All for Mr. Redman Chapter 11

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All for Mr. Redman Chapter 11.

When I awakened in the morning the sunlight was coming in through the window and James was laying next to me. I turned my head to look at him and found he was laying on his side with his head propped up on his elbow and he was watching me with a smile on his face.

“Good morning.” he said smiling as he now let a hand gently caress my hair and face.

“Good morning James, did you sleep well?” I asked him.

His smile got even wider and he said “I just had one of the best sleeps of my life. Waking up next to you… what a great way to start the day. You look so peaceful when you sleep. Did you get enough rest?” he asked.

“Yes… I think I did. Thank you for last night. I appreciate you agreeing to come here.” I said

James started to laugh and said “Sachiko, you thanking me for last night is… well… just wrong. It was the most amazing night and I just… I just want to thank you because I have never been with someone like you before. I just… you’re amazing.”

I smiled at him and leaned in and gently kissed him. He slid his arms around me and hugged me to him. When I felt him caressing my back and holding me tight I just closed my eyes. He was kissing my forehead and after a few moments he pulled back and said “I’m really sorry, but I have to work in two hours.”

“It’s okay… I knew you had to work later. Can I make you some coffee and breakfast?” I asked

“No, you may not.” he said imperiously, “I am going to do that for you. Why don’t you relax and I will be back.”

“Is it okay if I shower instead?” I asked him in a very polite voice.

“You may” he replied starting you laugh.

“Thank you My Lord.” I replied not able to keep the laughter out of my voice.

James went to make breakfast and I went and got into the shower. I had just finished washing my hair when James came into the shower behind me. I looked at him over my shoulder and was about to ask if I had taken too long. I was cut off when he grabbed me from behind and pulled me back against him. I could feel his hard cock against my lower back as he began kissing and biting my neck.

Without a word he bent me forward and I put my hands against the shower wall for support. He lined up his cock and slid it into me. I moaned in approval and he began thrusting. “Oh fuck your pussy is so tight… I called in sick… I want to keep fucking you until we can’t walk.” He began pounding me and I was crying out from the savage fucking he was giving me. He took hold of my wet hair in his fist and pulled my head back, gaining leverage, and grabbing onto my hip as he pounded my little pussy like a madman. I screamed as my first orgasm hit and he just kept hammering my pussy. Gasping for air I lost myself to this animal fucking.

When he spanked my ass suddenly I whimpered and he said “Fuck yes! I love that sound” and he continued spanking me as I came around his hot hard cock a second time. “I fucking love hearing your slutty little whimpers… you like this don’t you… getting fucked like a cock slut… admit it!”

“Fuck me! Pound my tight little fucking cunt… pound it. I fucking love your cock inside me!” I cried out.

When he slipped his thumb into my ass I screamed and, although it seemed impossible to me, he began fucking me faster. When our orgasms hit we both cried out and he buried his hard white cock deep into my little Asian pussy. He held it there as he filled my hungry pussy with his hot cum.

When we came down from it he gently pulled out of me and I slowly stood up. I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around him giving him a deep passionate kiss. He was smiling softly at me when the kiss ended and we proceeded to gently wash each other, sliding soapy hands over each others bodies, exploring each other and enjoying our sensuous shower together.

James was erect again when we finished and began toweling each other off. I pushed him back against the vanity and kissed my way down his body until I was on my knees before him. Looking up into his eyes I licked all over his balls, sucking them gently into my mouth as I stroked his big cock with my hand. My other hand gently grazing his thigh with my nails.

I could see him looking down at me, passion filling his eyes as his hand went to me head, gently holding it and caressing my wet hair.

I licked my way up his shaft and captured his cock head in my mouth, slowly sliding it into me until he reached the back of my mouth. Gradually I increased my speed until he was fucking my face. I felt his other hand come to my head and he took a firm grip and began moving my head back and forth, setting the tempo for fucking his cock into my hot little mouth. I began swirling my tongue around his cock as he went in and out, thrusting his cock into me, shoving it down my throat. I brought my hands up and gently cupped and caressed his balls, soaked with my saliva, and got my right hand fingers good and wet.

When I slid my right hand along the crease of his buttocks I noticed a change immediately. He moaned loudly and threw his head back. I put my middle finger over his tight asshole and began gently circling it and probing it with my finger. “Oh fuck… oh fuck you are so nasty” he said. It was not hard to tell he enjoyed it, so I slid my finger into his ass, slowly fucking it in and out. He gripped my hair tightly and I saw his muscles were all beginning to tense up. I found his prostate and massaged it with my finger.

That was all it took. He locked my head deep on his cock as his entire body went rigid and he shot one of the biggest loads I have ever swallowed into my throat. It seemed like it would never end and his orgasm lasted at least thirty seconds. When his body relaxed he fell back onto the vanity and his legs barely kept him from falling to the floor.

I slowly licked his cock clean, causing him the thrash and his hips to thrust a couple of more times, the sound of him whimpering was something new to me. I took my mouth off of him and kissed my way back up.

James looked like he had been completely wrecked. I kissed him lightly and held his face. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Oh my….oh my God….Sachiko….oh shit… never…. oh fuck.” was all he managed to gasp out. I wanted to take him to the bed but he waved his hand indicating he was not ready to move. I waited with him and gently used a wet cool face cloth on his face and body, caressing him as he regained his strength and composure.

When he was himself again his eyes locked onto mine. I smiled as he brought a hand to my face and caressed it, then gently pulled me in and gave me a tender and sweet kiss. When it was over he leaned back and said “I don’t know how you… that was the most intense orgasm of my life. I’ve never cum that hard before… thank you.” he actually had a small tear coming from his left eye as he slid his arms up and hugged me tightly to him. I held onto him gently rubbing his back.

I tilted my head back and kissed his tear, tasting the warmth and saltiness of that precious gem. “Come on.” was all I said as I lead him back into the bedroom. We laid down on the bed together and he was quiet for sometime, just cuddling with me. He lay on his back with my head on his chest.

“Can I tell you something… promise not to get mad.” he said softly.

I leaned up and looked at him and said “You may tell me whatever you wish, but I cannot speak for how I will react to something when I have no idea what you are about to say… but I think you know me better than to think I will loose control of myself.” I said gently.

He nodded and looking into my eyes said “I love you, everything about you. If you ever need me, for anything, I don’t care time of day… come hell or high water… I would do anything for you.”

I smiled gently and kissed his chest and said “Thank you.”

He smiled a melancholy smile and said “I know you are in love with Peter… that you can only give me the love of a friend. I just had to tell you. I don’t… I don’t have anyone in my life. I haven’t for over a year now. You know how it was for me before with my ex…. I just… I just wanted.. I had to tell you.”

Looking into his eyes I could see that this man meant every word he said. I could see he would never abandon me, that he was telling the absolute truth and I understood why he was afraid to tell me.

“James, I am never going to leave Peter. If it ends it will be him that has to do it. If you promise not to just wait for that day, if you promise me that you will leave yourself open to finding a woman who can give you what I cannot… namely her whole heart, then you need not worry about my reaction. I think you love me, but I also think that it is because I have treated you as you deserve. Out there is a woman who will do the same thing. She is out there waiting to be found and when you two meet you will just know and understand. I do not mean to be critical, and please do not think of this as an insult or disrespect, but you have made some poor choices out of loneliness. No one deserves to be alone, and you won’t be.”

He laid there thinking about what I said and looked at me and asked “If I do…if I meet someone, if you don’t like her I am going to kick her to the curb.”

I leaned up and kissed him and said “I love you too… you’re going to be in my life and Peter’s for a long time. You have not met him yet but I am sure he is going to be a very good friend to you as well. I know I can count on you. I can see that you have tremendous loyalty and a good spirit. I could never do this with you if I did not care about you. I think you are a wonderful man and I am going to try and help you find a wonderful woman, you deserve a full and total love… not the half love I can give.”

“What do you mean half love?” he asked gently.

“I mean that I cannot fully commit to you… I am already committed. You deserve a full commitment and with me and my friends, who will soon be your friends as well, it won’t be long before we find you that person… or at least present you with some options.” I added laughing gently.

We just chatted from that point, learning more about each other, until something dawned on me.

“What are you doing tonight?” I asked earnestly.

Laughing he said “Whatever the hell you want.” caught off guard by my sudden change of energy level.

“I am meeting two of my dearest friends tonight for drinks. I would like you to come so you can meet them. They are very close to Peter and I and you should get to know them too.” I said simply.

“Sachiko, I am more than happy to do so” he said and kissed my nose.

We eventually got up and did eat breakfast. We got dressed and I asked him to come with me shopping at Yorkdale Mall as I wanted to buy a gift for Peter and one for Matthew, his son, as well.

We went out and we were walking through the mall laughing and joking around when I heard “Sachiko!” from behind us.

I turned and barely managed to mask any surprise or nervousness when I saw my mother and father standing there. They both looked very shocked and surprised to see me being so friendly with a man who was clearly not Peter.

This is one of those moments that when you encounter them you can either shine brilliantly or fall apart and look the fool. In this case failure would have made me look like a slut and worse in front of my parents. They had accepted Peter, despite their initial concern over his not being Japanese. To find their daughter possibly cheating on him with another white man would have been a bit too much for them. My parents are great, but I am not foolish enough to think they would not kick my ass for it.

I went the shining brilliantly route. I appeared completely excited to see them, introduced them to James as a good friend of Peter and I, and asked them to please come and have a tea or maybe some lunch with us. My parents relaxed and we walked over to the Rainforest Cafe and got some tea.

We were chatting well when my mother asked where Peter was. This was not the time I wanted to bring this up, not even remotely. I looked at James and back at them, then back to James and said “Can you please excuse us for a moment.”

James knew exactly what we were going to talk about, namely Matthew’s Ankara bayan escort sudden appearance in our lives. He nodded and said “Yes, actually I do have to go and meet David at the Apple Store. I will find you back here, if we go anyplace else I will text you.” He told my parents how nice it was to meet them and he left. I had to give him credit because he was so convincing I almost asked who “David” was.

When he left I switched to Japanese and my parents did the same. I told them about Jessica and Matthew and how Peter did not know. I gave all the details I could, leaving out obviously the sex with James, the racial slurs by Jessica and the fact Peter and I almost broke up.

They listened and my father was not impressed at all. He told me to get out of the relationship and did not believe for a second that Peter was not aware of Matthew. I explained it again and pointed out that his parents were involved and they did not know either, and that they had no reason to deceive me. My father said it would have been an easy thing for him to hide from them and did I really think he would be honest with his parents when he clearly got a woman pregnant and wished to hide his indiscretion.

I spent more time at this, trying to make him see the truth of it. My father was upset as he considered what he felt was Peter’s lack of honesty to be a slap in the face to me and an insult. My mother was strangely quiet during all of this as my father became more upset and I kept poking holes in his arguments. My mother finally spoke up and put her hand on my father’s arm. We were not causing a scene by any stretch, but she obviously was worried my father would become sp upset that it did happen.

My mother looked at me and said “Sachiko, do you firmly believe, with absolute conviction and no doubt at all that Peter did not know about his son.”

“Yes” I said seriously “I would stake my life upon it.”

She nodded and my father went silent looking at me.

“The fact he has a son now, a son who he will be raising due to Jessica’s illness, do you truly think you are able to handle it and that you and Peter will survive this?”

Nodding I said “Yes Mother. We have talked about it, in detail, and I understand what I am getting into. But, I am not a mother. You are… I will need your help and guidance. Mrs. Redman said she would help me in any way she can. I need my Mother and Father… Peter and I need you both… and so does Matthew. It will be a strange situation for all of us at first. I know we will be alright… but please… we need you both.”

My father was quiet and my mother sat there silently thinking.

“he is a very bright boy, polite and has a keen mind. He has been raised well to this point” I said adding “I don’t want to make a mess of that and cause issues.”

My mother nodded and said “Okay. Sachiko, is Peter going to… what is he going to do about the two of you? Is he serious about you? If that is not the case it is not fair to his son to have you become a part of his life and rip it all away when the boy is already losing his natural mother.”

I nodded and my father spoke before I could say anything else and said “Is he going to marry you?”

I sat there silently for a few moments and thought seriously on that question. “Yes, he has not asked but we have spoken of this.”

“Will he ask you properly?” my father enquired.

I knew what he meant. I also knew that my parents would expect the ceremony to not be a Christian one. This caused me to think for a bit and I said “Yes, he will ask properly and the ceremony will be done as it should be, however, he may ask that two ceremonies be held. One in our tradition, and that we then have our marriage blessed in the Christian faith. I do not know for sure, but that is how it should be. I will be taking that position when the time comes.”

My parents sat silently for a time. My father finally cleared his throat and said “Sachiko chan, if he does everything as he should I will not oppose it. But, I would like him to learn to speak Japanese so that the ceremony can be done properly. I do not want him simply saying the words… I want him to know what he is saying.”

I nodded and said “Yes father, I will make sure he understands fully. Matthew has already asked to learn Japanese and wishes to study Martial Arts. He is very keen to learn, but we have not discussed this with Peter and his mother yet.”

My mother nodded and my father said “Who will teach him Martial Arts if it comes to that?”

I sat and thought. My father had trained me and my sister. It was a tradition.. a very deeply seated one and as I considered it I glanced at my father and could see he was waiting for an answer. “Father, you are probably the best person for that, however I will understand if you do not have sufficient time. It is a great deal to ask of you.”

My father replied “I think we should meet this boy before any decisions like that are made. Do you ever do anything the easy way Sachiko… or do you revel in making everything as hard as you can?” he said with the hint of a smile.

“I do seem to like to do things the hard way father, but the greater the challenge the greater the victory.” I said smiling.

My parents relaxed and we chatted for about another half hour about how things were going in our lives. My mother was full of advice and told me to get on Matthew about his education immediately and define those rules fast and firmly. The poor boy was not going to know what hit him. My father was concerned about Matthew’s fitness level and wanted no laziness. Oh yes, poor Matthew was in for a treat. But considering he was already active and did well in school I was not worried. It dawned on me there was always room for improvement and I said as much. My parents laughed and my mother commented about how that statement from her used to make me crazy. I laughed and said “Oh no, I’m turning into my mother!” this made all of us laugh.

When we left my parents were satisfied and I felt as though a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was still smiling when I found James outside the Apple Store enjoying a coffee. I brought him up to speed on what had happened and he was thrilled for me.

I looked the Apple Store and made a snap decision. I went inside with James and purchased a laptop for Matthew. I know he is only twelve, but this was an important tool for education. I wanted him to have every chance to be the best student possible, and I could only do that by guiding him and providing him with the best learning materials.

We left there and went to Foot Locker. There I bought Peter a new pair of Nike cross trainers since he had beaten his old pair up rather badly. I knew he would appreciate this as he never takes time to shop for himself. Of course, I had to pick up some new athletic shorts and tops for myself because it was so very necessary. Face it, you cannot just shop for others when you see something that you would like for yourself as well. I rationalized it by reminding myself that I would be making sure our “family” exercised and stayed fit.

James was laughing at me as we were leaving. He loved my ability to justify my clothing purchases.

We went back to my home, as I now thought of Peter’s, and I put away the items I had purchased.

Realizing the time I dressed for meeting the girls that night. I choose a black pencil skirt, heels, nylons and a silver and gold scoop neck silk blouse that I adored. I did my hair and makeup. James was watching television as I got ready and when I came out his jaw dropped.

“Do you ever not look amazing?” he asked.

Smiling at him I said “I did once, but had to kill the witness.”

James laughed and we set out for his home so he could change. When he came out of his bathroom fully dressed he looked wonderful. His cologne was nice as well. He had chosen brown docker style pants, a white dress shirt, and a lovely solid tie with a matching sports jacket. He looked himself over and said “Is this good enough? I don’t know where we are going.”

I smiled and said he looked wonderful.

When it was time we met Amanda and Barbara at the Milestone’s located at Dundas St and Younge Street.

Barbara looked radiant as she always does. She was wearing a white and black bustier style dress with a pencil skirt bottom. Her black nylons and heels gave her a very powerful look. Her long blonde hair looked amazing and shimmered like gold as it flowed over her shoulders and down her back. Her wonderful breasts were very well presented in this dress, looking even fuller and more magnificent than they usually did. I had not thought such a thing was possible.

Amanda had her long brown hair straight as well. The teal coloured cocktail dress she had on had a very attractive panel design and hugged her wonderful curves. She had an amazing tan and her tan nylons and white heels made her long legs look even more impressive. Of course, not to be outdone, her lovely breasts were also looking particularly good, the large pendant she wore sitting nestled in her cleavage, its brilliant shine drawing ones eyes to it and her breasts.

As we approached I heard James mutter “That’s them… holy shit.” I could only smile because they looked so hot even I was struck by it.

I smiled at him and when we were near the table they saw me. Both smiled brightly and got up. We hugged each other and exchanged brief kisses on the lips.

I turned to James and introduced him. They were very happy to meet him and both commented on how handsome he was. James blushed and returned the compliment saying he felt totally inadequate in the presence of three of the hottest women in Toronto. We all laughed at his compliment and sat down to our drinks.

I brought my friends up to speed on everything that had happened so far and Amanda was blown away. Barbara already knew about Matthew, but Amanda had not had a chance to talk to me directly and Barbara felt it was my story to tell, not hers.

Things got interesting when they began asking questions about James. When Barbara realized this was the same guy who’s place she had picked me up from last Sunday morning she started to laugh. She filled Amanda in on who he was and James looked completely embarrassed.

I love my friends. I told them everything about what James and I had done and how Peter had given his permission. They both laughed naughtily and said he must be something special if he got Peter’s permission and survived two encounters with me. James got into the spirit of things and overcame his shyness and told them that I almost killed him with a blowjob that morning. They laughed and things got more sexually heated from there.

When I left the table to go to the bathroom Barbara said she would go with me. Amanda just smiled and said “Don’t be too long.” That left her and James to talk.

When we got into the bathroom Barbara turned and pushed me against the wall and gave me a deep french kiss. It was very passionate and our hands were sliding over each others bodies. That woman can kiss and has always had the ability to make me a toy in her hands.

I know another woman came in while we were sharing our passion. I heard her laugh as she saw us and she said “You enjoy yourselves” as she was leaving.

Barbara broke the kiss and said “I thought this was a girl’s night out, and then you show up with a man toy.” She said it playfully and without reproach.

“I wanted you both to meet him. He is really a very nice man and a good friend to me.” I replied.

Barbara kissed me and said “Is he going to be a good friend to us all?”

I laughed and said “I think he is willing to die trying.”

She chuckled and said “Seriously, should we get to know this guy? If he is just a toy then we should not. I don’t like becoming someone’s friend and they just disappear one day.”

“Please Barbara, he is a friend, not a toy. Peter approves and I think you will both really like him. He is a very decent man.” I said seriously.

She gazed into my eyes and said “Do you… things won’t get weird between you and Peter?”

“No” I said “Peter approves and besides, we have both been with other people… like you slut… and nothing has been weird.” I said laughing.

Barbara turned me around and smacked my ass and said “Slut? Hello pot, this is kettle, your black too!”

I laughed and said “We should go back out there.”

Barbara said “I thought you had to use the bathroom?”

“No silly rabbit, I knew you would follow me and wanted a kiss, and a chance to talk.” I said smiling seductively.

Barbara pulled me into a stall and we started making out with a hot passion. We did not do anything further, but spent about fifteen minutes driving each other crazy.

When we came out of the stall we were both flushed and laughing. I knew my nipples were hard as rock and would be poking out clearly since the smooth silk bra I wore would never be able to hide them. Barbara was lucky, her bustier dress prevented her from making a public spectacle of her amazing pink nipples.

When we walked out we left the bathroom and walked back to the table I swear a hundred set of eyes locked onto my nipples. I didn’t care as it just made me feel more sexy.

When we got back we saw that clearly Amanda and James were getting along well, they Escort bayan Ankara had just finished a kiss! I looked shocked and said “What… I am gone for a few minutes and you already forget about me?”

James and Amanda both laughed and she said “A few minutes, you two were gone for like twenty minutes and I was just showing James what I thought you to were doing… at the very least.” she said with a sparkle in her eyes.

We sat down and kept drinking. The sexual tension was steadily growing as we kept on joking around.

After a few more drinks I really did need to go to the bathroom and got up to go. They were busy laughing and having fun and I went alone. Yes, it is possible for a woman out with other women to go to the bathroom unaccompanied. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I just violated the Secret Code by sharing that with you.

As I was walking there I passed a table and someone spanked me on the ass. I quickly turned and saw a guy with his two friends sitting there and they were laughing. I smiled and the guy said “Nice ass honey, sorry, couldn’t resist.” Now this is not the type of thing that usually happens in this place.

Keeping a calm expression I leaned forward on the table and said to the guy who slapped my ass “Did you like that? Does my tight little ass make you hot?”

The guy smiled broadly and said “Oh hell yeah, It makes me hot. I’d like to tap that ass.”

“Then you should cool off.” I said as I grabbed his pint of cold beer and poured it on his lap.

His friends burst open laughing and they guy jumped up in surprise and said “What the fuck?!”

I stood back and was about to say something when the large doormen arrived. They had seen the guy smack my ass and come over as quickly as they could. They threw him, and his friends out.

Barbara reached the table as this was happening. She had seen the commotion and asked what happened. I told her and she said “That asshole is lucky that’s all you did.” I just smiled and turned and thanked the door staff, who found the whole incident humorous. They said spilling his drink in his lap was not what they had expected at first, but that it was not the first time they had seen that done. I was mildly surprised I did not get asked to leave.

After I went to the bathroom, guarded by my faithful Barbara, we returned to the table. Amanda and James laughed their asses off. They did not know why Barbara took off , and found the whole situation funny as hell.

We had another drink and then decided to head out. Since everyone was getting along so well when we left Amanda and I were positioned on either side of James arm in arm with him. Barbara decided to do the same with my other arm.

When we got outside we were discussing where to go. James surprised me when he said he had beer at his place if we wanted to go back there. The reaction from Amanda and Barbara was priceless. They both looked at me. “What the hell, we can relax and my ass will only get grabbed by people I like. Let’s do it.” I said. We all laughed and made our way on foot to James’ place on Mutual street.

When we got there some guys he knew were outside and all went silent as we were making our way passed them. One guy fist bumped James and said “Nice.”

When we got in his apartment James got us each a beer as we made ourselves comfortable. We all kicked of our heels and sat down. James took off his suit coat and tie, and his dress shoes and put on some music.

We chatted for a bit, being playful and James was clearly wondering what was going to happen.

I decided to make it easy for him, I walked over and straddled Barbara’s lap and began kissing her. I licked her cleavage, sucked on her neck, and our hands were all over each other. When I felt her hands pull mys skirt up, exposing my thing covered ass, and her hands squeezing my ass cheeks I moaned into her mouth. As we slid hands over each other we began unfastening our clothes. She pulled my blouse off and began licking my bra covered tits, biting gently at the nipples poking out through my silk bra. She deftly brought her hands up and unfastened it and began worshipping my breasts with her hot tongue and soft hands.

I was moaning from her attention and looked to see what James was doing. He was standing there watching us and removing the rest of his clothing. Amanda had already slid her dress off and stood up and was walking toward him. He looked at her as she brought her hands up, cupped his face, and began kissing him, shoving her tongue into his mouth, while pressing the full length of her perfect body against him, molding herself to him.

I was brought back to Barbara when she bit my nipple and spanked my tit playfully. I slowly slid down her body to the floor, kneeling before her, and helped her get the rest of her clothing off. I kissed each area of her flawless white skin as it became exposed to me. When her magnificent breasts became visible I gently began to kiss and lick those amazing orbs, focusing on her long hard erect pink nipples. Her hands gently came to my head and she caressed my hair as I did this.

“God I love seeing you there, licking my breasts and sucking on them… ooooooooooooooooh, that’s it sweetie, feed on them, I love it.” she moaned out. As I was doing this I slid a hand down between her thighs, which she spread, hooking them over the sides of the armchair, and began lightly fingering her shaven wet pussy.

“I’ve missed you my sweet little slut.” she said affectionately as she was moaning and writhing from the attention I was giving her.

I began kissing me way down her body and got between her creamy thighs… licking and kissing them, gently nipping with my teeth as my fingers continued to fuck that tight shaven cunt. I made sure that my fingers were well covered in her hot pussy juice as I began licking at her exposed clit. It was so hard and so pretty, covered with her juices and my saliva. I focused on her little nubbin as I used two fingers to keep fucking her pussy, and slowly inserted the other two into the tight little pink rosebud of her ass. She arched her back and began thrusting her hips forward, grabbing onto my head as I began to increase the speed of my fingers, giving both her holes a through fucking.

When she came she arched her back and screamed “Oh sweet fucking Jesus” as she filled my mouth with her copious hot pussy juice. As she was coming down from her orgasm I gently kissed and licked her pussy, avoiding her clit, and withdrew my fingers from her ass and pussy. I heard her moan out “Oh you sweet little cunt lapper… that was wonderful” with a voice filled with affection.

I glanced over toward James and Amanda. He had her bent doggy style over the side of his loveseat and was preparing to shove his gorgeous cock into that tight shaven little latina pussy. He was not hesitant at all and shoved it in with one mighty thrust. Amanda yelled “OH FUCK!” at the top of her lungs and began crying out as he fucked her deep and hard. His thighs slapping against the globes of her succulent ass as he pounded his hot fucking cock deep into my girlfriends wonderful cunt.

I looked back up at Barbara and saw she was watching them, one of her hands had idly moved to her pussy and she was making small circles over her clit. Her other hand was tugging on her nipples. Her expression was one of pure lust as she watched her hot partner get fucked by a man.

I felt a wave of lust come over me and stood up. I grabbed Barbara by the hair on pulled her onto her knees in front of me. I thrust my pelvis forward and jammed my cunt onto her mouth and ordered “Eat my cunt you hot bitch”. She moaned as she looked at my eyes before turning her full attention to my pussy, her hands grabbing onto my ass, pulling me in tighter. The feeling of her tongue probing my hot pussy, fucking it and seeing her pretty face mashed against me, was so hot. I could see my pussy juices glazing her beautiful face as she locked her mouth over my clit and began sucking it and licking it. She trapped it between her teeth and began to furiously lick it hard as she shoved two fingers up into my steaming wet pussy.

My legs buckled and she used that opportunity and her size and strength to spin me around and push me over the coffee table, my knees on the floor. She spanked my ass making me cry out as she dove back into my pussy. She finger fucked it hard and when my blonde lover began tonguing my tight little Japanese ass I came hard screaming “Oh fuck yes… yes yes yes yes” as I squirted my hot pussy juice repeatedly, soaking her fingers and tits, covering them.

I collapsed laying on the table trembling. I felt Barbara grab my hair and she pulled my head up and said hotly in my ear “You fucking slut, you thought you were going to dominate me?” and she spanked my ass. I whimpered and heard her laugh. She slapped my ass a second time and began tonguing fucking it again. I was moaning and really getting into it when she slid two fingers into my tight ass. She laughed again as I started moaning and said “You little anal slut… you just love having that ass played with.”

I was surprised when I opened my eyes, sensing movement in front of me. James’ hard cock was right in front of my face, covered with a mixture of his cum and Amanda’s pussy juice.

Placing a hand on his waist I opened my mouth and he guided his hard cock into my mouth. I loved the taste of the mixture of their juices and greedily sucked and licked up every drop I could get. When I saw her cream all over his balls I lifted his cock up so I could lick them too.

Someone pulled my hips back slightly and in a moment I realized that Barbara was tonguing my ass again and Amanda was now sucking on my pussy. I came almost immediately, screaming out in passion. It was a powerful one and left me a rag doll on the table. James fucked my mouth for a moment more before standing up and disappearing from view.

I heard Barbara cry out and then get muffled.

Turning my head I saw she was on her hands and knees. James was fucking her lovely cunt while Amanda had Barbara’s head firmly trapped between her thighs, forcing Barbara to suck on her pussy.

I laid there watching this until my strength came back. It was so fucking hot watching Barbara get fucked like this, seeing her get used by James. I could see the sweat on James’ body as he pounded her tight little pink cunt.

Amanda was cumming repeatedly on Barbara’s face, her hands locked in Barbara’s long blonde tresses, not allowing her any escape from the pussy she had to satisfy.

I had already had so many orgasms, but I wanted to make James cum inside Barbara. The only cock she had let cum inside her in the last ten years was Peter. I wanted James to be the second.

Moving from the coffee table I knelt down behind James and began tonguing his ass. I heard him groan and he froze for a minute, loving the dirty pleasure of my tongue exploring his tight little virginal asshole. I slapped his ass, making him start fucking Barbara again, and slowly stood up behind him, sliding a finger over his asshole.

I said to him “You like that? Me playing with you tight ass while you fuck that blonde whore?

He groaned out “Oh yes… please… do it.”

I slowly slid my finger into his wet ass, fucking it while I pressed my hard nipples into his back, licking him between his shoulder blades. The effect was immediate. He began pounding Barbara like a dog breeding his bitch, crying out in pleasure. Barbara went crazy from his sudden urgent hot fucking and began thrashing, pushing her pretty white ass back against his hard pounding cock. I heard Amanda say “Holy fucking shit I’m cumming” as she launched into orgasm, followed quickly by Barbara. Who’s screams of passion were muffled by Amanda’s cunt.

James buried himself into Barbara’s tight pussy as he unleashed his cum. His orgasm made his whole body shake and I could feel his ass clinching my finger as I teased his prostate.

When he was done coming he began to sway on his feet and I gently helped him sit in the armchair.

I stood there looking at the three of them panting and trying to recover, feeling so much pleasure as I enjoyed the view.

Locking eyes with Amanda I saw her smile and she said “Come here baby.”

I walked over to her as she stood up. She took my hand and lead me to James’ bed. We laid down and she began kissing me tenderly, but with growing passion. Her hands slid to my ass and she cupped it and squeezed it hard in her hands making me moan.

She rolled me onto my back and bent my legs, pushing them to my chest as she started feasting on my soaking wet pussy. It did not take her long to make me cum hard, spraying her with my juices. I was laying there breathing hard as she kissed her way back up my body. Looking into each others eyes for a moment, seeing the caring I had for her reflected there, she leaned down and kissed me. It was a beautiful kiss and I realized how much I had missed her over the summer.

We felt movement on the bed and broke apart. James and Barbara were crawling on the bed with us and we all shared some very tender kissing, our hands exploring each other gently, caressing and enjoying the feel of each other.

I fell asleep curled up against Barbara with my head on her breast. Amanda was on the opposite side curled up against her lover. James Bayan escort Ankara was spooning me from behind and had his head nestled in my hair. We all fell asleep like this.

When morning came James was in a panic. He was going to be late for work and he dashed off very quickly leaving the three of us there. He gave me a set of keys as he raced out and asked me to lock up and give him a call later.

The three of us laid there for a second and burst open laughing. Barbara said “You are so bad… now you have keys for two guys houses.”

We all laughed at that and I said “Maybe I am an overachiever!”

We gradually got up and dressed ourselves. The funniest thing was that when we were leaving I was standing there locking the door and one of the guys from the previous night saw us all there, still dressed for the bar, and obviously well fucked. We smiled at him and he swallowed hard.

“Is James around?” he asked.

“No sorry, we kept him up late and he had to hurry to get to work.” I replied.

Barbara said “We left our panties for him, so if you talk to him tell him they are a gift.”

The guy turned five shades of red and mumbled okay before taking off. That made us laugh and we headed out from the building. Barbara and Amanda called a cab to take to their place, I learned they had moved in together since Amanda had been looking for a roommate for this year. Seems the “bitch” she lived with last year at school abandoned her for some guy. We all had a laugh and I said “Hey is is not just some guy!” She laughed and said “Oh I know” and winked.

I also called a taxi and went home.

When I got in the door I took a shower and was hoping Peter would make it home tonight. I finished showering and proceeded to clean the house. When I was done that I was at a loss as to what I should do. I decided to be lazy. I was tired from last nights fun and laid down on the couch to watch a movie. I dozed off shortly after that.

I was awakened in the best way possible. I heard the door opening and Peter call out “Honey, I’m home!” and start laughing.

I got up fast and ran over to the door and jumped into his arms hugging him tightly. I kissed his lips and kept hugging him.

“I missed you!” I said

“I missed you too. I love you.” Peter said as he held me tightly.

I held onto him and said “I don’t like it when you are away.”

“I don’t like being away. Did you have fun with James?” He asked.

“Oh honey… I have so much to tell you.” I said smiling.

We made tea and I told him all about what James and I did, about my parents, and about last nights wild foursome.

When I was done he said “That’s good about your parents.” with a smile.

“Is that all?” I asked playfully.

He stood up and said “Oh my silly Honey… you are so getting fucked right now!” and he picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. I was giggling as he did this.

Setting me down on the bed he kissed me hotly and said “You fucking sweet little minx… you got me so fucking hard telling me about all that wild kinky fucking sex… I need you right now!”

He flipped me over and actually tore my shorts and top off. He slapped my ass and pinned me to the bed. He crawled up over me and I felt his cock nudging my wet pussy lips. “You don’t mind if I just skip the foreplay I hope.” he said with a lust filled voice.

“Whatever you want Peter. I love you so much.” I replied.

He hesitated a second and said “Are you up for this sweetie?”

“I want you inside me… please… I want to be with you.” I said softly.

He kissed my neck and slid his cock into me. There is nothing like his cock on this whole planet and I moaned loudly as his beautiful hard white cock began to slide in and out of my hot pussy. I could tell he needed release badly and begged “Oh Peter, fuck me harder, do whatever you want… I want your cum inside me. Use me… you have not had a good fuck in days.”

He groaned and pulled me up into the doggy position and began fucking me at a deep and steady pace. His hands running over my ass cheeks and along my body, reaching under me to cup my full breasts and tug on my hard nipples. I came very quickly from his persistent deep fucking and the waves of pleasure flowing from my nipples. I squirted cum all over his cock, soaking it.

He pulled out of me and I felt his cock nudging against my ass. I moaned and said “Please… fuck my ass and fill me with cum… I need it.. I need your cum.”

He slid into my ass gently, slowly guiding his cock deep into my tight little ass. When he popped passed my anal ring and I felt his thighs against my ass I almost cried from the pleasure of it. He leaned forward, forcing me flat on the bed under him. His cock buried deep in my ass. “I love you Sachiko… I love you so much… I need you too in so many ways.” and he started to gently fuck my ass as he kissed my neck and slid his hands around me.

One hand went around my breast, pressed hard into his hand by our position, and began gently kneading my full tit flesh.

The other hand went to my pussy and he began playing with my clit sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my whole body. I cam so many times I lost count and was delirious with pleasure when he began fucking my ass rapidly and shot rope after rope of his hot cum deep into my body.

Peter lay there on top of me gently kissing me and caressing me. Slowly he pulled his softening cock from my tight cum filled ass and I could feel his seed leaking out of me, running down onto the lips of my wet pussy.

He lay down beside me and said “So, are you truly happy with me?” he asked.

“Yes, my love, oh yes” I said as I kissed his cheek.

“If I said I didn’t want us to play with other people together anymore… would you be upset.” he asked seriously.

“No, I want you.” I said feeling a lot of emotion and knowing I was serious. I would give my life and all that I am for this man.

He kissed me and said “I just had to know… that you could be happy if it was just us… I’m not looking to change our lives like that… I just want to know I will be the first kiss, the last kiss, and the one you go home with… always.”

I smiled and said “Of course. I love you.”

He smiled at me brightly and said “Okay, I just don’t want you leaving me for Barbara.” and started to laugh.

“I could not do that… she is crazy!” and laughed with him. She is our best friend in the world and no way would either of us ever have to worry about that sort of thing

When we stopped laughing, Peter stared into my eyes and kissed me lightly. “Come on baby, we are going out for dinner.”

I smiled and said “Just us?”

“Yeah, Matthew and Jessica are at my parents place and we need some alone time.” he said in a caring voice.

I hugged him and kissed him again and we got up and showered each other. I was drying my hair as he left the bathroom.

When I came out I saw a new pair of beautiful shoes sitting on the bed. They were black and gold stilettos. Laid out carefully on the bed was a new dress as well. It was black and white and had a striped pattern to it. It was lovely and had a black belt to tie at the waist. As I marvelled over this surprise I saw a black rectangular box sitting near it. I picked up the box and inside was a gorgeous sting of pearls with a white gold clasp. I sat down on the bed looking at these gifts and felt my heart beating faster with happiness.

I stood up and went to the dresser and took out a beautiful white silk camisole that I love, and a matching bra and panty set and began dressing. I went with tan coloured nylons and when I slid the dress on and tied it I was in shock. It fit perfectly and was something I would have chosen for myself. I put on the heels and twirled in front of the mirror.

When I walked into the living room Peter was standing there in a nice dark grey suit, white dress shirt, and an amazing solid grey tie that matched the suit perfectly. He smiled as he saw me walking toward him and I know I was beaming. His black shoes were new and very appealing.

“You didn’t have to do this…but I love it. Thank you so much and the pearls… I will treasure them forever.” I said

Peter smiled and hugged me and said “Let’s go… tonight is all about you.”

We got in the car and drove to a wonderful Japanese restaurant. It is very authentic and serves some of the best food I have ever had. My parents had brought me here when I graduated from High School.

As we ate our dinner, in a private room, we chatted all about our lives and how we had met. Everything that we had done and about how Matthew would impact us.

Peter smiled at me and said “I have to tell you, Matthew thinks your Wonder Woman or something. He could not say enough nice about you. Jessica was actually thrilled by it. She has really changed her opinion of you… she thinks you are going to be a good mother to him.”

I know I almost cried when he said that. She had more faith in me than I did.

Peter reached over and gently touched my cheek and said “I think you are the most amazing woman I have ever met. Your so kind… and that’s not just an observation… it’s a fact. You have this amazing ability to make everyone feel at peace. You are also one of the smartest people I have ever met. Your gorgeous, funny, playful, and… well… passionate.” he said smiling.

I smiled at him and kissed his hand taking it into mine.

“Sachiko, we have known each other a long time… since you were in Grade 9.” he laughed at that remark.

I smiled and said “You were right about everything then.”

“The way you shocked the hell out of me when you came up to me at the wine bar… the way you smiled and your bright eyes. I think I fell in love with you right there and then.”

I squeezed his hand and he took a deep breath and looked rather serious. He was sitting there not moving.

“Are you okay, what’s wrong?” I asked worried.

“I’m fine… I’m okay… it’s just you have done so much since you entered my life… you even beat up my cousin.” he said laughing.

I joined him laughing and said “Don’t forget my sister did too!”

Peter laughed and said “Yeah, you two are pure trouble!”

We laughed for awhile and when we were finished eating we got up to leave.

Peter said “I have tickets for a show… if you’re interested.”

“You bought theatre tickets?” I said in mock surprise.

“Yes, yes I did.” he replied smiling.

“What are we going to see?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise.” he said as we were leaving the room and making our way through the restaurant. When we got to the entry way a staff member handed us our shoes and we began putting them on. Peter was kneeling in front of me as I sat on a stool and I looked at his face. He had stopped moving. His face was frozen in thought and I stared at him.

I looked up at the young lady who handed us our shoes and back at him.

“Are you alright?” I asked and touched his shoulder.

“Do you need help Sir?” She asked equally concerned.

He shook his head and said “No, I’m okay… I’m okay…yeah.”

Peter was starting to breath harder an I must have looked alarmed. I took his wrist and felt his pulse while cupping his face with my other hand and making him look at me.

“I’ll get water!” the girl said quickly.

Peter shook his head and said “I am okay” he sounded calmer and looked at me with determination.

I looked at the girl and back at him. He was pulling a small box from inside his suit coat. He opened it and showed me a brilliant tear drop diamond sitting on a platinum band that was so elegant and detailed. It was gorgeous and took my breath away.

Peter took the ring from the box and looked up at me, his eyes full of emotion. I could see the love in his eyes, the vulnerability, and the grim determination to ask a question so serious it was frightening to me. I heard the young lady helping us gasp as she realized what was about to happen as well. I know a lot of people could see this but I did not care. This was life defining itself here, in this instant, in this single span of time.

“Sachiko… you know I love you more than I ever thought I could, more than anything in this world. I cannot imagine my life without you… I can’t imagine ever not having your beautiful face, your gentle voice, and your soft heart sharing every day for the rest of my life with me. I know I am not a great guy… I have my shortcomings… I don’t deserve you.” he was starting to tear up and they were beginning to run down his cheek “… and I will totally understand if you don’t want this… I talked to your father and mother already today… he gave me permission… It’s all up to you. Sachiko will you marry me and making me happier than any man has any right to be?” He was holding my left hand and held the engagement ring, ready to slip it on.

I sat there in silence, the restaurant had gone dead quiet, almost as if the universe was holding it’s breath. I reached down and caressed his tears from his cheek gently with my hand, staring into the eyes of a man who loved me so much… I could see the fear in his eyes… and I could not speak. I was trying to form words in English and I know my lips were moving, but nothing was coming out.

Feeling a tear run it’s course down my cheek seemed to make me more focused. My heart… my poor heart… felt like it was going to explode.

I drew a breath and said “Yes.”

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