Always Ask Permission Ch. 02

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Due to some confusion with Chapter One I would like to make it clear that all characters in this story are eighteen or over. It seems I did not make it clear enough last time. My apologies.


It was three days before Marta’s next due visit, and I spent the time in anticipation and plotting. I was still in bed when I heard her arrive and just let her get on with her duties. After all, the house still needed cleaning despite any frustration on my part. I slowly eased myself from my bed and took a shower. When I came out to dress myself, I could hear noises from downstairs, but they were indistinct. I assumed she was busy doing the cleaning. I decided it was time for breakfast, so I pressed the call button.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, and I called “come in”. Marta appeared, dressed as always in her maid uniform as I had instructed.

“I’d like some breakfast, please Marta, my usual.”

“Of course, Sir.”

“Did you bring Rosea with you today as I asked?”

“Yes, Sir, I put her to scrubbing the kitchen floor.”

“Has she behaved since last time?”

“Mostly, Sir, but she has been a bit sullen.”

“I’m sure we can do something about that. But, for now, I need food.”

“Of course, Sir.”

With that she turned and left the room. I sat back, my stomach rumbling, but with food almost secondary in my mind. In anticipation of things to come I had dressed simply in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. For the first time that day I took notice of the world beyond. Unlike three days ago, the world had changed from blue skies and sunshine and was now drab and grey with a light rain falling. So typically England, I thought the contrast from one day to the next.

I didn’t have long to wait until there was a knock on the door and Marta reappeared carrying a tray. As with most people breakfast was never a matter of choice but one of the securities of familiarity. On her tray was a pot of my usual coffee. Black and probably far too strong for medical recommendations. Alongside that was a steaming plate of scrambled eggs on toast, tinted with a sprinkling of red paprika.

I ate it slowly, savouring every mouthful as I always did and then sat back and sipped at the first cup of coffee. The bitterness brought the world into focus. I began to feel right with life, so I pressed the call button. When Marta arrived, I gestured to the tray and the empty plate. She came over and picked them up, leaving the pot with the still hot coffee.

“When you have sorted that out come back here and bring Rosea with you.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied giving what was almost a curtesy.

I poured myself a second coffee and gazed out of the French windows, now firmly closed against the rain and wind. Swimming in my pool was not an option today. I would have to rely on more indoor pleasures.

When Marta returned, she came and stood halfway into the room and a shy looking Rosea lingered in the shadows by the door. I smiled at them both but chose to speak to Rosea first.

“Hello again, Rosea. So lovely to see you again. No chance of a swim today it seems.”

She blushed wildly and looked resolutely at the floor.

“Marta, come and sit here with me,” I ordered, patting my knee.

Obediently and with no hesitation, Marta walked over, teetering on her high heels, and made herself comfortable on my lap. I immediately started to stroke her thigh while looking at Rosea to see how she would react. She was watching her mother with a mixture of annoyance and jealousy. It was exactly the response I had hoped for.

“Can you remember the instructions I gave you the last time you were here?” I asked, turning my attention back to Marta.

“You said we weren’t to play with ourselves, Sir,” and her voice went into a squeak as I pushed my thumb into the crotch of her panties,

“And have you been good?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And Rosea? Has she been obedient as well?”

“As far as I know, Sir.”

“Have you?” I snapped, suddenly focussing on the girl across the room.

Her response was to take a quick step back and to turn bright red.

“Oh dear,” I said, “it seems we have a girl who hasn’t learned her lesson from last time.”

By now I had lifted Marta’s tiny skirt up and exposed her lacy panties and my hand was already starting to explore inside.

“I tried my best. Sir, but you know what children can be like.”

“Indeed I do, Marta,” I said as my fingers slipped easily across her cunt lips, already eagerly wet. “Step forward girl,” I commanded.

Slowly and with some reluctance she advanced two or three paces, finally emerging from the gloom of the far side of the room. For several moments I gazed at her, my mind distracted by the feel of the smooth, freshly shaven mound beneath my fingertips. It was good to know that Marta had taken care before coming here today. Slowly I forced my attention back to Rosea. Her focus now seemed to be fixed on what was going on under her mother’s panties. Little did she know. I already had one finger inside Marta bursa escort and a second was about to follow.

“Something tells me,” I spoke quietly to Marta as she squirmed on my lap, but just loud enough for Rosea to hear, “that someone might be fibbing. Don’t you think so?”

As aroused though she was, Marta managed to bring herself back to the real world.

“Do … you … think so, Sir,” she managed to say between gasps.

“Oh, I do, Marta. And I am very displeased. Not just with Rosea, but with both of you. As her mother it is down to you to make sure she obeys instructions, is it not?”

I felt her shiver and tremble at the thought, distracted though she was by my second finger sliding in alongside the first and pushing deep into her cunt. As I started to slide in and out, I looked back at Rosea. Now she had stepped forward out of the gloom I could see what she was wearing, which in fact amounted to very little. I wondered if she had chosen her outfit or whether her mother had had a say in things.

Her bright red skirt was as short as Marta’s uniform if not even shorter. It barely covered her and left me wondering if she had even bothered with underwear. But we could find that out later. Above she wore a pale pink crop top of the sort I had seen and admired of girls a few years younger in the nearby shopping mall. It ended just below her small boobs and was tight enough that her nipples showed. It was obvious she was trying to exploit her young looks to the best advantage.

“Am I right, Rosea, have you touched yourself since the other day?”

The girl blushed an even deeper shade of red and hung her head. Looking at the floor she nodded almost imperceptibly.

“It isn’t wise to lie to me. Don’t try and hide things from me again.”

By now I had tugged at the bow at the back of Marta’s neck and released the top of her apron. The tight black top of her maid’s dress proudly displayed her small tits to the world. She made no move to stop me toying with one of her nipples, rolling it between thumb and forefinger. She was concentrated instead with what my hand was doing inside her panties. But I needed her full attention, so I pulled it out and held it up. My fingers were slick with her juices and I offered them to her mouth which opened and accepted them eagerly.

“It seems her recent spanking did nothing to change her behaviour. We now have to add lying and further disobedience to her woeful catalogue of sins.”

I pushed Marta off my lap, and she staggered on her heels and almost fell, grabbing the arm of my chair just in time. I stood up and fixed Rosea with a stern look and then walked the few steps towards her. She looked nervous, almost frightened, and couldn’t hold my gaze. I slowly walked round her examining her. standing next to the chair, Marta had regained her composure and was quietly watching me, no doubt wondering what was to happen next.

“Do you think these clothes are entirely suitable for an eighteen-year-old?” I asked peering over Rosea shoulder. I flicked the hem of the short skirt and Rosea flinched. “This skirt is almost indecently short, don’t you think?”

“I do, Sir, but she would insist.”

“And you, as her mother, have no say in what she wears?”

“I do try, Sir, but she’s a very wilful girl these days.”

I walked to the side and hooked a finger under the bottom hem of her top, lifting it slightly and exposing the lower curve of her breast.

I reached out and gripped the nearest nipple that was showing through the thin tight fabric. I squeezed it hard, making her yelp, with a mixture of pain and surprise. Her knees buckled and she almost collapsed to the floor, but my grip held her up. I relaxed my pincer-like grip very slightly and pulled her over to my chair.

“Bend over and place your hands on the seat,” I told her, tugging her forward and down with her nipple. She followed my lead and conformed. She had little choice. Once she was in position, I relaxed my grip even more and started to gently roll her nipple first one way and then the other.

“Marta can you go and bring me what you will find in the left-hand drawer of my bureau.”

While Marta was busy doing as she was told I moved to the other side of Rosea and transferred my attention to her other nipple. I treated it more kindly this time but my grip was still firm. I toyed with it while I waited for Marta to come back. When she did, she was carrying one of my favourite toys which I am sure she recognised from earlier times.

When Marta and I first started playing our little games I spent some time stocking up on various instruments to tease her with. She told me she was very flattered when I had shown them to her and ended up thoroughly enjoying it when I used them on her. By far the best of them was a double-tongue black leather strap. Two strips of leather about three inches wide by just over a foot long were let into a handle plaited from many thin strips of the same leather. It was an object of beauty. The effect of the two tongues was to make a loud crack escort bayan that emphasised each blow. It was a very effective weapon.

I took the paddle from her and slapped it against the palm of my hand. I used almost no force at all, but it still made a resounding ‘CRACK’ each time. I stood to the side of Rosea and looked at my target area. Posed as she now was her skirt hid nothing. Neither did the black thong she was wearing. It was even more minimal than the bikini from yesterday, just a thin cord stretching from the waistband and disappearing between her arse cheeks. I tucked the paddle under my arm while I unfastened and then unzipped her skirt. I tugged it over her bottom and let it slide down and fall around her ankles. She shivered under my touch as I stroked her cheeks. There was no sign of her beating from three days ago. She had healed well. I had a feeling that today’s punishment might take slightly longer.

I walked to the other side, so that I stood opposite to Marta. “She has been sullen you say?”

“She has, Sir,” Marta admitted freely.

“I think six for sullenness,” and I reversed my grip on the paddle and offered it to her handle first.

Her eyes lit up as she took it from me. She seemed delighted to be given the opportunity. “Oh, Sir, thank you,”

“We will deal with the lying and the disobedience after that.”

She swished it through the air a few times to get the feel of it. She was familiar with its effect as she had enjoyed it several times in the past. This was the first time she’d been in control. She placed it almost reverently across Rosea’s bare buttocks and slid it back and forth. She adjusted her position to get just the right angle and distance. Her first blow took even me by surprise. Rosea, who had no idea what was going to happen, nearly jumped out her skin. The CRACK was quickly followed by a very loud scream. I placed my hand firmly between her shoulder blades to prevent her from standing up.

The second CRACK only elicited a soft whimper and Marta and I could enjoy the echo as it bounced around the room, slowly fading away. The next two were followed by tiny yelps and the final two brought only silence. When Marta stepped back, I heard a faint sobbing from Rosea. Marta was grinning widely as she reversed the paddle and handed it ceremoniously back to me.

“Well done, Marta, you did well.”

“Thank you, Sir, it was my pleasure.”

I looked down to see what damage had been done. Across her pale buttocks were many parallel stripes and the whole area was now bright red. I knew that she couldn’t take much more, but I was determined to make a point. I decided to split the two beatings and dole out one now and one later. I considered myself stern and severe at times like this but never unjustly cruel.

“I will deal with the disobedience first. Tell me, Rosea, what did I strictly instruct you NOT to do last time?”

My question was greeted with silence. I reached down and took a handful of her hair and tilted her head back.

“I asked you a question, bitch. What did I expressly forbid you to do?”

“N … not to play with myself,” came the timid reply.

“And did you?”

Even more quietly that I had to strain my ears to hear her, “Y… y…yes.”

“And for that you must be further punished.” I tilted her head even further back and looked at her face. She was crying and her eye makeup was a mess.

“P…please no more,” she begged, “I promise to be good in future. I promise.”

Suddenly Marta interrupted us by landing a hefty swat with her hand on Rosea’s already bruised and tender bottom. “And always say ‘Sir’. Understand?”

“Yes, mum. Sorry, Sir.”

“I think we are finally getting the message across, Marta,” and I smile at her. I let go of my handful of hair and her head dropped back down. Then I stood back and delivered three blows in quick succession. Although I was much stronger than Marta, I held back slightly but the loud CRACK each time was like music to our ears. After a pause I gave her the final three and then stepped back. It was then I began to wonder.

I stepped forward again and with one hand gently caressing her warm bottom I reached under her with my other hand. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. The tiny triangle that made up almost all of her very scanty underwear was sopping wet. She shook as she felt my touch. Despite all her pleas for mercy, despite all her screams and yelps and crying, this girl was really turned on.

“Oh dear, Marta, it seems our corrections have had unwanted consequences,” I said looking her in the eye as I continued to stroke the soaking wet scrap of cloth.

“Surely not, Sir.”

“Come and see for yourself,” I invited her.

Marta came over and put her hand underneath the bowed over girl. Briefly our fingers met across the wet landscape of her thong before I withdrew to allow Marta free access. I could see her arm moving as she continued to stimulate Rosea. I walked round the back and tugged on the waist band of the tiny thong, pulling bursa escort it up as tight as it would go almost cutting her in half and making her cry out. Then I reversed my grip and tugged it down. I let go and it dropped to join the skirt which was still pooled around Rosea’s ankles. Marta continued to play with her daughter’s pussy and my hand dived between her legs to join her mother. Together we toyed and played with her wet lips until I pushed two fingers deep inside her. Only then did she react. Her knees almost buckled, and she let out a loud moan.

I pushed in and out for a few moments while Marta carried on playing with her clit. I could feel Rosea start to tense up so I pushed as deep as I could go and pressed into her anus with my thumb. I sensed she was close to an orgasm and let it continue to build. She was shouting and cursing and writhing in response to us both. Marta looked at me, sensing what I intended. I gave her a nod and she pulled her hand away at the same time as I slipped my fingers from her pussy.

The girl froze in shock and a sound midway between a yell and a sob came from her. she swayed back and forth as though her pussy was searching for us. I gave her two hard spanks with my hand, one on each cheek to bring her back to reality.

“Naughty girls don’t get to cum.”

She started to sob quietly again so I gave her another couple of hard hand slaps to give her something to cry about.

I slipped my hand between her legs and started to play with her once more. Marta giggled and resumed toying with her clit. Sliding two fingers in, I again pressed a thumb on her anus. This time I pressed hard enough to let the tip push past the tight sphincter and penetrate her. She let out a “Oh” of surprise but then seemed to settle back on it. I pushed deeper while still sliding my fingers in and out. I could feel her body start to tense again. Marta must have felt it too as she looked at me, waiting for my signal. Rosea was starting to mutter obscenities again. I waited and then nodded and we both pulled away at the same time. There was a moment of silence and then a sob and Rosea collapsed forward until her head was on the seat of the chair. Her arse was now lewdly pointing to the ceiling. From where I stood, I had a clear view of her wet lips and her juices beginning to spread down her thighs.

I stepped forward and took hold of her hair and pulled her upright. She stumbled and nearly collapsed but I held her up, pulling her back against me for support. She rested there for a moment, panting for breath.

“Hands behind your head,” I said with menace, my mouth inches from her ear.

She had learned by now and quickly clasped them together behind her head. This made her tits stand out and displayed her pretty nipples to full advantage. I experimentally took one between a thumb and finger and rolled it around, tugging at it and lifting it. It was as hard as a pebble. I stepped back and she almost lost balance again. I pointed to the far side of the room.

“Go and stand in the corner. Take some time to think about things that have happened. And things that are still to come,” I added, “we still have the lying to deal with.”

I let that hang in the air as she walked slowly, and on uncertain legs, to the far side of the room. Her head was bowed, and her eyes fixed on the floor. I sat down in my recently vacated chair and watched her go. When she got to the corner, she didn’t turn around but stood with her face to the wall. The light was dim away from the window, but her bottom was clearly red in contrast to the rest of her. I beckoned to Marta and pointed to the floor next to me. She immediately trotted over and knelt down at my feet.

“This morning has been very … instructive … don’t you think.”

“Very, Sir, I just hope she’s learned her lesson at last.”

“I found the whole experience very stimulating,” I said, moving my position slightly to allow the large bulge in my shorts to show more clearly.

Marta looked at it and smiled. “May I, Sir?”

“Of course, you may. I’m very pleased with how you acted this morning. You set a fine example which I hope she’ll follow.”

“Thank you, Sir,” and she blushed slightly before reaching out a hand and covering my erection, stroking and squeezing it. The top half of her apron still hung limply below her waist and her breasts still stood out, proud and uncovered. I realised what a treasure I had found when I first advertised the job of housekeeper.

“Take my shorts off,” I told her, and I eased my hips off the seat to make life easier for her. As she pulled them down around my ankles my dick sprang to attention. It had started to come to life even before I began to deal with Rosea and was now rigid and ready. Marta removed my shorts and put them aside before turning her attention to the matter in hand. She played with my dick for a while before kneeling up and letting it slide into her warm, wet mouth.

I don’t know where she learned her craft, but she was excellent at it. As soon as the tip went past her lips, I felt her tongue swirling round it. She had a variety of techniques, she could take it deep when her lips reached all the way to the base, or she would just take the tip like today and do amazing things with her tongue. I was more aroused than I had been for ages.

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