Amelia’s Game

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Drew was an angry customer and I was the counter girl. He complained that his food was late, his friend called the order in half an hour ago. I told him in my kindest customer service voice that the order came in exactly eleven minutes ago. No reply he just turned around and walked out the door. The night was coming to a close and the lobby of the restaurant I worked in was empty, I could see him talking on his cell phone through the glass door. He swore at the person on the other end and walked back into the restaurant.

“I’m really sorry about that,” He bent to look at my nametag. “Amelia. I was told that the order was placed a long time ago, but apparently it wasn’t. I’ll just have a seat up here and wait for it.”

“I’ll let you know when it’s ready.” I said over my shoulder as I walked back to the kitchen to check the progress. I thought that he was sexy, angry customer or not. He was in his mid-thirties, a little taller than me. He had very short sandy blonde hair, a well-trimmed goatee and dark blue eyes. He was a little thin but I could see muscles under the black t- shirt he wore. I was only 23 at the time and his age and good looks intrigued me. Seeing that his food wasn’t ready yet I walked back to the front. He was standing against the counter peering into the kitchen.

“It’ll be ready in about five minutes.” I told him.

“Oh okay. I hope you didn’t think I was an asshole before. I’m running late for this game as it is. The guys are badgering me to hurry and not to forget the food on the way. Then I come in here and there, stands the goddess of fast food and I yell at her, just because my friends suck.” I looked at him and laughed, the night had been busy and I had a film of oil covering my body and my curly hair was all over the place.

“Don’t worry about it, it happens. What kind of game are you late for?” I asked, trying partially to keep him from thinking about his order, which was now going to be late. The other reason was the curiosity he peeked when he complimented me. I worked so often and went to school I had almost no time for a social life, and no boyfriend. It was nice to get attention from such a sexy older guy.

“The girlfriends are all going out and we are playing poker, it’s a ritual.”

Uggg, a girlfriend, I thought.

“So Amelia you a gambling sort of fast food goddess?”

“Actually I’ve been known to win quite a few games of Blackjack.” I said with a smile.

“Oh such confidence you have. Blackjack just happens to be my game. I’ve got a deck in the car. Let’s play a few quick hands, if my foods still got a few minutes.”

“I’ll play, it’ll be three or four minutes before the foods ready anyway.” I was thrilled! I had a very hectic night, but this guy was actually cheering me up.

He got back with the deck of cards and began to shuffle them on the counter.

“Bet? We’ll play the best of five, if I win you have to give me a free soda.” he said, All attention on the cards.

“Fine, but what about when I win, what do I get?”

“The pleasure of knowing that you beat the best>” He said grinning into my face.

“Deal the cards oh master of Blackjack!” I joked.

We played the card game over and over again, we were having so much fun that we didn’t notice that his food was ready. The ring of his cell phone ended the last game.

He thanked me for the game and told me that his name was Drew. He took the food and walked out the door.

I only saw him twice a month, same day of the week. We played Blackjack every time. The fourth month I decided to take a vacation, the day I returned, I realized that I missed “Drew day”. I was so disappointed. As the thought crossed my mind, he walked into the lobby.

“You missed our game night Amelia, I came in and you weren’t here. The food was awful and the customer service was horrible, I had to come in and let you know.” He smiled at me. “I’m giving you my number so that you can call me if you’re going to miss a game.” He slammed a piece of paper down on the counter and stroked my cheek with his fingertips, staring at me with those blue eyes. I felt myself go moist, my heart pounded in my chest, and then he was gone. His visits became more regular after that. We became very close and the flirting more intense.

When I finally called him it was to tell him that I was quitting the Diner. I had accepted a position teacher 7th Grade English. He said he was very happy for me but that I’d still have to call him to play Blackjack sometime. Otherwise he’d go through Amelia withdrawal. I snorted into my can of beer.

“Oh that was attractive.” He said laughing

“I can’t help it! I laughed and almost blew beer out of my nose.” Then he really started laughing. Pretty soon the conversation turned to sex, it always did eventually. He was telling me how his girlfriend was extremely dominant in the bedroom and it was okay but it was her fetish and that’s all that she wanted. He asked me what my fetish was if I had one. I blushed from head to toe. I told him that if I had one it would have to be keeping my nylons on during foreplay and sex. That obviously struck a chord. He immediately told me a story about an ex-girlfriend. She was dressed up for a job interview and they were going down the ataköy escort stairs in their building. As she went down the stairs her skirt blew up a bit and it turned him on immensely. He ordered her to stop where she was. He knelt down on a stair below her and licked her lips through her nylons. He went down on her until she came then ripped a hole in the crotch of her panty hose.

He said “I pinned her up against the wall and fucked her.” I was speechless and extremely turned on, he had never been so blunt. After a bit of silence he said “how do you like that?”

“That’s great!” Realizing that I must have sounded too enthusiastic, I felt like the beer had gone to my head.

“Like that huh? Thought you would, but that’s not what I would do to you, if I could have you Amelia. I would want hours to tease you until you begged for more.” I sighed into the phone, wishing that Drew were next to me, so that he could feel the moisture that was forming between my thighs.

“Drew that sounds really nice, but you shouldn’t tease a girl who hasn’t gotten any in months, it’s just not fair. All I’ve got is my cat.”

“You want to let me go, or would you like to hear more? Maybe we could get a little more out of this phone call then just good conversation.” I didn’t know what to say to his suggestion at first, because of his girlfriend. I wrestled with my reply and all of a sudden the beer gave me liquid courage and I replied. “Tell me more Drew.”

He described the most erotic scene of me answering my door in just a robe. I would be surprised that he was here, but let him anyway. He told me that he’d pin me against the wall immediately and shove his hands into my robe. He’d run his fingers down my belly, over my hips and between my thighs. He paused there and said “You’re breathing awfully hard to be relaxing on your couch. Amelia, tell me what you are doing”.

“I have my fingers between my lips and I’m playing with my clit.”

“Sounds just like what I had in mind, rubbing my fingers over your clit, feeling you moan in my ear. Does it feel good Amelia?”

“Yes Drew.” I breathed.

“Do you want me to fuck you Amelia?”

I didn’t answer I just continued to finger myself enjoying the wetness lubricating my fingers, my clit and my lips. The picture the question made in my head brought me closer to orgasm.

“Yes I want you so bad, I want you to make me cum drew.” I moaned

“Oh god you sound so good, I want to fuck you so hard. Make you suck my dick, then bend you over and pound you with it, make you scream for more.” He said all of this through clenched teeth, he was breathing hard I knew he was going to cum. The thought of it was too much for me to hold off any longer.

I started to whimper into the phone and moan hard, rubbing my clit harder and faster.

He moaned loud and encouraged me further, my legs started to shake and I let out a cry of release.

“That was fun, thanks.” Was all I could think of to say.

“Thank you Amelia, but next time I want it to be real. And I still want that poker game; I’ll call you when the next one is scheduled.”

“Okay, talk to you then.” It seemed so normal and nonchalant, like nothing had ever happened.

After the phone call everything was normal, I went to work everyday and came home to an empty house every night. There were men at work that were defiantly interested, but I wasn’t. Drew did call for the next game. He invited me to play as his partner at his friend’s house. I happily accepted, got the directions and hung up the phone. There was no mention of our phone sex or of what was going to happen. I didn’t get my hopes up I just waited for the night to come.

Drew was standing in the driveway alone waiting for me when I pulled up to his friend Aaron’s house. He walked to my door and opened it for me. “Hey there stranger.” He said casually as he hugged me and gave me a perfunctory kiss on the cheek.

That was the most intimacy we shared the entire evening. The guys were happy to have a girl around who knew how to play cards and could look good too. I had a great time with all of his friends. We chatted, played and ate. At the end of the night Drew and I had broke about even. “Good work partner, next time we take em for all they’ve got.” Drew said to me as he closed my car door for me.

I drove away, hurt and confused. I thought something was going to happen. I thought he would corner me in a dark hallway on my way to the bathroom or grope me under the table. He hadn’t, he was friendly and fun but I was still hurt. I shrugged it out, decided I was better off and so was he. He had probably felt guilty about what happened and decided to leave it there.

The next few weeks were a blur of work and heartache. My cat got out of the house; it took me a week to locate him. My nerves were frazzled as I looked for him every night after work. Finally I found him drinking milk with a small white female on a porch down the block. “Just needed to get laid, huh Lestat?” I said, chastising him the whole way home in the car. The next day on my way to work my car started to make an awful noise, and it seemed like it just didn’t want to go. When I left the school I only got a mile away ataşehir escort before my engine light came on and the car stopped moving. It started but it just wouldn’t go. After everything I found out it was the Transmission, too expensive to fix so it would just have to sit. The public transit system would be my best friend.

A few weeks into my private hell Drew called. He was having a game at his house since his girlfriend was out of town visiting her parents. He asked me to bring some chips, dip and a six pack of beer. Nothing else was said except for “See you in a week chick.”

I decided that all the guilt in the world couldn’t keep me from at least having a fun night of flirting. I was going to dress for the occasion. Not that I was going to wear a Versace and pumps, but I planned to spice up my appearance a bit.

The entire week I built outfits in my head and finally decided on a knee length casual black pleated skirt, an army green button up the front cotton shirt and a simple pair of sandals. I left the first two top buttons open and kept my legs bare. I put my hair in a pony tail and looked in the mirror. I did look casual, something I might wear to go shopping with a friend, but a bit sexier then jeans and a t-shirt. Over all I felt sexy and knew that I looked great.

I pulled into the parking lot of Drew’s condo feeling a bit nervous. He had only ever seen me in Jeans and a t-shirt or my uniform from the Diner, I didn’t want him to know that I was trying to look sexier for him. I walked up to his door and rang the bell. He opened it and I nearly swooned he had a huge grin on his face when he looked at me. He looked right into my eyes then his eyes traveled down my body and back up again.

“Hi, I brought taco dip and tortilla chips, hope everyone likes it. The beer is still out in the car, where can I set this down?” I said all of it very fast, obviously nervous.

“The kitchen is right at the end of that hallway. I’ll run out to your car and grab the beer.” He said and then grabbed the keys from my fingers and squeezed past me in the doorway. His house was very organized and clean. When I got to the kitchen I put the chips and dip onto the counter and turned around just in time to see Drew bending into the refrigerator, putting away the beer. He caught me looking at him, I blushed and walked back into the living room and sat down at the poker table.

Drew took the seat next to me when his other buddy showed up. We didn’t play partners this time since we only had four people. We began to play and banter back and forth. I finished my beer quickly and asked if anyone needed me to grab anything out of the kitchen. Drew put his hand on my bare leg and said “I’ll get it, I need one too.” I looked back at him going into the kitchen and decided to follow. “I’m going to grab some dip.” I excused myself. Drew was already on his way out of the kitchen when I got there.

“I’m grabbing some dip, you want some.” I asked, looking at the ground.

“Yeah, let’s just bring the whole container out. I’ll help you.” He grabbed my arm and led me back into the kitchen. He pushed me into the counter, facing away from him. I felt his breath on my neck, his pelvis pushing against my backside. His hand moving up my skirt, pushing the fabric up to mid thigh, and stroking my flesh, from ass to inner thigh. I laid my head on his shoulder. I wanted him to put his fingers inside of me, to make me moan. I grinded my ass into the firmness I felt forming in the front of his pants. His fingers were biting into my thighs, pulling me closer to him. He started to whisper harshly in my ear. “I want to pull up your skirt and bend you over this counter, and you know what I would do to you?” I waited for him to answer, He didn’t, and instead he exposed my back side and slapped it hard. I gasped and turned around. He was already heading back to the poker table. I grabbed the dip and made my way back to the table.

Aaron was putting on his jacket and tucking his cell phone into his pocket. “Sorry guys, she’s really not feeling well. See you soon Amelia, thanks for the dip.” Aaron left and his friend started to get up also. “Well a three person game is useless. Thanks for everything Drew, nice meeting you Amelia.” Drew walked the two out and I decide to clean up. I gathered all the beer bottles and carried them in the kitchen. I turned on the faucet and began to rinse them out. I could feel Drew standing behind me, not touching just watching. I turned around when the bottles were good to throw into the garbage. “That was fun while it lasted.” I said. Drew looked at me for a little while not moving, almost expressionless.

“Get up on to the sink.” was all he said. I looked at him wondering if I heard right. He said it again and pointed behind me. I did it I planted my hands in back of me and pulled myself up. He walked up to me and pushed my knees apart. He began running his hands up and down each thigh, from my knees almost all the way touching my lips, then he stopped and grabbed my chin, made me look into his eyes. “Amelia, I think you are bad. You’ve been teasing me for months now, and I don’t think its right. I think you need to be taught a lesson.” He grabbed my arm and pulled avcılar escort me down and into the living room where he pushed me toward a tall couch.

“Take off you panties.” he ordered. “Bend over the arm put your hands on the cushion, put your head down.” I did what I was told. It was exciting me immensely. I could feel my pussy getting moist. When my head was staring down at the couch I felt Drew push my skirt up to my waist. He began to run his fingers up and down my ass cheeks, pausing in the middle to run one finger from the top of my ass crack down until his fingers would disappear between my legs. Never using enough force to slide in. His hand left my skin, I felt a rush of air and he hit my back side hard. I felt a crack and the stinging heat. Then he ran his fingers over the red hand print, making the burn feel good. He stopped the caress, lifted his hand and spanked me just to stroke my skin gently again. His strikes were starting to hit lower almost between my thighs. His fingers would linger, almost to the point of dipping them into my pussy.

I was in excruciating ecstasy when he finally pulled me up and turned me around. He yanked me to him and began to nibble on my neck and unbutton my shirt. He pulled it off and unfastened my bra. “Get on your knees!” he ordered. I fell to my knees and stared up at him wide-eyed, trying to look as innocent as possible. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his beautiful fully erect cock. Then grabbed a handful of my auburn hair with his other hand and pushed my mouth towards him. His thick head slipped through my lips quickly and he began to fuck my mouth. I relaxed my jaw and let him slam the back of my throat. I pulled my head back and spread saliva with my tongue down his shaft to his balls. He gripped my hair tighter this time and fucked my mouth again. The whole time he was saying things to me that were making me blush. “You look like you want to be fucked naughty thing. You’re going to beg for it.” He’d throw his head back and close his eyes and moan a bit. Then talk more “You look like you enjoy sucking my dick, little fuck doll.” He was making me so hot, making me enjoy being dominated and treated like a play thing. His legs began to shake and he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, his cum hit the back of my throat. His legs relaxed and he pulled away from me.

“Get up, take off your skirt and sit on the couch!” He commanded. When I was seated on the couch, completely nude, he walked in front of me, got down on his knees and looked me in the eyes. He reached his hand out and started to play with my wet lips right over my clit “Oh you are so wet already.” He licked my cum off of his finger tip “And you taste very good.” He bent his head down, pulled my knees apart and stroked my slit top to bottom with his tongue. With each stroke he let the tip of his tongue dipped deeper into my pink lips, making me grab onto his hair He’d lick up and down then shove his tongue deep into my pussy. Never did he concentrate on my clit, just when I thought he was going to stop and let me cum, he’d slide his tongue back down. My knees were shaking and I was moaning loud, on the verge of orgasm for what seemed to be an eternity. I pulled on his head trying to shove his face harder into me. Finally he stiffened his tongue and lapped at my clit, running circles around it and over it. I cried out, my entire body shook, my thighs covered in wet stickiness, and Drew continued to lick my clit, making my orgasm last. Finally I shoved him away he leaned back on his hands looking at me.

“Oh that was great Drew!” I breathed leaning my head onto the big cushion behind me. Drew began to remove his clothes giving me the first glimpse of his nude body. He was very fit, broad shoulders and a trim waist line. Sandy blonde hair covered his chest, pubic region, and his muscular legs. He crawled between my legs and grabbed one of my breasts. He licked around each of my nipples, making them erect and nibbled on them. He wrapped his arms around the top of my legs and pulled me to the edge of the couch. He slipped the head of his cock between my lips and rubbed it from top to bottom, stopping at my pussy hole but not pushing hard enough to slip in. He continued to tease my entire pussy. He nibbled and licked my nipples, stopping to kiss me wildly. “I’ve wanted to violate your body since I met you.” He brushed his cheek along my neck and nipped my earlobe and began to whisper. “You’re so sexy; your legs spread wide, making little cum spots all over my couch.” He slipped in just slightly as he said that and didn’t move. It was torture. I began moving my ass and hips trying to move him deeper inside of me. I begged him to fuck me. I was clawing at his back and biting his shoulder. I could feel his knees shaking I knew he wanted it too, but was trying to control himself. Finally he pulled away from me slightly, pulled my legs up his chest, and hooked my ankles over his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around my legs and plunged into me, hard and deep. I gasped, and began to move my hips with him, my ass slapping against his pelvis. I could feel every inch of him as he drove into me fast and easily. He grabbed my knees, put my feet on the floor and moved away from. He started searching his pants pocket and told me to get on my hands and knees. I obeyed, and waited for him. “I’m putting on a condom, no need for little Drews running around” He said. He kneeled behind me, put his hands on my hips and pulled my ass to him hard. He was inside of me again, making me ooze cum. He spanked me and talked to me, made me answer his questions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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