way. Angie started to produce massive amounts of milk, Nicky grew a cock with no balls but could cum more than you can imagine, Nadia was just the perfect girl for me, she could change to fit my needs. We also learned that Jen was one of my guardians.

After a few sexual adventures we came to realize that our house won’t survive all the sex we are having, so we renovated and went for a US adventure with rose the giantess.

When we got back home I saw someone broke into my house, the floor was covered with cum. When I found out it was Jen who broke in and raped Nadia, Angie and Nicky I couldn’t deal with the horrible truth and collapsed, this is how my second year with the book came to an end. Want to know what comes next?

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