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Chapter 194 � Normal Imps



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer.




A. Robert Harriman: Grandfather of Robert Harriman and Patriarch of the Harriman Family

Abraham Lincoln Washington: Six Star General of the Armies � Tactical Alpha Zulu 69

Adam John Clark: Colonel, U.S. Army � Adopted Son of Amos Vance & Michael “Allen” Roberts

Adam Mann: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adrian Johnson: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Akecheta “Ake” Bidzel: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Alex Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Alexander Federova: Highly valued Russian Scientist rescued by Special Forces

Alexander Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alexander McGregor � Partner of Dale Gordon

Alexi Federova: Son of Alexander and Petrova Federova

Allen Robert Harriman: Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Ambrose Abbott: Colonel, U.S. Army – Protector for Johann Emmanuel & Piero Bianchi

Amell Scholz: Aide and former lover of Cardinal Dominic

Amos Vance: One of the Van Family Cousins from West Virginia

Andrew & Jeremy Allen: Adopted sons of Mason Allen and Jason Vance

Anthony “Tony” Darling: Colonel � U.S. Army � Head of Security for the Harriman imps

Anthony Ashanti: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Tactical)

Anthony Caruso: Four Star General, U.S. Army (Base Commander of Fort Connor)

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: General, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Ariel Rebel Jr. aka JR: Son of Jacob Leib

Arkyn Erling: Brigadier (1 Star) General, U.S. Army � Partner of Enapay Perez

Beauty Malinois: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, Ret., U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Bob Jones: Four Star General, U.S. Army (Base Commander Fort Connor)

Caleb Afolabi: Major General (2 Star), U.S. Army � Fort Connor Adjutant

Carlos Martinez: Adolescent son of Juan Martinez and Roger DeSoto

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Connor McLain: Six Star General of the Armies RET � Administration Alpha Zulu 69

Connor Williams: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Deceased lover of Doug Meat)

Dale Gordon � Son of the Base General of Fort Connor

Dale Gordon Longdick Allman: Adopted Son of Matt Longdick and Jason Allman

Danny Henry: Four Star Brigadier U.S. Army (Base Commander Fort Connor)

Darnel Trevon: Colonel, U.S. Marines � Protector for Win Thorp & Piero Bianchi

Date Masamune: Five Star General of the Army, U.S. Army � Protector of David Winter-Jansson

David & Donald Worthington: Adopted sons of T&T Worthington

David Leib: Five Star General, Israeli Defense Force � Adopted son of Ari Rebel

David Winter-Jansson: Son of Oliver Winter and Viktor Janson

Dillion Dwight: General (4 star), U.S. Army � Medical Director of Fort Connor

Doug Meat: Six Star General of the Armies U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Douglas VanDyke � Son of the Vice-President of the United States

Duke Stone III: Five Star General of the Army U.S. Army � Protector of Dale Gordon Longdick-Allman

Duncan Campbell: Captain � U.S. Army � Protector of Tony & Thomas Worthington

Dwight Jones: Partner of Dale Gordon Strong

Enapay Perez: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Frazer Sullivan: One Star Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Fort Connor Alpha Zulu 69)

George Battenberg: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States

Gerald Isaac: Captain, U.S. Army � Security for Tommy Longdick-Allman

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries (a major multi-national defense contractor)

Hachiman Kanmu, Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori

Hank Henry-Jones: Adopted Son of Bob Jones & Danny Henry

Harold Alexander III: Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector for the sons of John Allen Masters

Harold John Alexander-Masters: Son of Harold Alexander III & John Allen Masters

Harold Manfred, Captain: U.S. Army � Protector of David Winter-Jansson

Hayao Kinugasa, Major, Ret.: U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman)

Hector Louise Roberto Montoya: Six Star General of the Armies � Administration Alpha Zulu 69

Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori: Son of Hito Janson-Winter Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Hito Jansson-Winter: Son of David Jansson-Winter and Date Masamune

Ivan Morovoza: Colonel � U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Protector of Alexi Federova)

Jacob Leib: Adopted Son of Arie Rebel

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington (Israeli Nationals)

James “Jimmy” Yasumori: Five Star General of the Army, U.S. Army � Partner of Hito Jansson-Winter

Jamie Bob Vance: Love of Aiden McIntyre

Jamie Williams � Partner of Douglas VanDyke

Jamison Miller: One Star Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Worthington Executive Security)

Jason Allman: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Jason Andrews � Adopted son of Dale Gordon Strong and Dwight Jones

Jason Bob Vance: (Brother of Billy Bob Vance and partner of Mason Allen)

Jax Arthur King: Colonel, U.S. Army – Security for Shawn Longdick-Allman

Johann Emmanuel: Adopted son of Cardinal Dominic

John Allen Masters: Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector for the sons of Jimmy & Hito

John Allen Masters: Son of General John Masters and Ambassador at Large for POTUS

John Masters: Four Star General & Base Commander Fort Connor, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

John Roberts � Sr. Imp at Fort Corner and Big Brother to Jason Andrews

John Worthington II: Adopted Son of Taylor and Tyler Worthington II

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Juan Martinez: 5 Star General of the Army, U.S. Army � Security for Mario Garcia

Juan Martinez: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Protector of Shawn Stone)

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Lars Alison: Major General (2 Star), U.S. Army � Deputy Base Command, Fort Connor

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Lucas Daniel Fairbairn: Captain, U.S. Army � Protector of Michael “Allen” Roberts

Luke Worthington II: Adopted Son of Taylor and Tyler Worthington II

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

Lupo Vlcak: Alpha Zulu War Dog (Czechoslovakian Wolf German Shepherd Mix)

Magnus Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Mario “Mani” Garcia: Son of the President of Mexico (Adopted son of Juan Martinez and Roger DeSoto)

Mark Marzilli: Captain, U.S. Army � Protector of Sebastian Perez

Mark Roberts: Captain, U.S. Army � Security for Bobby Longdick-Allman

Mason Allen: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Matsukaze Kumorigachi, Commanding General � Alpha Zulu Program in Japan

Matt Longdick Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Matthew Bradly: Brigadier (1 Star) General, U.S. Army � Protector of Taylor Tyler Worthington

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Medvěd Vlcak: Worthington War Dog (Sired by Lupo � Assigned to Roger & Jeremy Protection Detail)

Michael “Allen” Roberts: Adopted Son of Matt Longdick and Jason Allman

Napoleon Malinois: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Neal Robertson, Colonel � U.S. Army � Protector of Robert and Allen Harriman

Noah Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Oliver Winter: Six Star General, U.S. Army � Adjutant for Generals LongDick and Allman

Peter Watson, Colonel � U.S. Army � Protector of Robert and Allen Harriman

Petrova Federova: Wife of Alexander Federova

Piero “Peter” Bianchi: Son of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar

Piero Bianchi: Son of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar

Randall Masters: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Randall Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Protector of Steven Stone)

Randy & Robert Masamune: Adopted sons of Hito Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Randy Best: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Randy Johnson: Captain, U.S. Army � Security for Shawn LongDick-Allman

Robert Adrian Harriman: Colonel, U.S. Army – Partner of Adam John Clark

Robert Allen Gregory, Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Amos Harriman: Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Robert Manning, Captain: U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman)

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Rod Jackson: Lieutenant General (3 Star), U.S. Army � Base Commander of Fort Connor

Rod LittleFeather: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Roger DeSoto: beşevler escort 5 Star General of the Army, U.S. Army � Security for Mario Garcia

Roger Worthington: Adopted son of T&T Worthington (Former Angel)

Roi Friedman: Colonel � U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Protector of “Tod” and “PJ”

Sebastian Guerrero: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Tactical)

Steven & Shawn Stone: Adopted sons of Dale Gordon Stone

Steven Douglas Worthington: (aka S.D.) (Adopted sons of Robert Allen Gregory and R.A. Worthington)

Steven Goodman: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven John Roberts: Captain � U.S. Army � Protector and in loco parentis for the Harriman imps

Steven Robertson-Battenberg: Adopted son of William Robertson and George Battenberg

Sven Bjorn: Six Star General of the Armies RET � Tactical Alpha Zulu 69

Takeda Shingen: Colonel � Alpha Zulu Captain, Japanese Defense Force (Protector of Roger Worthington)

Taylor and Tyler Worthington II: Adopted Sons of Roger and Jeremy Worthington

Taylor and Tyler Worthington: (aka T&T) (Adopted sons of Logan Worthington and Alex Meat-Goodman)

Tokugawa Yoshimune Meat-Goodman Kinugasa, Colonel � U.S. Army � Head of Worthington R&D

Tony & Thomas Worthington � Adopted Sons of Luke Worthington II

Uri Leib: Biological son of Ari Rebel

Viktor Jannson: Six Star General, U.S. Army � Adjutant for Generals LongDick and Allman

Wilhelm “Willy” Rogers: Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Larry Winter-Jannson

William Robertson: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States

Winthrop Thorp III: Adopted son of Generals Perez and Guerrero

Yonatan Netanyahu: Colonel � Alpha Zulu Captain, Japanese Defense Force (Protector of Roger Worthington)

Yuuto Meat-Goodman Kinugasa: Adopted Son of Noah Meat-Goodman and Hayao Kinugasa


“Angus” (Name Classified): (Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody at Fort Connor)

“Biff” Jones (Name Classified): (Son of POTUS and guest in residence at Fort Connor)

“George” (Name Classified): (Senior head of the Worthington Brain Trust and Top Scientist in residence)

“Tod” (Name Classified): (Teenage son of George and protectee of Alpha Zulu)

“PJ” (Name Classified): (Teenage son of POTUS and protectee of Alpha Zulu)




Luke didn”t have to worry about Tony and Thomas joining the long list of notable former imps which were hoisted up the flag poles at Fort Connor. It only took a few weeks of adjustment and Tony and Thomas were walking pranksters who would learn the hard way… The soldiers of Alpha Zulu will get even!


In all honesty, the senior imps gave our two young novices too many suggestions and knew well what the retribution of the soldiers would be upon the perpetrators. Tony and Thomas thought it was fun hanging naked from the top of the flag poles and even Luke took it in good spirits until it became a daily routine for over a month.


Advising the Generals he would be arriving in the morning and not to breathe a word of his arrival to his sons. Luke arrived at Fort Connor in time for lunch and Tony and Thomas went running to their dad the minute they saw him as they entered the dining hall.


“Dad” wasn”t a happy camper and Tony and Thomas found themselves with their BDUs around their ankles and wisdom and knowledge imparted forcefully to their bare bums. As their screams echoed through camp with each application of Luke”s forceful hand… the men of Alpha Zulu knew this was long overdue. They doubted if it would quell the mischief in these two imps for long, but any relief was gratefully appreciated. As two sobbing imps stood upright massaging their sore bums, Luke pulled up their BDUs and told them to go to the back of the line and get their lunch.


No one was surprised when both imps ate the next few meals standing at the imps table and the Senior Imps were all too smug setting up the newbies. Paybacks are hell and they would pay the price in the near future.


After their lunch, they limped after their father and begged him to have time to talk with them. (Luke would always make time for his sons.) “Dad, please don”t send us back to the orphanage… we”ll be better… we really will try.” “We love you so much and miss you every day.” Luke was in tears as he held his two sons and told them he never considered sending them back, but he was responsible for raising them to be proper young men.


I expect a few mornings of you flying from the flagpoles but constantly for over a month. That indicates imps out of control and as your father it is my responsibility to show you the error of your ways.


Captain Campbell is here to protect you not to discipline you. And, NO, he didn”t “narc” on you. I get more than an ample supply of photos from many of my friends here at Fort Connor when you end up naked on the flag poles.


Two days later Tony and Thomas were still standing to eat meals and sleeping on their stomach. Doc brought up Captain Campbell on his com and ordered the two imps to HIS medical immediately, if not sooner!


Tony and Thomas thought they were marching to a firing squad as they entered Medical. Doc was kind but not the good natured man he was before. “OK, who is going first?” Tony being the leader dropped his BDUs and lay his naked body “sunny side up” on the exam table for Doc. (Yes, his ass was still glowing RED two days later.) Doc was having mercy as he applied some lidocaine gel, and the pain was instantly relieved. As Tony jumped off the table and put on his BDUs he wrapped his arms around Doc”s neck, hugging him and kissing him in appreciation.


Seeing the relief his brother received, Thomas shucked his BDUs in a hurry and assumed the position on the exam table. He gave a big sigh of relief as the burning pain in his ass diminished. Putting on his BDUs he followed his brother”s example as he hugged and kissed our old curmudgeon of a doctor who was mighty embarrassed.


Doc only commented, if you need more applied, you know where to find me 24 hours a day. DISMISSED!


Doc was on the com to Luke demanding an immediate connection. “Luke, you were out of control when you disciplined your sons. If you were anyone else, I”d be filing a report with Children”s Services. If this happens again, I won”t give you the benefit of being a new parent!”


Luke felt so bad he might have hurt his sons… his jet was requesting permission to land late that afternoon and as the Generals met him, he only asked where he could find his sons. The imps were just getting out of class so if you hurry you can catch them as they exit their classroom.


Tony and Thomas saw their father and went running into his arms. Luke was in tears as he told his sons he never meant to hurt them. The imps assured their father they got what they deserved but it wasn”t comfortable sleeping until Doc treated our bums. Luke took the hand of each imp and walked them to the mess hall and asked the Mess 1st Sergeant politely for a bowl of vanilla ice cream, plenty of hot fudge topping and three spoons. (Guaranteed to ruin the imps appetite for their evening meal… NOT!) Imps have two hollow legs when it comes to putting food away.


Luke graciously accepted the offer from the Generals to spend the night in their guest bedroom. Tony and Thomas snuggled in bed with their father and a sly Wolf Dog guarded the entrance assuring no harm would befall the occupants.


The next morning OPS sounds off on the Generals coms barely able to control their laughter. You have an emergency in your guest bedroom. Luke forgot to grab a handful of doggie treats and our Wolf Dog isn”t letting him out of the room without payment in full. Arkyn and I were laughing our asses off as we put on our robes, grabbed a handful of doggie treats and rescued Luke.


As soon as our guardian Wolf Dog exited the doorway, Luke made a mad dash for our latrine. He was in major agony from a massive bladder spasm. Sharing this moment with our Administrative team at our morning meeting… Doc quietly slipped away and notified OPS to ground Luke”s plane and for him to report to Medical immediately.


A mega upset Luke entered Medical and complained to Doc he had a full load of meetings on his schedule for today. Good, the sooner I finish, the sooner you can make your meetings. Of course, Doc wanted, blood, blood and more blood. When the rubber gloves came out and he heard the snap of the glove around Doc”s wrist he knew what to expect. Accepting defeat, he bent over the exam table and it felt like Doc shoved his whole hand up his ass.


Luke only quipped: “You could at least bought me a drink and dinner first”! Don”t only smiled and commented if you didn”t enjoy that procedure you definitely aren”t going to enjoy the next one.


A well lubed fiberoptic scope slowly was inserted up Luke”s Penis till Doc could visualize the area of Luke”s Prostate. Luke was getting concerned just looking at the face of a man we trust with our lives. “OK, Doc… give it to me straight!”


Luke, you have an enlarged prostate and we now have to figure out whether it is benign or cancerous. (Cancer, that sure sent Luke”s heart racing!) The procedure is easy, and you”ll be unconscious for most of it. But, you”ll need to stay on base for 4-5 days to recover. Don”t make me go over your head because if you do it will be Tony and Thomas dragging your ass into medical for me to do the procedure.


OK, Doc… I”ll clear my calendar and fly in late Thursday afternoon and you can do the procedure on Friday. Try to keep this quiet from the men of Alpha Zulu is impossible but try not to terrify my sons. They have already lost one set of parents… I know the men of Alpha Zulu would take care of them if anything happened to me, but it still would be more trauma in their lives if I were to die. Once we get the test results, I”ll sit down with them and tell them myself.


Now, if you will be so kind to notify OPS that I”m cleared to leave Fort Connor, there is a Board of Directors that won”t be happy if I”m late for their meeting.


John and Jason were truly two imps in love, but they were also out of control sex maniacs if not sex addicts. Tony and Thomas drew the short straw and had the bedroom next to John and Jason. For hours beylikdüzü escort every night the sounds of their sexual antics resounded throughout the imp”s bunker and especially caused the wall of their bedroom resound with every moan, groan, scream and slap of skin on skin. Finally, Tony had enough. He needed his sleep and even being a senior imp Jason had to learn control and John had to accept it.


Not even bothering to put on clothes, Tony exited his bedroom at 0300 hours and proceeded to pound on John and Jason”s bedroom door with both fists. Two naked imps in the obvious throes of passion opened the door.


Before either of them could speak Tony sounded off: “You two are so inconsiderate of others. I don”t care what sex you enjoy or how often you enjoy it but there are imps in this bunker who need their sleep. Now, either get with the program and be more considerate of the other imps living here or I”m asking the Generals to put you in separate bedrooms! Don”t test me because I ain”t bluffing!!!”


The entire bunker of imps resounded with applause and verbal affirmation that what Tony said was correct. Two very red faced (as well as most of the rest of their bodies) returned to bed and not a sound was heard out of them the rest of the night.


At breakfast, John and Jason sat on either side of Tony and Thomas and sincerely apologized for their inconsiderate actions. We had no idea of how much we were disturbing all the other imps. Thanks for having the “balls” to “call us out”! We will meet with the Chaplain this morning and ask him to accept us into his sexual addiction counseling program. We are in love, we enjoy sex but we have to learn to control ourselves which apparently right now isn”t happening. John and I owe you two so if you ever need anything, just ask!


Tony was now held in high esteem and regardless of his age he was admired by the younger imps even more than their older “brothers”. Tony would become the leader of the imps preparing him for his role as the leader of Worthington Industries which was his future.


Thursday afternoon and Tony and Thomas were loudly knocking at the door of our six star Generals. “Where is our dad?” He may think he is hiding but that big shiny black bird of his on the airfield is a dead giveaway. We can”t find him and if you don”t tell us, every imp at Fort Connor will be tearing up the camp looking for him.


Arkyn and I looked at each other and knew we only had one course of action. Asking Tony and Thomas to walk with us, we each took a hand and walked them to Medical. When they realized where we were going, they broke out into uncontrollable tears. Wrapping them in our arms we assured them their father was fine, Doc was just being Doc and Luke was trying to avoid causing this to happen in your lives. He never wanted to cause you any distress.


As Doc met us at the door of HIS Medical, Tony and Thomas jumped from our arms and demanded to see their father NOW! Doc informed them visiting hours were over and it surprised both Arkyn and me the two imps flipped Doc the “bird” and went scurrying down the hall looking for their father.


(Only two precious imps can flip Doc the “bird” and live to survive the event. Even when the Camp Grapevine announced the event to the men of Alpha Zulu, they couldn”t believe Doc didn”t put them in confinement.)


Finding their father in a private room, they knocked as they opened the door and the tear stained faces of his sons entered running into his arms. Luke only commented: “This was to have been kept a secret until Doc got the results of my tests”! Tony and Thomas tears were reduced to major sniffles as they informed their father it is impossible to be “covert” parking that big gleaming back bird at the airfield.


As Doc and we Generals joined Luke and his sons in his room… Luke proceeded to tell them Doc was just being Doc and wanted to run some needless tests just to make him happy. Yes, Doc accepted the condescending attitude of Luke because right now there was no reason to scare his sons.


Doc advised Tony and Thomas his patient needed his rest so he could be in shape for the tests tomorrow morning. As soon as he is recovered from his procedure, I”ll have Captain Campbell escort you to Medical so you can be with your father. If will be a few days before we know the results of the tests.


Captain Campbell met us at the entrance to Medical as we exited commented those two imps are as slipper as eels. We advised the Captain the imps would be spending the next few night with us Generals in our guest rooms. Asking the Command Master Sergeant to assign a Wolf War Dog for nightly puppy duty in our billet for the next few nights Arkyn only smiled and commented he”d make sure we were amply supplied with doggie treats. Even the imps were finally laughing at that comment.


We headed to retreat and then a delicious dinner in the Mess. All of their fellow imps were so concerned about Tony and Thomas over their father being in Medical. Our two young imps had the support of every man and imp at Fort Connor to help them through this trauma in their lives.


Why wasn”t I surprised the Wolf Dog that spent the night with the imps were their constant companion and walked with them to Medical, waited patiently outside for them to exit and was at their side continually during the duration of Luke being in Medical. Our monthly budget for Doggie Treats was consumed in one weekend. (I sure hope the supply Sergeant has an emergency stash or we are going to have some very upset Wolf War Dogs until the supply plane arrives.)


Luke wasn”t happy when Doc advised him the tests were unconclusive. Doc wanted to do repeat blood tests every 60 days and another biopsy at 6 months intervals. I suggest you be totally honest with your sons because keeping a secret here at Fort Connor is impossible.


Sunday morning before flag raising OPS announced “Air Force One requesting permission to land”… Now what… an unannounced POTUS is never a good sign. Only POTUS and his Secret Service detail exited Air Force One. We welcomed our Commander-in-Chief and invited him to join us for breakfast. POTUS smiled and only commented he had timed his arrival perfectly.


After breakfast, POTUS advised he wanted to walk around and just relax from the stress of Washington and the White House. As he sat in our meditation garden considering the value of Fort Connor and Alpha Zulu to our great nation… his hand felt the wet nuzzle of one of our Wolf War Dogs and even POTUS knew enough not to wander around Fort Connor without a pocket of Doggie Treats. As a grateful Wolf Dog put his paws on the shoulders of POTUS and licked his face, POTUS wrapped his arms around this furry “mutt” and thanked him. Yes, the Wolf War Dog program was valuable to our military in so many diverse ways.


POTUS sat in the back of the Chapel participating in the first Mass of the Sabbath. He exited quietly and most of the men of Alpha Zulu never knew their Commander-in-Chief had joined them in this mass.


Walking to our Office, POTUS respectfully knocked at our door and asked if we had time to join him. He needed to head to Medical and face off against our demonic Doctor. POTUS needed to have a “Come to Jesus” moment with Luke.


From the look on the face of POTUS, Doc knew when to accept defeat gracefully and informed POTUS of the room where he could find Luke. POTUS entered and ask Tony and Thomas if he could have a few minutes privately with their fathers. Even at their young age they knew a request from POTUS equaled an order to anyone in the military.


Tony and Thomas informed their father there was an impatient Wolf Dog waiting for us to return so he can mooch some more doggie treats. We”ll be back before lunch. “He is all yours Mr. President… but we do want him back!”


As Arkyn and I got comfortable, POTUS talked with Luke as a father would to his son. Luke, don”t blame Doc, I have sources here at Fort Connor that keep me appraised on most things that happen. You are not only a national treasure, but your life is crucial to the stability of our country. Your demise would send the stock market into a spiral and the economists scare the hell out of me when they forecast the impact it would have on Harriman and D&D stock also as well as your Worthington stock. The “avalanche effect” it would have on our military is unfathomable!


As your President, I have to be concerned about the total ramifications of your life upon our country and our military. As your friend… I want you to be around for a long, long time so you can spoil your sons and raise them to be fine future Worthingtons to lead our military forward.


So, as much as we all hate hospital and the “tender loving care” of our demonic Doctor… PLEASE… Listen to him and take his advice and recommendations. I might be out of office but I still want to see your smiling face in the VIP section when your sons graduate from Harvard when I have the privilege of being the commencement speaker. (And, YES… the Chancellor at Harvard owes me a few favors.)


Whatever I can do for you either personally and as POTUS, if I can… you know I will. Now, I can already smell the wonderful aroma of lunch wafting throughout camp and I”ll have to leave immediately thereafter. I”m as close as your com, don”t hesitate to ask for my help.


The men of Alpha Zulu warmly greeted POTUS both as their Commander-in-Chief and as their friend. POTUS had always supported Alpha Zulu and the men were well aware of his history of support. POTUS had aged greatly during his tenure as President and we all hoped he would have a long and healthy life after he left office.


Finally, on Monday morning Doc released Luke from Medical and he knocked at my office door and asked if Arkyn could join us. Luke informed us he gave the imps the truth and the reason for his stay in Medical at Fort Connor. You have two very traumatized imps at the moment and I”d suggest keeping a War Dog with them for a few days until they can accept the reality of my condition.


Doc”s current diagnosis was “pre-cancerous” when he got the biopsy results back on my prostate. I”ll be giving him blood every 60 days and he”ll do another biopsy every 6 months. We”ll watch and adjust as the situation resolves itself.


POTUS was right about Worthington Industries. I”ll plan bilecik escort on meeting with the attorneys this week and revising my will. The Worthington Stock which controls 51% of the voting stock with the Board of Directors can only be given to Tony and Thomas. That puts a big bulls eye on their back if my condition is ever leaked.


Now, here is the big ASK! I want you and Arkyn to accept being the guardians of Tony and Thomas if I were to die or to become incapacitated. That would give you two total control of Worthington Industries until Tony and Thomas graduate from college, hopefully Harvard.


In addition, Arkyn would make the perfect Chief Operating Office of Worthington Industries and you Enapay would be the best man possible to take over from me as the Chief Executive Officer. Financially, you would lack for nothing and both the Penthouse and Camp Phoenix would be yours to use until Tony and Thomas assume the helm of Worthington Industries.


I”m being presumptuous but POTUS is right… my death will send the stock market in a spiral and only having two people of your caliber immediately stepping in will stabilize it.


I plan on living a long time and I want to see my two sons graduate from college with honors. Even after graduation and assuming their roles with Worthington Industries they will need your guiding hands to help them with a fast learning curve if I can”t be there to guide them.


Don”t make me use my “wild card” because if you are hesitant about accepting this responsibility, you will have the constant encouragement of Tony and Tyler until you admit defeat and say YES!


Arkyn and I looked at each other and knew we could never say NO! Both because of our love for two precious imps and also for the stability of a company that is responsible for so many innovations that have and will result in saving the lives of American Soldiers.


We advised Luke to work it out with your attorneys and send us the documents if you need our signatures. We love you as a brother and Tony and Thomas as if they were our sons. You knew the answer before you ever walked into our office.


Now, get the hell out of here before you make two old Generals cry. You have a board meeting to attend and we have a mountain of paperwork the Pentagon wants done YESTERDAY!


We walked Luke to his plane and with a three way man hug told him he was in our prayers. Little did we know another MIRACLE would soon happen at Fort Connor.


It had been so calm and quiet for over a year and this scared me more than a frontal assault. Apathy leads to too many deaths in combat. The men have to be razor sharp and ready for any type of intrusion. Yes, the imps bunker is impenetrable, and I have little fear for their safety. But, I”m still responsible for the lives of every soldier stationed here at Fort Connor. (Not to mention every Wolf War Dog also!)


It only seemed like yesterday Dale and Dwight brought Jason to live at Fort Connor and here it is almost two years later and with summer break, Jason has to face John moving to the Castle and attending school at Harvard. Little did I know that quickly Tony, Thomas and Jason would become the “three amigos” and the terror every man of Fort Connor had to face.


Tony and Thomas knew to ration their pranks as they didn”t want a repeat performance from the hand of their father on their tender bums. But, a prank a week seemed acceptable and they remembered well all the suggestions the senior imps had given them since their arrival.


I hoped the three amigos realized the pics of their naked body flying from the top of our flag poles and the ones of them wrapped in clear cling hanging from the Welcome sign at Fort Connor would follow them years into their future. They were just imps having fun and so long as they rationed their pranks, the men accept it in good humor and the imps accepted their retaliation in the same spirit.


At Thanksgiving, the Harriman”s invited Arkyn and me along with the Worthingtons, Dale, Dwight and John+1 to share Thanksgiving with them at their Mansion. Talk about a holiday feast… it had to rival Fort Connor or the Marriott as to the quality of the food. We were all stuffed as we sat peaceably in the Great Room enjoying outstanding Cognac, which none of us were brave enough to ask the price. I think it was more potent than Pa Vance”s moonshine!


After brunch, we sent the imps off to battle the electronic demons. Luke asked if there was someplace we could talk privately. As we all joined the Harrimans in their private study… Luke proceeded to admit the last tests Doc ran showed prostate cancer of a very aggressive nature which had already metastasized to enough organs Doc felt it was now terminal. Luke could probably live a few months longer with Chemo Therapy combined with the use of Nuclear Medicine but that isn”t living. I”d rather enjoy my last days with my sons and my extended family.


If I”m lucky, I have a year left to live. Then filling everyone present with POTUS”s concerns and what Luke had done willing his Worthington controlling stock to his sons, appointing Arkyn and me as their guardians. Yes, your stock may take an initial hit when my death is announced but should recover quickly once it is learned our Generals will now be at the helm of Worthington Industries.


Asking Robert and Allen if there was someplace private where Luke could talk with his sons… they both recommended the family chapel, it is private and you won”t be disturbed.


As Tony and Thomas joined Luke in the Chapel, Luke rose from his prayers and extended his arms as two crying imps rushed forward hugging their father.


After the imps were cried out, they sat with their fathers and listened to the revelations he had to share with them. He promised them he would always tell them the truth and frankly I have no desire to live hooked up to machines. Just love me every day we have to spend together, and I know with the Generals as your guardians, you will have the future for which you are destined.


When Doc did his next six month follow up, our old curmudgeon was in tears as he advised Luke to get his life in order and make sure all of his paperwork was completed. There was nothing more he could do to extend his life.


Luke thanked Doc for all he had done and commented no man could have done more. You have given me more time to spend with my two wonderful sons and that is a priceless gift. Thank you!


Luke walked quietly to the Chapel and knelt in prayer thanking God for all the blessings he had been given. The wonderful parents T&T were, a great brother in John and the greatest blessings in his life two wonderful sons, Tony and Thomas.


As our stealthy Cardinal Chaplain Emmanuel knelt beside him, the touch of his hand on Luke”s was electrifying. “What troubles your soul, my son?” As Luke admitted his medical condition, he asked the Cardinal if he would hear his confession. Luke was penitent and Cardinal Emmanuel granted him absolution. As Cardinal Emmanuel lay his hands upon Luke”s head and blessed him, all the pain and stress in his life vanished. Luke rose, thanked His Eminence and said he wanted to spend his last few days with his son.


Doc required daily assessment on Luke if he was to remain at Fort Connor. An astonished Doc started ordering a battery of tests, urine, biopsy, CAT scan and finally as he was reading the results of the final test, poured himself a double of 20 year old Scotch and ask the Generals to join him in his office.


As the three men walked to Luke”s room, he only commented from the looks on your face this can”t be good news. “To the contrary… Doc continued… all your test are negative and you are cancer free.” I”d like to take credit for it, but I can”t. Give thanks to God and his Angels. Now get dressed and get out of my medical! You have two sons who will be ecstatic at the good news!


As Luke walked out of Medical, his two sons were walking toward him and demanded to know why he was out of bed. “Are you disobeying Doc?” Taking the arms of his sons he asked them to join him in prayer and giving thanks to God. Doc says I”m cancer free and he has no idea of how it happened. Tony and Thomas were in tears and only clenched the hand of their father harder.


We Generals and even our old curmudgeon of a Doc silently joined Luke and his sons as we sat in the back of the chapel and thanked God for giving Luke the opportunity to be a father and help his sons grow into not only the leaders of industry but also have the humanitarian values Mama Bear instills in every member of the Worthington Clan.


Without warning, the sound of mortar shells exploding around Fort Connor could be heard and felt. OPS advised nothing was being shown on radar and I ordered our drones airborne immediately and do a visual search for the source of the mortar shells.


It took about seven minutes to find the source of the attack which was three radar cloaked cigar boats. OPS didn”t need my command to blow them out of the water. Between their salvo of rockets and the drones mini guns the boats were instantly decimated. Our resident Sharks which had been on an enforced diet this past year enjoyed their feast tonight.


We didn”t know if it was an old enemy which had been resurrected or a new enemy which we now faced. The imps were safe, Alpha Zulu had no fatalities and POTUS was on the com wanted to know what in the hell was happening.


Asking POTUS if he wanted the good news or the bad news first. “Give me the bad news and get it over with!” As we informed POTUS of the attack and the fact we had no idea of who or why. The good news is a miracle occurred at Fort Connor… Luke”s cancer is totally gone. Doc has no idea of how, but every test was run twice, and every organ is cancer free.


POTUS was in tears of happiness for his good friend. POTUS then returned to being POTUS: “Tell that malingering CEO of Worthington Industries to get his intelligence staff in gear and figure out what is happening. I”ll do the same with the government agencies.” DISCONNECT!


Never a dull day at Fort Connor… Luke and I reached the conclusion this must be a new adversary as the current ones have already lost too many men trying to damage Fort Connor with mortars from high speed boats.


Luke asked us to kiss his sons goodbye for him. He needed to immediately get airborne and back to Worthington headquarters. Luke had some ass kicking to do and his head of intelligence better have some answers if he expects to keep his job.







Constructive comments are appreciated and welcomed

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