Alessa Lombardi: The Masquerade

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I took a sip of my Appletini, dancing in my seat at the bar to blaring dance music, watching men and women, masked and half-naked, grinding erotically on the strobe-lit dance floor. My girlfriend Velia, the naughty little thing that’d talked me into attending this swinger’s club every month, was in the already in the Red Room, probably getting the brains fucked out of her. I couldn’t bring myself to go in there. Not without getting a few drinks in me first, anyway. I had been a little self-conscious about going in there sober, despite the club’s policy to don masks.

I was wearing a dazzlingly ornate eyemask myself with a rainbow assortment of feathers fanned around its edges. I also wore a pink halter dress that did little to conceal my curves and my 38G breasts, their nipples strained and slightly visible against the sheer fabric. Matching designer heels donned my feet, making me several inches taller than my usual 5’4″ self. I’d garnered a bit of attention in my little outfit, which was surprising considering I’m considered a plumper. A thirty-seven year old plumper. I could hear Velia’s laughing voice in my head: “you’re way too hard on yourself! You’re hot!”

Finishing my drink, I settled the glass down and flipped my shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair. I was hot, dammit. I was getting amorous looks for a reason.

Despite my confidence, though, it still surprised me when a shirtless, adonis of a man approached me, a white Japanese-styled eyemask. He was cut like a professional athelete, his body rippling with tasty hard muscle. He was an inch or so above six feet, and oozed a sweet, yet manly musk that made my taste buds curious. He leaned in and spoke into my left ear.

“I want eat you,” he said in an arousing baritone. If I’d been wearing panties they would have been thoroughly soaked. What drove me wild was the sincerity in his voice…the hunger. Whether he meant licking my pussy or devouring me whole, I was willing to let him have Bergama Escort Bayan a go at it. I felt his lips scantily brush against my earlobe and shivered.

“Follow me,” he said—no, commanded, taking me by the hand. I promptly rose, my heels clicking, and let him lead me toward the Red Room. I was turned on. Beyond turned on. I wondered if Velia had sent him over, and if she’d told him that dominant men got me hotter than a heatwave in July. If such was the case, I was buying her dinner for a week.

The Red Room was just like the name implied. It was a large room furnished with comfortable red leather sofas and ottomans, illuminated by red light. It was littered with naked men and women, entwined in pure lust. The smell of sex, the sound of slapping bodies, the libidinous moans—together they created a symphony of luxuria that made my pussy twinge with anticipation. No matter how many times I come here, it gets me every time.

The mystery man—I’ll name him Adonis, heehee—whipped me around and forced me over the arm of a sofa, putting a pale young woman’s pert little ass in my face. I felt him lift my skirt over my ass and spread my cheeks. His fingers toyed with my hot dripping cunt, and I could hear him undoing his belt buckle and the front of his black jeans. When turned to look over my shoulder, I felt something hot and rigid and throbbing slide into my slick, quivering walls, jerking me forward, my mouth grazing against the young woman’s ass. She lifted her head from a gentleman’s lap and looked back to me with a smile and a nod, perhaps giving me the okay to play with her.

“Damn…that feels—!” He interrupted me with a thrust. His powerful hands were gripped on my waist, pulling me back against him. Firey pleasure spilled through me, fraying at my every nerve. It wasn’t just his thick cock filling me, it was Adonis’s dominance that was driving me up the wall, causing little whimper sounds to escape me.

I Bergama Escort looked over my shoulder to watch him pound me, and squealed when he slapped a palm against my plump ass. I backed up against him, wanting to feel him dig deeper inside my sopping cunt, harder. I was face to face with the masked young woman now, who was being pounded from behind as well, screaming in pleasure.

“Ah!” I yelped, feeling Adonis’s hand wrap around my throat and pull me up so that my back pressed against his chiseled torso. He still slammed his cock into me, and my big, pendulous tits jounced themselves out of my halter dress.

“You’re going to kiss her,” I heard him say in a vicious whisper, and then pushed me forward, smacking me on the ass again. I wasted no fucking time. I leaned into the young woman before me and met her lips meet mine, my tongue darting into her warm mouth. She welcomed it, slipping her tongue against mine. I could taste the cock of the man that was fucking her, and an orgasm shot through me, making me shake with pleasure. I moaned, and I fell deeper into the kiss, my mouth hungry.

Cruelly, I was pulled away from her by Adonis and whipped about to face him, my heavy tits swaying. “Down,” he ordered, and I did just that. I fell to my knees and without being told or gestured I took his cock into my mouth, deep, burying my nose in his dark pubic hair. Dragging my head back and letting him slip out of my mouth, I spat on his cock before taking it back into my mouth. His hand gripping the back of my head, he began fucking my mouth, pressing his thick mushroom tip against the back of my throat. The action turned me on even more, and beforelong I had a hand tugging on one of my nipples and another rubbing my clit in fierce circles.

“Mm, yeah…yeah,” he said, his dark eyes looking down at me. He slipped his cock out of my mouth and slapped the underside of his shaft against my face, and like a hungry little Escort Bergama slut I desperately attempted to catch it with my mouth. Adonis kept it from me, and instead lifted me by the hair and pushed me. I fell back against the sofa, miraculously missing the young woman still getting slammed doggystyle. My ass supported by the arm of the sofa, my shoulder blades pressed into the cushion. I was almost upside down!

Adonis grabbed me by the legs and slipped his cock back inside of my pussy, getting a nice little yelp out of me. I felt his hand smooth over my plump tummy, while his other hand toyed with my clit. He fucked me with long, steady strokes, staring down at me with smiling eyes. His thumb worked against my clit even faster, and I felt another orgasm roll through me, arching my back and lifting my heavy breasts.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck! Me!” I exclaimed, smoothing my hands over my tits, tugging at my sensitive nipples as my body attempted to calm down from my second orgasm.

His thrusts became hard and short, adding the sound of wet bodies slapping against one another to the Red Room’s symphony of lust. Faster and harder he pounded me, harder and deeper. I gathered that he was going to cum soon, and in my current state I was ready to let him fill my hungry cunt with his seed. “Are you gonna cum?” I asked in a half-begging tone.

Adonis said nothing, and just pulled out, shooting ropes of cum, hot and thick across my soft tummy and plentiful tits, bathing me in it. His body jerked as his hand milked his shaft, letting droplets of cum fall against my skin, the feeling giving me gooseflesh. Leaning forth, he kissed me on the lips, deep and passionate. My hand cupped his cheek as I fell deeper into the kiss, shivering as his tongue slithered against my own. Our lips parted moments later, and Adonis rose, pulled his jeans up around his waist, and stalked away with a satisfied grin on his face.

God that felt good. In fact, I hadn’t felt this nice in ages. But then, I hadn’t been with a man like that since my ex-husband. I managed to get myself on two feet, and pulled my halter dress over my head, and stalked the Red Room for another piece of meat, or rather…searching for Mr. Adonis.

I was definitely coming back next month.

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