Alex’s Hot Night

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Trigger Warning!

(Contains dubious consent, you have been warned. I don’t condone coercion and dubious consensual sex and remember this is just a fictional fantasy. I will continue this story at a later date and it will be consensual, unlike the first story. Regardless, have a nice day and feel free to comment and leave me feedback.)

“We’re here guys.”

My girlfriend’s dad said as he opens the door to our hotel room, I am immediately hit with the lingering smell of cleaning products but at least the room is clean.

There were two queen size beds, eight light sources, two desks, one vanity, and a place to hang your clothes, a sink and finally a bathroom.

I was hoping I would get to share the bed with Rebecca my girlfriend but I really doubt this.

Her dad won’t even allow us to get two-room even if I am willing to pay, he said it was a waste of money since we’re only going to spend three days here but the real reason is he doesn’t want me to be alone with his daughter.

Originally, Rebecca and I plan to travel to our company meeting from Long Beach California to Palm Spring with our team leaders but her father insists that he tag along with us and he drives us here himself.

He doesn’t trust our leaders and we are a pair of inexperienced eighteen-year-old, who are naïve and plus he is a doting father but of course, this is all bullshit.

Robert, my girlfriend’s father wants to come along so that he can keep his eyes on us ensuring that we are on our best behavior.

I sign and groan to myself, I could have asked my sister to drive us here instead and she would have been more understanding and leave me and Rebecca alone.

Now I am about to spend three fucking days and half of those days sitting down listening to people and their success stories for six to eight brutal hours without any action from Rebecca to make up for it.

The only reason why I joined the company in the first place is to spend more time with my girlfriend, I could care less about selling life insurance.

I groan again but this time louder earning a “what the fuck” face from Robert but I ignore him.

Rebecca went inside first and she drops her duffel bag by the bed that she picks and when I went inside to drop my own duffel bag to the bed opposite of hers, she looks up at me with a questionable expression while I gesture my eyes and face behind me toward her dad.

She rolls her pretty eyes before she opens her mouth to speak.

“Dad…! Alex is just going to sleep next to me and you’re literally going to be like what a yard from us. I don’t see a problem!”

“Honey, you will have plenty of downtime with Alex in your meetings away from my prying eyes. I don’t want to see you guys in bed together!”


“Rebecca…! Have mercy on your old man’s heart. End of discussion young lady! Are you hungry? I packed some sandwiches.”

“Ugh! I am not hungry!”

“What about you Alex?”

“I am good sir.”

Rebecca glared at her dad, who ignores her while he pulls out a ham sandwich from his bag before her eyes rest on me again. I shrug and give her a small smile but she did something unexpected, she playfully bites her lower lips and pushes her top down exposing her breasts to me.

Well damn, she didn’t wear her bra, this is why I adore her and her perky breasts. Her tits although small still look incredibly suckable but then I remember Robert so I whip my head around to face him.

I exhale in relief Rebecca’s old man is lounging in the chair while chomping away at his ham sandwich and he is completely oblivious to his daughter’s breasts just hanging out there for me to see.

I turn my attention back to her and I put on my own show, I smirk and lick my lips seductively while I pull my t-shirt up showing her my tone pecs and flat abs.

Rebecca’s eyes instantly gleam with lusts, I know she wants to touch me just as badly as I want to touch her and my cock is already pressing against my khaki shorts.

I kick it up a notch, I start to sway my hips side to side doing a little dance causing Rebecca to giggle but her cute chuckle is a little too loud.

“What is so funny?”

“Nothing daddy! Just an inside joke between me and Alex.” Rebecca said pulling her top back up in a split second while I pull my shirt back down.

“Whatever! You guys should start unpacking soon, bathe and then eat because your meeting starts at six o’clock in the morning and it is already ten.”

Rebecca and I nod our heads responding to her father briefly before we unpack some of our necessary things. The rest of the evening went uneventfully until around bath time.

Rebecca went to shower first and I am waiting around in my boxer shorts and a t-shirt while eating one of the sandwiches Robert packed for us.

I am eating absently mindedly while reading a Literotica story on my cellphone with my legs cross on the carpet floor.

I look over to Robert when I feel his eyes on me but as soon as our eyes meet, he quickly güvenilir bahis turns away to stare at the television while he flips through the channels.

I didn’t think anything of it as I continue reading and taking the final bite of my sandwich before I reach for the water bottle.

Rebecca came out dress in her favorite pink pajama and she looks so cute with her long damp brown hair.

I grab my pajama bottom and a clean shirt before I walk over to her. She smiles at me when I walk pass her to the bathroom entrance and I took the opportunity to playfully pinch one of her butt cheek and wink at her.

She yelps in surprise and slaps my arm in return while Robert grunts a warning at us from where he is lying on the bed.

I quickly shut the door when I heard him grunt and once inside I grin happily from ear to ear feeling the high but my excitement quickly die down. I strip down my shirt and boxer dropping my clothes to the floor.

Seeing my naked body in the full-length mirror in the bathroom reminds me of the erection I had earlier when Rebecca decided to tease me especially when I look down at my cock.

I am not well endowed or anything but at least my dick is average and Rebecca said that I have a nice looking cock.

I suppose she is right but I don’t really pay much attention to my own cock so long as it is still attached to me and I am not itching down there.

Unfortunately, Rebecca and I have yet to have actual penetrative sex except for groping and oral.

I was hoping that this trip is going to resolve that problem but thanks to her father my issue is still an issue.

Hopefully, I will find some quiet time with Rebecca later. I observe myself in the mirror I think my face is handsome but my girlfriend said I am cute, which annoys me but I suppose she is right.

My face is a little rounder then I would have liked plus I don’t possess a strong masculine jawline unlike most guys due to my baby face but in the end, I will take whatever I am given.

I don’t know if being half Chinese and Caucasian have something to do with having a baby face but I have a long skinny nose, thick lips, and I think my best features are my striking grayish-blue eyes.

Rebecca always tells me that I look haunting because I have an Asian face but my eyes are grayish-blue giving me an almost ethereal vampiric look but I just tell her that she is being weird.

I adjust the water before I rub one out but I didn’t want to take too long because Robert might be suspicious and besides he is going to shower next leaving Rebecca and me alone.

Once I am done bathing I quickly towel dry and dress in my pajama bottom and t-shirt before I comb my damp black curly hair and brush my teeth.

I step outside and smile at Rebecca, who smile in return before she turns her attention back to her tablet screen.

Movements from the corner of my eyes distract me as I look away from my girlfriend to her father.

Robert starts to strip down to his boxer right in front of us and I have to admit my girlfriend’s father doesn’t look half bad for his age.

Robert is in his early fifties and he still has his coarse thick hair even though it is mostly gray but unlike most men I know, who are over fifty like my own dad they are either bald or have receding hairlines.

Robert is, however, kind of overweight, he is probably about forty pounds over and most of that fat is visible in his protruding belly but his weight doesn’t distract from his overall appeal, he has what people call a dad bod.

His face is handsome enough I suppose, he has a full set salt and pepper beard, a hawk-like narrow nose, strong square jaw, and his eyes are a brilliant bluish-green the same color as Rebecca’s eyes.

Anyway, I don’t really pay too much attention to his physical traits but I can see why a lot of the single moms in my high school try to get his attention.

Although I do wish that I am tall as Robert because he is above six feet towering a head higher than me and Rebecca.

“Dad, do you really need to sleep in your underwear and next to Alex no less.”

“Yes, it is more comfortable and you don’t mind do you, Alex?”

“No, it is fine.”

“See! He has no problem, unlike a certain princess. Anyway, I am going to turn in early and you two should do the same.”

“Wait?! You’re not going to bathe! Ew! How can you expect my boyfriend to sleep next to you?”

“I am tired and old so he can breathe through his mouth and then there is always the floor. Goodnight!”

Bastard, he is suggested that I sleep on the floor like an animal and on second thought, I do feel gross-out sleeping next to someone, who smells like moldy crusts but it is not like I have a choice.

It doesn’t help my case that the man is covered in a carpet of long thick dark hair from his chest, arms and legs looking like a Sasquatch.

I recalled that Rebecca hates hairy guys and prefers smooth guys like me which I am glad that I am naturally.

Anyway, türkçe bahis when Robert’s bluish-green eyes meet my grayish-blue pairs again I look away because I didn’t want it to be weird, I am merely comparing our physique with a small amount of admiration and that is all.

Robert shrugs it off and he walks over to the light switch and turns it off leaving the room mostly dark except for the glowing light coming off from Rebecca’s tablet. Robert then went to bed and tuck himself in.

I walk to Rebecca and plop myself on her bed, she smiles at me and before I can say anything, she starts talking about the company we work for.

I try to steer our conversation elsewhere but the fun-loving Rebecca from earlier is gone and replace with business serious Rebecca so I excuse myself and give her a quick peck on the cheek before I went to bed.

I tuck myself in with my cellphone in hand while keeping a good distance from Robert without falling off the edge.

I presume reading the erotic story on Literotica until my eyes grow heavy so I put my phone on the nearby stand and said my goodnight to Rebecca before I close my eyes.


I must have been out for a couple of hours because when I stir awake the room is pitch black and judging from the snoring coming from Rebecca she is deeply asleep.

I didn’t know she snores but any sound coming from her is endearing to me but when Robert moves around on his side, I immediately close my eyes willing myself to fall back to sleep.

I was about to fall back to sleep but abruptly Robert place one of his heavy arms around my waist and he even scoots closer to me.

I try not to let the sudden skin contact freak me out because I don’t want to make a big deal since it is Robert and besides he is probably just dreaming and thinking I am a pillow or something.

I shift to remove his arm but his hands gently glide along my hips before he squeezes and fondles one of my ass cheeks.

Air snag in my throat, I can’t believe my girlfriend’s dad is groping my ass and for a few seconds, I am too shocked to immediately react while some part of me hopes it is an accident but he continues to purposely fondle me.

In fact, Rebecca’s dad is very explicit in the way he is kneading my ass cheeks, I feel strange along with something else that I didn’t want to analyze at the moment. I roughly push his arm away before I turn my face to speak to him.

“Robert, what the fuck are you doing?!” I whisper aggressively.

“Relax Alex, it is just a little male bonding. Besides, you must be stress and frustrated all day. I should take responsibility for cock blocking you. Here let me help.”

I gasp when I feel Robert forcefully shove his large hand into my pajama bottom and once inside he instantly wraps his callous palm around my flaccid cock.

He begins to stroke my cock up and down along the shaft at a steady pace while his other hand goes back to squeezing and massaging my ass cheeks but this time from the inside of my pajama. I try to shove him off again but he wouldn’t budge.

“Robert! This is…”

“Shh…Alex, let me take care of you.”

Robert moves even closer to me until I feel his body pressing against my backside and without warning, he presses his lips to mine while his hand pumps my cock a little faster and at the same time the fingers of his other hand start to tease my crack.

Oh my God, my girlfriend’s dad is serious but I still can’t believe this is happening. I continue to struggle by pushing him off of me while trying to keep my lips away from him but I am starting to feel really good as he continues to stroke my cock that is steadying becoming harder.

I instinctively moan when his fingers lightly rub the outer rim of my anus giving him the chance to slips his tongue into my mouth.

Robert kisses me aggressively and passionately swirling and twisting his tongue inside my mouth while he tries to get my tongue to duel with him and all at once he continues to strokes my cock to full mast. Curse my youth!

This time he pumps even faster while applying more pressure to my hard flesh. I moan a little more when I feel the friction of my cock and the texture of his callous palm.

I don’t know how I should morally feel about this, my cock actually got hard in his grip while he kisses me.

I have never been kissed with such intensity before and Robert’s lips are definitely rougher than Rebecca’s delicate lips and then there is the short bristle of his trim beard that keeps scratching my face.

Surprisingly, I kind of like the tiny prickly sensation across my face, I hesitate feeling uncertain but only for a few seconds.

I am not sure why I respond but my body is doing all the thinking as I return his touch by swirling and twisting my tongue around his while I moan hoarser especially when he squeezes the more sensitive tip of my cock as he continues to stroke me.

Chills run up my spine when his thumb circle the head of my dick. There is also Robert’s fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri that keep on pressing firmly against my crinkle hole, which I have never try stimulating before.

He rubs the surface of my skin in circles causing me to groan and shudder a little more audible. He kisses me for a moment longer before pulling his lips away.

Once again, I don’t understand why I am allowing him to do this to me. Perhaps, I am just horny and sexually frustrated like he said but I guess I don’t mind being touch by him.

“I am going to make you feel even better and you don’t need to worry about Rebecca. She is a very deep sleeper and she has her earplugs on so if you need to moan just moan.”

I nod my head but it is not like he can see me in pitch darkness yet I get the feeling that he understands anyway. I can feel him backing up while he partially pulls and drags my leaner body to the middle of the bed.

He takes off my t-shirt follow by my pajama bottom and I assume he throws my clothes over the edge of the bed. I heard some faint rustling sounds along with the creaking sound of the bed when Robert moves around.

The panic of the situation came back to me, Robert is stripping out of his brief so it only means he intends to fuck me and not just touch me.

I don’t mind the touching and I even like it but fucking me is on another level. I got up to a sitting position and he must have sensed that I am distress because I feel him placing both his hands on my shoulder.

“Relax Alex, I am not going to hurt you.”

“Robert, I don’t want to be-!”

He didn’t let me finish as he grabs and pulls me into another deep open mouth kiss, I am back to pushing him away again but he just held me tighter as he plunges his tongue deeper into my mouth.

I try even harder to buck him off but I feel he is shifting around to get on his knees as he continues to fiercely kiss me while he pushes his heavier mass on to me causing me to lie back down.

He suddenly pulls his lips and his portly body away from me while I got right back up to a sitting position causing him to back up.

“You’re so beautiful Alex and all I want is to have sex with you so may I?”

“What?! You’re not listening, fuck no!”

“Have it your way! Put your clothes back on, pack your things and call Uber or Lyft because starting from now on, you no longer have permission to date my daughter.”

“You fucking bastard! You’re threatening me?! Rebecca will never-.”

“She will do nothing because I am her father so she will listen to me if she wants money for college and a free place to live. Besides, you said you love her so let’s see you make the sacrifice.”

“You sick fuck!”

“Aw…, don’t get angry Alex. You were enjoying yourself moments ago and you even kiss me back. Should I tell Rebecca how you responded to me?”

“Fuck you!” I shout while lying back down and hoping that I wake Rebecca up but when I turn my face over to listen to her, she didn’t even so much as peep in the dark but continues to sleep like a fucking corpse and her cute snoring is suddenly irritating.

“I will ask again, may I have sex with you?”


“What does MMM mean?”

“Yes! Get on with it, you fucking old fag!”

“Wonderful, I knew you will come around, we will have the best consensual sex. I will make you feel real good soon, sweet boy.”

“Hurry the fuck up before I change my-!”


I yelp when I feel Robert’s mouth suddenly latch on to one of my nipples, I am not sure how he knows where all my parts are when I can only make out a very dim outline of his hulking frame.

Still, I am glad that I can’t see what he is doing but I can definitely feel it so I am not sure if that is a good thing or bad.

I don’t know if agreeing to sleep with Robert is going to fuck with my mind later but one thing I am certain I don’t want to lose Rebecca, I will just have to endure this mess up situation.

I left my limbs level to either side of my head while I feel Robert’s large wet tongue circling my nipple along with the scratch feeling I get from his facial hair causing me to shudder before he sucks my flesh in.

One of his hand glides on the flat tone plane of my stomach then to my navel and then finally to my erect cock while he uses his other hand to support himself.

Robert firmly grips my dick with his large callous hand at the base and begins to stroke my flesh again going from the base to the tip and then back down again repeatedly at a leisure pace.

He particular tighten his palm around my flesh when he reaches the more sensitive tip of my cock causing my breath to sharpen.

I squirm a little when I feel the sharp point of his teeth grazing lightly on my nipple and I wiggle even more when I feel the tip of his tongue lashing the nub of my nipple giving me a ticklish feeling but admittedly enjoyable all the same.

I had no idea that my nipples were this sensitive and I can feel the skin there harden and erect to a tiny pebble.

Robert glides his fat tongue across my sternum to my other nipple where he instantly swirls his tongue around and around across the areolar and nub of my nipple before he sucks my flesh in deeply causing me to pant some more.

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