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“Alex In The Park”
“An Extremely Goofy Alex”

Part 2



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WARNING: This story has a bit of piss play in it.

Now for the usual disclaimers: 1. This story is about love and sexual relations between adults and minors. If it is illegal to read these stories where you live, or if you are under the age of 18, close the site now. 2. This story is MOSTLY FICTION. Some parts are real, the others are in my head. The reason for a site like this is to get our rocks off without participating in illegal activity.

OH MY GOD! I haven”t had anyone up my ass in about a year. But now…I had Alex”s fist right up my asshole. I stifled a yelp and a moan. Alex, thinking I was in severe pain, pulled his fist out just as fast as he had popped it in, causing me to yelp again.

“I”m sorry, I”m sorry, I”m sorry!” Over and over again.

By the time the spots faded from my eyes and I could compose a full sentence, Alex was crying his eyes out. I quickly collected him in my arms and hushed him until he had calmed down.

“Hush, baby. Don”t cry. It”s okay. I just wasn”t expecting that so quickly.” I explained to him how I was out of practice and it just hurt with he popped it in with no preparation. I told him I needed to be dilated and stretched out some before I could take his whole hand.

Alex had calmed down enough to give me a wicked grin and he asked, “Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?”

I chuckled. “Have you ever kissed someone butthole before?”

“No, but you kissed and licked mine, so I should return the favor.”

“Tell you what. We”re both tired from the day and we”re not going to any parks tomorrow. Everyone”s going their own way, so why don”t we stay in and relax and we”ll experiment more tomorrow. Sound like a plan?”

“Yeah. I am sleepy.” A yawn just about split his face wide open. I went to the bathroom and checked myself out, just to make sure he didn”t cause any damage. Finding none, I went back to the bed to see Alex sleeping…naked…on top of the covers. I think kocaeli escort I read somewhere, “There”s nothing more beautiful and peaceful than a sleeping boy.” Well, whoever wrote it never saw Alex sleeping naked. I picked him up, pulled down the covers and gently placed him in bed. After covering him up, I slid in next to him and held him gently as sleep took over my body.

I woke up before Alex and found him in the same position as when I drifted off to sleep. I slid out of bed, put on my sleep shorts and a robe and went into the living area. On the kitchen counter was a note in my brother”s horrific handwriting.

“The girls took the van to Cocoa Beach for the day. Dropping me off downtown. I won”t be back till late this afternoon. The place is yours. Have fun.”

I crawled back into bed and held Alex, watching him sleep until his eye popped open. “GOTTA PEE!!!”

He fumbled with the covers and stumbled out of the bed and held his dink while he made his way to the bathroom. Hearing the splash in the bowl made me have to pee all of a sudden, also. I made my way to the bathroom and stood beside Alex and let it flow.

Alex looked at me, laughed and shook his head, “You wasted my morning drink.”

“I”ll have more in time for lunch. What U wanna do today?”

“I wanna kiss your ass!”

What a goofy kid. I remembered the conversation from last night and decided to teach him the art of ass rimming.

I told him that we had to make sure that our butts were clean, so we hopped in the shower. I made sure we were both squeaky clean before we dried off and hit the bed. I laid him on his back and demonstrate the fine are of tossing a salad.

“First of all, you don”t just lick up and down. You rub your tongue around the hole, up and down, left and right.” I demonstrated.

“Then, you probe the opening with your tongue. Make your tongue as rigid as possible and try to enter.” I demonstrated.

“When you feel the hole has dilated some, use your teeth. DON”T BITE. Just lightly scrape the area around the hole.” Again, I demonstrated.

After 30 minutes of demonstration, Alex had an intense gasm. When he came back to Earth. He said he was ready to try.

I laid on my back and held my legs up for him. I don”t like the feel of hair between my cheeks, so darıca escort I regularly have my hold waxed. I”m glad I had this done the day before I picked up Alex for the trip. It was still nice and smooth back there. I encouraged Alex to take his time. He sniffed around the area, making sure it was clean. Then, his tongue extended and licked from my tailbone to my balls. This sent a shiver from my feet to the top of my head. Goosebumps rose up all over my body. Alex then reversed the direction and licked from my balls down. Getting into it, he started going around and around my hole, making me moan in the process. He then made his tongue hard and probed at my hole. I relaxed and suddenly I had an ass full of boy tongue. This HAD to be the most erotic thing that I”d ever experienced in my life. A horny 10 year old with his tongue up my ass, caressing my balls and taint while trying to eat my ass from the inside out. “Oh, FFFUUUUCK!!!” I screamed as my cum erupted from my dick and landed directly on my face. I counted 4 ropes of cum that hit my face, 3 more on my chest, 2 on my belly and several dribbles running down into my trimmed pubes. Alex was feasting like he”d been starved. I HAD to make him stop, the feeling was overwhelming.

We rested a bit, then he sat up on the bed and asked, “Can I fuck you now?”

“With this?” I reached over and pinched the head of his dink. “Or this?” I held his hand into a fist.

“Which would you prefer?”

“Fist fuck me, Baby. BUT…you have to do EXACTLY what I say. If you don”t, you could injure me.”

I was back on the bed, legs up, ass to the edge while Alex lubed up his fist. I had him use one finger first, then 2 and eventually 4. When I felt my ass was loose enough, I instructed him to SLOWLY put his fist in my hole. I felt my sphincter stretch as his fist entered my chute. With a pop, the head of his “monster hand dick,” as he called it, entered. I gasped and held his arm till my ass got used to it. After a few moments, I gave him more instruction on how to open his hand and feel around inside. When he touched my prostate, I shuddered and gasped. He knew he”d found his prize. He rubbed it one way then another and circled it with his finger. After my second orgasm of the morning, I wanted to see just how far his arm would reach. To my surprise, he got his arm just above his elbow into my ass. He started gölcük escort slowly pulling out just so his hand was inside, then pushed back to his elbow. Every time, he quickened the pace until he was fist fucking me like a demon pro. I never tired and I had 2 more orgasms by the time I begged him to stop. My balls were so dry, they ached. I told him to slowly pull out, which he did. He cleaned off his arm with a towel and then wiped my ass from the lube. He crawled up and held me and asked, “Did I do it right?”

“Lover, it was fucking perfect.”

Last time I had more than 2 orgasms in a DAY was when I was in my early 20″s. Now, at 34, I just had FOUR before lunch and my boy hadn”t had any yet. After I rested, I treated Alex to the best rim/blow job I”d ever performed. I fingered his hole and found his nut. I rubbed it till he”d had 5 shuttering, life altering and mind blowing orgasms. He passed completely out on the 5th, leaving me time to rest and think. I let him sleep for about an hour and woke him up with a kiss. “Lunch is served.”

I”d called room service and ordered two bacon double cheese burgers with the works, HUGE order of fries, chocolate shake and chocolate cake for desert. I normally wouldn”t order so much food, but I know my boy was hungry from missing breakfast and the workout we”d had this morning. I”d never seen Alex eat like he did that day. Everything was gone in under 15 minutes and he let out a huge “BUUUURRRRRP!”

The goof was laughing uncontrollably when I heard someone at the door. SHIT!!! I forgot to put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign and housekeeping was walking in to make up the beds. I rushed Alex into the bedroom and told him to get dressed, QUICKLY! I got my jeans on also and when we were dressed, we walked out into the living area to see my brother staring at the lunch table.

Trying to act like NOTHING had been going on, I asked, “What are you doing here? Thought you were downtown.”

“Forgot my wallet. And, by the way. You didn”t have to get dressed on my account.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don”t act all innocent. Big Brother knows all!”

I almost passed out as he winked at me…


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Here is a list of a few of my other stories. I hope you like them.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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