All Day Piss Session

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This story contains piss play, cum kissing and creampie clean up.

My wife and I have been drinking each others piss for a while now. We decided it was time to play a game. We would try to go the whole day only pissing in each other’s mouths. We knew we would have all of Saturday to ourselves so we decided that this would be the day to try being each other’s piss pots all day long.

Friday night we started to prepare, the first thing we did was put on the waterproof sheets, just in case of an over flow. She likes how I taste when I drink green tea much more than when I drink beer so that evening I loaded as much as possible with green tea so that I would be full in the morning. She drank water all evening long. I was hard all evening in anticipation of the following day.

The next morning I woke up thinking I was going to burst. I wasn’t sure I could hold it much longer but I wanted to taste her more than I wanted to piss. She was just starting to stir beside me. Her back was to me and I kissed the back of her neck and she gave a slit moan. I knew that she was awake. I asked her if she needed to pee. She said that she did but that the pressure wasn’t too bad. I asked when she would be ready for me to receive her beautiful nectar, she said when you put it that way, why don’t you get into position? As she rolled onto her back I positioned myself between her legs and put my mouth over her pussy. She must have had to piss more than she let on because the second I put my mouth over her pussy the torrent started. As my mouth started to fill I tapped her leg to let her know that my mouth was filling up. She let me swallow, she felt that I was ready for me and she let loose once again. She tasted strong as it was the first piss of the day a bit bitter but not too bad. I had to tap again in no time. She let me swallow and started again. She must have filled my mouth 8 or 9 times. Not the most she has done but it was a lot.

The last couple of dribbles trickled into my mouth and I was both in heaven and in hell as my hard cock was pressed between the mattress and my firm belly full of piss. She said and now your turn. As I rolled over she saw how rock hard I was. She said I noticed that you really enjoyed that. I said that I did and that I almost came on the sheets but that I had to piss too much. She lowered her mouth on my cock and I had that moments hesitation before releasing my own torrent. It felt so good pissing into her mouth. I don’t know how she does it but but she is able to swallow while I piss so I was able to keep pissing. As I finished pissing she kept her mouth on my cock and started moving her head up and down. I was in utter ecstasy. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I came almost instantly. Filling her mouth with hot ropes of cum. It was amazing. As soon as I finished cumming she came up and gave me a kiss as some of my cum dribbled into my mouth. I tasted great.

We got out of bed, I put on my bathrobe and she grabbed a loose fitting nightshirt, and made coffee for her and tea for me. This was going to be an amazing day. We had a nice breakfast and enjoyed several cups of coffee and tea, I could already feel the pressure start to build again. I told her that I was getting close to needing to pee again. She smiled and came over and parted my robe and put her mouth on my cock once more. I started pissing immediately. Once I was done I asked if she had to pee yet and she said she wasn’t ready yet. We grabbed a big glass of water each and headed to the family room to visit. Once finished her water she said it was time for her to pee and to bring my piss pot mouth over. I got on the floor as she scooted her ass off the side of the couch. I got my mouth over her pussy and she started to pee. This pee was better. I don’t my the first piss of the day but the second tastes sweeter to me. We go through the tap, swallow and repeat again. As she finished and I started cleaning her up with my tongue I noticed how she responded when my tongue would go over her clit. It was almost electric. I continued to tease her going down to her hunny pot for her sweet pussy juice and then licking her clit, it didn’t take her long to cum, she bucked under my tongue before pushing me away saying, stop, stop. She get very ticklish after she cums so I let her relax but she said you’ve made me have to pee again. It was that small dribble like after sex so I eagerly accepted my reward.

We sat side by side and talked about how it had taken so long to admit to each other that we had a piss fetish and how we had wasted so much time and flushed away so many good times. We said it doesn’t matter as we are fully enjoying each other now. We put on some Netflix and sat there in a euphoric state. This is life. I went and got us some more coffee and tea but having just drained each other I could feel that tell tale pressure starting to build again. I asked her is she wanted to go to the bedroom to fuck. She said she would love to but would have to stop to pee at some point. I güvenilir bahis said, promise? She laughed and led me to the bedroom. Her nightshirt was off in a flash and she crawled onto the bed on all fours. She was still wet from the orgasm I gave her earlier so was was able to enter her from behind. I was pounding her from behind and was feeling that pressure build but was enjoying fucking her to much to stop to pee. She suddenly pull away from me and said you better lay down on the bed. I knew what was coming so I hurried to lay down. She quickly put her mouth over my mouth but not on it. This way she can see the pee leave her and fill my mouth. I had about 6 or 7 good mouth fulls before she was done. She then moved down and put my hard cock wet from her own pussy juice in her mouth and moaned. She loves tasting herself on my dick. It didn’t take me long to start peeing. It always amazes me how she can keep up with how much I pee but soon I was spent but still hard. She turned around and lowered herself on my hard cock coming down to kiss me. I opened my mouth to accept her tongue and was surprised that she had kept a mouth full of piss. That was a fantastic kiss. I really enjoyed that. When she is on top it hits her just right and a bit of riding she was starting to cum. This always puts me over the edge as well and I came in her.

I had her lay down as I know that she always has to pee a bit after sex so put my mouth over her pussy catching some of the creampie that is leaking out of her. I clean her up and she pulls my head up tight to her pussy and she unleashes her post sex piss.

We both were pretty played out after having such intense orgasms. We cuddled up and promptly fell asleep. I woke up a little while later and quietly got out of the bed. I went out into the family room and relaxed and surfed Reddit r/watersports looking for inspiration. I read a story there called Diary of a Human Urinal and it really got my motor running. My wife was still sleeping but I was going to need to piss again soon. I went back into the bedroom to see if she was away. She was laying on her side with her head close to the side of the bed. I walk up and started rubbing my dick on her lips. She started to smile and opened her mouth and I was peeing before I was even fully in her mouth. She was starting up at me while swallowing all of my pee, this woman amazes me. As I finished up I said thank you and went to leave. She asked where I was going, I asked if she need to pee? She said she was getting close but that I might need to clean her up a bit.

I got her to lay down on her back and went down on her. Sure enough some more of my cum was leaking out of her vagina. I eagerly cleaned it up for her. I was exploring her with my tongue and flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue causing her to moan. Without warning she started to pee. I was able to catch the stream but not before she hit my face. I loved it. I swallowed all she could give me and asked if she wanted me to keep licking her clit. She said she wanted to wait a bit and delay gratification.

I got up put my robe back on and went to the kitchen to get lunch ready. We had prepared for the day so we wouldn’t have to leave the house and had egg salad ready to go. Made us some sandwiches which I took out to the patio. I got us two large glasses of water and my wife came out to join me wearing one of my large t-shirts. She knows how much I love when she wears just a shirt. As we sit outside eating our lunch and drinking more water she does Basic Instinct move a couple of times giving me a beautiful view of her freshly waxed pussy. I knew she was just trying to get a rise out of me and it was working.

She asked if I was full, I said I had room. She said good, come over here. I crawled between her legs and put my mouth over her pussy. She said that she wasn’t ready to pee yet but she was very ready to cum. She usually doesn’t like to play in the yard as she is concerned about the neighbour seeing. Today she was horny enough not to care. I started licking her clit as I stuck two fingers in her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to start cumming and even less time for her to push my head away. She surprised me by starting to pee always as soon as she was done cumming. She must have been pretty full because she released and an absolute torrent! She quickly filled up my mouth, I overflowed while trying to swallow but being that we were outside she didn’t stop spraying this time. As I closed my mouth to swallow the piss just sprayed of off my lips. I swallowed quickly and got my mouth over her piss stream quickly. Once she was done she said come here you dirty boy and licked her piss off of my face and chest. She asked if I was ready to pee. I said that I was. She okay lean back and close your eyes. I did as instructed and expected to feel her mouth on my cock but that’s not what happened. She lowered her pussy onto my dick. She said you know the rules you can only pee into my mouth, don’t you dare piss into me right güvenilir bahis siteleri now. I thought I was getting ready to piss so to try to change that mindset was difficult. A bit of piss sprayed out. She said I can feel that now stop it! Somehow I was able to stop. She got off me and she you’ve made me all wet clean me up first. I got down on my knees and she brought her pussy up to my mouth and was able to push out the piss I had released in her. She came down and kissed me while my mouth was wet with her juices and my piss.

She had me sit back down in my chair and put her mouth on my dick. By now I had to piss so bad it hurt. That first release of piss must have been strong because she coughed and gagged a bit. I stopped pissing and she regained her composure. She said she wasn’t ready for such a strong jet of piss but she was good to go again. She put her mouth back on my cock and I released once more. She was able to take it all that time and I was soon drained.

We went back inside to resume watching Netflix. We couldn’t really get into the show so we stopped it and she asked what I was doing when I left the bed. I told her about the stories I read on Reddit. She said that she wanted to read them as well. I brought them up and she said that what they were doing is not that much different than what we were doing that day. She said that she really enjoyed the feeling of piss filling her up on the inside. She said that the part where the lady was gardening and then her husband casually walks up behind her, sticks his dick in her and pisses while carrying on a conversation was very erotic. I agreed and thought we might want to work something like that into our routine as well but not today as today was about swallowing as much as possible. She agreed.

We had reached to point where things had become cyclical. I was full off piss and full of piss. I asked her how she was doing. She said she was getting close to needing to pee again. I said lets play around on the the bed. I took her back to the bedroom and pulled my t-shirt off of her. I just stood there admiring her body. I shrugged off my rode and I laid down on my back and had her straddle me 69 style. Looking up at her beautiful pussy I felt her mouth come down on my dick. She lowered her ass down so that her pussy right over my mouth. As I release my piss into her mouth she started peeing into mine. This was the first time we had done a piss 69 and it is even better than I thought it would be. I did my best to keep up with her flow but a bit escaped my mouth as I swallowed. I wrapped my arms around her hips and started licking her pussy for all I was worth. She took my cue and kept sucking my dick once I was done pissing. It did’t take long for us to come this way. I asked her if she had any post orgasm piss left and she said she might be able to get a drop out. I waited and slowly I saw a small trickle of piss dribble out. I lapped that up quickly and she turned around and kissed me. I could still taste my cum on her tongue but there wasn’t any left in her mouth to give back to me. Oh well next time.

I have always felt close to my wife but this brought us to a whole new level. We had total and complete trust in each other and enjoyed cuddling on the bed for a bit. I told her I had that post orgasm piss feeling and she went down on me and as I peed she moaned. That has to be the sexiest sound on the planet. We went back to cuddling and relaxing.

We went back out and started up Netflix again. We had been watching Suits and had watched a couple of episodes. I told my wife that I need to pee. She got down on her knees and pulled me into her mouth. I am pretty sure that is the first time that she had me in her mouth that day where I wasn’t hard. I was just needed to pee. Looking down at her downing my pee may the little guy grow. Once I was done peeing she released me and we went back to watching TV. It is funny to watch to your erect penis slowly deflate. At the end of the next episode she said that she had to pee. This time it was my turn to get on my knees, her pee started tasting a bit stronger again due to the only thing we had drunk in a while was piss. Once she was done I went and grabbed us a couple of big glasses of water.

We were starting to think about supper at this point and get some homemade frozen lasagna out of the freezer and she bent over to pop it in the oven to warm up. I love when she bends over while wearing a t-shirt that isn’t all that long. I got a nice view of her pussy from the back. I asked what she wanted to drink with supper. She asked if pissing into glasses would violate the rules. I said that we could make and exception. She said okay but she want us to mix our urine. She said she would start pissing into the glass and I could top it off. I really like this idea. Watching her piss into a glass made me hard. I was going to have a difficult time pissing into a glass. She made her smile and she got onto her knees and put her mouth on my dick and gave iddaa siteleri the nod. I pissed until she tapped my thigh and this time she let the piss dribble out of her mouth into the glass. We fill the glass up this way each having pissed some but not being fully empty.

We enjoyed eating our supper and while sipping on our glasses full of piss, it was a highly erotic meal. I quickly ate my lasagna and then downed my glass of piss while maintaining eye contact with her. She in turn picked up her glass and drank it while maintaining eye contact with me. It is a bit funny to be sitting at the dinning room table with a raging hard on. I asked if she wanted to play and she said she wanted to wait a little bit. She said she kind of had to pee but wanted to wait until is got more intense. I looked down at my dick and it was slick with pre-cum. I wiped my pre-cum up with my finger and licked it off. Watching me do that must have excited her because her hand slipped down between her legs and her finger came out glistening, I watched as she sucked the moisture off of her finger. God I was hard! Please can we go and fool around. Teasingly she said not yet. I don’t know what she is planning but I can hardly wait.

Cleaning up after supper was a challenge. She kept rubbing her ass against my erection every time it started to go down. At one point she stood in front of me and looked me right in the eye. The next thing I know she is slipping a finger in my mouth, it tasted like pussy. It was wonderful. I had a bit more pre-cum rise to the surface and she said let get that for you and she bent down and licked the tip of my dick clean. Having not fully drained before supper and having a glass of piss with supper I was getting pretty desperate to pee at this point. I told her I needed to pee and she said not yet. She doesn’t often get me to hold but it happens once in a while but being as I hadn’t had to hold since my first piss this morning it was requiring a lot of concentration. I got myself sorted and asked what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to watch porn in the bedroom.

We moved to the bedroom and I asked what she wanted to watch. She said she wanted to watch some solo videos of girls peeing outdoors. This always gets me going as it was my introduction into the world of watersports. I found a compilation video of various girls peeing all the while squirming as my need to pee intensified. I asked her if she had to pee yet and she said she had to go so bad but didn’t want to yet. I asked why not she said she wasn’t sure. We went back to watching porn but soon I was going to loose control. I told her that I was going to start peeing soon so if she wanted to catch it she better put her mouth on my dick. She smiled and said okay but you can only pee a little bit. Stop as soon as you can. I agreed as she put her mouth on my dick. I started peeing and got lost in the moment. She tapped on my thigh and I stopped peeing. I wasn’t empty but has peed more than I intended. She said okay now it is my turn. She asked me to lay with my head off the side of the bed as she straddled my face. Her pee came out in a torrent and I soon had to tap her thigh. She stopped and stepped off of my face and came down and kissed me an upside down kiss. I was surprised that she was done. When I asked her she said she was saving it and was enjoying the desperate feeling.

She asked me to find some true watersports videos and the first one was of a solo female with half a dozen guys around her taking turns fucking her and pissing on and in her. At one point she had a guy below her in her pussy, other in her ass, a cock in her mouth and one is each hand. Not sure how they did it but they all started pissing in and on her. You could see the piss running out of her mouth as her face was being drenched by the two cocks in her hands. As the camera panned to her ass the guy in her ass pulled out and a river of piss ran out of her gaping ass. This made her jump and releasing the cock in her pussy it too was pissing and more piss ran out of her pussy. I look over at my wife and ask if that is something she would like. That’s when I noticed she is rubbing her pussy she brings her fingers to her mouth and says absolutely!. She said I need you to make me cum now. I crawled between her legs and started licking her pussy. She said wait I can’t hold it anymore, get ready, as a torrent of piss flowed out of her. I did my best to keep up but by the time she was done there was a pretty large wet spot under her now. I didn’t care and went right back to licking her pussy, she came almost instantly.

She said I need your cock in my mouth. I quickly laid down and she went to work on my dick like a demon on fire. I didn’t know if I need to pee and then cum or cum and then pee. The way she was working me told me that she wanted me to cum first. I focused on cumming and not peeing and after a few minutes she was rewarded with my cum. As I was cumming I told her you better share. She came up and gave me the best cum kiss. It was fabulous but I still had to pee a lot. I said you better get back down there. I started to pee as she started to put her mouth back on me. I felt like I peed forever but she caught all but those first couple of drops.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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