Alice Manipulated Ch. 03

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Summary: Cute, curvy but immature looking Alice, the tiny 21 year-old orphan is sweet pickings for a devious mature couple who take advantage of her innocence and send her to new heights in a crowded café and prime her for more sexy surprises.

Readers catching ‘Alice Manipulated’ for the first time here should first click on BeamMeUp and access chapters one and two get a feel — no pun intended — why this brand of eroticism is different to the ‘Manipulating Jenny’ series also current on Literotica. If you are into first time, erotic coupling, incest/taboo, exhibitionist/voyeur, light bondage, mature/young you should follow Alice around.


Adopted orphan Alice, the spunky but small built 21 year-old beauty who looks half her age in body, is temporarily on her own while her foster father is in Europe on a six-month trip. In chapter 1 Alice discovered that looking way younger than her actual years can be an advantage in life. In chapter 2 Alice tested the theory with highly charged discoveries with her foster father. In chapter 3, Alice is about to find what it means to have her innocence exploited.

It is Saturday afternoon, 2pm, just three days after her original guardian and adopted father Bernie left for a six-month visit to Europe. Since she recently turned 21 Alice has learned that all the years she anguished over having a seemingly immature body meant nothing in the real world.

Although her 30-18-32 figure is more like a young Asian teen’s shape, she is no longer concerned that her having no tits except for oversize puffy nipples is a problem. Nor that most people think she is considerably younger than her real age. She may look small at 4 feet 10 inches in height, but her pussy can comfortably accommodate a man’s big penis.

Since turning 21 her wonderful loving sexual relationship with her adopted daddy has made her proud of her tiny body. The $1000 her uncle Bernie gave her for her 21st allowed her to buy some really skimpy gear she liked to wear for him, but also included very small mini skirts that barely cover her well shaped tight butt.

After years of being ashamed of her small figure she now wants to flaunt it, but discretely. After all her growing up years and going through school feeling shy of herself, she now has new confidence about her sex appeal.

On this Saturday she is wearing a soft pink tight mini and matching soft pink nylon panties, size 6 as always, and just sheer enough to give her a sensuous cameltoe semi-see-through look. She never wears a bra, as there is no sense in it. Nothing but two nipples to cover. The top she wears on this day is a low-scooped bare midriff type exposing her cute navel and flat tummy.

Alice is not watching where she is going as she leaves a store and collides with a tall greying man about the age of her 51 year-old uncle. Neither of them is looking where they are going and as they collide the man’s bag he is carrying falls to the ground spilling dozens of wrapped small chocolates.

“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t see you” Alice says to the man, “I will help you pick them up.

“As Alice squats to the ground, tilting over awkwardly on her heels in her platform shoes for balance, her midriff top fall forward and reveals she is not wearing a bra. The man sees her enlarged puffy nipples and at the same time as he also bends to pick up the spilt chocolates, he gets an unintentional but very close range upskirt view of her sheer nylon panties as her knees point outwards for balance.

Alice is not trying to flaunt herself but realises he must have seen up her skirt. Her awkward squatting position in such a provocatively short skirt makes it unavoidable as the garment’s tightness makes it ride across the very top of her slender well-shaped thighs.

In the minute that follows as they scoop up the spilt goods, he has enough time to realise she is wearing a g-string or thong type soft pink semi-transparent sheer nylon panties that are so tight they squeeze her whole vulva inwards and upwards into a sweetly packaged display.

They stand up and laugh at how clumsy they must look scrambling about like two pigeons snapping at seeds on the ground. “Thank you so much,” he says.

“Oh that’s just fine sir, I’m sorry I put you to that trouble, but it was just clumsy of me to bump into you like that.”

The man is quickly sizing her up. He knows nothing about her but has a good instinct for natural beauty blended into virgin-like innocence. She is genial, very pretty with magnificently clear complexion and big bright blue eyes. He assumes she is a young teenager. Her crowning glory is her natural blonde hair tied into a small bun at the top of her head and trailing halfway down her back in a single plaited pigtail.

“Your hairstyle is very cute.” The man wants to know more about her.

“Oh that’s me. My daddy loves pigtail hairstyles on me; sometimes I wear them each side of my head and sometimes in one long tail as just now.”

He feels awkward asking her questions standing on the street.”Er my name is Bernard, by the way and I run a business, escort izmit and what is your name young lady.”

“They call me Alice,” she replies.

“Alice, what a lovely name. Let me buy you a cup of coffee at the café across the street. where my business partner is waiting for me. I think I owe you that much for helping me just then.”

“Oh sir you don’t have to do that. It was nothing: She pauses. “But all right, I have some time to spare now my father has just gone overseas, I don’t have to be home early to get dinner ready.”

She still lives with her parents, he thinks

They walk to the café and as all the outdoor seats under the umbrellas are taken. They go inside looking for the man’s business partner. It is the busiest time of the day and they find her in a more private booth on its own at the very back of the café. The table though is bigger than others in the café, quite wide and is flanked by a long bench seat either side. It is designed to seat three people either side.

“Alice, this is my business partner Lani,”

“Pleased to meet you Lani.” says Alice as she sits down in the corner facing the man’s partner. “That is a beautiful name; I haven’t herd it before”

“It’s Hawaiian for sky and my parents must have been on cloud nine when I was born,” the older woman rejoins. The three of them laugh.

Alice’s first impression of his business partner is of a very attractive smartly dressed woman of about 30 with shoulder length dark hair, who could easily pass for an airline hostess by the way she is dressed. She is wearing a white office style satin blouse and under it, a very low cut cupped bra that gives a distinct impression she has very well formed firm breasts.

Her make-up is exceptionally well done, from eyebrow highlights, eyelashes and deep red lip-gloss, Lani looks luscious. Alice thinks this is a strange age gap for a business partnership as Bernard is about her father’s age. Maybe they are related, she wonders.

Just looking at Lani’s sophisticated sex appeal makes Alice feel uncomfortably nadequate.Bernard tells his partner what happened across the road.

“You know Alice, he has a way with young women. Are you sure he accidentally bumped into you or did he deliberately bump into you?”

They laugh. Alice not realising how true her words could be.

“Looks like we all got here just in time,” Bernard says. The café seating is tunnel shaped, running well back from the entrance and in the more darkened end the light is more subtle and relaxing. Small footlights ran the entire length of the wall and under each table a recessed small pilot type light is centred at floor level. It helps create a seductive soft-lit ambience in a café noted for romancing couples.

Alice takes no particular notice that Bernard sits beside her on the bench seat rather than next to his partner. He excuses himself saying, “I would normally face you when we are talking but my hearing is not what it used to be and this is my best ear nearest to you so I can understand you more clearly.”

Alice nods, seeing nothing wrong with it. “So as Alice was saying, Lani, her father has just gone overseas.

“So you still live with your parents?” the older woman asks.

“No just my daddy. I lost my real parents when I was only eight and my uncle Bernie — hey that’s funny isn’t it, almost same name as Bernard,” she squeaks

They all laugh. “Well, as I was saying, my uncle did a real fine job raising me and putting me through school and he taught me everything I know.”

“Really?” Lani says with raised eyebrows.

“Oh yes, I was so old fashioned and hated my figure right through my teenage years because I was such a small girl, my boobs never developed like other girls. Daddy made me realise I was silly because he loved the way I looked. He used to say he never wanted me to grow up, whatever that meant.”

“Well Alice, maybe he liked you the way you were.”

“Yes, I suppose.”

The coffee is served and they sip. “Was your daddy a very affectionate man — I mean, with you?” Bernard asks.

Alice’s mind raced back to their many torrid lovemaking sessions. “Only when I turned 21.”

“So you are older than 18 then?”

“Oh yes and I know what you are both going to say, like everyone. I don’t look a day over 13 or something like that.”

They all laugh.”It’s just that I get that all the time because I am so petite.”

“Well, I must say for a woman you hold your age very well. You know us women hate to be a day older than we are. And the way you are dressed and your trim figure you certainly fooled me. And your face is so serene. “What do you think Bernard, you are such an expert on women?”

“I agree with you Lani, this little lass is a giant killer. The weenie teeny we have when we are not having a teeny.”

They all laugh.

Alice is relaxing in this stranger couple’s company. She has no one else to talk to now that her foster father is overseas and she loves conversations about what makes people tick.”

“You were saying when you turned izmit escort 21 your adopted father taught you things?”

“Well, I didn’t say it like that but yes, he did. And maybe I taught him a few things too!”

They laugh again.

“You see Bernard and Lani, I was so naïve for so many years daddy made me wait until I was 21 for us to sleep together. We are very, very close and I have to say we got very raunchy together.”

The couple look at each other, their eyes widen. “And how old is your father?”

“Oh he is just over 50 Lana, but he doesn’t look it. Like me, he looks younger than his years.”

Alice turns to Bernard. “And how old are you?”

“Alice I turn 60 next month.”

“Well I must say sir you don’t look a day older than my daddy and by God, I think he is the most handsome man anywhere.”

“Alice, you are very relaxing to talk to, you have a very nice demeanour. Normally a young lady like you would not be bothered with an old man my age for someone to talk to.”

“Oh you needn’t think like that Bernard,” she protests. “For some reason I seem to attract older men’s interest and company than younger men and I find older men are just so exciting. They are more mature in the mind, they are more experienced in life and they really know how to put a woman’s pleasure ahead of their own.”

Lani chips in “Well said, well said. You know something Alice, I prefer men much older than myself and here I am at my age at my sexual peak and younger men can’t give me what I need.”

Alice is not sure what Lani is talking about so she just nods Lani asks Alice about the men who had the most impact on her.

“That’s easy,” she replies. “Only my doctor and my stepdaddy?”

‘No boys, not even at school?”

“No Lani, I felt too embarrassed to try to be dated because I had a hang-up about my pussy being too small and did not want to be embarrassed.”

Lani looks at Bernard with curious intent. “You thought your pussy was too small? Why”

“Because it is. Right through school ever since I was 12, my adopted father encouraged me not to let any hair grow down there and besides, it never seemed any bigger when I was 17 than it was when I was 11. After I turned 21 my stepdaddy admitted that I look the same with no clothes on as I did when I reached my teenage years.”

Bernard and Lani look at each other and grin.

“This is a very strange conversation,” Bernard says, “but are you saying your father and you slept together when you were growing up?”

“Oh no sir,” he never ever touched me but he did like to look at me with nothing on as he’s a very religious person and says my nudity in front of him is my sign of purity.”

“But you sleep with him now,” interrupts Lani, and he is 50 or something.

“Oh only since I turned 21; we always agreed on that as we love each other very much right from when I was 13 daddy insisted I remain a virgin until 21. I broke my hymen at high school sport so on my 21st birthday when we first slept together he never suspected someone had been in me before him. Even on my 21st birthday and we made love he felt as though he was alongside me when I was just 11.”

Bernard quips: “I think your adopted father really never wanted you to grow up. A lot of fathers hate it when their beautiful daughters, who often flaunt their nudity quite innocently, start to become real women and they fear they will lose the love that kept them so close for so many years.”

“Well Bernard not me, I want to stay with him until I’m 30 or a bit older maybe.”

As the conversation progresses around Alice’s early sexuality, Lani deliberately drops a teaspoon on the floor and bends down to retrieve it. She can see Alice’s skirt is drawn back to the very top of her slender legs and her shoes are about a foot apart under the table, spread straight out. She notes where the young girl’s feet are and as she regains her seat, ever so subtly moves her own feet just inside where Alice’s are resting.

The next time they all laugh at something Lani ever so gently moves Alice’s feet out a bit wider. Alice notices this after it happens the third time but puts it down to Lani simply shifting her feet about and bumping her. She does not realise that the older woman is preparing for Bernard to make a move on the naïve youngster.

“You mentioned your doctor influenced your life. How was that? Lani queried.

“Well, even though I promised my adopted father I would stay a virgin for him to be my first when I turned 21, I asked my doctor if he could check down there to see if I was developed enough to take a man inside me. I did not want to disappoint my father after all the love he has given me. I always felt I was too small for a man.

Bernard is most interested in this. Lani leans forward and wants to know more As she engages Alice’s eye contact Bernard glances down and sees that Alice’s knees are unintentionally wide enough apart that he can easily see and even access her skimpy pastel pink nylon thong panties. He edges closer to her on the seat, their clothes izmit kendi evi olan escort almost touching but Alice is unaware of it.

“Doctors fascinate me Alice, what did he do to you that made you feel better? asks Lani. “Well I think he wanted to make me feel relaxed as though I was exaggerating my case and he even made out that lots of girls before they reach high school or about that time have seen, played with or felt man’s penis. Of course I didn’t believe that at all and told him so. Why would girls at that time be even interested in such a thing?

Lani and Bernard look at each other. “Don’t ask me?” he says. “I’ll sit this one out.”

“Lani, he was and still is, a very nice doctor but at the time I was trying to get through to him and rejecting his notion that girls of that age could possibly fit a grown man when I know I couldn’t, therefore his theory was just to placate me.”

“But Alice how would you know when you never did anything to know. Mind you, I do think you should not dismiss your nice doctor so harshly on what he says because from my own experience growing up there was time I thought like you until I found out otherwise.

“Well Lani I wanted him to be honest with me…

“Because I did not believe him and insisted, he felt me inside out down there. Being touched like that buy a man was new to me. It was qite nice actually and felt different to when I do it. He said at 21 that I was quite normal down there could easily take a man inside but I still thought he was trying to just get me to go home.”

“So?” Bernard pipes up.

“Well, he put his penis in me but only after I insisted to make sure it could be done without any embarrassment. The doctor was very good about it, I knew it was strictly business because he was a man in his 40s with a wife and children so he’d hardly be doing it for his own pleasure.”

“He porked you in his office?” Lani gestured.

“It may sound awful but it was very confidential like doctor and patient privacy, you know. He did not want me to me embarrassed if anyone ever found out. I guess he was doing me a favour, as he didn’t have to go to the trouble. Especially when I had to go back for monthly consultations until the last month I was 20. He taught me about different kinds of positions. I couldn’t thank him enough for helping to get me to know what I shouyld know at 21.”

Lani steps in. “Before we get off this subject Alice, one thing you didn’t say is whether you had an orgasm with your doctor. Did you?”

“Yes, the very first time and every time after that because he seemed to know how to get me there. It was purely for my benefit I knew that, not for him as he was married and didn’t have to go looking for it.”

“Ah he seems like a very smart fellow,” says Bernard. “Yes” says Lani. “My kind of doctor, too. Hell, I have been going to the wrong doctor all these years!”

Alice blushes. The three of them laugh. Lani craftily moves Alice’s feet slightly more apart under the table. This time the young girl does not notice.

“You seem to like older men,” Bernard suggests “I mean, the only men you have mentioned are way past your age group.”

“Yes I do. I find today the boys my age are just that — boys. They only think of themselves and would make lousy lovers as long as they get satisfied,” Alice replies emphatically.

“Older men can be so erotic and can have wonderful ways of surprising you. You never know what they are thinking except that it’s sure to be about something erotic. They like to get into a woman’s mind not just her pussy.”

They laugh again and Lani knows Bernard is ready. And she senses Alice is ripe for the taking. Her knees are now wide apart but under the cover of the table she is not concerned. After all, no one can see.

“Ah, the word erotic,” says Lani. “What does it mean to you Alice?”

She thinks hard. “Well, I guess the best way to describe it is doing something that’s naughty but nice, maybe like being blindfolded and fondled but you can’t see who is doing it, except that it’s nice. I think that would be erotic. Mind you, I haven’t been so lucky but that’s my guess anyway”

The older couple look at each other and grin.

Lani leans across the table in a lower voice: “I want to ask you a question Alice but give me a straight answer. “Have you ever had an orgasm in a public place?”

Alice leans closer to Alison’s face, whispering, “Oh no, only at home and at the doctors.”

“Never in a public place where people are around you?”

“No, never, how could I? I can’t imagine anyone doing that but it does sound, you know, kind of kinky.”

Bernard interrupts. “Alice, what about mind games? Do you like eroticism that starts in the mind and finishes all over your body.”

“Gee Bernard it sounds sexy the way you put it, but I suppose I do. I think all women are creatures of the erotic. We are mysterious, not like men all up front.”

Bernard manages without being noticed to slightly squeeze Alice a bit further in to the corner against the far wall and is brushing up against her shoulders. From where he sits he can clearly see the youngster’s mini skirt is riding back on her hips and accentuating the curvy outline of her skimpy panties made more so by the way her thighs are unintentionally inviting access.

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