All For Her

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Moonlight poured through the cabin windows, filling the room with soft silver light. I see your eyes in the nocturnal glow, watching me, filled with desire.

It takes but a moment to get the fireplace working. And soon the chill of nightfall is pushed back by the warmth of the dancing flames. Firelight fills the rustic cabin as we lay before it on feather soft blankets. This is your night. And a gentle smile crosses your lips in anticipation of things to come. You stretch, relaxing. The warmth of the fire filling you as you lie back upon the thick blankets.

I sit beside you on the floor and open the wicker basket we brought with us. The contents a secret until now. I remove a bottle of red wine and two glasses. Before long we are drinking before the glow of the warm fire. The wine heating our desires even more. I dip my finger into my glass, and gently trace your lips with its warm liquid. The soft touch fills you with a shutter, and you inhale quickly. Setting your glass down, you ease back into the pillows, watching me. A smile of anticipation crossing your face.

I move beside you on the floor. You close your eyes as I gently trace your neck with my lips. The warmth of my breath sends a chill down your spine as I caress your ear with my tongue, gliding it down to the base of your neck. You arch your back as a soft moan escapes your lips.

Starting from the top, I slowly unbutton your shirt. With the release of each button, I pause to softly kiss the newly exposed skin. My tongue glides between the rise of your breasts and down your stomach. A warm tickling that causes you to gasp when I stop just above your waist. You arch your hips up, wanting so yalova escort much more. We are both burning with passion now. The air heated by our bodies as much as by the fireplace.

Moving up from your waist I open your shirt, exposing you fully. No bra was worn tonight, you had planned for that in advance. In the glow of the fireplace I see your soft, tempting breasts rising and falling to the ever quickening breath of your desire.

Sliding closer to you, I circle one of your breasts with my warm tongue. My hand gently caressing the other. You gasp again as the tip of my tongue crosses over your hard nipple. In your eyes I can see the wanting, the need. And I will deny you no longer.

I take your nipple fully into my mouth. You moan softly as I suck and lick it. The heat filling you with lust as my tongue circles your erect nipple, flicking it faster and faster. My hand gently massages your other breast, pinching the nipple softly. You push your hips against me, wanting more. And I finally turn my attention to your other needs, kissing down your stomach as I move my body between your legs.

I unbutton your jeans, and smile up at you as I slowly lower the zipper. Your eyes are filled with the glow from the fireplace as you watch my every move. I can see the desire burning in your eyes as I remove your pants, and position myself between your thighs.

Once again you had planned ahead, not wanting anything to distract from the night. And you smile knowingly at me when I notice that you are wearing no panties. So much the better. The heat building in me as I see the soft mound of your pussy in the firelights glow.

Gently yozgat escort I open your legs, running my soft, warm tongue along your inner thighs. You close your eyes at my touch. Feeling the warm caress of my lips as I kiss ever closer to your hot, waiting pussy. You grasp the soft blankets in your hands and push your hips upward toward me. I can feel the lust in every thrust of your body. I slowly glide my tongue along the outside of your pussy, teasing you, building your desire even more.

You feel my warm breath between your legs just inches above your pussy, and you moan and push up harder. Gently, I spread you open with my fingers. I trace the inside of your pussy lips with my tongue, tasting your hot wetness. Your grip on the blanket tightens at the feeling of my mouth and tongue slowly kissing and sucking your soft pink lips.

I caress your clit with my tongue, circling it slowly. You inhale quickly and arch your back upward as my tongue gently glides around your swollen clit. I suck your clit into my mouth, flicking it lightly with my tongue. You shutter.

You are so wet now, and I lick the entire length of you. Slow, long strokes of my tongue from your clit down to your tight, sweet hole. Slowly I insert just the tip of my tongue into you, feeling your opening around me, tasting your hot desire. I push my tongue deeply inside, my hands cupped beneath you, lifting you closer to my mouth. You moan loudly as I fill your pussy with my tongue, moving it in and out faster and faster.

I feel your desire building, and I pull my tongue out at the last minute. You look down at me, watching, wanting. I cradle your ankara escort legs with my hands, and move my tongue downward. You are filled with a totally new sensation as I slowly glide my tongue over the tight opening of your ass. You close your eyes once again and lay back, absorbed in this new feeling. I circle your tight asshole with my tongue, flicking the opening. I hear you sigh as I slowly begin to insert the tip of my tongue into your ass. You begin to thrust upward again with your hips as the end of my tongue moves in and out of your asshole, filling you in a totally new way. I push my tongue deep into your ass and stroke your throbbing clit with my fingers. I can feel the tension in your body building, your moans getting louder.

Quickly, I remove my tongue and lick my way back up to your hot, wet pussy. I take your glistening clit into my mouth, sucking it gently. I roll my tongue over your clit, alternating between circling and flicking it. You are so close now, your thrusts getting faster. I slowly insert the tip of my finger into your well lubricated asshole, feeling the tightness surround me. You arch your back and gasp as my finger eases deeply into you.

I lick your clit as fast as I can. Sucking it, flicking it. My finger slowly moving in and out of your asshole, fucking you. You are close to the edge, and I can feel it. You press your pussy hard against my mouth and tongue as the first waves of your orgasm begin. I push my finger deeply into your ass, feeling the contractions of your climax. My tongue flicking your clit in a blur as you cum into my waiting mouth. Time seems like it is standing still. Your orgasm going on and on. The shuttering of your body lasting forever.

Long afterward, we lay together before the dying flames of the firelight. In the soft glow, I hear you whisper “That was all for me, is there anything I can do for you?” I smile and pull you close, “You already did.” And with that, we drift off to sleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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