An Arrangement

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Half past eleven. She’s going to be late.

I check my phone. No messages. Well, that’s a positive sign. She’s still coming. Schrodinger’s coffee date. Simultaneously arriving and not. Sort of.

I sip rather resignedly at my Skinny Latte. This was a conspicuous purchase designed to impress. I’m rather regretting it. It’s going cold a bit too quickly. I check my trouser pockets for a packet of mints. Still there. Glancing around, I’m aware that to any weekday customer whose eye I may catch, I must look anxious. That’s the correct conclusion. I am.

Thirty years of living discussed over the space of three months. Stories shared, attractions confessed, similarities discussed. Common ground agreed upon and boundaries established. It may seem cold, but so much can be lost in a moment of weakness. Time has taught us both some bitter lessons that we are not eager to repeat. The “age equals wisdom” truism holds for just that reason.

Then J’s there. In the doorway. Coat under her arm, scanning the room with what I’m reading as a frown. In those precious few seconds I’m taking her in. The years fall away. I’m eighteen again. Hypnotized, horny and hormone-filled. Helpless and hopeless in equal measure. Our eyes lock and the frown evaporates into the softest smile that I could fall into.

She approaches me with open arms. We hug. J’s soft, small breasts press against my chest and my heart explodes with happiness. Coffees are ordered, pleasantries are exchanged, latest news stories and catch-ups all dispatched in fifteen minutes. Then there is the pause. The moment is coming. I can sense it. J. looks into my eyes and leans in, conspiratorially, almost whispering, “Have you made the call?”

“Yes, I have. It’s all sorted”.

“Your room?”

“My room. The hotel is five minutes walk away. Trust me. I timed it”.

“You’ve passed on the details?”

“Yep. Emily is meeting us at twelve fifteen”.

“Christ, I’d best finish this coffee then”. There is a half-smirk playing around her lips and she gulps down the remains of her drink. I pop a mint into my mouth. I offer J. one, she looks at my hand and then up at my face.

“Still the clean freak, eh? Want to make a good impression?”

“Hey, grooming is the thing. No coffee-breath from this pervert. We have standards, you know”.

This şırnak escort elicits a barely stifled chuckle from her and a slight shake of the head.

“That’s SO you”!

We leave the coffee shop and walk to the hotel in silence. Contemplative moments, considering the ramifications of what’s about to happen. Furtive glances are exchanged intermittently, as if we are both checking each other’s resolve. We arrive at the hotel, I hand over my room key and J goes upstairs to prepare.

Scanning the car park, I spot the number plate. My contact, Emily is sitting inside the car, checking her phone. Looking up, aware of my presence, she smiles, nods and gets out of the car. Opening up the back seat on the driver’s side, she removes a large travel bag. I approach, sedately so as not to alarm her. We discuss the arrangements. I hand over the money, perhaps a touch too eagerly and immediately apologize.

“Don’t apologize love, I prefer the nervous first-timers. Breaking your sort in is always good fun. I’ll make it as exactly as you both want it to be. I do get a lot of repeat bookings you know!” With that she playfully slaps my ass and we enter the lobby and make for the lift. I self consciously look anywhere else but the Reception Desk.

I knock at the door and J. answers. She has applied a deeper shade of lipstick and her work blouse is now undone a further two buttons, exposing the slight uplift of her delicate breasts in her white bra. The hint of cleavage. She exchanges greetings with Emily who then slips off to the bathroom to get changed, taking the ominous Big Bag with her.

“My rules now”, J states with a darker edge in her voice than I expected.

“Yes. Like we agreed”. I am about to fall into the abyss and I don’t care.

Emily opens the bathroom door. Black lace lingerie. Suspender belt. Long legs. Heavy breasts with dark nipples straining against the bra. Her long blonde hair spilling over both of those delicious tits. I can feel my cock starting to stiffen.

J looks at both of us. There’s a frightening presence behind her eyes now.

“Get down on your knees” she tells me. I do as she says. This is the deal.

“Emily, bend over the bed. You, take hold of her panties. Pull them down slowly. Kiss her arse like you worship it”. şırnak escort bayan I do it. Her ass is firm and I’m sliding my tongue all over it, kissing it, rubbing it, almost biting it. Emily reaches behind, grabs my head and forces it to her tight hole. “Lick me” she tells me. I dart my tongue in and out. Emily sighs softly and continues grinding into my face. Fuck, this feels good. Her asshole is so tight. My cock is so hard, straining against my trousers. Instinct makes me want to reach down and release the pressure, but I cannot. It’s not part of the deal.

“Enough” commands J. “Undress.” She tells me. I do so. “Here you go Mr Clean” she mockingly says, handing me a small plastic bottle filled with green liquid. I know that smell. Listerine.

“Be the good boy you said you were and swill with this. Emily doesn’t want your dirty tongue infecting her soft clean pussy, do you Emily?”

“No I fucking do not”, Emily asserts. I do as I am told. What’s next?

J tilts her head slightly and looks down at my cock, still hard. “Emily, take him in your mouth, I want to see you suck his balls before you lick the head of his cock. Make him moan for me. Make him say my name”.

Emily is good. So good. Her tongue works over my balls with grace and skill. I groan, loudly. I have to. As Emily’s soft, deft hands work my penis, masturbating the shaft, I close my eyes and feel the tension rising, I have to cum. Please. Just a few more strokes and I’ll be there..

I sense J beside me, her hot breath on my neck, her breathing hard. “Say my name, you fuck, say you want me, say you always did, say you’ll cum for me” she whispers in my ear. “Say it, go on say it, right now as you’re getting your cock sucked by this whore”. There’s lust and darkness in that voice, something’s unlocked inside her and now it’s rising to the surface. She’s giving in to it too.

Oh God, Emily is still sucking, my cock is moist with her lips and my own pre-cum, J is practically panting in my ear. I’ve never felt so aroused. Never. “Yes J. I want you. I always did. I wanted to fuck you but you never let me. I still want to fuck you. Please let me fuck you”. J lets out a soft sigh and moves away from behind me, the hot breath is gone.

Then suddenly so is Emily’s mouth. I almost fall escort şırnak backwards. I hadn’t cum. I’m still standing, but rocking unsteadily. My eyes refocus. J’s blouse is undone. Her hair has been released. She looks wild. She fixes me with her eyes.

‘Watch. Do not touch. You still cannot cum, you understand?’ I nod, still unsteady. J then takes Emily’s hand and leads her to the bed. Clothes fall away, they kiss, slowly and sensually. Fingers intertwine. They lock into a delicate 69, tongues against softly throbbing clits, gentle moans of ecstasy, breasts rubbing against each other, nipples gently teased by tongues. Kiss after kiss. From seemingly nowhere, toys are employed. Dildos slide in and out of sheer vaginas and sucked on. The room echoes to a soft symphony of female pleasure and I am lost in the beauty of it all. Their orgasms rise to a gasping crescendo of sweat and kisses.

From the bed, J looks over at me and says “Come here”. I walk over to the two beautiful slick shining bodies on the bed. Emily gets up and goes into the bathroom. I can now see J naked in front of me. She beckons me to kiss her. I position myself over her and kiss her. Hard. She grabs my face and looks into my eyes. Hard. Something is about to happen again. She’s shifted.

“Remember our agreement? Kissing only. Emily is going to fuck you. I want to kiss you whilst she is inside your arse. I want to hear you cum for me. Tell me you want to be fucked by me. This is me fucking you with her cock”.

“I want to be fucked by her cock. I want to be fucked by you”.

I feel Emily behind me and glance around. She’s wearing a strap-on. She parts my ass cheeks and starts to smear lube around my tight hole. A finger slides in and it’s my turn to gasp. It’s achingly good. I want more. More pressure, fill me up. Then I feel the tip of the dildo in my ass. She pushes and my back arches. Go deeper. I want it. All the time, J is holding my face and looking into my eyes and whispering to me “This is me inside you, this is me fucking you. This is what you wanted. Tell me you love me. Tell me you want me. As she’s fucking you let me see you jerk your cock. I want to see that cum”.

I reach down and offer her my tribute. My ass is exploding as I’m being fucked and my cock is aching to cum. I call out her name and look straight into those beautiful clear eyes as I pull back my foreskin and shoot. It takes seconds, but lasts forever. Hold me in that moment

If this afternoon is all we share for the rest of my life, then the thirty year wait was worth it. Her name will always be on my lips and will be the last words I say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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