All the Devils are Here Pt. 04

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So in case you missed it, this is the unofficial sequel to Spector_Dugan’s three-part, dark masterpiece “LIKE THE DEVIL WITH A DEAL”. If you haven’t read that first I suggest you do so, and the first 3 parts of this story, as it will make everything here make much more sense.

As such the characters in this story are extensions of the characters created by Spector_Dugan and this is a completely unofficial follow-up un-endorsed by Spector_Dugan himself, but my aim has always been to make this the sex story equivalent of ALIENS to Spector’s ALIEN (if that makes sense).

Also I would like to thank Spector for his superb assistance and support in making this story possible. All the active participants in this story are over 18 years of age and as they are fictional most of them know what they are getting into.

This story however features some light references to BDSM, pegging and gay/bisexual sex so if that’s not your thing and you do not wish to go any further I completely understand.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed parts 1, 2 and 3 and are eager for more. Enjoy.

Part 4 – Fancy seeing you here…again!

As I stood on the deck and took step after tentative step forward I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was so shocking I found myself struggling to breathe.

It seemed that Brian and Vanessa…had an even bigger hot-tub. You could probably fit twenty people in there comfortably, but right now, the cover was on and it was empty and no-one was outside, but in a glass cabinet overlooking the hot-tub they had a huge 85 inch TV set-up with drinks cabinet beneath it, but knowing them there were no doubt other delights to be found within. In any other house I would have said the TV was there so hot-tub occupants could watch sport but in this house they were the sport. They also had a table for drinks and food to be served on for those who wished to partake as an added attraction to the deck.

But there was no sign of Kate.

She was nowhere to be found.

I slumped down to my knees on the wooden deck. I felt like I’d failed Kate but really I had just failed myself. If I had turned her into a wild lascivious creature who loved getting gang-banged by 20 guys at a time then what did it matter? If Kate was happy with that then…I had to be too. I should be happy for her, because she was still amazing Kate, and she deserved to be happy, even if I wasn’t, or maybe didn’t even deserve to be.

“FUUUUUUCCKK!” I yelled in absolute fury.

“Andy?” a voice came back. I looked around trying to figure out where the voice had come from.

“Kate?” I softly shouted.

“Down here,” she loudly whispered back. I walked to the deck edge and looked down and there, sat on the grass, with a dough-eyed expression was my ex-wife, Kate. I wanted to ask what she was doing there but it was pretty obvious the answer was ‘hiding’. I walked down the embankment and sat next to her. It was clear she had been crying from the dried streaks down her face. I wanted to help her. I wanted to make things right between us, if not forever, for now.

“Talk to me, Goose,” I said and watched as she giggled at that. She knew the reference and she knew I knew.

“I talked to Brian about what happened that night. He told me about Jesse and Tara and …the truth about their PLAN for that night!” Kate began with a fury that was clearly bubbling beneath the surface. All of that regret, all of that recrimination and sorrow were just the spoils of someone else’s sick game. She was trying not to cry more and swallowing her sobs as she stared three years into the distance.

“Vanessa said the same,” I admitted, putting my hand on her shoulder that was trembling slightly, her anger simmering beneath her skin. “I didn’t know. I am …SO sorry. I blamed you and none of it was your fault.”

“Thank you,” Kate replied, but my apology wasn’t getting me out of the doghouse any time soon, nor did it deserve too. I’d have to do better than that.

“And then I went off to find Troy,” Kate began, wiping her eyes again as the tears rolled down her face. “And I saw him, walking away with two SKANKS!”

She spat those words out in an anger that was almost comical. I wondered for a moment if I should say something about Troy and his threesome, whether that would tip her over the edge more, but then that part of myself that had guided me all night spoke-up and whispered in my ear.

be honest.

“Actually, I wouldn’t necessarily call them ‘skanks’,” I mentioned only to get a nasty stare from Kate. “Way to go, Andy. Really bring her in on your side,” I thought before continuing. “I have to be honest with you, and you want me to be honest, right?”

Kate looked pissed-off with me but she also saw my point. She swallowed her sadness again and nodded.

“When I went looking for you I saw them in there,” I commented, rubbing her back. “They were…together …in the biblical sense. I’m sorry.”

“Why do I wind up with such bastards?!” Kate raged, before bursting esmer gaziantep escort into floods. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean…”

“No. You’re right!” I corrected her. “I was a bastard. A selfish, stupid bastard who let the best thing in my life go, because I couldn’t bear to hear the truth…that I was at fault.”

“I…” Kate started but I put my finger to her lips.

“Shhhh,” I hushed her. ” You have NOTHING to apologise for.”

Kate looked at me and the tears stopped as her lip trembled. She held my hand to her mouth and just gazed at me. I was hooked. No force on earth could have pulled me away at that moment. All I could do was watch as she closed her eyes and began to kiss my finger. Just the gentle pressure of her lips on my fingers was having a massive effect on me, especially her doing that with her eyes closed seductively. Eventually however she did open her eyes to ask me a question.

“Did you join in?” Kate enquired as she kept her kisses up over my entire hand, but I recognised they’d become more tentative, as if my answer would determine if those kisses continued.

“No, I didn’t,” I informed her. Her kisses became hotter on my hand as her eyes closed again. “But, I have seen some crazy shit tonight. Oh, also, we didn’t save Mary and Joseph. They’re beyond saving now!”

“Lucky them,” Kate said and leaned in to kiss me and I responded, my hand intertwined with hers as we started necking like it was our first ever kisses, just enjoying the sensation of our lips touching, nothing more. At that moment we didn’t need anything else. Then she wrapped her left arm around my shoulder and moved my hand beneath her skirt. “Put your fingers in me.”

I slid my hand under her skirt and slipped my fingers inside her panties. She was already wet down there as we continued kissing, heavier, more urgently. Her hand went to my crotch, unfastening the button and zip and removing my cock that had been in a solid state for most of the evening.

“Ooh, he seems bigger than usual,” Kate joked. She wasn’t wrong. I felt super-charged. If this was what college students were taking I was starting to understand why Spring break was like it was. She started to tug on my rod as I increased the pressure on her clit, our kisses becoming hotter as we led down on the grass. Once our bodies were on the cool, damp grass all pretence at what we want left us and we began to yank and pull at each other’s clothes desperate for our hands to be able to reach the flesh underneath. Eventually I wound-up naked and Kate was down to her stocking hold-ups. I felt as horny as a teenager as I found myself wanting to do all things and everything at once, I kissed her boobs as I moved my finger inside her wondering if I should go down on her, or maybe even a rim-job to show her what I’ve learnt since we last were together having shitty, hate-filled, resentful sex. Kate then lowered her head to my chin and lifted my head.

“I want YOU, Andy,” Kate whispered. As she lay there with her wavy brown hair on the grass, her naked body laid out like the most delicious feast ever and with eyes that screamed want and lust and love, I reckoned at that moment, she had never looked more desirable to me. I moved back up and draped my cock at her entrance and just held him at her lips, as I kissed her and teased her with the end as my hips barely moved.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked as she looked at me with a longing I had never known before. Kate wrapped her legs around me, her ankles meeting my glutes and she forced me inside her.

“OH GOD, ANDY!” Kate screamed in shock as she held onto my back so tightly it was as if we were both falling out of the sky and only I had a parachute. She then lay back and looked at me with breath rising and falling. “Oh, Andy. You’re filling me!”

I don’t know if she remembered when she had said those words to me previously. It was on the night she stopped being a virgin. We had booked a hotel away, I had ran a rose-petalled and candle-lit bath, after we were fooling around for about an hour, but even then Kate was unsure if she could fit me in so we lubed her up for additional help and slowly, inch-by-inch I had moved myself inside her warm velvet snatch, the Rolls-Royce of pussies and she looked up at with sharp intakes of breath and said those words.

“Oh, Andy. You’re filling me!”

I moved slowly inside her as we stared deeply into each other, my hand stroking her face as I gently rubbed my hand against her cheek. I wanted to tell her how I felt, how I’d never stopped loving her, that I wanted her back, that I desperately needed her in my life but that voice, the one from before echoed in my head.

Don’t ruin it”, it said and as I started to move in and out of Kate and she held on tight to me, our bodies moving against each other I listened to that instinct again.

We started to quicken our movements as she thrust her pelvis against my pubic bone rubbing her nub against gaziantep esmer escort me to make sure she got as much out of the moment as she could. Clearly she had learnt some new tricks herself and I was looking forward to finding out just what the new Kate was capable of.

“Oh, Andy. You’re so big inside me,” Kate sighed as she smiled up at me, her hands bringing me down for more kisses as I put my hands on her shoulders to build some momentum.

“God, you’re amazing!” I yelled as I could feel her cunt trying to milk my cock. I was powering in her now and savouring her jiggling on the grass beneath me, those amazing boobs bouncing in the way only real breasts can. I leant in and stroked her cheek. “I’ll pull out when I come, don’t worry.”

“It’s okay now,” Kate replied, beaming. “I have an implant. It’s different to the pill. No clotting.”

If fucking Kate was like a lottery win, this was like a lottery win with a brand new Ferrari thrown in. After years of holding back I could finally give Kate the abandoned fucking she deserved, and I was not going to waste that opportunity. I began to move into her with real gusto as we mashed together with short breaths and clenched teeth.

“Oh, Andy. Oh, my big man. I have …Ungh! I have …hmmm …missed this!” Kate breathed with a smile, before that wild version that I saw in the bathroom took over again. “But I need you to fuck me HARD, now! Fuck me HARD, Andy!”

I obliged her, my hips battering hers. We had gone from making love to passionate furious sex and I fucking loved it. This was the Kate I met in Chez Jacques restaurant who sucked me off in the bathroom, a woman who wanted her pleasure and wanted to take it and I was about to shoot my load deep inside this wanton bitch and it felt fucking awesome.

“Kate, I’m gonna cum deep inside you, you dirty bitch!” I responded through clenched teeth.

“Oh, I am a dirty bitch, I’m your dirty bitch! Now fuck my brains out and cum inside me!” Kate replied, viscously. I powered through as much as I could then released my load inside her,

“OH, KATE! I’M CUMMING! TAKE IT ALL!” I yelled as I came like a train inside her. My entire body tensing and releasing in a way it never had before with this woman. Even with the meds flowing through my system it appeared I still needed a moment to regain myself as I collapsed on Kate. “Sorry, I didn’t let you finish.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Kate said as she stroked my hair. For a minute I felt guilt over being selfish, but then on my cheek I felt Kate smile as she looked up, and I realised at that moment, what we were doing wasn’t a race or a marathon or a competition …it was meant to be fun, enjoyable, physical, rampant, and it was. Part of me wanted to stay like that, just lie there and hide here till everyone goes home, I suspected Kate was feeling the same but eventually I rolled over onto the grass next to her and looked at the stars above us, their lights twinkling and glistening like the sweat on the back of some dark being before the cold reminded us we were outdoors and it was November tomorrow. Kate got up and started to dress and I started to do the same, but as I did so that niggle that had kept me on track this night and acted like my conscience, but a slightly twisted one, popped up in my ear again as it said “It’s not over yet”.

“It’s not over yet,” I said to Kate.

“What?” Kate replied, fear in her eyes as she shook her head. “No, I can’t. No. You can’t ask me too.”

“Yes. We have to stay,” I responded calmly. “I know how we failed last time and I know how we can do this right this time. We’ve got this.”

Kate just looked at me with frightened eyes and shook her head. She was afraid all right. I was afraid, but I knew that voice, that clear precise instinct that was pushing me along had pushed me right so far. I had to listen to it still, whether it was just the medication or the devil on my shoulder. Even so, I didn’t want to put Kate in harms way and was gonna do everything I could to stay awake and stay aware, I had about six hours left on my current tablet and another eight on the one in my pocket, but still, she was shaking her head and trembling with her arms crossed, defiantly.

“I can’t!” Kate cried. There was something here she wasn’t telling me, in spite of their being these glimpses of wildness she was still trying to hold something in. I had to break down those walls and get her to fully open up.

“Kate…be honest,” I stated, serenely. She looked about and burst into an insane amount of tears.


I looked at her in amazement. What she’d just said was arguably the most bizarre thing she’d ever come out with during the entire time I’d known her. No other statement, question, query or idea had been so wildly outrageous and an un-Kate like thing to say, yet I couldn’t remember a time when I loved her more. I gently held her arms and spoke.

“Kate, it doesn’t work like that,” I began, fixing her gaze on me and what I was trying to convey. “The things you’re talking about, they are you. They are the best of you and I don’t think they’re gonna go away if you decide to become more sexually liberated.”

“How do you know?!” Kate asked, her voice full of uncertainty.

“Because they’re still here now! Think about it, old Kate would NEVER have dragged me out of sight in a public place to fuck or suck-me-off in a bathroom, but that’s part of you now. It’s like when you learnt to drive, just because you learnt to drive you didn’t forget how to walk did you?” I replied. She thought about that, thought about what she’d been through and the new parts of herself and this seemed to make sense to her. “But you have to be honest with yourself too, Kate. You CAME to an orgy tonight, no-one made you, and you know what goes on here. You came here to get FUCKED.”

She looked shocked at my assessment but she didn’t disagree.

“And I want to be there when you do. I want us to do what we should have done last time and share this together. I want it to be about us being in constant communication, that’s how couples win here. Even when they’re fucking others, the other half is part of it. That’s…That’s how I failed you last time.” It was my turn to cry now. Kate gave me a hug and I hugged her back. God, even her hugs were perfect. She stepped back and wiped away her tears as I wiped mine, but I could tell she still wasn’t sure, thankfully, I had one final trick up my sleeve, and this was my best one yet.

“Kate,” I stated as I let my cape and button vest fall to the ground. “I’m just a vampire,” I continued as my shirt went next and I shucked my vampire boots off. “Standing naked…” I went on, as I pulled my stripper pants to the side and they flung off, leaving Kate open-mouthed at my hardening cock, before she started to laugh. “In front of the sexiest Red Riding Hood ever, asking her to go to a bonkers Halloween sex party with him. Will you do that?”

She was beaming now as all doubts as to whether she’d still be Kate were gone as she flung herself on me and we fucked once again.

When we eventually stopped fucking and talking and regathered our clothes we realised it was now near midnight. We needed to get inside the party and explore the rooms together. After watching Troy enter the bedroom with those two non-skanks (we laughed as we came up with the term) we decided that would be as good a place to start as any as there was no way he would still be in there. If I’d thought about it logically I’d have realised I’d just been out-back with Kate for quite some time and there was every chance he’d still be in there.

We entered the room together and walked in. As soon as the male voice kicked in I knew it was Troy. I could see Kate take a deep breath and flush with anger before we stepped inside to see what was happening?

“Are you okay?” I whispered.

“Yes,” commented Kate. I wasn’t sure if she was telling the truth. “Let’s go in.”

We headed inside and sure enough there was Troy in what I will forever regard as Troy’s blow-job chair, as there he was again lazing back letting another woman suck him off, but this time it was one I recognised. That mane of frizzy hair that was so satisfying to run your fingers through whilst the mouth was giving heaven to your cock was one that was unmistakable. She was naked and her pretty little ass seemed to be matching her rotations at the top, wiggling while she worked. I’d never noticed that before, never seeing her from this angle. On the dresser the Big Bad Wolf’s head was still watching comically as its owner was getting head. Kate still looked a little bothered by this but I gave her hand a squeeze and she glanced at me and we shared a look before I announced our presence.

“Hey, Nikki,” I said. Nikki turned around and smiled at me. Our meeting earlier in the Trapeze room seemed to allay any worries she had about me flipping out when she was with other people.

“Hey, babe,” Nikki replied, rubbing her lips. “Hey, you guys! Love that outfit, Kate.”

“Thanks. I’m liking yours,” Kate responded. Nikki looked like she was about to say something before she got the joke. Troy looked like he didn’t know what to do, till he reacted in the most predictable way ever.

“Kate, it’s not what it looks like,” Troy began as he held his hands in the air as a mock gesture of innocence. I don’t know what he thought his story would be? That he accidentally fell out of his costume, into the chair and into Nikki’s mouth. How would that even work?

“Shut up, Troy,” Kate ordered, before giving out more orders. “Nikki, ride his cock.”

Nikki nodded at my wife in glee as she got up from her knees and impaled herself on Troy’s rod. As she did so my wife bent over in front of me to reveal the one item she didn’t put back on when she got dressed out on the embankment.

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