Amor Prohibetur Ch. 01

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This is the first entry of a collection of short stories and faux letters written to Literotica. The focus is on first time encounters between members of the same immediate family, with an emphasis on daddy / daughter and mother / son. Every chapter will be its own separate story.


Dad Wants To Fuck Me

“I think my dad wants to fuck me.” Sheila said.

“Shut up!” Her best friend Kim said.

Kim was fussing over her nails with a file. From Sheila’s point of view, Kim was not giving her all that much attention. Both girls were sitting in Kim’s bedroom, which was colored in soft yellow. On the walls were a handful of pictures featuring hunky movie stars and pop singers.

They were both nineteen, and while they were BFFs, they were not at all alike. Kim was tall and pretty, with nice C cups and an even, nice butt. She was the more brazen of the two as well, as she liked to tease guys by pulling up her top at random places and showing off bra, or even her bare tits sometimes. Sheila, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as tall. While she was pretty, or passably pretty at least, her body had tiny nubs for breasts and a comparably unflattering butt. And while she wasn’t timid, Sheila was much more reserved than her best friend was.

“Kim, I’m being serious here!” Sheila reiterated.

Finally, Kim put her nail file away and set it on the nightstand by her bed. She placed her hands between her thighs, made a face, and settled her full focus on Sheila. “Fine! So tell me, why do you think your dad would want to do that to you?”

Sheila sighed, because she knew Kim was only humoring her. Still, she didn’t trust anyone else with the details she was about to come forth with. “Well, he looks at me a lot. He looks at me more than he looks at my mom. When I catch him, he just smiles like it’s cute to him. And the other day I was in the pool. I got out and I was dripping water all over the patio. My dad comes over and pulls on my bottom, and he snaps it on my ass. He did this right in front of my mom. They both thought it sooo funny!”

“Wait, wait, wait. I thought you were playing around about your dad.”

Sheila gaped her eyes at her friend.

Kim giggled. “Well, we both know your dad is a horn dog. You remember the last time I went over to your house; how you told me he was checking me out? Why wouldn’t he want to watch you walking around in your bikini?”

“Because he’s my dad!”

A mischievous look crossed the other girl’s face. “Okay, so the next time I go over to your house, and I see your dad checking me out, I’m going to do this.” Kim widened her thighs a bit, and pulled her shorts aside to reveal that she had no underwear on. “What do you think he’ll do, if I did that?”

“How should I know? I’m not him! And besides, we’re not talking about you. We are supposed to be talking about me.”

“It sounds like you’re upset because your dad is looking at you.”

“Well, of course I am. He should be looking at my mom, not at me! What the hell is wrong with him?”

This time, Kim started outright laughing. “What do you think is wrong with him? He is a man, you know! He’s got this little thing called a penis. If that penis of his sees something it likes, it’s going to react.”

“Even if what my dad is looking at is me?”

“You’re not ugly, you know.”

Upon hearing this, Sheila looked in another direction. A moment after, she glanced down at her body. She only had A cup breasts. While she did have a small waist, her hips didn’t flare out that much at all. As a result she had trim, tight butt. Her shape was closer to a boy’s than it was to the curvier shape of her best friend.

“Would you get mad, if I went over to your house and fucked your dad?” Kim wondered.

“Why do always make our conversations about you?”

“Because you don’t have anything interesting to talk about.” Kim replied. “You already know that. I’m the one that does everything around here. All you do is follow me around all the time. If you had something exciting or fun to talk about, don’t you think I would want to listen to it? Don’t you think I get tired of having everything be my idea all the time?”

“Thanks, a lot.” Sheila frowned.

“Well, what do you want from me?”

“How about some real advice? What would you do if your dad started looking at you funny?”

“My dad is ugly.” Kim remarked. “I’d fuck my mom ten times before I would let my dad put his hands on me.”

This time, Sheila couldn’t help but giggle. “Oh, my god! You’re crazy!”

“If your dad wanted to fuck me, I would let him. I already told you that.”

“Well, what do you think I should do about it? Should I tell him to stop?”


Sheila looked into her friend’s face. “Why not?”

“Because you always complain that guys don’t pay any attention to you. You complain when we’re at the mall, and when we’re at the lake, and everywhere else we go together.”

Sheila opened her mouth to rebut this.

“Stop!” Kim cut her off. “I know what you’re escort bayan bursa going to say. All the hot guys are looking at me because I’m so much hotter than you. You’re not ugly, Sheila! If you keep telling yourself that you’re ugly, all of the guys we run into are going to catch your vibe and none of them are going to want to talk to you. The next time we go out, I want you to get dressed up, because you hardly do that anymore. I want you to think that you’re as beautiful as a runway model. Can you do that?”

“Fine. What should I do about my dad?”

“Let him look. Your dad is a hot older guy. You don’t think you’re ugly around him, do you? As a matter of fact, I think you should hold his stare when you catch him looking at you. Maybe that will help you look at guys when we go to the mall, because you always turn away from them like you’re shy. You weren’t that shy in high school, so I don’t understand why you act that way now.”

Sheila crossed her arms. She wanted advice on how to deal with the situation at hand, and not on her personal insecurities.

Kim went on. “If I were you, I would flirt with your dad. Maybe that will help you flirt with the guys at the mall.”

“Right. What happens if my dad gets turned on? What if his penis gets hard?”

Kim smiled. “You can call me. I’ll come over and take care of it.”

This time, both girls started laughing.

“Why don’t you lie down on the bed?” Kim coaxed, a few moments later.

Sheila complied. She wasn’t a lesbian, not at all, but she didn’t mind when Kim messed around with her. Whenever Kim was between boyfriends, or even if she had one, she would sometimes do stuff like that with her.

This time, Kim pulled up Sheila’s blouse to expose her middle. Kim started kissing and licking at her stomach, enough to soften Sheila’s hard-edged feelings and put her in a state of soft bliss. Sometimes, Kim would eat her out, or stick a finger into her pussy, or play with her clit. This time, Kim lifted her shirt further up and mouthed her bra for a few minutes. After that, she got the bra out of the way and mouthed Sheila’s tiny, tiny breasts directly.

“I wouldn’t be doing this to you, if I thought you were ugly.” Kim said.

It was true, Sheila knew. She was being too hard on herself. She should stop and just be happy with who she was.

When it came to Kim, Sheila was largely submissive. She let Kim slide her hand between her legs and lie down on top of her. Because Sheila had no boyfriend to kiss her, she let Kim’s lips mesh against hers. She pretended it wasn’t her best friend in the entire world but a hot guy doing that to her. That didn’t make Sheila a lesbian, did it? She was only letting Kim do that because she was yearning for a guy, but there weren’t any guys around for her.

Kim started grinding her hips against Sheila’s body, much like a guy would during sex. She’d done this a few times before. Because of the pressure of their bodies and the heat between them, and also because of the way their clothes were rubbing against Sheila’s pussy, Sheila began to react. She had what she called a soft orgasm, because nothing had actually gone into her pussy, but here she was having a climax anyway.

At the end of it, the two girls lay side by side. Kim picked up a short eyeliner pencil, and pretended she was smoking a cigarette. This caused them both to start laughing.

“I dare you.” Kim said, as she continued to puff out imaginary smoke.

“You dare me to what?”

“You know, about your dad. I dare you.”

Kim didn’t need to say anything more, because Sheila knew exactly what she was talking about.

Sheila could be daring, like she used to be when she was still in high school and trying to get a guy’s attention. She had her little saunter, and her way of leaning her head over her shoulder and catching a young man’s gaze. She could raise her hands up and run them through her hair. Sheila could shake her head and make her hair bounce around so that a man would pay attention to her from the neck up, and not notice how small her breasts were. This was her allure. It was all she had, really, to seduce a man. After going through a period of self-deprecation, she thought to dust her skills off and bring them into use once gain. Her target this time would be her father.

Around the house, Sheila would wear cotton shorts, snug enough to show off the graceful curves of her butt. Her shirts weren’t as revealing, because she thought she could get away with only so much when her mother was home. Sheila would slink by in the living room, or in the dining room or backyard, when her dad was alone. If her mom was around, she’d be more discreet, of course, but she would always catch her dad looking. The next time, she imagined, she would hold his gaze. Then she would turn and saunter off somewhere else. Sheila was advertising herself and they both knew it, but they were still keeping a safe distance from each other.

This changed, when her mother stepped into her room one day bursa sinirsiz eskort and announced she was heading to the store. Sheila declined to go. A few minutes later, she could hear her dad declining as well. There was something on TV he was watching, Sheila heard him say. Sheila waited, like a vixen, until ten minutes after her mother had gone.

When she presented herself into the living room, she had on cotton shorts, as usual, and a white blouse with thin straps on it. Sheila had no bra on, resulting in her nipples noticeably poking through the fabric. Without a word, she went directly to the couch her dad was sitting on and she placed herself on his lap. The man suspired, as Sheila leaned back and pressed her soft body against his chest. He suspired again as she leaned her head against his warm shoulder, so that her hair draped across the side of her father’s face. Then, Sheila waited.

She didn’t have to wait long, as she soon felt her dad’s hands settle around her waist. Sheila was much shorter than he was, as she only came up to his chest when they stood together. Now, they were on a more even plane, and his sturdy hands were touching her. Her dad’s hands encircled her middle for a moment, before they began a more thorough exploration of her. His hands coursed across her thighs, over both her shorts and her bare flesh, and they also moved up further, across her ribs and stomach. Her father seemed hesitant about touching her breasts, but he discovered them eventually. By then both he and her were gasping. He moved her hair way from his face, clearing a spot for his lips. The wanting man began to kiss her along the neck, and later, on the cheek. At the same time, her father’s hands were running all over her lean body.

This is how Kim would feel her up, sometimes, Sheila compared. She thought of removing her shirt, so her dad’s fingers could touch her more intimately, but she liked being submissive. Sheila wanted her dad to undress her, but he was still hesitant. Since she didn’t know how far they would go, a part of her was reluctant also. Still, she wanted more than to merely be fondled. Thanks to her encounters with Kim, she knew what to do next.

“This time, we have to keep our clothes on.” She said, breathlessly, as she took her father’s hand and pulled him onto his feet.

Sheila walked him to the edge of the couch. She leaned over the armrest and rounded her ass for him, before prodding him to stand close behind her. Her dad’s hands gripped her waist. He pressed in tight enough that the girl could feel his hardness on her shorts. He started rubbing on her, then grinding, before he was outright humping against her backside. Sheila’s body was being jostled against the couch. She listened to her dad’s loud breathing mingled with her own.

Finally, her dad pulled away from her. For a moment Sheila feared he would try to go all the way with her. She didn’t want this, or maybe she did, but not yet. She wasn’t ready for it yet.

When her dad pressed against her butt once more, she clearly felt his cock on her shorts. He’d pulled it free of his clothing, she realized. He’d positioned it right into the middle of her ass. Now, her dad was rubbing back and forth on her, his bare cock against her soft shorts, while his hands held her body steady from the waist. She wanted to see it, and also to pull her shorts down so flesh would rub against flesh, but at the same time, she was holding back.

Her father came. She heard it in his voice, and in the way he tightened his fingers on her hips. His legs shook against hers. His waist doubled over her butt, while his formerly rigid cock slowly ceased its rhythm.

Sheila felt her father rub the end of his cock against her shorts, as if to wipe off the residue. Perhaps in some primal way he was claiming her as well. He stood her up, shifting her over hair to one side so he could kiss the side of her neck.

Sheila didn’t know how to respond, when his mouth trailed closer to her throat, and then close to her cheek. She didn’t want to kiss him, not yet. Becoming nervous, she pulled out of the tight spot she was in and strolled to her room. She needed time to think, so she locked her door. Sheila stripped off her shorts, seeing the damp stain on them, and the pearly smears of cum.

Some ten minutes later, her father came to knock on her door. “Is everything okay with you?”

Sheila had donned a new set of shorts. After gathering her fortitude, she opened the door up and faced him. She thought her dad would come in, but he didn’t. He only stood at her doorway and started at her, as if he had done something wrong and now felt guilty about it. She couldn’t bear to see that face. Sheila turned her head to one side so she wouldn’t have to look at it. It was a face of hurt, of despair.

Still, she had to let her father know that he wasn’t the bad guy in all of this; that it had been something she wanted to do as much as he had. She reached out and clasped her arms around him. While escort bayan she couldn’t bring herself to kiss him, or to even look him in the eye, she could at least embrace him. It was a comfort they both needed.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“Dad, just be quiet and hold me. Don’t say anything.”

Several minutes floated by, until the confidence and warmth returned to Sheila. She turned her head up and grinned.

“You don’t have to be sorry.” Sheila started. She wanted to say more, but the words wouldn’t have conveyed what she was feeling. Again, she summoned up her courage, because she needed it to speak. “It was kind of fun. Now, get out of here and go watch your TV show.”

Her father took her by the shoulders, and looked at her. Really looked at her.

“Next time, I am going to kiss you.” She said, resolutely, before she turned into her room and left him standing there.

“I can’t believe you did that!” Kim told her, the next time they were in Kim’s room. “Oh, my god, Sheila, you’ve gone wild or something!”

“Well, you dared me!” Sheila blurted out, hardly able to hold back her grin. “It’s your fault for daring me!”

Kim made a shocked face, before she shoved Sheila back and onto the bed. She climbed over her best friend until their faces were close together. “Did you kiss him?”

“No, I was too shy to.”

Kim came in and kissed Sheila on the cheek. “Was he on top of you like this?”

“No, I was on the side of the couch and he was standing behind me.”

Kim rolled her hips between Sheila’s legs. “Did he do this to you?”

Already, Sheila was getting excited, both from the present and from her memories of the past. “Yes, he did. Do me a favor, yeah? Let me get into the same position.”

“Okay!” Kim cried out and laughed.

Sheila bent over the side of the bed, with her ass up in the air

Kim got up close behind her, and bucked her hips against her. “Like this?”

“Yeah, just like that. Keep doing it.”

She was so much more comfortable with Kim, because they’d done things like that plenty of times before. As for Kim, that girl knew exactly what liberties she could take with her friend. Sheila’s shorts were drawn down to her thighs. For a few moments, Kim caressed her bare ass. After that, Kim inserted her finger into her best friend’s pussy.

“You’re really wet, you whore.” Kim commented. “I can’t believe how wet you are! You’re totally gushing!”

The words made Sheila even hotter. “If you had a penis, I would let you fuck me with it.”

Kim tried to get a second finger into her, but she couldn’t. Sheila was too tight. She did find a hairbrush with a long, rounded end, and this is what she used to get Sheila off. Squirming and purring, Sheila rolled her ass back to meet that brush, until she was good and ready to quit.

After this, Sheila stretched out on Kim’s bed and pulled Kim on top of her. No longer was Sheila the submissive partner, as she pulled her friend’s face to her and kissed Kim fully, passionately, on the lips. Also, and unexpectedly, Sheila reached out and groped Kim’s ass, through the other girl’s clothes and under them. She had two handfuls of nice ass in her grip.

“What has gotten into you?” Kim asked, playfully. She liked this new, aggressive and sexy side of her best friend.

“I’m just practicing for my dad. You’re a poor substitute!”

“Oh, fuck you!” Kim laughed, before she brought her head down and kissed Sheila. Her hand found its way between their bodies. Soon enough, a lone finger invaded the other girl’s pussy. Sheila wriggled from the contact.

“You know, you’re really tight.” Kim remarked. “If I can’t get even two fingers into you, I don’t think your dad is going anywhere.”

As Kim began playing with her again, Sheila grinned devilishly, and said, “I guess I’m going to find out!”

Sheila had no idea where her mom had gone. She knew her mom was out, and she was alone in the house with her father. It didn’t take too long before she saw him looming in her doorway.

“Can I come in?” He dad asked.

Sheila was on her bed, lying on her stomach and browsing through a fashion magazine. She didn’t say anything; she only watched as her father slipped in and went to sit on the edge of her bed. He was wearing a blue muscle shirt, showing off his arms and shoulders, and loose gray shorts, as if he was about to work out. She wondered if he’d chosen those exact clothes because of her.

Her dad didn’t say anything either. He simply sat there, watching her, glancing at her petite frame for a few seconds, before he put his hand on the back of Sheila’s thigh. His fingers and palms coursed over her tender skin, from the back of her knee to the bottom of her skirt. She watched him until the hand went under her skirt. After that, she faced forward again, pretending to be looking at the pictures in her magazine, but not really looking at anything at all.

Her father’s hand caressed the fat part of her thigh, before crossing over to her other thigh and doing the same. Sheila shivered when his hand ran over her panties. She gasped when she felt her skirt being moved up and out of the way, and gasped a second time when that same hand tugged away her panties. She moaned when her dad’s fingers set down on her bare ass, because just feeling his touch made her want to moan.

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