Amy’s Bar Story

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A loud eruption of sound flooded into the night as Amy revved up her crotch rocket. It had been far too long since she’d gotten to ride it, having been in and out of the hospital since around October of the previous year. A smile crosses her pretty, freckled face as she revs it up a few more times, the powerful motor sending vibrations through her body with each pull of the throttle. Having finished playing around, the tires squeal as Amy takes off. It had been quite some time since she’d been out, but she was ready tonight. She’d gotten her hair and nails done the previous night and she was ready to go. Unfortunately she was on meds that kept her from drinking too much, but since she was so excited about riding down there, she didn’t plan on getting drunk anyways.

Amy arrived at the bar at around midnight. She sighed at the long line. Perhaps I’ll just text my friends while I’m waiting. She thought to herself as she parked her bike and got into the line. Tight jeans hugged her short curvy body and her loose top green top cascaded down her body just right, hugging her ample breast just enough to display the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples poking through the fabric. She couldn’t hide how pleased she was with herself. Although she’d picked up a few pounds during her stay in the hospital she hadn’t felt as pretty as she did right now in a long time, and it showed. Her face was literally glowing. She was pretty and free and going to enjoy herself tonight. After a half hour she finally got in. She showed her ID and with that, walked in. She coudln’t figure out what she wanted to do first, so she went and sat at the bar.

“What are you having today lass.” The bartender said, trying to feign an irish accent, a direct result of her obviously Irish features. Amy laughed to herself.

“What gave me away, is it my freckles or the red hair.” Amy said, making a half attempt at a joke. Amy normally was the quiet type, preferring actions to speaking, but being as isolated as she’d been for the past few months had made her long for human interaction.

“I say that to everyone today, being St. Patrick’s Day and all.” the bartender retorted. “I’m gonna start you off with an Irish car bomb…then you can order whatever you want.” he continued as he made the drink and put it infront of her. Amy quickly finished the tasty drink, but decided to hold off on anything else for a while. Amy took in the atmosphere for a bit, just lounging, listening to the music, just feeling alive again. After a while her ears picked up a familiar sound. A slow smile crossed her face as she looked around. There were several guys playing pool. She watched them for a bit. They were okay, not as good as she had been, but she was a bit rusty, so perhaps it would be fair. She made her way over to the group, it was 5 guys standing around the pool table and 2 girls sitting on stools watching.

“Anyone got next.” Amy smiled coyly.

“Nah, it’s all you sweet cheeks.” A tall pale, thin guy with dark eyes smiled. “I’m Kyle by the way.” he continued, offering his hand.

“Amy.” Amy, who frequently went by Amy, replied.

“Nice to meet you. I like to know the name of the person who’d butt I’m going to kick.” Kyle joked. Amy’s smile grew a bit sharper. As this was now a challenge as opposed to a friendly game. The first game ended and Kyle grabbed his pool stick. Amy grabbed one from the stand and chalked it up. Amy noticed eyes locked on her as she walked up to the pool table. It was a small asian girl with light brown hair. Amy could see the outline of her nipples, her thin light colored semi-sheer top contrasting her dark brown nipples. She slowly crossed her legs, granting anyone who wanted to see a clear view of her hairless little cunt, her eyes locked onto Amy the whole time. She hopped down from her stool and walked over to Amy and Kyle.

“So who’s your friend.” the asian girl said to Kyle as she stood over beside him, her hand in his.

“Oh, this is Amy. Amy, this is Miko.” Kyle said, introducing the two girls.

“She’s cute!” Miko purred. Amy’s face turned red as a smile crossed her face.

“Thank you! I’m still going to kick your boyfriend’s ass though.” Amy said, breaking, knocking several balls two striped balls in. “Looks like I’m stripes.” Amy continued.

“Nice shot!” Miko said, giving Amy a smack on her ass, that lingered just shy of a grope. Amy glanced back at the petite asian girl and smiled. Before sinking yet another ball. She’d been on a roll for a bit, her skills immediately coming back to her. But she decided to give Kyle atleast a chance, not wanting to embarrass him too badly infront of his girlfriend. Kyle smiled as Amy failed to sink her second to last ball.

“My turn.” Kyle said, fire in his eyes. Amy quickly realized that giving him a shot might’ve been a mistake as he sank several shot in a row. Amy’s eyes were wide as he sank every single solid ball with ease. It would’ve normally been a win for him, unfortunately the 8 ball went down before his final ball, giving Amy the victory. “Dammit!” Kyle said with a smile. “Looks like you win.”

“Yes it does.” Amy smiled knowing she’d come just this close to losing.

“Alright, so loser buys. What you drinking.” Kyle said putting his arm around Amy’s shoulder in a friendly manner as he lead her to the bar. It had been quite some time since Amy had, had her Irish car bomb so she decided to go ahead and order another.

“Double shot of whiskey.” Amy ordered as she sat down at the bar, joined by Miko who sat between her and Kyle. Amy could feel Miko’s small hand rubbing her thigh as Miko absently talked as though nothing was happening. Amy tried to ignore it, she was attracted to Miko, but her having a boyfriend was a bit of an issue, having been cheated on by her now ex-husband, Amy wasn’t exactly fond of this type of behavior. Still Amy let it continue for the moment, it seemed friendly enough and it wasn’t like she was going home with Miko, just a bit of friendly flirting was all. As they continued to talk, Miko’s hand wondered ever upward and inward, grazing Amy’s upper, inner thigh. Amy could feel her nipples harden as Miko made her intentions clear.

“I gotta run to the bathroom.” Amy said, needing a little space. Amy walked into the bathroom and sat in a stall, taking a moment to clear her head before heading back out. A few moments later, Amy heard someone walk in. As she flushed the toilet and stepped out she saw it was Miko. Her brown eyes immediately locked on to Amy.

“Hey, pretty.” Miko said as she got uncomfortably close to Amy. As Amy’s lips parted to speak, Miko immediately started kissing her. Although Amy was had been married and even had kids, she was still highly attracted to women as well as men. It had been such a long time since she’d felt the touch of another woman’s sweet lips upon her own. Miko walked Amy against the wall and continued her aggressive assault. Secretly this turned Amy on even more being naturally submissive, she enjoyed allowing others to take control in these kinds of situations. Miko’s tiny hands reached under Amy’s shirt and she began to touch Amy’s body lightly. Amy could feel her body starting to respond as Miko’s kisses started to drift down Amy’s neck. Amy tossed her head back as Miko continued now kissing beneath her jaw and moving back upward, nibbling at Amy’s ears, even blowing lightly on the saliva moistened area sending cool chills through Amy’s progressively more sensitive body. Miko’s hand floated drifted on to Amy’s breast. She expertly began rubbing and massaging Amy into a frenzy. It felt so good for her to be taken in such a manner. It had been far too long. Amy thought, her body now aching for release. Miko started raising Amy’s shirt up over her head, exposing her supple freckled breast, topped with pale pink nipples. Amy started to protest, weakly but Miko pressed her finger over Amy’s pink lips shushing her, before she knelt down and began kissing Amy’s exposed breast. Amy abandoned her protest as Miko’s lips wrapped around Amy’s nipples. Miko sucked an nibbled on one breast as she kneaded and massaged the other. Amy’s body was literally shaking as her breast became more and more sensitive from Miko’s machinations. Miko would suck and lick for a bit, and then suddenly she press Amy’s nipple between her canines and bite down. Not really hard. Just enough for Amy to let out a light yelp. She slowly began lightly clawing Amy’s other breast. Adding a bit of pain to Amy’s pleasure which suited Amy just fine. She slowly began to kiss back up Amy’s cleavage, kissing right up the faint remnant of the scar Amy had from her heart surgery. Amy gripped Miko’s light brown hair and pulled her face up to her own before their lips once again pressed against each other, their tongues continuing their dance. Miko adeptly unbuttoned Amy’s jeans, just enough to slide her tiny and into Amy’s pants. Chills ran through Amy’s body as Miko’s hand progressed slowly towards Amy’s moist eager cunt. With only a thin layer of fabric between them, Miko began rubbing Amy’s sensitive clit, through her panties. Amy’s legs almost buckled as Miko started working her clit. Again Amy’s mind was lost in ecstasy. Miko rubbed and pinched Amy’s clit through the fabric, sliding even further down, moistening her fingers with Amy’s wetness. She slipped her hand from Amy’s pants just long enough to rub Amy’s wetness onto Amy’s lips before kissing them once again and sliding her hand back down the front of Amy’s jeans. Only this time, her hand slipped under Amy’s panties. Her moist fingers slid down the length of Amy’s slit, spreading her lips before slowly pressing her slender finger against Amy’s hungry little pussy. As Miko teased her, Amy’s body was literally begging for penetration.

Suddenly images of her friend’s hand running up her husband’s shirt entered her head and how upset and hurt she was having found out her husband was cheating on her. That thought pretty much killed any thoughts Amy had of going further with this girl. She started pushing Miko away.

“Stop…I can’t do this. You have a boyfriend and he’s right outside.” Amy said, breathlessly as she gently pushing Miko away. Miko didn’t let up, seemingly ignoring Amy’s protest, she continued trying to touch and kiss Amy, but Amy was much stronger than Miko was and became more forceful as Miko persisted, easily pushing the petite Miko off of her. “I’m…I’m sorry.” Amy said, still trying to catch her breath, her body literally screaming at her to continue. Miko eyed Amy longingly as Amy walked passed her to exit, licking Amy’s wetness from her fingers as Amy exited the bathroom. Amy noticed as she twisted the knob that Miko had locked the door. Amy unlocked it and walked out. Immediately she noticed something was different. The music was going but it didn’t feel the same. She glanced around for some Ankara escort obvious sign that something was off, but nothing really hit her…until she looked at the people. There was a lot less of them, only a few infact. Kyle was still there as was the bartender. But that was about it. She pulled out her cellphone and glanced at the time. Surely they weren’t closed, but looking at the door she saw the closed sign up.

Amy started towards the door, but Kyle immediately stepped infront of her.

“Did you enjoy Miko?” Kyle said, knowingly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Amy said, trying to push past him.

“Let me rephrase it then. Did you like fucking my girlfriend.” Kyle said, this time with a bit more force in his voice. Amy’s heart skipped a beat. Surely he couldn’t have just guessed that Miko had made a pass at her.

“….We…we didn’t. I mean…I didn’t…” Amy stammmered as she heard the bathroom door open, then shut. Miko walked out with a big grin on her face.

“She taste so good, baby.” Miko said, licking her fingers, her eyes locked on Kyles. Kyle’s stern demeanor immediately changed.

“Then I suppose you wouldn’t mind letting us have a little taste too, would you Amy.” Kyle said, his eyes lighting up as he glared at Amy sinisterly. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was getting at and Amy had no questions about what might happen should she say no. So instead, she immediately lashed out. Striking Kyle directly in the diaphragm. Kyle stumbled back gasping for air as Amy rushed passed him towards the door. The bartender jumped over the bar and tackled Amy to the ground. Quickly mounting her, but Amy, being well trained in self defense struck him in the temple as he leaned down. Him being stunned Amy easily pushed him off of her before starting back towards the door. She’d almost made it when she felt a sudden impact across her back. Amy fell to the floor was immediately hit again, then again. Amy rolled to her stomach so she could protect herself better only to see Miko holding a pool stick, standing over her. Miko swung down on her with the pool stick but Amy blocked it with her forearm, grimacing in pain as the hard wood impacted against her arm. Again Miko swung down on Amy. This time, Amy caught the stick, but Miko immediately kicked her in her still sensitive cunt. Amy yelped in pain releasing the pool stick and covering her cunt with her legs. Miko immediately jammed the blunted edge of the pool cue into Amy’s exposed stomach, making Amy sit up and cough from the impact, which Miko followed with another swing. Amy barely managed to throw her arms up in time as she was barely able to protect her head from the attack. As painful as the hits where, they did no real damage. Amy tumbled back away from the door to avoid one of Miko’s strikes, but it was too late now. The two men she’d dealt with earlier had recovered. The bartender grabbed Amy from behind, forcing her hands upward. Miko again jammed the point of the pool stick into Amy’s stomach. Amy cried out in pain, but then thrust her head backward, smashing it into the face of the bartender. Amy caught the pool stick as Miko swung at her again, and ripped it from Miko’s hands, tossing it to the side before punching the small asian girl right in the face, knocking her to the floor. Again Amy was just moments from escape when she was stopped this time by Kyle who’d grabbed another pool stick and smashed it as hard as he could across Amy’s back, breaking the pool stick as he knocked Amy to the floor.

“You okay baby?” was the first thing Amy heard as she started to get her barrings. She tried to get up off the floor, but the sharp pain in her back made her cry out. Kyle immediately turned to her. “Looks like sleeping beauty finally woke up.” he said, standing up from attending to Miko who’s eye was blackened from Amy’s attack. Amy heard scrambling from the back, then a sharp kick to the back.

“That fucking bitch nearly broke my goddamn nose!” the bartender said, kicking her yet again. Miko stood up and looked down at Amy.

“Give me her fucking hand!” She called out to Kyle. Though Amy resisted, the kicks and stomping by the bartender made it easy for Kyle to pull her hand away from her body. Miko the stomped down on Amy’s hand, putting all of her 102lb weight onto the heel of her 6” stiletto heels onto the back of Amy’s hand. Amy screamed as the heel smashed into her flesh, breaking several bones in Amy’s hand.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!” Amy screamed as Miko ground her heel into Amy’s hand. It was only then that Amy felt the bartender pulling at her jeans. Amy had never been happier about the extra weight she’d put on. She had a time getting into those jeans, which was good, cause the seemed to be giving the bartender quite a time, trying to get them off. Until he pulled a pocket knife from his back pocket. Amy froze up immediately. “Please…don’t.” Amy said trembling. The bartender looked confused as he continued. Amy started kicking wildly panicked, nothing like the women who had just moments ago stunned him and nearly broken his nose. What none of the knew was that Amy had been stabbed before, years ago and was deathly afraid of knives, sometimes paralyzed, sometimes frantic. Kyle climbed on her back and smashed her head against the hardwood floor. As Amy’s head cleared her pants had already been removed. Kyle was still on her back, but this time he had the knife. He pulled back on her hair and put the blade to Amy’s throat. Miko sat on chair inches away from her. She sat at the edge with her legs spread apart.

“Eat my fucking cunt, right now.” Miko demanded, staring hatefully at Amy, her eye swollen shut from Amy’s previous attack. Kyle stood up and let Amy up alittle bit. Amy again cried out in pain as she got up. “Crawl, bitch. I want you to crawl your whorish ass over here and eat my fucking cunt.” Miko said this time more sternly. Amy hesitated for a moment. “Cut her fucking ear off.” Miko commanded. Kyle reached down.

“I’ll do it!” Amy cried out. Miko glanced at Kyle and he let Amy continue towards Miko. Miko’s hairless brown cunt glistened with just the slightest hint of wetness as Amy crawled on all fours towards her. Miko stared at Amy wantingly, excited by the site of Amy crawling towards her. Her body shook in anticipation. Miko slumped down in the chair further exposing herself to Amy. Amy slowly began to lick Miko’s tight little slit. Although Amy was being forced to do this, Amy decided that perhaps if she was good, Miko, who seemed to be in charge, would be less hostile. So Amy decided to really try. She looked up at Miko as she started to suck on her clit, rubbing her finger up and down her slit. Miko immediately started leaking. Her milky wetness, covering Amy’s finger. Amy smiled as she sucked her moisture from her finger before licking the rest from Miko’s slit. Amy could already feel Miko’s thighs trembling around her head as Miko grasped her long red hair, forcefully pressing Amy’s face into her crotch and grinding herself against Amy’s face. Amy buried her tongue inside of Miko’s wet cunt. Miko’s juices were now freely flowing, coating Amy’s face as she literally smother Amy’s face against her sopping cunt. Amy felt someone behind her, rubbing her now exposed cunt. Amy’s instinct was to bite this bitches cunt, kick whoever it was behind her in the face and try to escape again, but she knew she already had several broken ribs, a broken hand, and there was still a third person. Also the more she tried to fight, the more they’d hurt her and she didn’t want them to kill her. So instead she just let it happen. She focused on eating Miko out. Amy could hardly breath as Miko kept her face buried in her cunt, grind herself against Amy’s face wildly coating her face with her moisture. Whoever was behind Amy knew what they were doing putting two fingers inside of Amy as he rubbed her clit with his middle finger. Amy then felt an very unfamiliar but suprisingly pleasant sensation as she felt a tongue pressed against her little anal pucker. Although Amy wasn’t an anal virgin, she was by no means fond of anal sex, but this was actually quite pleasant, nothing like the hard pounding she’d come to expect. Miko put her thighs around Amy’s head and clenched them as tightly as she could as she was began to lose herself in the throws of orgasm. Amy, was starting to panic as she couldn’t breath at all, her face completely buried in Miko’s cunt as her pussy flooded Amy’s face with her juices. Amy began to moan despite herself, her body starting to respond to her molester. Her moaning only served to have her throat flooded as Miko pussy squirted right down Amy’s throat. Amy couldn’t cough or anything. All she could do was let it happen and hope Miko would stop cumming soon. Amy started hitting and clawing at Miko’s thighs as her own panic filled orgasm started to engulf her fading mind. Things had already started to go black as her strength drained from her body. Miko had already cum and was just delighted to watch Amy fade, her body a smothered, quivering mess. She twisted her thighs side to side to further disorient Amy as her arms fell to her side. A smile crossed her face as Amy’s eyes rolled back into her head. She watched the young red head collapse into unconsciousness. Satisfied, she told Kyle to roll her on her back.

Amy’s eyes sprang open as she felt air being breathed into her lungs. Her eyes slowly focused to see that it was Miko laying on top of her, as much kissing her as she was trying to resuscitate her. Kyle was holding her Amy’s hands over her head, his feet pressed against her shoulders. He jerked roughly upward, pressing down with his legs as hard as he could, tearing Amy’s arms out of their sockets. Amy screamed in pain, ending Miko’s makeout session. Miko looked sharply up at Kyle.

“I just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t give us anymore trouble.” Kyle said. Now help me get them back in. The bartender came over and helped Kyle get her shoulders back into their sockets. Amy knew she was completely at their mercy now.

“You okay baby?” Miko said sweetly to Amy, gently stroking her hair. Amy nodded. “Good girl.” Miko continued. Amy eyes hardened for just a moment before accepting it, knowing pissing her off while she was in the condition she was in would only get her hurt even more.

“Now it’s our turn to have some fun.” the bartender said, a sadistic smile crossing his face as he clenched his fractured nose. “Get up bitch.” the bartender commanded. Amy slowly started to her feet, she could feel her shoulders slipping as she used her arms to get up from the floor. Just the weight of them hanging down was quite uncomfortable. Amy managed to get to her feet, the bartender’s eyes were locked onto her the entire time she struggled to get to her feet. “You’re a pretty little thing aren’t you.” He smiled walking over to her and caressing Ankara escort bayan her face before quickly slamming his fist into her stomach. Amy stumbled backwards, but managed to stay on her feet. “Get your ass back over here!” the bartender commanded. Amy glared at him hatefully. He started walking towards Amy, his fist clenched. As his fist launched towards Amy’s face a quick kick to his groin derailed that attack. He fell to his knees, cradling his injured groin. Kyle burst out laughing.

“Looks like the girl still has a bit of fight in her eh Brandon.” The bartender looked up hatefully at Kyle.

“That bitch is gonna fucking pay, I swear to god she’s going to pay.” Brandon, the bartender, said as he laid on his back, his knees in the air.

“Alright, let’s try this a bit differently.” Kyle said grabbing Amy’s purse and looking through it. “Oh, look like our little…Amy Bagwell…is a mommy.” he said pulling out her license and several pictures of or kids. “Oh they look just like their mommy.” Amy glared at Kyle hatefully as Kyle pulled out his phone. “Hey, I need you to drop by the bar and pick up a key. No I don’t need you to break into the place just yet. I just need you to go by there see if anyone is there. If you want you can get a look at our new little pet.” he said to the guy on the phone. “Alright man, see you in a few.” He hung up he phone and looked over at Amy who was still glaring at you. Amy was relieved that she didn’t live their anymore and hadn’t had the chance to change her address on her license yet. Kyle made his way over to Amy who still eyed him. “Calm down there Ms. Bagwell, I’m not going to hit you. You are going to get down on your knees and suck my cock though.” Kyle said politely. As much as Amy hated to do it, it was no worse than she’d had to do before. Kyle helped Amy down to her knees and unzipped his pants. He had a pretty large cock. Nothing shocking but still larger than average and relatively thick. He walked over to Amy so that she didn’t have to walk on her knees. “Suck it like you love it…like I’m your boyfriend.” Kyle said. Amy took his cock in her hands and gently started to stroke it, lightly running her nails up it’s length, lightening her touch even more once she got to his sensitive head.

“You…you…” Amy started. She knew what she should be saying, what would be natural for her to say, but she just couldn’t get the words out. Amy closed her eyes and as she’d done before, swallowed her pride and feelings. “You like that baby.” she smiled looking up at him as lovingly as she could manage. A broad smile crossed Kyle’s face.

“Yeah that feels great.” Kyle said as Amy continued stroking and his cock, using her other hand to caress and softly squeeze his testicles. He stroked Amy’s face lovingly, almost as though the were having a moment before it was broken by…

“He said suck it bitch!” Miko said hatefully as she walked over behind Amy and took her by the hair. “Am I going to have to make you suck it or do you think you can manage that by yourself. “Look at me!” Miko commanded. Amy reluctantly obeyed and looked up at her. Miko spit right in her face and rubbed it into her skin. Amy could feel her anger boiling up. Even in her current condition she could rip this girl in half, she thought, but she was far too weak to fight off Brandon, who’d started to recover, and Kyle. “Open your mouth!” Amy once again complied. Miko spit into Amy’s mouth. “Now suck his fucking cock.

Amy placed Kyle’s cock at right at the tip of her lower lip, before she started blowing her most breath on his cock. Her eyes were locked onto his as though he was the only person there. She tickled the tip of his head with her tongue. Licking a bit of precum from the tip of his cock, before blowing on his moistened cock. She slowly fed just the head of Kyle’s cock into her waiting lips, gripping them with her lips as she licked and teased his cock with her tongue. Kyle held her hair out of her face as she tickled and teased the head of his cock with her tongue. Amy pulled his cock out of her mouth and blew hard on his cock, the cool sensation sent a shiver up Kyle’s body.

“Damn you can suck cock baby.” Kyle said as he recovered from the shiver. Amy smiled up at him knowing that she’d just been toying with him. Although she wasn’t fond of the circumstances in which she learned, she knew she was very skilled at giving head. A smile crossed her face as she slowly took him all the way down her throat, her nose pressed against his pelvic bone. She held him inside of her throat until she started to choke, her throat sucking and straining to get air around his cock pulling him deeper inside of her throat, before she pulled him out, long strings of saliva dripped down her lips. She wiped the tears from her eyes and then her mouth before looking back up at him. Then took him in her mouth once again. This time sucking him vigorously, twisting her head as she worked his cock in her mouth. Kyle’s eyes were nearly rolled into his head as he gripped her hair, now slightly thrusting himself into her. As much as Kyle wanted to, he resisted the urge to start face fucking her, preferring instead to let her work her magic. Kyle could feel himself start to go over the edge as Amy worked his cock like a pro. Sucking him vigorously, working his cock before shoving him deep into her throat and holding him there, nearly gagging herself before pulling him out, stroking him with her hands as she caught her breath and then continued sucking him. As Amy was about to pull away to catch her breath, she felt another hand on her head. She struggled to pull away but the hand kept her face buried against his pubic bone. Amy could feel herself fading once again, her nails digging into Kyle’s thighs as she struggled to pull away. She retained enough control of herself not to hit him in the balls as she struggled, as they obviously didn’t want to kill her. As she started to fade he pulled back, his cock exploding in her mouth as she gasp for air. Amy gasped and sputtered as she took in a big breath full of cum. Amy coughed and sputtered as cum erupted from her throat and nose as Amy sat gasping for breath.

“Alright, lick it up you dirty fucking whore!” Brandon said, kicking her over onto the floor. Amy instinctively caught herself, on her forearms subluxing her shoulder immediately. Amy cried out in pain. Brandon kicked her in the stomach as she laid on the floor. She could barely protect herself, using her arms to absorb the kicks, protecting her broken ribs. “You gonna be a good little whore and do what I tell you or am I going to have to fucking make you?!” Brandon said grabbing Amy by the hair and dragging her to several globs of cum and saliva that she’s spit up while she was cough. He rubbed her face against the hardwood floor, smearing the cum and saliva all over Amy’s pretty face, before jerking her back up to her feet by her hair. He roughly slapped Amy back to the floor. Amy again cried out as she hit the ground.

“If she gets you again, I’m skipping your turn.” Kyle said.

Amy kicked back at him violently but this time he was ready and grabbed her foot. “You like to fucking kick do you bitch?!” Brandon said as he dragged Amy towards bathroom by the leg. Amy feebly tried to claw and grab anything she could with her arms already damaged, it didn’t take much effort for him to break her grip. Brandon grabbed Amy’s other leg as she kicked back at him and stomped her in the pussy. Amy screamed in pain clutching her battered cunt as he continued to drag her. “Hurts doesn’t it cunt?!” Brandon said dragging Amy’s legs half in and half out of the doorway of the bathroom. Amy knew immediately what he was going to do a she stared at the heavy wooden door. Amy struggled even more, but another brutal stomp to her cunt took all the fight out of her.

“Please…please…don’t. I’ll do whatever you want. I promise!” Amy begged, knowing that if he slammed that door on her leg and injured or broke her leg, she’d never be able to escape. Brandon, stomped in her cunt again, then let go of her leg. Amy curled up in a ball, doing everything she could to protect her delicate, cunt.

“Alright bitch!” Brandon said as he walked towards the bar. He grabbed a large bottle of beer. “I want you to fuck yourself with it.” Amy’s eyes widened.

“What?!” Amy said, as she tried to recover from Brandon’s assault. “I….I…can’t. It’ll kill me.” Amy said as Brandon made his way towards her.

“You said you’d do whatever I want, now this is what I fucking want! You’ve had a few kids and this bottle is smaller than a baby, so you should be able to take it just fine.” Brandon said, placing the bottle on the ground. Amy looked up at him pleadingly.

“Please don’t make me…please!” Normally it took a lot to make Amy cry. She’d almost become used to being hurt or disappointed or mistreated, but this was too much for even her. “Don’t kill me. I have a family. I have kids. They need me. Please…” Amy broke down into tears. She couldn’t fight, she couldn’t tough it out. This was all she could do. Brandon sighed, and grabbed Amy by her hair once again. Amy didn’t fight this time seeing that Brandon had abandoned his plan. He bent her over the pool table.

“You better not fucking move or I’m going to shove that bottle far up your ass you’re going to be spitting guiness.” He warned. Amy laid on the soft felt of the pool table, tears pouring down her face as she awaited whatever horror Brandon had in store for her. Amy felt Brandon spread her ass apart. Amy let out a sigh of relief until she felt something large twisting into her ass. “Don’t you fucking move you worthless fucking piece of shit. Come over here and hold her fucking arms.” Kyle rushed over and grabbed Amy’s subluxing them painfully as Miko took off Kyle’s belt and started lashing Amy across the back with it. Each lash leaving a long red mark across Amy’s pale freckled flesh. Amy cried out as the lashes rained down on her. She could feel her ass tearing as the bottle was screwed into her ass, the alcohol burning as it flowed into the tears.

“AHHHHH!!! STOPPPP IT!!!” Amy screamed as the three of them continued to torture her. And at once the all stopped. Amy could feel the mixture of alcohol and blood leaking out of her torn anus as the bottle was torn from her clenching, torn rectum. Her back was bright red from the welts left by Kyle’s belt. Her arms felt like they were going to fall out of the socket at any moment. Amy laid there trying to catch her breath, her throat raw from screaming. She heard Brandon say something from behind her, but she was too confused to make out what it was. Then another noise, this time louder.

“THANK ME BITCH!!” Brandon yelled for a third time. This time Amy could make out what he’d said.

“Thank…you….thank…you! I should fucking kill you!” Amy Escort Ankara spat hatefully.

“Let me show you why you should be fucking thanking me.” Brandon said menacingly. “Roll the bitch over so she can watch what I fucking do to her.” Kyle and Miko rolled Amy onto her back. Brandon immediately punched Amy in her bright red pussy, once again. Miko quickly tossed Brandon Kyle’s belt and he secured one of Amy’s legs to the pool table. He took off his belt and forced Amy’s leg down, before securing that one to the pool table. Kyle raised Amy’s head up so she could see. Brandon pulled the thick end of the pool stick that Kyle had broken across Amy’s back earlier. The broken end had sharp jagged points. Amy struggled wildly as she slowly aimed the instrument at her already battered, swollen cunt.

“THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! PLEASE….THANK YOU!!!!” Amy cried out. She’d seen what kind of damage something like that could do to a woman, she’d seen it first hand. It was something she never wanted to experience. He placed it just inside of her. Tears flowed freely from Amy’s face as she awaited the destruction of her sex. Miko lovingly stroked her face.

“Good girl. I think she’s starting to get it. It can always be worse my dear. Always. No matter what we do, no matter what we make you do, you should always be thankful cause we could always do worse.” Miko says before kissing Amy’s lips. Amy passionately kisses her back. “Let her up.” Miko said. Brandon unbuckled the belts and helped Amy to her feet.

“Are you okay?” Kyle asked, real concern in his voice. Amy nodded yes. Kyle immediately slapped her across the face.

“No! I’m not fine! I…I…I…” Amy started, not sure whether to say what she was feeling or not. She knew she wasn’t free. Until she escaped she would be their slave. Damned to service them however they wanted to be serviced. Brandon left to get some ice. Miko started lovingly rubbing Amy’s abused little pussy, gently trying to massage away some of the pain.

“Does that feel good.” Miko ask. Amy nodded. “Just lay on your stomach.” Miko said. Kyle helped Amy roll over, her feet just barely touching the floor. Miko started lovingly licking Amy’s bruised cunt as Brandon returned with the ice. He gave Miko a piece and started to rub the rest of it on Amy’s battered and bleeding back. Kyle stepped away and looked at his cellphone.

“Oops looks like I missed a message.” He said stepping away as Miko continued to lovingly lick Amy. Brandon pressed an ice cube inside of Amy’s damaged anus, dulling the pain some. Amy almost caught herself feeling good. Athough these were the people who hurt her, it did feel good for someone to take care of her. “So you’re living with your uncle.” Kyle said. “You mind telling me where that is.”

“I…I can’t. I won’t.” Amy said meekly, hoping not to anger Kyle too much.

“You can and you will. We’re your family now Amy. You belong to us. I thought you got that.” Kyle said softly. “Since we’re not family, I guess we’ll have to find a girl who will think of us as family.” Kyle said, picking up the broken pool stick. Kyle lined the pool stick up and drew back when he heard a banging on the door. “Good our friend will get a chance to have a piece of you before I finish you off. “Kyle walked to the door and greeted the tallish black man who entered. He was heavy set and had short black hair and a thick beard and mustache. He walked over towards the pool table where he saw Amy laying.

“So this is your new pet.” the man said, looking down at her bruised and battered body. “She’s pretty cute.” he continued.

“Nah, not anymore. I was going to see if you’d mind taking care of the body, since you said that you knew how to get rid of a body.” Kyle said.

“Mind if I get a spin with her first.” the man said taking account of her. “Wow, you fucked her up pretty bad.”

“Yeah, do whatever you want, she can’t fight back.”

“Just watch your nutts man…she’s a kicker.” Brandon added.

“Even if she could, I doubt she could take me.” the man said with a smile.

“Please…please help me…” Amy pleaded weakly.

“Come on cupcake, I’m gonna take care of you.” the man said, lifting Amy and carrying her into the bathroom. He placed leaned her over the sink and pulled the stopper down and turned the hot water up as high as he could. He pressed her pretty face into the steaming hot water. Amy fought as hard as she could, screaming in the water before he pulled her face up. It was bright red, but no real damage. The heavy set black man took a hand full of Amy’s now matted up red hair and forced her head into the sink, once again. This time he took his free hand and lined his cock up before ramming himself inside of Amy’s moist, battered cunt. The man violently pounded away, smashing Amy’s stomach against the edge of the sink as he continued to drown her. Amy’s arms were too weak to grasp the sink or reach up to get to the stopper. Amy reached back, trying to scratch and push him away, but he banged his fist against her broken hand, Amy cried out into the water. Shortly afterwards he pulled her up.

“Please…no more!” Amy pleaded, her loyalty to her uncle eclipsed by the thought of her never seeing her kids again. “I have children. Please don’t kill me.” Amy again broke down.

“I know you do. You have four of them, right Amy.” the man said before pressing her head back into the water. He used is free hand to rub her clit as he continued hammering away at her injured but traitorous cunt. He started continued fucking Amy and her body continued to respond, the lack of oxygen, again making the sensations more and more intense. He slowly pulled her head out of the water.

“I have money…I’ll pay you! Just please don’t kill me. I promise I’ll never say anything, I swear on my life.” Amy pleaded as she sputtered.

“Please, you don’t have a goddamn penny. Your husband fucked you over hard core. Yeah, I did my research. Anyways, your exes brother would probably pay a lot more if he found out I was the one who took you.”

“Looks like we got some personal shit going on here.” Kyle said happily now sure that they were going to get a more violent show. Amy’s mouth hung open as she it started to hit her. She never got a clear look at the guys face, but his build was about the same. The comment about her ex-husband was the most shocking thing. There were very few people who knew that little detail…and only one who also had fantasies about drowning her while he fucked her. Amy, slowly began to put together who it was as her mind started to fog, her pleasure was starting to build, making it hard for her to think. He pulled her out of the water and started kissing and kicking behind her ear.

“I’m going to hold you under until you make me cum.” the man said, she just barely got a glimpse of him through the mirror. She was right.

“I’ll…” was all she managed to get out before he shoved her head back into the water. Amy struggled as hard as she could, dislocating her shoulders as she pushed against him. She knew that if she could just say that one thing, she could get him to spare her. All she had to do was promise one thing and she’d survive. Amy pulled herself together and started focusing on what she needed to do. She started focusing on the pleasure running through her body. Focusing on the feeling of his large thick cock plunging roughly into her. She could slowly feel herself fading, but she knew she had to hold on. Despite all of the pain she was in, she could still feel it. Him continually rubbing her clit made it much easier. She started pushing back into his thrust, his cock being driven deeper inside of her, barely brushing her inner depths. He could feel her body trembling, but he could also tell she was fading. Amy focused all of her energy on cumming. Hoping that it would drive him over the edge. Knowing how much he loved the feel of her cunt gripping at his thick cock, squeezing the cum from him. And that’s what started to happen. Amy, moist, hot velvety walls clenched around his throbbing cock as he pounded her now dripping cunt. She couldn’t even feel anything else but her hot little pussy. Like the rest of her body had disappeared leaving just her tight, pulsing cunt. Her body started to spasm as she began to fade. She managed one final moan as her cunt exploded nearly forcing his cock from her body before sucking him back in. That was enough for him to explode inside of her. He pulled her head up from the water as streams of hot seed shot deep into her hungry cunt. He threw the unconscious Amy to the ground.

“I think she’s done. Just a few second’s earlier and you’d be alive bitch.” the guy spat. “I think that just means I came in a dead girl.” he chuckled as he headed towards the others, zipping his pants up and readjusting himself. “Hey bartender, you mind grabbing us some beers. It’s going to be pretty hard dismembering this bitch. The man said. Brandon went off to get the beers. Suddenly the man lashed out, striking Kyle in the diaphragm, then uppercutting him, breaking his nose. He fleew Kyle over a table and landed down on his back. Kyle screamed in agony as Miko looked on stunned. She quickly recovered, grabbing one of the pool sticks and making rushing over towards the guy. She swung violently but he blocked it. Miko’s eyes lit up as she saw her opportunity, her tiny foot crashing into the man’s crotch. Miko cried out in pain as her foot made contact with a hard metal cup. He’d put himself back inside the cup as he’d repositioned himself after fucking Amy. He smashed his fist hard into the petite asian girl’s face, sending her tumbling across the room, unconscious. Taking the chair, he smashed it into Kyle’s head. He glanced over at the bathroom door before rushing towards Miko. He saw the large bottle that Brandon had set up for Amy to fuck herself on previously. He hefted the tiny asian girl up, biting her, just enough to wake her, which was just a moment before he slammed her, cunt first onto the bottle. She nearly passed out from screaming as she rolled around in pain, her cunt torn open, impaled on the bottle, which was still lodged inside of her. The man smiled at his handy work but as he turned around, he felt a sudden impact in his stomach, than over his back. Brandon stood over him with a 2×4 menacingly. He looked over at Kyle who was clearly dead, then down at the howling Miko, who would probably bleed out long before anyone got to her. It all happened in slow motion. The 2×4 started to come down as suddenly Brandon screamed and dropped it. He cradled his crotch as he looked at his hands and saw blood. Moments later he let out an even more violent scream then fell over. Amy looked at the guy who almost killed her, the guy who’d rescued her.

“I….., Thank…..y….o….u.” was the only thing Amy managed to say before she drifted off. The heavy set black man smiled as he glanced over at Amy.

“You always were cute when you sleep.” he said before carrying her off to her car….

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