An Art Show Spectacle

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Alt Babe

Author’s Notes: If it’s not made clear enough in the story, all of the people participating in sexual acts in this story are over the age of 18.

This story is, admittedly, a bit crazier than average for this category. Maybe even the site in general. This was probably unavoidable, since it was based on a very momentary fantasy instead of a scenario developed over hours of thinking about the backstory, how it works, who the characters are and how they think, and so on. Still, I hope that you’ll all have as much fun reading this, as I had writing it.

Please, don’t forget to comment, rate, and if you like it, favorite the story. Constructive critique and feedback are always welcomed.


“I’m getting second thoughts about this,” he told her, before the reflexive jacket-donning workers covered his back, arms, and legs in additional layers of duct tape, pressing their bodies together even tighter than they were before, his chest pressing against her prodigious breasts as he breathed deeply.

“Oh, don’t worry hun!” Kayla, bubbly as always, tried to calm down her nephew. “We’re in the hands of professionals! Or, at least what their hands placed us in.” she conceded with a smirk.

Charles could only nervously gulp as he felt another piece of duct tape added to his right thigh.

His aunt was always… Well, not exactly “out there”, as she was far from a lunatic. But she definitely didn’t think like most ordinary people did. He always thought that the phrase “not like other girls” perfectly described her. Whether, for the worse, mentally, or, very much for the better, physically, she really wasn’t like the other girls.

Those two attributes beautifully balanced each other. She did a lot of crazy stuff, but, when your tits are bigger than your head and your waist thinner than some more unfortunate woman’s thigh, people tended not to care about that.

He usually didn’t, either.

But now that he and she were pinned to a wall almost 66 feet above the ground, with only a couple of layers of duct tape to hold them in place and a very fragile looking safety net placed uncomfortably close to the ground to save them if the worst came to pass, he cared quite a lot.

But then, he could only blame himself for being there. After all, although he admittedly didn’t know what exactly would be expected of him, he ultimately agreed to be there with her.

If only he could, finally, look into that beautiful face, and say “No.”

He couldn’t, though.

Even at 22, he had an insane urge to be a good nephew and to please her.

Not that she was much of an aunt to him, though. At 31, she wasn’t all that much older than him, and now that he was finishing his studies and already was just a job interview away from making more money than her, he considered them to be pretty much peers when it came to life and maturity.

And that was why they were here. While he was looking forward to a stable job in a comfortable office, she, well, did this. Thanks to her mentality, she always had problems either making, managing, or saving money. In-between living with and mooching off of her relatives, her only opportunities for making money came from the “art collectives” she mostly lived in, groupings of self-declared “Bohemians” and eccentrics, each of whom believed themselves to be the next Picasso, Rembrandt, or even Mona Lisa, and among whom her mentality made her just one of the hive.

“You know,” he said, trying to sound innocent. “If you had a normal job, you wouldn’t be risking your life making money. Well, most of the time.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet,” she replied, her mouth right by his ear. “That’s so sweet, my only nephew, my favorite nibling, will use his connections to get me a job in his company.” she said with a smirk, before carefully moving her head a bit and shouting somewhere into the distance behind him, “Did you hear that!”

Turning his head much more carelessly than she did to look at where she was yelling, he got goosebumps all over his body as he saw the workers leave them, the platform they were on sinking to the ground.

“Can you at least try to pretend to care that we might lose our lives?!” he retorted.

“Given how rapidly you’re moving, I’d say I’m the one who cares about that,” she snarkily replied, before admitting, “Besides, you know I don’t really care about anything.”

“Well, yeah,” was all he could say, her honest confession shocking him a little.

“Hopefully, what I just said will remain a secret between us. What happens on the wall, stays on the wall,” she assured him, confusing him for a bit.

What secret? Everyone already knew how she was!

Then, she leaned into his ear again, and added in a voice that made him a bit uncomfortable, “You won’t tell on me, and I won’t tell on you.”

Right after that, he felt some weird movement on his dick, followed by a small, weak burst of air.

Did she just…?

Then, he saw the perverted look on her face, and everything fell into place.

Yes, Nişantaşı Escort yes she did just do that, and he felt it all on his cock, because it was touching her vagina!

“Oh no,” he blurted out. “Oh no, oh no, we need to get out, now, Dad’ll kill me if he finds out.”

“Calm down sweetie,” she commanded, surprisingly resolutely. “Did you not hear what I had just said? What happens on the wall, stays on the wall. You won’t tell on me, and I won’t tell on you. And don’t worry, he won’t, your dad knows me better than anyone, he’s used to me being adventurous.”

“Still the worst day of my life,” he commented, trying not to look down.

“And one of the best in mine!” she cheerfully retorted. “Charlie, honey, you need to look at the bright side. Like I did ever since Linda came asking us if anyone’s interested in participating in this project of her millionaire boyfriend. Twenty grand for being duct-taped to a hot stud for an hour so that pretentious rich people can stare at you? Sign me the fuck up. Losers like Irma, Steven, or Kelly, showing off their tits and dicks down there for a tenth of that while doing so the whole day? L-O-L is all I can say. And to have my hunky nephew agree to be my duct-taped stud in there….”

“OK, now you’re overdoing it,” he said, in a voice that made it clear that he hoped that she’ll start convincing him that she wasn’t.

“I may be, but hey, that’s our job for today,” she stated. “People are looking at us, so I’m trying to get you to be cheerful, to laugh! C’mon, we are the stars of the show!”

“What!?” he said, once again carelessly turning his head around, this time hearing the sound of duct tape being ripped from the wall as he did so.

Thankfully, the sight of a crowd of people around 100 people gathered around them, staring at them, already made his heart stop before the tearing sound did.

And when he heard the words “dangerous”, “crazy”, “own” and “nephew” emanating from the crowd, he was almost thankful for that sound.

“See, we’re the stars in there,” she said as he turned back to face her, shock and anger palpable on his face. “We have to carry the show like professionals. With smiles on our faces. Show everyone just how we’re enjoying this!”

“Like hell will I,” he resolutely stated.

“Oh really?” she replied, amused, in a tone that just dared him to answer in affirmative. “Well, maybe I’ll make you enjoy this. Love this even more than I do.”

“And how would you do that?” he asked, confident of the strength of his position.

“Hah! Oh, honey, they call me crazy, but just as you inherited only some of my and my brother’s good looks, you also seem to have inherited just some of our brains,” she replied with utter amusement in her voice and on her face. “Did you already forget what is touching what down there? And did you not realize that, since I’m so much lighter and your body is covering mine, you are the one with duct tape all over him, while I have just my hands and feet immobilized?” she explained, watching as shocked understanding crept on his face. “Here, let me show you what that means…”

He watched her as she slowly repositioned herself, not wanting to believe that she’d actually do it. The feeling of her soft body grinding on his as she shuffled around a bit was incredibly arousing. And then, he could see her move her pelvis, and all he could do was moan as he felt her wet pussy slide on his dick.

“Oh, my,” she whispered pervertedly. “This is even better than I thought it would be. You’re so hard! Can you feel how wet I am?”

Speechless at what was happening, he could only reflexively nod his head in affirmative at her question.

“That’s good, cause I can do this as much as I want!” she cheerfully said as she slid her pussy back, leaving all of the duct tape covering them safely in place. “Get ready to like this as much as I do,” she added ominously.

“Not if I get rid of my erection,” he quickly countered, feeling nauseous from even having to say this to a close blood relative, never mind the fact that the situation they were in necessitated him saying something like that.

“Hah! And how would you do that?” she asked, before starting to move again.

This time, however, she took as deep a breath as she could, puffing her chest as she, much more slowly and carefully, moved her body much closer to his than they already were, pressing her bulbous breasts against his chest as much as she could. Watching the shocked expression on his face with quiet amusement as she enjoyed the feeling of her sizeable mammaries pushed almost flat against his solid chest, she slowly breathed out and moved her chest back, leaving only her erect nipples poking a bit into his solid muscles with the front of her breasts lightly pressed against him.

“Honey, get real,” she continued after she did so. “We all know how it is with men and my body. You love it. And I like that you do! But, Charlie, as much Pendik Escort as I love you, you’re just like the rest. That dick’s not going any softer, in fact, it’s going to do the exact opposite.”

He couldn’t argue with that.

“Isn’t it dangerous?” he tried to argue, panicking. “Even if you don’t rip anything out, when the sperm gets into the duct tape…”

“Honey, there’s no way you can shoot a big enough load to unglue us from there,” she said, matter-of-factly. “Just relax in there, don’t move, not that you could anyway, heh, and let me make this as pleasurable for both of us as possible.”

For a few more moments, he desperately tried to come out with some new argument to get her to stop what she was doing.

And then, she did it again.

Slowly, tenderly, and most of all carefully, she once again grinded her pussy on his cock.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, as he struggled not to join her. Feeling a bit more sure of what she was doing, she moved her pelvis back quite quickly, almost slamming it into the wall, before moving forward again much quicker than before, even starting to experiment a bit.

“Wha-uh, what are you doing?” he asked, as she rubbed her hungry cunt on his cockhead.

“Just playing a bit, Charlie,” she answered, cheekily. “It doesn’t have to be just one big forward, one big backward. I can move it a bit, shake it a little, then move forward again to repeat it, or go back, or mix it anyway I want!” she explained, before immediately showing what she meant.

After grinding a bit on the most sensitive parts of his cock, she moved her pussy forward a little, lightly grinding on the midsection of his phallus for about a minute, much more for her pleasure than for his, sending pussy juices streaming all over it, and moans into the air.

He really tried not to like it, not to enjoy this perverse, unlawful act. But when you can’t do anything about the situation you are in, you tend to find positives to it to get through it easier, and this applies especially so when that situation is something that would be a sex fantasy come true for a good number of people, and your body is already treating it as if it were such even for you.

After a couple of minutes of her masturbating herself on her immobilized nephew’s cock, her opened mouth finally curled into a smile as her moaning voice was joined by another.

“Kiss me,” she whispered, after a few moments of them moaning in harmony.

Not getting any response, she shut his continued moaning herself, her lips slamming into his and her tongue going to work on his one.

Enjoying the taste of him, she moaned and mewled repeatedly while kissing him, slowly grinding on the less sensitive parts of his prick as she did so, very much intending to keep this going more than a bit longer.

Then, she stopped.

As he looked at her in confusion, he saw her lift herself carefully a few times testing the waters to see how high she could go.

“Your turn now,” she said with a perverse and insatiably-looking grin on her face as she finally stopped, holding her body a good 4 or 5 inches higher than it was before. “But my mouth gets a little rest now,” she added, before slamming her chest into his face, the momentary sound of duct tape being ripped off following as she did so.

He didn’t need any explanation as to what she wanted from him.

Immediately, he started smothering her fleshy muffins in licks, sucks, and kisses, starting from the upper sides and working his way downwards towards her pink, hard nipples.

“Oh, honey,” she blurted out, enjoying the sight of her nephew doing his best to properly pleasure the giant mammaries enveloping his head, before the feeling of his gentle bites, powerful sucks, and masterful work with his strong tongue, all used to let him lift her large breasts at least a bit so he could access the lower parts around her areolas, made her moan, loudly and droningly.

After a couple of moments spent watching, and pleasantly enjoying, his futile struggle to reach all of her massive tits with just his mouth, she, feeling the strength in her muscles starting to evaporate, sighed and repositioned her body back. As she did so, she felt her pussy move through the air without touching his cock at all, and an utterly devilish idea immediately formed in her mind.

Losing control of her body at the last moment because of this, she slammed into the wall a bit harder than she had expected and heard some additional tearing of the duct tape as she did so.

Immediately turning her head in the direction of the sound to inspect the damage, she was relieved to see that it was just 1 piece out of the 14 or 15 which covered her right forearm that was tearing away from the wall, and even then just a bit. Quickly looking at the dozens upon dozens of ones covering her nephew’s body, she was relieved to see that the situation was the same in there, with a few of them on halfway to freedom, but his body still Rus Escort tightly held in place.

“I’ll be right at you, I just need to rest for a moment,” she said, as he looked at her with an almost heartbroken expression on his face, putting a special emphasis on the “at you” part, to clue him as to what she had in store for him.

And she really needed rest only “for a moment”. With adrenaline coursing through her veins as she imagined herself implementing her plan after she hinted in her speech what she wanted to do to him, she was already repositioning herself, with the strength having returned to her muscles, after barely half a minute of deep breathing and muscle relaxation.

“Huh, what?” he stammered as he saw his aunt repositioning herself, trying to push the untaped parts of her body as high as possible. Getting ready to start munching on her breasts or put his mouth against hers again, he felt a rush of blood send his cock flying upwards, his heart skipping a beat from the realization of what she was about to do as his cock flew through the air almost unobstructed and only lightly brushing against the walls of her pussy.

And then, with almost no warning, she sunk onto his cock.

“Oh, God,” he moaned, as her moist pussy impaled itself on his cock.

“Yup, right here, and her name is Kayla,” she blasphemously joked. “And she’s very happy to see what a man her brother and his wife have created.”

Just as she sunk on his cock, so she lifted herself a little, before letting herself fall again.

Then, she repeated it.

Although the crowd of people looking at them had nearly halved by now, the ones who stayed were rewarded with the sight of some of the deepest sexual taboos being broken in broad daylight, as she furiously, passionately fucked herself on her immobilized and helpless nephew’s cock.

“God, you’re so hot,” she blurted out, with a hint of disappointment in her voice. “Is what you should be saying to me right now. But, well, I’ll forgive you, since you’ve obviously just chosen to be saying it through moans, grunts, deep breaths, a lustful stare, and a jerky body language,” she continued with an amused tone, speaking in-between bursts of her own vocalizations of the aforementioned types. “But, since we don’t need your mouth getting too much rest…” she uttered, as she lounged her face at his, the now-familiar sound of duct tape being ripped away from the wall behind her.

Not even giving him time to react, she started munching on his lips and face, doing her best to try to plant deep, passionate kisses on him as every free part of her body kept on bouncing wildly on his prick.

Although he couldn’t do much of anything given his situation, he did his best to return the favor, managing to match his lips with hers almost as often as not, savoring the sweet, momentary feeling of her tender lips on his as she bounced up and down.

He wasn’t going to last long, and he knew it. Focusing so much on kissing her, he hoped that he could push back the orgasm that was already building up, but it was completely useless.

She was just too hot.

It wasn’t just the giant tits swinging, swaying, and bouncing in all directions as she fucked herself on his diamond-hard prick. There was also her beautiful face, her nicely-shaped hips, her pert ass, her smooth skin, and dirty blonde hair that extended just past her shoulders, but surprising even him, there was also her smell.

Understandably given the physical stress her body was under, she was getting quite sweaty, with the smell of her body hitting his nostrils almost every time he took a breath by now. That smell, the smell of a female body, the smell of an adult female being fucked, the smell of sex, it was awakening a part of him he didn’t know he had.

Something primal, something animalistic which he never knew was hidden inside of him.

The fact that dozens of people were watching them as this was happening was simply a small cherry on top.

Soon, the gentle moans, and other, almost-romantic, sounds leaving his mouth turned into pure, primal growls, as he let her body fuck his cock into an orgasm.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” he grunted out through gritted teeth, as he felt the familiar feeling of his cock preparing to inevitably start shooting spurts of his cum in a few moments.

“Hold, hold, I’m almost done!” she shouted, as she quickened the pace of her bouncing on his cock to an almost-superhuman level, given how exhausted she must’ve been by this point, the sounds of multiple pieces of duct tape being loudly ripped from the wall accompanying each of her sinkings onto his rigid meatpole.

She couldn’t care less at this point. It could be fun to test that safety net, anyway.

“Oh yeah,” he replied, putting all of the strength left in him into a single desperate attempt to hold his orgasm long enough for her to come.

The idea of climaxing from having a woman of her caliber pleasure his cock was incredibly tempting, but the idea of making a woman like her orgasm with his cock was a thousand times better than even that.

“Ah, yeah, ah, ah, yeah, yeah, ah, aah, aaah!” she yelled out in pure orgasmic bliss, and he knew he was in the clear. Releasing everything that he was holding back for her, he joined her in screaming in pure, orgasmic bliss, as they both reached the climax.

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