All Grown Up Ch. 04

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** Author’s Note: Thank you for all the feedback that I have gotten on this particular story. This will be the last chapter for this particular one as I feel that Ryan and Amanda have gotten to the point now where their story wouldn’t fit beneath this particular category anymore. I really enjoyed this sweet sexy story and encourage you to read the previous chapters if you haven’t done so at this point. – cyn

Amanda bit her lower lip, just inches from Ryan’s, remembering hearing how messy it was when guys’ came. She glanced up as she lay in his arms, looking at his handsome face as he lay there with his eyes closed and she suddenly wanted him to feel just how much she loved him.

With a teasing lick to his chin, she slowly started to slide down his body. Unsure fingers caressed his hard form as her lips pressed soft kisses along the pathway to his throbbing cock … along his neck, over his chest and across his belly. She could feel his muscles contract, knowing her virgin mouth was about to taste him for the first time.

With sudden realization of what she had in mind, Ryan’s body tensed. Knowing what she was about to do, he was amazed! Few girls wanted to do this and even fewer without talking about it first. The feel of her young lips traveling down his body sent shocks through him, right down to his toes. He could still feel her sticky essence clinging to him as her breath washed across his stomach. His hands reached down, almost lovingly, to stroke her blonde hair, encouraging her with a soft moan.

Amanda whimpered softly as she felt his hands in her hair. Her hot breath washed out over his hips as her fingers trailed along his thighs, reaching upwards. She could feel her own nectar on his balls that had pooled at the base of his shaft and she pulled away a moment as she looked down at his cock. She didn’t really know what to do specifically to please him but somehow, instinct seemed to take over. She wanted Ryan to feel just how much she loved him as her tongue darted out over the head of his cock and for the first time, tasted his precum intermingled with her own juices from before.

Ryan shivered with both passion and joy as the years of daydreams and fantasies about Amanda began to come together. He was amazed that they were being fulfilled but there was no denying it as her tongue teased him. He let out a small gasp as his back arched, pushing him further into the bed.

Amanda could feel him shiver and hearing his gasp seemed to help her overcome any shyness that she had. Her hands pushed his thighs wider as her tongue started to move over him, slowly cleaning him as her lips sucked along the hard length of his cock. She hadn’t taken the head in yet. Instead, she seemed to concentrate on cleaning him first, surprised at the sharp honeyed flavor of her own juices and cum lingering on his flesh. Her tongue lapped eagerly at his balls, causing them to swell even more.

A louder groan emitted from Ryan’s throat as Amanda licked him clean. His hands slowly began rubbing her head as she glanced up to see his eyes close. Using her tongue to swirl up the last hint Ataşehir Escort of her cum, she could feel her whole body react as her lips slowly traveled up his cock to the bulbous head. She looked at it for a moment before gingerly taking it in her mouth. She had done her share of reading about giving guys head before but she had never really had a chance to practice. Slowly swirling her tongue around the head, she captured it in her lips and decided the best way to go about it was to treat it like a huge lollipop.

Ryan’s hips ground into the bed, almost as if he were trying to avoid her teasing and warm mouth. Opening his eyes, he watched as she engulfed him into her mouth, amazed to see her beautiful head going down on him in such a way. He had never imagined that she would do this and his heart throbbed with the love that he suddenly felt overwhelming him by both the girl and the act.

Amanda glanced up with his cock head caught in her mouth. She could see Ryan’s wide eyes and the way his mouth was slightly agape, the surprise on his face as well as the exquisite way that he was enjoying it as he watched. Pushing her head down more, she took more of his cock into her mouth as she sucked.

Ryan felt her cheeks pressure him tightly and he shivered again as his hips instinctively pushed upwards. He couldn’t help but notice a small smile on Amanda’s face as she pleasured him beyond what he had ever imagined.

Amanda could feel him push up into her mouth, gagging a bit as his cock head pushed deeper than she had expected. She pulled back some but found that she really wanted to taste him again so began to bob her head up and down slowly on his cock. Her fingers toyed with his balls as her gaze shifted from his face and watching his reaction to the cock disappearing into her mouth time and again.

Ryan watched Amanda’s gorgeous blue eyes and he smiled a little as he bit his lip, lost in the sensations and the reality of his fantasies coming true. His breath quickened as his hips ground upwards into her warm, small mouth loving the way that her hair flowed around her shoulders as her head bobbed slowly up and down his length.

Making a little purring noise, the rumble in Amanda’s throat sent vibrations straight through Ryan’s cock as her fingers curled around his hard length at the base. She started to slowly stroke him in time with her lips as her blonde curls brushed at his hips. Her other hand reached up to push back her hair some so that he could see his hardened cock push deeper into her mouth.

The purring sound in her mouth on the head of his length was just about Ryan’s undoing. It sent more shivers through his body as he let go of her head to grip the sheets, falling backwards against the bed as she got more and more into the act of giving him head. His eyes shut briefly, enjoying the moment before he propped himself back up on his elbows to watch. He groaned in delight to see her eyes on his as she sucked hard on him.

Amanda could feel him shift, hearing his groans before he propped himself up on his elbows to watch, feeling a sense of Acıbadem Escort power in knowing that he was watching her suck him. Wanting more than anything to feel him lose control, to cum like he had made her do, blue eyes lifted to lock with his as her tongue swirled around the head and then pressed to the underside of that huge vein that pulsed blood into the thick head, sucking him deeper into her mouth.

Ryan’s eyes barely opened as he felt his body tightening. Gasping for breath, he finally said quietly into the air, “Mannie … careful baby, I’m so close. You might want to finish another way …” He let that suggestion drift off, a part of him wanting her to finish with exactly what she was doing but another part of him was concerned about her being grossed out if any went into her mouth when he lost it, ending the possibility of her repeating this again.

Hearing his words, Amanda’s mouth stopped only momentarily as her insecurities on whether or not she was really doing this right popped into her head. By the movements of his body, she could only think that he wanted her to take what she could feel building up in him like a storm brewing on the horizon. And as her mouth started to work again, she realized that she wanted it even though she had heard conflicting stories about boys cumming into a girl’s mouth. Her tongue pressed harder against the throbbing vein as if she was thrilled with the way it pulsed against it. His cock head slid deeper into her mouth as her fingers stroked him and her other hand lowered beneath to gently caress his balls, blue eyes glancing up to see if he was enjoying it.

Ryan gripped the sheet beneath him as he tried to pull himself back away from her, trying to pull out of the warmness of her mouth that has done what no one else has ever been able to do to him. Watching her eyes with an almost shocked and fearful look that she would recoil from the uncontrollable flood that he felt surging through him and without even giving off a final warning, his balls tightened and his cock hardened even more as he is finally pushed over the edge.

Amanda could feel him jerk as if he were trying to spare her from what she knew deep inside he wanted to do and then without any further warning, she could feel his cock begin to pulse in her mouth and instinct seemed to take over. Pressing her tongue to the underside of his cock vein, she could feel it pulse upwards before the first blast entered her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise as her mouth was suddenly filled with spewing cum and she pulled back some as she started to gag but then she suddenly remembered one of her friends telling her how much guys liked it when she swallowed and she tried, her mouth working to stay around Ryan’s jerking cock. Her hand tightened around the base as her lips formed a seal around the head as it erupted.

Ryan found he couldn’t have pulled out of her mouth even if he wanted to as she held him in place, sucking like a pro on his raging cock. He groaned and spasmmed in her tight warm mouth as he felt her tongue lashed at him still. “Mannie …” is all he could İstanbul Escort manage to gasp.

Amanda moaned a helpless response to his words and the spewing of his thick cum deep into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, gagging a bit but still sucking as her hand pumped him to withdraw all that he had from his cock. Her eyes widened as she glanced up at him, the realization that not only had she given head to a guy for the first time but that it was the one guy that she had dreamed about for years.

Finally exhausted after the longest orgasm that he could remember of his fairly short life, punctuated only by the fact that it was the culmination of his own dreams and desires coming to pass in the last few moments, Ryan collapsed against the bed as he moaned her name.

Amanda gently and slowly pulled her mouth off of his cock as she felt him start to relax. She could feel her own sex quiver in excitement as her tongue flicked out over the sensitive head of his shaft and glanced up at his face, a soft blush kissing her cheeks as she moved slowly back up his body to lay in his arms. “Was that okay?” she whispered.

Ryan couldn’t help but laugh happily, the sound short before he said, “Sweetie, that was unbelievable and I’m not just saying that.” He hugged her tight, feeling her legs tangle with his as their bodies meshed. “You didn’t have to swallow, you know,” he added with a contented murmur.

Amanda laughed softly, her nose nuzzling into his neck as she whispered, “It wasn’t bad really. I think I could start to really like it.” She settled into his arms before a sudden pounding came from the door and her head jerked up as she suddenly remembered there was a party going on downstairs.

Ryan laughed as he pulled the covers up over them. “Yeah?” he hollered at the door.

Amanda tried to hide underneath the covers, her hot little body still throbbing from just having him cum in her mouth. She could hear one of his buddies yell out, “Ryan! What’s going on in there? And where’s Amanda? No one has seen her in like an hour.”

Ryan smiled at Amanda as he yelled back, “She’s passed out in here. I’m waiting for her to wake up.” His hand ran up her side, pulling her closer to him as he added to the lie, “Thanks for watching out for her though!”

Amanda couldn’t help but laugh some against Ryan’s chest as she heard the voice on the other side of the door yell back, “Okay, just making sure man! Come on down, there’s some really hot chicks down here!”

“Have at them,” Ryan retorted with a grin. “I don’t want some drunk wandering in on Mannie. Thanks though,” he added as his lips reached down for hers, drawing her in for another passionate kiss as he hugged her against him. Half of her body was off him, one of her legs thrown over his left leg as he tasted himself on her lips.

“When are you gong to stop treating her like a little sister?” came the playful taunt before they heard him walk away from Ryan’s door with a laugh. Amanda looked up at him as his lips claimed hers again and pushed her still damp but warm cunt against his leg, purring softly into the kiss.

Ryan couldn’t help but smile as he felt her come to life again in his arms. “Tonight, I suppose,” he whispered in response to the question with a grin and rolled over, pinning the girl of his dreams beneath him as their passions began to grow once again.

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