All In the Fine Print Pt. 02

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Part 2 – The Request

After she got home from work Liz changed into her comfy clothes and made dinner. It was her turn this week for dinner and Tom’s for the other chores. When he came home they ate and relaxed on the couch, talking about each other’s day and discussing some of the upcoming events. She reminded him that she would be out all night next Saturday and that she hoped he and his buddies could stay out of trouble.

“Me?” Tom replied, “I planning on going out to play darts with Bill, nothing special at all. You’ll be out and about with seven other sexy ladies. It seems to me that you’re the only one who will be able to make trouble.”

“Not me. You know I am going to be a chaperone, I don’t even know how to get into trouble. Hey what do you mean ‘seven other sexy ladies’? I thought you didn’t like Becca’s mom” Liz poked him in the arm with her finger.

“I don’t, Janet is kind of obnoxious when she drinks, but you have to admit for a woman in her late 50’s she is pretty hot. I bet she knows ‘things’ too.” Tom chided Liz back with a big grin on his face.

“Oh you think so huh? Well maybe I should ask her for some tips if you think you’re missing out.” Liz leaned back away from him.

“Stop hon’, you know I am just kidding with you.” Tom reached out and pulled her close to him. “But if you do learn anything new from her, I wouldn’t be too resistive to letting you practice on me.” He added with an even bigger smile.

“You are such a …” Liz didn’t finish as Tom leaned in to kiss him. Breaking the kiss, she whispered in his ear, “You know, you are right, I will be with seven sexy ladies and we might be able to get into trouble. But would you hold it against me?”

“Miss, I would hold anything against you that you wanted me too.” He said with a grin and kissed again.

Liz got up off the couch and scampered into the bedroom and he followed her. She jumped onto their bed and took off her shirt revealing her large breasts. Tom loved her big boobs and she liked Tom touching and sucking on them. She had always been self conscious of them growing up but he made almanbahis her feel good without making her feel like they were all he wanted. Now she could see the bulge in his pants begin to grow and she told him to come to her.

Without letting him get on the bed she sat on the edge and pulled down his short. His cock had already reached full erection and without missing a beat she began to suck on and jack it. Liz liked how it filled her mouth and had been trying to get used to get more of it in every time she gave him head. He was always patient and had told her he didn’t care how much she got in, he loved her sucking his cock.

Pretty soon she couldn’t resist anymore and pulled him down on to her. He helped her pull off her sweats and panties and began to rub his cockhead against her clit. He knew she loved how that felt and it made her writhe under him. Finally she said ‘Put it in me now.”

What he didn’t know was that the whole time she was jacking and sucking on his cock, then finally having it in her, she was thinking about her trip to the store that day. Talking about the bachelorette party on the couch had gotten her talk with Kara into her head and she could feel herself getting more aroused. She started to focus on the idea of having a dildo made from his cock.

As he pushed into her she imagined that he wasn’t on top of her, but beside her and he was just moving it in and out with his hand. She began to thrust back against him harder as another image came into her head. Now he was licking her clit at the same time he was fucking her with his big cock. Right then she felt an orgasm rolling over her.

She came down from it; her mind was still imagining him holding the cock in front of her, covered in her juices, her pussy quivering. Now she took it from him and sucked on it while he went back to licking her clit.

In the real world her body shook as another orgasm began again. She moaned as it hit her and in her mind she took the cock out of her mouth and begged him to put it back in. As she finished her orgasm, Tom had pushed into her as far as he could, she almanbahis adres could feel his cockhead against her cervix.

“Honey, I never took it out.” He said as he moved out just a little and back in again. He kept this rhythm of small strokes up for a few minutes until he began to spasm himself.

She could feel his cum pump into her. She always loved that feeling, of it washing against the back of her pussy. She knew that even if she tried after they had sex, she could never get all of it to come out. So sometime during the next day, she could feel it leak out of her. On those days she would spend a few minutes to herself in the restroom.

After they were done, Tom went to make sure the house was locked up for the night before he climbed back into bed. Liz snuggled up next to him, laying her head on his chest.

“Hey hon, what was on your mind tonight?” Tom asked.

“What do you mean?” Liz replied.

“Well, you just seemed to be more aggressive than usual, you were pulling on it pretty hard when you were sucking my cock, not that I am complaining. Then you said something about ‘putting it back in’ while I was already in you.” He said with a smile she could see in the low light from the moon shining in their window.

Liz thought for a moment then realized what she had been imagining might have came out in real life. “Well hon, you are going to be gone until Sunday evening. That’s four days starting tomorrow; I just wanted to enjoy you tonight.” Liz rubbed her hand along his chest and down his stomach and wrapped it around his cock, still half erect and slippery with her juices and cum.

“I don’t like to go, but I like the ‘see-you-later’ sex.” He smiled at her.

“Can I ask you something Tom?” she whispered. She felt a little embarrassed about what she was going to ask, she was also feeling emboldened by her own lust.

“Certainly, you can ask me anything.” He told her.

Liz proceeded to tell him about her lunch trip with Kara to the adult store. When she got to the part about the idea of making a dildo from his cock, and the almanbahis giriş things Kara, the clerk, and she had talked about, Liz asked him if he would mind.

“So, you and Kara were in this store, talking with a stranger, who happened to be a young good looking girl, about making a dildo from my cock?” Liz could feel his cock stirring in her hand.

“Yes, we were. But I don’t recall saying she was good looking.” Liz said back to him, increasing the pressure of her grip.

“No, you didn’t, but in my mind she was.” He chided her.

“Ok, she actually was kind of cute, if a little Goth for my tastes. Do you like that, the idea of me having a dildo made from your cock? He seems to think it’s a good idea.” She gripped his now erect cock even more strongly.

“I have never thought about it. I mean it really is very arousing that you talk about me like that to other women. Now, to think about you having my cock while I am away, that is a different kind of arousing and kind of scary. But to be honest, I liked the idea of you taking it to the party to show off.” She could tell from his tone that he was practically beaming inside.

“Well sweetie don’t be too scared, it wouldn’t be ‘your cock’, just a dildo made from your cock. You know that there’s no way I would ever share all of you with all those women, but I don’t think I would mind sharing just this.” When she said ‘this’ she tugged roughly on his cock and growled in his ear. Both of them laughed and Liz climbed on top of him for another round.

While she was riding him to her next orgasm another image slipped into her head. She imagined herself holding his wonderful cock in her hand and kissing him goodbye when he left in the morning, telling him that she knew he would be good as he walked away looking a little dejected.

He asked her to promise to take care of it. She then gave him a big hug and told him not to worry she would have all kinds of fun with it and tell him all about it when he got back.

As her orgasm neared she could see herself standing in the doorway to their bedroom, teasingly sucking on his cock while he walked down the hall, then waving it at him, saying, “Tell your cock ‘bye’ now hon’ and if you’re good you might see it soon!”

Her third orgasm that night was the strongest one yet.

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