Amy , Jenny: Cruise Conundrum 1

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Big Tits

(C) Copyright 2002 by Krypto28, all rights reserved, except those described below. Permission is granted to download, archive, and repost provided that the contents are not altered, including the disclaimers, copyrights and limitations on use and provided that no fee is charged for access. This story is erotic fiction intended for adult entertainment. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse the behavior described in this story. All persons and events in this story are completely fictitious and ANY similarity to persons living or dead or to actual events is purely coincidental.


Amy couldn’t believe what she was doing. In just a few days, on May 30th to be exact, she and her boyfriend would be celebrating the anniversary of their fifth year together… apart. She would be sailing the Caribbean on Carnival Cruise Lines’ newest floating paradise, the Quintessent Rainbow, for seven nights with her best friend Jenny. Chuck would probably be sitting alone in his apartment being lonely all week.


“Earth to Amy… hello?” Jen gave a nudge, hoping to bring her friend back to reality. “What’s the matter? We’re on our way to paradise! The big boat… fifteen more minutes to the dock!!”

“Oh.. I’m sorry, Jen. Just thinking… hoping Chuck will be alright,” sighed Amy.

“He wouldn’t have told you to go ahead if he didn’t want you to be here. He understands.”

“Yeah… but I know he would have said that regardless of what he wanted,” she explained.

“When we get on that boat, you’ll forget he even exists,” Jenny laughed. “Gorgeous blue skies, crystal clear water, nightclubs, shopping, black sand beaches, and lotsa guys…” she teased.

“I hope you’re right… but the guys won’t be interested in me. They’ll be too busy crawling over you.”

Amy had always been a little jealous of all the attention that Jenny got. But she figured that it made sense. Jenny was a little nymph. Short brown hair, ringlet curls, a lopsided sexy grin. Big brown eyes. And she always dressed to show off her petite little body. Short shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top in various pastel shades were practically what Jenny lived in during the summer.

Of course, Jenny’s personality always helped, too. When the gal saw what she wanted, she went after it… and consummating a relationship was a given. Even if said relationship only lasted a few hours.

But, Amy had never subscribed to Jenny’s theory of life. When Amy had met Chuck it was one year before he saw her undressed, and two more years before they lost their virginity together.

Amy had never been comfortable with her body like Jenny, either. She had always been a little overweight, which she always thought would be ok… if she had been proportioned right. She called herself the “Human Pear,” because all of her extra weight went to her hips and butt… which did not complement her small 34A chest. All of this distress about her weight blinded her to what everyone else saw, though– the beautiful shoulder-length wavy blond hair, huge deep blue eyes set into an angel’s smiling face.

In the months prior to the trip, however, she had been dieting and exercising feverishly. She usually covered everything up, though. She was comfortable in her relationship with Chuck, not feeling to need to impress anyone else– and still a little insecure.

Amy and Jenny could be the oddest of couples, then… one a worldly, free-spirited flirt, the other bakırköy escort a quiet, naïve, and committed girlfriend. Somehow they had hit it off during a group project for an education class during their sophomore year in college. Today, nearly three years later and one day removed from college graduation, they exited the shuttle and strolled together up the walkway to the Quintessent Rainbow.

“Chuck who?” giggled Amy as she absorbed the sight unfolding before her eyes. Deck after deck rose into the vibrant Florida sky. Hundreds of people were already making themselves at home. Bikini-clad women and men alike were already sprawled on lounges around the Olympic-sized swimming pool, soaking up the just the first of many rays of sun for the trip.

“Looks like they’re not wasting any time,” said Jenny, “and I don’t think we should waste any, either!”

Amy knew what Jenny was after… she saw all of the single guys at the pool bar. Jenny was no doubt anxious to try out her new string bikini. “I guess I could use a little work on my tan,” Amy said, interjecting a false tone of exasperation. Then she grinned and grabbed her “hungry” friend by the hand.


In no time they located their tiny room. Amy slipped off her Skechers and slowly wandered towards the sliding glass doors at the rear of the cabin, taking in the sights. Jenny, on the other hand, made a beeline for her suitcase, which was already deposited on the bed by the crew an hour before.

Jenny was digging for her swimsuit when she heard Amy gasp.

“This is absolutely amazing…” Amy had discovered the balcony, and the view it provided. Out to sea, the sun sparkled over the waves in millions of dancing reflections. Down below, one of the ship’s two outdoor on-deck clubs was being decorated for the night’s grand opening festivities.

Jenny bounded over to check out the view. “This is SWEET… great view, and we can party up here on the balcony and watch everyone party down below at night! And speaking of ‘partying,’ what do you think about the new suit?”

Amy was almost as dumbstruck about the so-called “suit” as she was moments before about the view. Jenny struck a pose, flashed her lopsided grin, and flashed nearly everything else, it seemed. Pastel baby blue this time, but the manufacturer probably could have made a few hundred of those suits from just a yard of the fabric, Amy thought.

“So… are you gonna say something? Good? Bad? No?” Jenny implored, curling her toes on the carpet.

“I don’t know what to say,” stammered Amy, and indeed she didn’t. She had never quite seen this much of her friend before. Jenny’s always-perky B-cup breasts were spilled from the sides of the tiny triangle top, and the curve of her tanned(!) ass was fully exposed. She was wearing a thong. A twinge of envy pinched Amy… and something else.

“Well, deary, you’re not leaving much to the imagination, there… but honestly, you look great. The guys’ll be pulling towels over their trunks with one look at you.”

Jenny beamed from the approval, and gave Amy a hug and quick kiss on the cheek. “You’re the best! But duty calls!” And with that, Jenny grabbed her towel and sunglasses and headed for the pool (and guys).


After she left, Amy sat down on the bed in frustration. “She’s going to upstage me all week,” she thought, near tears. She half-heartedly opened her travel bag and began başakşehir escort to sift through its contents. Near the bottom, she found what she was looking for. Her old swimsuit. Faded and yellow, it was a Wal-Mart special. Nothing to compare to the pastel blue floss that Jenny was masquerading in.

Checking that the door was locked, and then drawing the blinds across the balcony’s glass sliding doors, she stripped off her clothes, then crossed her fingers. Nude, she crossed the room to the massive bed and snatched her yellow one-piece from the coverlet. One leg in, then the other. Straps over the shoulders. “YES!” She could have jumped for joy! The suit hung in folds over her body.

Amy knew that she had lost an immense amount of weight in the past few months, but was terrified to relent and weigh herself. She had refused to look for a new suit, convinced that one look at of herself in a bikini would change her mind about going on the trip. Chuck constantly gushed over her new figure, claiming she looked like J. Lo with smaller tits, but what else would he say? He loved her. His opinion was biased, and therefore probably unreliable.

“If the suit doesn’t fit, don’t wear it,” she said out loud, and giggled at her silliness in glee. “I’ll have to go suit-hunting later.” Amy slipped of the suit, tossed it in the trash, then retrieved her underwear and a large sleep shirt from her bag.

Sufficiently covered and comfortable, Amy removed a paperback novel from another pocket of her bag, then stepped out onto the balcony. Two wicker chairs and a small table were situated against the rail in one corner. Closing the door and blinds behind her, she made herself comfortable in the chair facing the sea, and began to read…



Jenny was on the prowl. She had purposely situated herself close to the bar, where the majority of the guys were hanging out It wasn’t five minutes after she had sprawled her barely-clad self on a lounger that the drinks began to arrive. From the gentleman with the white hat… from the gentleman with the red trunks… and hello… from the gentleman in the white trunks. A bold young gentleman he was, brazenly showing off his tanned physique in white, bikini trunks.

Jenny’s heart began to race as she surveyed his short, curly blonde hair, bright white teeth in a smile… his sculptured chest… six-pack… and the bulge that those tiny white trunks seemed to be struggling to contain.

Her nipples immediately became hard, and pushed at the thin fabric at her top. She felt herself begin to get wet down below, and wondered if the fabric would make that visible to everyone else. Brazen or not, Jenny squirmed her legs together a bit with that thought.

Jenny had almost yielded to fantasy at that moment, when the white trunks (and the bulge) were right before her eyes. She started, the laughed at her reaction.

“Hi, I’m Craig,” he introduced himself. “Would you care to go for a swim?”

She removed her sunglasses… gotta use those big puppy dogs and gave him that patented lopsided grin. “Sure. It is getting pretty warm out here. And thanks for the drink, by the way.”

He smiled and took her by the hand (“What a gentleman,” she thought, “and cute, too… he’s a Goldilocks guy… just right.”), then led her to the giant pool.

The two of them swam and flirted, made small talk and splashed. Craig had just graduated beşiktaş escort from college, too, though he went to school in Maine. He was on the cruise with a few friends. Jenny explained that she and her friend Amy (“She’s very shy, and is homesick for her boyfriend already”) were from Maryland. Craig made it very clear that he was out for a good time. Jenny did the same.

It wasn’t long before the two had cozied up beneath the giant waterfall that spilled into the center of the pool. A bandstand had been built to look like an island rising from the water. A bamboo walkway bridged the edge of the pool to the tall, “mountainous” platform. Water poured from one vegetation covered side, and it poured over the couple’s heads.

“Well, isn’t this romantic, ” Jenny smirked.

“It could be…” Craig gave her a wink.

Jenny knew what the wink meant, and was happy to oblige. She reached down and freed his instantly hardening cock. She leaned up and whispered in his ear, “ever fuck someone under a waterfall?”

He laughed, then lifted Jenny until her eyes were level with his. In one swift, almost practiced gesture, she slipped her tongue into his mouth and pulled aside the pastel blue swatch of fabric covering her pussy.

She gasped as he immediately lowered her onto his penis. The large head met with some resistance at first, then eased slowly inside. Jenny wrapped her legs around his waist and clawed her toes against his ass. Her orgasm was building quickly as he lifted her up and down on his dick. She watched the other swimmers, seeing if they were witnessing her little scene. None seemed to notice… except for a group of two guys sitting at the edge of the pool. They had to be Craig’s friends from college. She managed a wave and a wink before waves of orgasm took her mind away from the world.

Jenny’s clenching pussy was not lost on Craig. And was she waving at the guys? Wow… Thoughts of what this gal could be capable of coursed through Craig’s mind, and that was enough to send him over the edge. He exploded inside of her, pumping load after load of semen into her body.

Jenny giggled at her naughtiness, and slid off of his still jerking dick. She wanted to see his reaction when the cold water of the pool met a penis that had become accustomed to the most comfortable sort of warmth in the world.

The look was classic… she laughed as he covered himself, and swam away. Jenny knew she’d see him again soon.


Amy thought she heard a key in the door. She laughed to herself, figured Jenny was either coming back after her, forgot the oil, or had some wild news about a guy she just met. She marked her place in the book, then waited with a grin on her face for her friend to come tearing through the door.

First the doorknob, then the door. She heard footsteps in the room, then the sound of a bag ruffling. “Musta just forgot something,” she thought, then rose from her chair to open the sliding door. No sooner had she risen– and the door closed again.

Amy rushed through the sliding door, getting momentarily tangled in the blinds. “Jenny! Wait up! Hey!” Finally getting free of the blinds, she ran to the cabin door and rushed out into the hallway. “That gal was in a hurry,” she thought, and smiled.

Then she realized she was standing in the hall in just her undies and a tshirt. Never wanting to get caught exposed in any way (even the yellow granny swimsuit made her feel naked), she darted back inside her cabin. “Maybe I should go down to the pool and see what all this excitement’s about,” she thought. She went into the bathroom, checked her hair (a breeze had been blowing out on the balcony), then went to grab a pair of shorts from her bag…

… only her bag was missing.

To Be Continued…

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