An Early Christmas Gift

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We met for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Giovanni’s, a quiet, out of the way little place with semi-private booths in the back. I settled into my seat and began sipping on the wine my companion had ordered while waiting on me to finish at work. I was late again, and his frown informed me that he was loosing his patience with me.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered, an array of excuses on the tip of my tongue, ready to spill at the slightest opening. “Don’t,” he interrupted lifting his hand to cut off my words, “Let’s just enjoy the evening, shall we?” I nodded in agreement.

“I have something for you,” he informed me as he placed a square box beside my place setting. My eyebrows arched displaying my curiosity and my delight, as I asked, “To what do I owe this pleasure?” The box was several inches deep and rattled as I shook it beside my ear. “May I?” I asked.

“Go ahead,” he smiled. I tore into the wrapping and lifted the lid. He chuckled as he took in the strange expression on my face. “What is it?” I asked. “That my dear is an early Christmas gift. Take the box, go to the restroom and put it on. There is a picture in there of how to place it correctly.” I looked under the cotton cushion and glanced at the picture. The realization of what this was dawned on me and I looked up at him turning as red as the squares on our tablecloth. “Now?” izmit escort bayan I asked. “Now” he stated firmly.

I rose from the table and quickly made my way to the ladies room. Once behind the safety of a stall door, I took a moment to examine this strange device. It was a soft pink plastic shaped like a butterfly. The outside was smooth but the inside had bumps and ridges that looked quite interesting. I removed my nylons and panties and placed this object against my pussy, ensuring that the ridges were positioned above my clit as the picture indicated. I then redressed, washed my hands for dinner and returned to the table as if nothing had happened.

The object pressed against me as I sat down, but so far I was unable to see the real benefit of such a contraption. A few minutes later, however, I could see what was in store for my evening. When the vibrating started, I looked directly at my partner and asked, “What is happening?” To which he replied only by showing me the remote control and turning it up while I watched.

I breathed deeply and closed my eyes while trying not to move or moan, betraying our secret. The sensation was exquisite. As it continued, I struggled to remain composed. He was clearly enjoying himself as I fought desperately to hide my arousal. Just as I thought I would cum, the sensation abruptly stopped. I began izmit eve gelen escort to come down from the heights of arousal but was left unsatisfied. The brink of an orgasm is simply no place to be left high and dry. My facial expression conveyed my displeasure, but my companion only winked at me. A short time later the waited brought our dinner. “Antonio, how would you like to have a little fun?” my companion asked the waiter. “Sure,” he replied. To my utter shock and amazement the remote was pressed into Antonio’s hands and instructions were given to drive me wild with it. The grin on the waiter’s face told me that he had every intention of taking advantage of the opportunity.

Moments later, as I attempted to eat, the vibrations started anew. It began lightly at first, the kind of stimulation that puts you into a low level of arousal and distracts you from accomplishing anything. I ceased conversation and could barely eat as I struggled to maintain composure. Soon, however, all pretexts were abandoned as the vibrator was turned up.

My head rolled back onto the bolstered seat back and I sunk into my seat. Finally, I placed my feet on either side of my partner, resting them on the bench seat he occupied. My partner reached down and rubbed my calves gently adding to the mounting sensation that I was being izmit otele gelen escort assaulted by. He watched my face intently and then softly instructed, “Touch your tits.” I complied, gently running my fingers around the nipples that were posing through the thin material of my blouse.

This only lasted a minute, however, as the sensation became too much to bear. I grabbed the seat on either side of me and leaned forward as my reaction began to intensify, surely I would crest soon. Just then the waiter came tableside to check on our meal. My partner seized this opportunity asking, “Doesn’t she look great?” I could only moan my displeasure with him. “Antonio,” he continued “pinch her nipple for me.” The waiter was only too happy to oblige sliding his hand down my blouse and gathering my nipple between two fingers. He squeezed firmly and held.

Within moments I began to cum. Every muscle tensed with the combined sensations, my partner gripping my ankles and the waiter with a vice grip on my breast. I threw my head from side to side and leaned forward into it as I began to spasm, crying out from the intensity of it. It lasted for a few minutes and then began to ease. Releasing my nipple from his grip, the waiter reached into his apron and handed the remote back to my partner. “Thanks,” he stated before he disappeared into the kitchen.

As I regained composure, my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. I looked around the room and realized that we were secluded enough that most people had not noticed. I was relieved and, therefore, able to finish my meal without further distraction.

The waiter received an excellent tip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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