All Thanks to Sandy Pt. 03

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(Author’s note: Once again, thank you for reading and voting for the previous story. It has motivated me to continue this series. I spice things up in this part. Hope you enjoy it! As always, do drop a good rating and comment if you enjoy this one as well.)

Ch. 1 – Ball in motion

I spat out another fake laugh as I surveyed my fellow vacationers at the table. On my left was Sandy, who I have recently had a few steamy interactions with. How I wished I was on this Bali resort vacation alone with that sexy woman. I gave her a smile as our eyes met. I turned towards the other members at the dinner table. Sitting opposite to me was Tina, my wife. She was wearing a tight sleeveless blue tank top and a pink short skirt. I started comparing her with my new object of desire, Sandy. While Sandy had, what I called, the perfect body, thanks to her abs, toned limbs and perfectly shaped breasts and ass, Tina was what any man would call curvy. Tina was fitter than the average person and definitely had a bigger rack and ass than the average person. One of the things that used to attract me about Tina when we dated was the way her curves would get accentuated in tighter and shorter clothes. She hadn’t dressed that way in ages, but today she admittedly did look attractive, reminding me of the days when we actually did have some chemistry between us.

I turned my gaze to the man sitting next to Tina, whose every word seemed to be causing a laugh riot from her. Jack was Sandy’s gym mate and boyfriend, apparently. He had the quintessential body-builder physique armed with biceps and shoulders that looked capable of lifting a car. He was a few inches taller than me and more than a few inches bigger everywhere else. I couldn’t find a part of his body that wasn’t well-built and muscular. His grey sleeveless t-shirt and black shorts did nothing but emphasize this aspect. I scowled to myself as Tina laughed at another one of his jokes.

“So what are you guys planning to do first?” Sandy questioned the table. “I was thinking of going for a swim in the resort’s pool.”

“I was thinking of a different kind of pool,” Jack replied with his witty charm. “I saw a pool table when we entered. It’s been a while since I played.”

“Oh, that sounds fun!” Tina placed her hand on Jack’s shoulder. “I would love to play with you. You’ll have to teach me a bit, though.”

As Jack nodded in confirmation, I made up my mind as well.

“I’ll go with Sandy…for a swim in the pool,” I turned to her and smiled. “So…we’ll go change?”

Sandy smiled back with a wide grin and informed me that she’ll knock on my room once she’s changed. I saw Jack and Tina head to the games room talking incessantly like long-lost best friends. The resort was more or less empty. We had utilized the trick of booking the rooms during a non-peak time to get a huge discount which had also resulted in a very low occupancy. The weather was still warm enough for us to dress down as much as we wanted. Back in the room assigned to me and Tina, I finished wearing a white t-shirt over my blue swimming trunks as I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to witness the vision of a goddess.

Sandy stood there posing for me with her arms folded, knowing exactly what she was doing. She was wearing the white bikini from the office trip she had taken with Tina. The same one I had masturbated for. The thing that started this whole affair in the first place. I checked her out from top to bottom as her slim long legs, her mocha skin, her cleavage popping out through the thin straps of the bikini and her sensual face expression all combined to give me an immediate hard-on.

“Wow! An even better reaction than I expected,” laughed Sandy as she looked down at my bulge, “You look really fine too, V. I love the cute blue trunks. Let’s go.”

Sandy entangled her arm in mine as we walked side-by-side from the residential area towards the swimming pool. I kept sneaking looks at her chest as we spoke, which Sandy seemed to enjoy and encourage as she also scanned my body a few times while talking. This was building up to something for sure. Before my mind could race ahead, Sandy interrupted.

“I think this is the games room,” Sandy pointed to a building we had to pass on the way to the pool. “Let’s check out what our partners are doing.”

Curious myself, I agreed to her suggestion. We walked towards the games room. We caught a glimpse of Jack and Tina at the pool table, cue sticks in hand. We were able to see them through a window at the back of the room. I stopped there since it seemed like a nice vantage point to check out their game without really disturbing them.

“Oh Jack, I keep missing my cue ball,” Tina complained as she clumsily swung her stick in mid-air. “This isn’t as easy as you say.”

Jack laughed as he walked around the table.

“I think that me barking instructions at you repeatedly doesn’t help,” Jack positioned himself behind Tina and slid his hands over hers. “Why don’t we do it together till you get a feel for it?”

“That Beylikdüzü Escort sounds perfect!” Tina’s voice echoed across the game room which was being occupied only by the two of them.

Jack placed the cue stick and Tina’s hands on the table where they were supposed to be and pushed her upper back slowly to bend her body over the table. The front of his whole body aligning with her from behind wasn’t lost on me as I saw him bend with her.

“Also, you need to spread your legs a bit to lower your height for the stroke,” Jack took his hand between Tina’s legs from behind and moved them apart by pressing her inner thighs.

Tina let out a controlled moan and nodded as she parted her legs, and stuck out her large round ass while bending her upper body on the table dutifully. As Jack bent his body to mirror her position from behind, Tina felt every part of him in contact with her. He placed his chin on her shoulder as his broad chest pressed down against her back. Tina felt their legs touch and couldn’t control a gasp of excitement as Jack brought his pelvic area forward to completely lock their position together. Tina felt his bulge pressed tightly against her ass and opened her mouth slightly in excitement.

“Let’s be in this position until you get the stroke right. That’s okay, right?” Jack spoke softly in Tina’s ear.

“Y-yeah….perfect,” Tina replied equally softly but a lot more tensely.

As Jack maneuvered the cue stick and Tina’s arms for his hands-on tutorial, Tina felt herself getting aroused. They placed the cue ball and a coloured ball in line to test a shot.

“…and then you hit the center of the ball….like this!” Jack demonstrated a perfect shot using Tina’s hands and the cue stick with a quick and precise stroke.

The movement caused his body to push against Tina’s as she immediately felt his bulge press against her ass. Tina controlled another gasp of pleasure as she felt herself wanting more.

“That was…too quick to grasp,” Tina replied quickly, ensuring they remained locked in the same position. “Show me again…a few more times.”

Jack complied as he placed another ball and re-created the same stroke. Tina felt his bulge grow as it pushed forcefully against her ass again. This time she let out a bigger gasp but quickly converted it to a word.

“Ah-a-again, please.”

Tina felt his warm breath on her neck as he replied affirmatively and placed the ball in position again. The enjoyable feeling of his muscular chest on her back was only eclipsed by his steadily-growing hard-on pushing against her voluptuous ass. Another quick motion meant another jab against her soft buttocks.

“Again,” she replied more confidently than before.

“I have an idea,” Jack spoke, his voice sounding more excited than before. “Why don’t we practice just the stroke without the balls until you get the hang of it?”

“Yes! That’s p-perfect,” Tina replied, clearly wanting more.

Jack moved the balls aside and re-aligned Tina’s hand and cue stick on the table with his own.

“It goes like…this!” Jack timed his last word with a mid-air thrust of the cue stick as his bulge pushed against Tina’s shapely ass again.

“Again!” Tina exclaimed, feeling her nipples getting aroused.

Jack repeated the motion with a much smaller pause, as Tina heard his excited breathing on her neck.

“Again,” Tina moaned, encouraging Jack to pick up his speed.

“Are you getting it?” Jack whispered, now visibly turned on.

“Ah! Yes. Again!” Tina moaned louder, unable to hide her emotions as she felt his hard-on getting bigger and the area between her thighs getting wetter with every stroke.

Tina’s arousal only increased as she imagined how much more Jack’s dick was going to grow. It already felt much bigger than her husband’s and she knew it still wasn’t at its maximum.

“Again…..again….again,” Tina moaned emphatically with every pelvic thrust as she submitted herself to Jack’s increasingly aggressive movements.

Jack’s breathing became heavier as he started pushing his bulge faster against her soft ass.

“Are…you…getting…it?” Jack moaned between every purposeful push of his huge bulge.

“Yes…no…just…keep going… Don’t stop… Please,” Tina barely managed a coherent reply between her fervent moaning as she felt her cunt become soaking wet by imagining his humungous dick inside her.

The duo dropped the pretense as the cue stick slipped from Tina’s hands and fell on the table. Jack’s muscular frame and increasing pace forced her to hold the edge of the table for support as she moaned with every movement.

I watched in shock as I saw my wife clearly enjoying getting dry-humped by a man she had just met. To my surprise, instead of wanting it to stop, I wanted them to go on. Something in me was getting aroused watching this whole scene play out and I was anxious for more. Sandy looked down at my bulge to confirm what she thought was happening and turned her attention Avcılar escort back to the pool table to enjoy the proceedings herself.

“Yes.. Yes… Yes…Faster,” Tina was moaning loudly as Jack’s hands wrapped around her waist tightly.

Jack decided to go for more as he let his hands move up Tina’s curvy body and grasp both her large breasts excitedly.

“Fuck…. Oh Yes!” Tina moaned approvingly.

She let out moans of ecstasy while enjoying the sensation of his large hands massaging her gigantic boobs. Tina lost all inhibitions as she felt his fingers playing with her erect nipples.

“Oh my God! Fuck yes!” Tina abandoned all logic and twisted her hand backwards to start pulling down Jack’s shorts desperately.

She wanted the monster dick rubbing against her round ass, inside her greedy pussy. She had never felt so desperate for a fuck before and simply thinking of getting pounded from behind by Jack was causing her pussy to leak. Struggling with one hand as her other hand remained pre-occupied in supporting her body weight, Tina took a few attempts between Jack’s pacey thrusts as she pulled down his shorts little by little. By the time Jack had inserted his hands inside her tank top to cup her naked breasts, Tina had somehow managed to lower his shorts enough to slide down his knees and drop to the floor.

“Oh my fucking god!” Tina felt Jack’s big dick flip out and smack her between her spread-apart legs as he pulled and played with her nipples.

“FUCK… I’m so wet…. Fuck me…please,” Tina begged to be assaulted from behind.

Jack smiled to himself as he adjusted the direction of his wide shaft with one hand. He was finally getting what he wanted. He had imagined doing the busty Tina since the moment he saw her and he now had her at his mercy begging to be fucked. Jack made the tip of his cock stroke against the moaning Tina’s dripping pussy a few times before deciding to end her misery. Tina’s skirt was already raised up her ass as Jack easily found the entry of her moist cunt. The tip of his huge erect cock glazed against her pussy opening from behind.

“Oh my god…fuck me.. Yes! Fuck me with that tree trunk of a cock! NOW!!” Tina wailed like a nymphomaniac.

Jack moaned loudly as his gigantic cock entered her wet pussy. He was surprised at how easily it slid in deep to hit the deepest part of her vagina perfectly in one motion.

“FUCK! YES. Faster! FASTER!” Tina shrieked in complete arousal as she felt the biggest cock she had ever experienced, penetrate her so easily.

I stared in horror and excitement as Jack picked up his speed and started ramming a screaming Tina in doggy style with the full force of his muscular frame. Tina clutched the table and bent further, moaning for more as she felt his monster cock pound her curvy ass against the table. She felt her body being crushed against the wood as the power generated by his whole body pounded her huge ass. Jack clutched her shoulder as he rammed his stone-hard cock deeper and faster into her desperate pussy. He felt both of them reaching the climax together.

“FUCK! FUCK! YES! YES! I’M GONNA… I’M GONNA…” Tina’s wild screams echoed in the game room as she climaxed with an indiscernible shriek.

Jack felt his own fluids spurt from the tip into her vagina as he turned his face upwards and moaned. Jack unloaded his cum inside Tina’s pussy with a few more passionate strokes while slowing down his pace. Tina felt her knees tremble and give away as she leaned against the table for support. Jack placed his body over hers as they lay on the table as one.

“Are you…okay?” Jack finally whispered in her ear, after catching his breath.

“Okay?” Tina spoke through a smile, while recovering her breath. “Are you….Kidding me? That was fucking… awesome. I loved it.”

Ch. 2 – The demon awakes

As I entered the shallow section of the swimming pool with Sandy, the water level reached upto her waists. I was still in shock over what I had just witnessed. Sandy interrupted my thoughts.

“You know our rule. Complete honesty! Tell me, how does it feel?”

I stared back at her and answered truthfully.

“I think this is the most turned on I’ve ever been,” I spoke, my voice shaking with excitement. “It’s like the best porn I’ve ever seen.”

“I know right? I thin-”

I interrupted Sandy, almost rudely.

“You think you’re something special, don’t you?” I drifted towards the corner Sandy was in as I continued menacingly, “You think you can play with guys however you want, don’t you?”

“Well, I know I can be a little-”

“Constantly teasing me from day one…” I pinned Sandy in the corner as I continued, “…making me beg and crave for your sexy body!”

I turned Sandy around forcefully and pressed her against the wall of the swimming pool as my rock-hard bulge pushed tightly against her firm ass.

“All this control that you seek…” I whispered menacingly in her ear as my hands pushed down her thong Esenyurt escort roughly to reveal her bare ass. “…is just your desperation to escape from a sexless marriage.”

“Aaarghh!” Sandy moaned in a mix of anxiousness and arousal as she felt me finger her wet cunt roughly in the water.

“You’re just a horny girl..” I continued my rough finger-fucking from behind with two fingers, “…wanting to be fucked silly by your best friend’s man.”

“Aah! Yes, you’re right!” Sandy moaned giving in to my forceful demeanour. “I just want to be desperately fucked by you. I want to be your personal slut! Fuck me like an animal, please, I beg you!”

I paused my finger-fucking to lean in and whisper the golden words in Sandy’s ear.

“Your honesty will be rewarded.”

Before Sandy could realise I had lowered my shorts, I had impaled my rock-hard cock deep inside her pussy from behind.

“FUCKKKKKK!” Sandy screamed with her head tilted upwards as I started pounding her harder.

“You…like…this…don’t you… Huh?” I spoke in Sandy’s ear between every violent thrust before biting her ear lobe passionately.

“Yes I love this! Harder! Harder!” Sandy screamed as she arched her back and clutched the rod on the edge of the pool.

I grabbed Sandy’s hair from behind with my left hand as my right hand wrapped itself around her breast. I tightened the grip on both hands as Sandy’s head tilted upwards forcefully and she felt her nipples react to the roughness of my right hand. I started pounding her roughly from behind in this position just like I had promised her during our car ride a few weeks ago.

“Fuck! Fuck! fuck! FUCKKKKKKKK!” Sandy closed her eyes as she felt her orgasm coming.

I continued my relentless and aggressive fucking feeling the fluids from my throbbing cock erupt inside her vagina at the same time as she reached her climax. I clutched her hair tightly and unloaded more cum inside her cunt. Gradually, I slowed down as her passionate screams turned to tired moans. I finally let go of her hair and breast to pull out my spent cock and noticed red marks of pressure around her ass and the breast I groped.

“Listen, I’m sorry if I was too rough-”

Sandy turned around and placed her finger on my lips.

“Don’t! Don’t apologize for who you are,” Sandy spoke calmly. “You love rough sex and so do I. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. It was beyond perfect.”

Overcome by the feeling of finding someone who finally understood me, I leaned in to kiss Sandy for the first time. She kissed back in the soft and sensual way you would expect from a lover. As our lips parted, our eyes were rewarded with the biggest smiles on each other’s faces.

Ch. 3 – What are wives for?

I fucked Sandy two more times in the swimming pool as we spent almost an hour more drifting in the water enjoying each other’s company. As we exited the pool and wiped our bodies, I felt completely spent.

“My dick kinda hurts,” I blurted out before clarifying, “…like in a tired overworked way.”

Sandy laughed as we made our way towards our room.

“It’s like any muscle,” she explained, the fitness freak in her taking over, “If you overuse it after ages of not using it, it will feel a little strained. The only solution, like every muscle, is to exercise it regularly and make it stronger.”

I caught the wink in Sandy’s eye and laughed with her.

“Now that you’ve tapped into my emotional side, please train my physical side as well, madam,” I spoke in a mocking tone as we passed the game room.

The scene of rampant sex between Tina and Jack was now empty. We proceeded to our rooms at the resort. The rooms for both the couples were opposite each other. I found mine locked. Sandy motioned me to come to her room as she opened the door.

“They must be…taking a walk around the beach maybe?” Sandy guessed as she sat on the bed.

“I’m still not sure of what to think about what I saw and what’s possibly happening between them right now,” I rambled as I sat beside Sandy on the bed.

“Don’t worry,” Sandy picked up the phone and started to dial a number, “They must be nearby. Let me call Jack.”

I suddenly saw a shocked expression on Sandy’s face as the call got picked on the other end.

“Put it on speaker,” I ordered Sandy, to which she obliged.

“Oh Tina! You’ve got such a fucking sexy body!” We heard Jack moaning over the speaker as me and Sandy stared at each other.

“Oh Jack, I’m badly turned on,” A highly excited Tina cooed.

To my surprise, I found myself getting turned on again. Just when I thought I was too tired to go again for the night, my wife’s pleasurable moans from the actions of another man had filled new life into my penis.

“Aaah Jack, I’ve never been licked like this before,” Tina’s moans got louder as I felt my bulge getting bigger.

Suddenly, Sandy laid down on the bed and spread her legs. She was highly turned on herself, possibly from all the fucking with me but Tina’s sensual sounds were having an effect on her as well. Sandy got into her masturbation position as her right hand slid inside her thong to finger her wet cunt and her left hand started massaging her boobs. It seemed like she was unsure of my participation after my announcement of overwork.

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