Amy’s Massage Ch. 02

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It gradually crept into his consciousness. He wasn’t sure at first if he was half-dreaming or half-awake. Almost imperceptible, it was just a faint tickle. But slowly he became aware of the unmistakable friction of two hard nubs sliding along his back, lightly scratching him.

Intermittently he noticed the soft pressure of warm flesh gently pushing into him next to the nubs. It soon dawned on him what was causing the sensation. Two breasts were teasingly and deliciously rubbing against him.

And then it became very clear. Alan felt the soft breath of a woman in his ear and hands reaching along his side and hips. He recognized them as Amy’s. His arousal was sudden and powerful as Amy’s hands reached around and caressed his stomach and chest. One hand drifted lower and settled just above his pubic hair.

The resulting erection was immediate. Alan became rock hard, his cock swollen thick with excitement. He could feel the moist breath from Amy on his neck and her stiff nipples on his back and it inflamed him further.

Her hands continued to explore his torso, enjoying the feel of his hard abs and muscular chest. Teasingly, Amy let her hands drop lower and caress the front of his thighs, and then the inner fold between his legs. She touched all around but was careful not to touch the parts he wanted her to touch the most. His full erection ached for those fingers to fondle him, to wrap around his shaft and stroke him.

Alan’s breathing became heavy and deliberate. He began to squirm and thrust his hips forward, but his throbbing cock found nothing but air. After several agonizing minutes, he finally felt Amy relent and wrap both fists around his stiffness. By this time his cock head was leaking pre-cum and he was panting with frustration.

She began to stroke him forcefully using the pre-cum for lubrication. Alan unconsciously moved his hips in tempo with Amy’s pumping action. The sensual eroticism of the act completely overtook him.

“Oh my God, this is so incredible,” Alan thought to himself. “Everything feels so perfect, just the way…”

The buzzing from the alarm clock was jarring. Berrk… berrk… berrk… berrk…


Alan pried opened his eyes and angrily slapped at the alarm to shut it off.

“Oh shit, why does the alarm have to go off now, right when I’m in the middle of such a hot dream?”

Frustrated and disappointed knowing that he couldn’t return to his dream and finish, Alan flopped back onto the bed. Lying on his back, his raging cock sloped upward creating a tent in the sheet. He felt so outrageously horny.

He closed his eyes and tried to recreate the scene in the dream. Amy behind him, her hard nipples and soft breasts rubbing along his back. Her warm, moist breath on his neck and in his ear. Her fists pumping his rock hard manhood slick with pre-cum. Mmmm… so good.

He began to thrust his cock into the sheet in tempo with the memory from his dream. Although lightweight, the sheet provided just enough friction to stimulate his cock head.

Alan began to think more about Amy. He loved looking at her sexy body; nicely shaped breasts crowned with large, dark, slightly upturned nipples, tight abs that showed a few ripples of definition, her lean waist flaring out into shapely hips, the folds of her beautiful cunt. And the smell of her sex when she became aroused was absolutely intoxicating.

The past couple of months had been incredible. Ever since he had taken a chance during Amy’s first massage and touched her erotically his world had changed. Although tempted, he had never done anything like that before with a client. There was just something about her bursa escort that made him do it. The sexual chemistry between them was overpowering; so overpowering that he had been willing to risk his license by crossing the line.

Memories of their massage sessions flashed through his head. She had scheduled another session right away and had come back several times after that. He always made sure to give her a great massage before torturing her with some prolonged teasing and eventually getting around to massaging her most important areas.

She loved being bound to the table spread eagle and teased relentlessly, her arousal worked up to a frenzy before begging to be brought to an orgasm, or two, …or three. He was happy to oblige. With his fingers, tongue, cock, or vibrator. But especially his cock.

Alan licked his fingers, reached under the sheet and rubbed the saliva all around his swollen cock head. He spread the slipperiness down his shaft covering it completely. He made a fist and slid his erection into his hand. The saliva worked its way down the shaft more fully and soon he was thrusting rhythmically into the makeshift fuckhole he had formed. But in his mind it was Amy’s warm mouth.

He flashed back to one particularly hot session where Amy was tied down to the table, helpless. He had been teasing her for a long time, several times nearly bringing her to orgasm, but not quite; oily hands stroking her entire body, mouth sucking her breasts, tongue flicking her erect nipples, stiff cock rubbing back and forth against her swollen clit, vibrator penetrating her wet pussy, and feather light finger tips teasing her everywhere. She was delirious with lust and the sound, sight and smell of that lust in turn had triggered his arousal to an extraordinary level. As a result he had one of the hardest erections of his life. Feeling the extreme need to cum, he told her that she couldn’t cum until after he did. He went to the head of the table and she turned her head and took him into her mouth sucking voraciously.

Alan relived the moment, stroking his cock, fantasizing that he was fucking Amy’s soft mouth just the way he had done that day. He could still see her and smell her and taste her as she writhed on the table, frantic to satisfy him so that she in turn could be satisfied.

Then he remembered another time when he had finished her off but still had his own cock that needed to cum. He had laid down on the table face up and she had lovingly leaned over and allowed him to tit fuck her.

Alan fantasized his cock sliding between her tits as he continued to pump hard with his fist. With his other hand he caressed his torso enjoying the feeling of his strong chest and hard abs. He could still see her excited nipples and her face smiling down at him. He could still feel the soft flesh of her breasts engulf him as she squeezed them together to make a tight hole for him to fuck.

Ummph, ummph, ummph. Alan threw the sheet off and began to fist himself in earnest. Flashbacks of his multiple encounters with Amy raced through his head.

Ummph, ummph, ummph. Fucking her tits. Fucking her soft mouth. Pounding her hot dripping pussy.


Alan moaned loudly and threw his head back, his cock exploding, shooting white cum all over his stomach and chest. His cock and balls spasmed 4 or 5 times as pure pleasure surged through his entire body.

A few moments later, and with great relief he lay back and relaxed, his cock softening in his cum covered hand. He glanced over at the clock. 8:39am.

“Holy shit, I’m gonna be late!” Alan thought as he jumped out of bed and stumbled toward the bathroom.

Amy bursa escort bayan awoke feeling well rested. It was about 15 minutes before her alarm was due to go off. She turned and shut it off so it wouldn’t make a racket, then lay back to relax for a moment and gather her thoughts.

She was aware that she had been dreaming. Nice dreams. Sexy dreams. Dreams where Alan did amazing things with her. Dreams where he fulfilled her sexual needs in the most perfect way. They were her dreams after all, so of course it was all perfect.

The past few weeks had been amazing. She found herself in a state either anticipating her next massage appointment, or reveling in the sensations during or just after the actual session. A whole new world of erotic sensuality had opened for her and she felt giddy and alive. She was even winning nearly all of her tennis matches and her opponents had commented on her recent “spark”.

It had been a difficult couple of years. The divorce had left her broken, hurt, and isolated. Her ex-husband had taken with a younger woman and that had made her feel washed up and obsolete. It didn’t help that the “other woman” looked like a younger version of herself.

“What a cliche my life has turned into,” she had thought.

But now, here was this gorgeous, sexy man making her feel like the most important thing in the world. Giving her deep sexual healing and revealing states of ecstasy that she didn’t even knew existed. But most importantly, he made her feel desirable and desired.

Amy’s thoughts drifted to the previous massage session when Alan had truly desired her. She felt it in the way he touched her and of course when he stripped off his shorts his thick full erection left no doubt.

He had started with a regular deep relaxing massage as usual. Then as things progressed his touch turned lighter and his fingers teasingly probed places that would normally be off limits; the innermost parts between her thighs, the edges around her areola, a stray finger sliding over her anus. She remembered being highly aroused.

“Would you tie me up again?”

The words came out of her mouth before she even realized what she had asked. Slightly embarrassed, she remembered how her face had blushed.

“Sure,” Alan had said smiling.

He proceeded to spread her arms over her head and bind her wrists to the table legs. Then at the foot of the table he had forcefully spread her legs apart securing her ankles as well. Spread eagle, she remembered feeling open and vulnerable, but also open to the pleasures she knew he would soon administer.

Amy slid her hands under the blanket and felt her own body. Her hands reached up and cupped her breasts, then slid down her body and stroked the warm flesh of her stomach and inner thighs. Her fingers explored her moist labia and swollen clit hood.

She spread her legs and raised both hands over her head to capture the sensation of being tied. Sucking in a deep breath she exhaled enjoying the familiar feeling. Alan’s oily hands had roamed all over her body, sometimes pausing to give one area a little extra attention, but then moving on to other parts eager for similar attention.

Keeping her legs spread and one hand above her head, she took her free hand and simulated what Alan had done to her. Light teasing fingertips everywhere. Pinching and rolling her stiff nipples. Feather light nudges all around her pussy, but not quite touching directly.

Amy sighed soft moans as she imagined her hand was Alan’s. He/she continued to tease her body for several minutes, eventually caressing the lips of her pussy, and then drawing her fingers into escort bursa her wet vagina, stimulating her G spot. Her thumb found her swelling clitoris and she rubbed it in earnest. In her mind she remained tied up as “Alan” used her body as he pleased.

The words he had spoken next still rung in her ears.

“I need to get out of these shorts so my cock can enjoy your body,” Alan had said, an urgency in his voice.

The mental image of him stripping off his shirt and then slowly pulling down his shorts was clear in her mind. She could still see his lean muscular upper body and large erection jutting out from below. He had grabbed his cock and deliberately rubbed it a few times before stepping closer to the table. She had reacted by turning her head toward him and opening her mouth, inviting his cock to be sucked. She remembered the desire she had felt to have that cock in her mouth, his hardness proof that he desired her in return.

Amy reached over into her nightstand and pulled out a realistic looking dildo. Taking the dildo into her mouth she relived the sensation as Alan had slid his eager cock into her waiting mouth. She felt his penis stiffen and grow even larger as she sucked and tongued it. Still fantasizing that she was bound spread eagle she could feel her pussy becoming quite wet.

“Fuck me! Alan, please fuck me!” Amy had begged. “I need you to fuck me!”

Alan had responded by climbing onto the table and hanging his pulsing cock over her wet hole. Grabbing his penis with one hand he had used the tip as a tool to rub all over her pussy. He made a point of stimulating her clit by rubbing it directly with his cock head using a small circular motion.

Amy took the dildo and simulated what Alan had done. She positioned the dildo head on her clit and rubbed it around and around. Her breathing became irregular and she made soft moaning sounds. The stimulation was exquisite and her pussy was soon gushing. She recalled how Alan had worked on her clit and pussy until she was out of her mind with desire. Being bound to the table and helpless to control any of the action felt so naughty. She yearned for penetration.

Apparently Alan did too. A few seconds later he repositioned himself and slowly pushed his erect cock into her sopping vagina.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhh,” Amy slowly inserted the dildo into her pussy just as Alan had done with his cock.

Being fucked while restrained felt wonderful. She slid the dildo in and out pumping her pussy while fantasizing it was Alan. Her hips began to buck in concert with the pumping action. He had reached down with one hand and placed his thumb on her clit and massaged it while he continued to thrust into her. Amy did the same, furiously rubbing with one hand while continuing to pump the dildo with the other.

Amy came multiple times. Two large orgasms with a few smaller ones in between. As the last large one faded, she paused to catch her breath.

“Mmmmm… that was sooo good,” Amy exhaled.

She recovered a few minutes later, and her thoughts wandered to her upcoming massage appointment on Thursday. A flash of inspiration sparked in her mind and she grinned a devious smile.

“He’s not going to know what hit him,” she realized giggling to herself.

Her focus switched to the top right drawer of her dresser where she kept her sexiest lingerie. Soon after the divorce she had given herself the gift of a lacy, see-through black bra and panty set in an attempt to make herself feel sexy again. When she tried it on it did make her look and feel sexy. Not much was left to the imagination as her dark nipples could easily be seen though the sheer fabric. Likewise, her pussy lips were very noticeable through the triangle patch of the panties. But she hadn’t really had a reason to wear them… until now.

Glancing at the clock it read 8:43am.

“Oh crap, I’ve got to get moving!”

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