Am I a Prostitute Now?

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Let me say right up front this did not involve children. Everyone involved is well over the age of 18. In fact everyone one involved is closer to the Social Security age than the voting age.


Years after my adventures with the man in the white work van I moved to another city. A friend of mine later asked me to help out with his problem.

He was a manager of the local school district’s school bus service and was short on drivers; especially on the weekends and in the evenings with special events like ball games. I had a CDL for passenger bus and decided to help him out and started shuttling kids to games.

One Saturday I was to drive a basketball team 35 miles away for tournament were Spencer lived.

Spencer was as close to a male lover I would ever have. He was kind, thoughtful, and we seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

He was and is a very successful commercial photographer. If you have looked at many magazines you have seen his work. He is very good at what he does and is in great demand.

Sadly his work takes him out of state a lot for a long periods of time and when he is back he is busy finishing the work. So, we don’t have a lot of time for each other. When we are together though we have some great sex!

I knew he was in town and if he was horny enough he would make time for me. I sent him a text message saying “The school district is paying to have your cock sucked Saturday morning at 8 a.m. if you are available.” Of course he came back with a very puzzled “what?” and I repeated the message. He came back with “Ok, guess I will be available.”

At 7 a.m. I drove to the school parking lot and picked up the team and Coaches Ron and Sallie (a man and woman I would of loved to had a three way with). Off we went and pulled into the Livingston school gym parking lot right on time. I asked the coaches how long I would be waiting and was told it depended on if they won or not. I asked if I had time to get breakfast and was told plenty and then some if they won but not if they lost.

Nice thing about Spencer’s house is that is was only three blocks from the gym. Spencer was standing in the door and I think he was a bit taken back when I pulled up in big yellow bus and stopped at his house.

It had been awhile since we had seen each other and after a Çankaya Escort nice long kiss we chatted for a few minutes. I explained why I was driving a district school bus on

a Saturday in his town and I was getting paid to drive the team and on my down time I wanted to suck his cock. His eyes flared with that and he grabbed my hand and we were off to his bedroom at a run.

Sex with Spencer was more like making love instead of just fucking. We were standing at the foot of his bed making out and the only time I can recall with a guy I started taking his clothes off and he mine. I’ve undressed women but, never a guy, it went much faster with him, no bra to figure out I guess.

I got down to his shorts and got on my knees and pulled them down and his half erect cock popped up.

I reached up and grabbed it and looked up at Spencer and caught his eye. While keeping eye contact I leaned over and gave the tip of his cock a sucking kiss; he went full staff at that point. I enjoy licking around the bottom of the head and licking up and down the vein. I’m not going to say he had 12 inches or he was as thick as a soda can but, Spencer did have the biggest cock I ever took down, and I really had a difficult time getting it all in my mouth. At the time being though I was using my tongue and lips on his cock while sucking him all down.

Then I took his balls into my mouth one at a time and switched to licking his taint for just a bit and then came up and ran my tongue up the bottom of his hard cock and he gave a shudder.

I spent some time in my submissive kneeling position running my tongue up and down his hard cock and paying attention to the head and rim. From his moans and slight moving about I was doing a pretty good job.

I slowly moved up his body kissing him the whole way up and pausing and sucking on his nipples. From there I moved up kissing on his neck and finally to his lips again and then right back down again onto my knees again and back to his cock.

This time however he placed his hands on each side of my head and held it still and started slowly flexing his hips, fucking my mouth gently. He came pretty close to cumming but, stopped before he did and I rose back up on my feet.

Both of us were hard and as we Frenched Keçiören Escort kissed as we rubbed our cocks together and fondled each other’s ass cheeks.

After a few minutes I did something I had never done before. Nothing big, I just turned my back to him and worked to put his hard, up right cock between my ass cheeks. I used my hands to spread them as best I could letting me wedge his cock between my back and ass and his stomach and with that I moved up and down slightly while he kissed the back on my neck. He had one of his hands tweaking my nipples and slowly stroked my cock with his left.

I don’t know why he didn’t cum with all the work I had done on his cock. I was pretty close to cumming from just having his cock between the cheeks of my ass. For a few moments I was thinking about having anal sex with him but, I wasn’t ready for that yet.

As much as I enjoyed this I broke free and moved to one side of the bed and did something else I have never done but, always wanted too, it seemed to be a day of firsts. I lay across the bed sideways and on my back with my head hanging over the edge. I looked up at Spencer and said “fuck my mouth!” Spencer laughed and said “I have always wanted to try this” and slowly pressed his hard on into my mouth and pushed it towards the back of my throat.

We had to adjust a few times, Spencer was a bit tall for what we were doing and had to squat a bit but, he slowly started his fucking motion. I gagged several times but, finally got use to the motion and managed to take it all the way down. Spencer was moaning and groaning a lot so, we must of been doing something right. But, Spencer was just a bit too tall and wasn’t comfortable in his stance. Besides, he wanted to suck my cock too and I sure wanted mine sucked.

We laid on the bed and Spencer laid on top of me and we made out and rubbed our hard cocks together. I ran my hands up and down his back and played with his ass. Spence slowly kissed his way down my body pausing to drive me crazy by biting my nipples. He went down to my balls and sucked them in and out and licked them, he also moved to my taint and fingered my asshole. He played all around finally engulfing my cock and he proved himself to be a very good cock sucker.

He had me jumping all Etimesgut Escort over the bed and grabbing the sheets. It had been awhile since I had sex and I was feeling the results. I lifted up my ass each time Spence’s head came down and it didn’t take long for me to erupt in his mouth.

Spence must of took four good squirts, hell, maybe more. I didn’t really count but, I really came hard and a lot. I thought I might even black out I came so hard.

We laid there for just a short time, I knew we only had a short time to play and even shorter if the team lost all of their games (which I expected concerning the team’s record). Spence laid down and propped himself up on the headboard and I got up on my knees and centered myself over his nice cock and went to work.

For some reason I enjoy this position, it seems to make it easier to take his whole cock down. I started out nice and slow, taking him all the way down and coming back up ever so slowly. Spence enjoyed the show…

His breathing rate increased as I picked up my pace. He placed his hand gently on top of my head and pushed it with a little force as I moved downward. This action made me take his whole cock down to his pubes. I really didn’t get going too fast when Spence announced he was coming and he filled my mouth up with a yell! He was bucking all over the bed making it difficult to keep his cock in my mouth and drain him but, I managed.

We just laid there for a while, I guess just listening to each other breath and running our hands over each other. Our previous meetings always seemed to take place in the afternoon and we often fell asleep in each other’s arms, nap, wake and have sex again.

But sadly my cell phone chimed with a message telling me the team was out of the tourney and ready to go home.

I dressed quickly and Spencer walked me to the door. He made a comment about it being a shame having to leave so soon as he was still horny and could go again.

I invited him to come to my place in an hour or so as I would be rid of the team but, he had a lot of work to do and couldn’t spare the time as he was leaving again in two days.

Sadly I only saw Spencer two more times. They were fun as I got naked and got on his kitchen table with my head hanging off the table and he fucked my mouth. It was easier than the first time and a lot of fun. And sadder we never got to try anal.

I however, never forgot the last thing he said to me that day as I was leaving. He said “It was good day for you. You got paid to come over and suck cock.” I laughed and asked if made me a prostitute. Spence said he would always be willing to pay me for it. So, maybe I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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