Alice and Rabbit

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Alice is kneeling before the Rabbit, sucking his cock DEEP down her throat, her finger deep in his asshole, massaging his prostrate. He slams and slams her throat involuntarily as she drives him insane. As Rabbit’s slams back and forth, Alice drools like crazy, soaking Rabbit’s cock and balls, spilling on to her dress, making a huge wet spot across her tits.

Alice pulls her finger from Rabbit’s asshole, smelling and tasting his bowels, reveling in the musky smell. She sucks her finger clean, needing the taste and odor, needing to show Rabbit how depraved and willing she is. She sucks two fingers now; her eyes slit narrow, looking Rabbit straight in the eye, making them wet and slippery, the drool sliding down her chin and hand.

She takes Rabbit’s cock back into her hand, licking it from end to end, laving Rabbit’s balls. While Rabbit is distracted by the action across his cock and balls, Alice slides her two fingers up his ass, right to the knuckle, massaging his sphincter and prostrate.

Finally, he screams out his orgasm as she pulls his cock from her throat so that she can taste and feel his cum across her face, warm and slimy. Her left eye is covered, and streaks of cum across her cheeks and forehead. Cum slides down her throat and neck, down across her tits and into her dress, and staining the dress inside and out.

Her tongue is covered with slime, the taste and feel of which Alice loves. She rolls the cum around her mouth, sliding it across her tongue and teeth, swirling it around to savour the experience.

As Alice licks her fingers clean, scooping more and more cum from her face, throat and tits, she feels a warm stream of liquid, definitely NOT more cum, stream across her face and hair.

The pungent smell, the golden colour; Rabbit is pissing on her!

Alice revels in it, turning her face upwards to collect the piss in her mouth, tasting the saltiness and letting balıkesir escort the overflow spill out of her mouth, down her chin, soaking her dress and tits. She scoops more cum from her face and mixes it with the piss in her mouth, getting the divergent sensations and tastes. She wipes the piss and cum across her face, into her hair, wiping it across her throat as it splashes against her hand and onto her dress.

As Rabbit treats her like a whore, Alice gets more and more excited, her own cum dripping down her thighs as she continues to kneel before Rabbit. Her panties are soaked with her excretions and the piss dripping down her body. Her white knee high stockings turn a blotchy yellow with piss, drops of cum splashed on her knees.

Alice feels wondrous; wanted and desired, abused and misused. Alice is a lover and a whore, a beautiful creature and a toilet. The dichotomy is sooooo wonderful. Alice is whatever she wants to be.

As Rabbits stream of piss ends, he suddenly exclaims “I’m late, terribly late, for a most important date!”

He starts to put himself back together, straightening his clothes as Alice stands up, turns around, and bends over at the waist.

As she hikes her skirt over her ass, exposing her panty covered cunt, Alice says “Fuck me, Rabbit. Fuck me hard, fuck me brutally! Make me cum all over your cock.”

Alice pulls her panties aside, displaying a hairless, shiny cunt, shiny with cum and her excretions. Her cunt lips part on their own, hinting at the inner wetness and warmth.

“Oh, the hell with it. The Queen can wait. Even if she beats us both, whipping us to within an inch of our lives, it’ll be worth plowing that panty covered cunt.”

Rabbit pulls his cock out again, rock hard and ready for more. He takes it in his fist and lines up Alice’s cunt.

Just as he rams it home, Alice moves.

Rabbit’s cock plows balıkesir escort bayan into Alice’s asshole instead.


Alice’s asshole was more than ready having cum already drip down from her cunt and across her sphincter, providing the initial lubrication necessary.

Rabbit is in his glory, her asshole tight and milking his cock. He pounds hard, almost hard enough to knock Alice over if she wasn’t prepared. His balls slap against her cunt, against her clit, giving Alice the repeated smack on the clit of his bouncing balls.

Alice grabs hold of her tits, mashing and kneading them, pulling on her nipples, twisting and pinching them. Alice moans and groans, her insides fluttering and quaking.

Rabbit pounds Alice’s asshole, but he still wants her cunt. So, he pulls his cock out of her asshole. As he does, Alice screams in complaint, “FUCK ME, RABBIT!! I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME!!”

So, Rabbit does.

Rabbit, again with his slimy, wet cock in his fist, aims again at Alice’s cunt. He lodges the head in between the lips, ready to go home.

Alice moans in frustration because Rabbit refuses to actually fuck her, at least not yet. Instead, Rabbit rubs the head of his cock around her cunt, sliding from front to back, across her clit, almost to her asshole.


So, finally, Rabbit rams his cock home, home into the warm, welcoming wetness of Alice’s cunt. Rabbit starts slowing, in and out, wriggling his cock around inside Alice’s cunt. Alice moves her ass around, helping Rabbit’s cock cover even more area in her cunt.

Alice starts producing even more cum, her cunt drooling around Rabbit’s cock, stream down his balls and onto the front of his pants, staining them. Drooling cum down her own thighs, and onto the escort balıkesir tops of her knee highs. She mashes her tits harder, pulling and twisting her nipples until they hurt so deliciously.

Rabbit is going crazy; Alice’s cunt is so good. As Rabbit pounds Alice, her cunt quivers and spasms, milking rabbit’s cock. A low growl grows in Alice’s throat, building in volume and rising in tone. Alice pulls her nipples until they are bruising.

Alice is cumming, and cumming hard.

As Alice cums, everything builds and builds. Alice’s cunt spasms and clenches Rabbit’s cock very hard. Her growl grows in to an outright scream, and the pain in her nipples is intense.

Then, Alice’s cum peaks.

Alice’s cunt clenches so hard on Rabbit’s cock, that he is simply cannot cum himself, or even pull his cock out of her cunt. Alice shivers and shakes from her toes to her nose. She screams so load that the entire castle must hear her.

The Queen will know and will be VERY angry. Too bad; this is worthwhile!

As Alice slowly calms down, Rabbit is able to stroke again.

Rabbit starts pounding Alice’s cunt again, needing to cum again himself. As he is about to cum himself, something odd happens.

He feels a warms stream cascade across his balls and down his legs, staining his pants even more.

Huh? This ain’t cum …

Alice is pissing on him as he fucks her!

Oh, so, exquisite!!

As he comes to the realization that Alice is pissing uncontrollably on him, he gets so excited he cums immediately. He cums and cums and cums. He cums so much that it streams out of her cunt and drools down his balls.

Rabbit then bends over to Alice’s cunt, and sucks the cum out of her, swiring it around his own mouth, getting the mixed flavours of Alice and himself.

Alice loves the feeling of his mouth on her cunt, realizing what Rabbit is doing, tasting himself. What she is surprised by is when taps her on the shoulder and motions for her to come nearer.

With the realization, Alice opens her mouth below his, waiting.

Rabbit opens his mouth and drools the mixed cum into her mouth.

As the lovers consummate their deviant pleasure, the guards arrive.

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