An Empty Office

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“God I hate taking these damn boxes apart,” Kelli said as she looked at the pile stacked neatly against the wall in front of her.

“Yeah, but they don’t unfold themselves,” John replied as he picked up the top one on the pile.

“There must be at least a thousand of them here.”

“About 350 really. We should be able to do it in a couple of hours. After all, it takes a lot of boxes to move a company to a new building. These are a lot better, you know. More space, a real lunch room, even a fitness center.”

For the next half hour they fell into an unspoken rhythm. The two of them had worked in the offices for about a year but had never really gotten to know each other, only becoming nodding acquaintances as they passed in the hall. Kelli had gone so far as to find out his name from the office directory but had never done anything about it. As they chatted and flirted, occasionally glancing at each other when they though the other wasn’t looking, Kelli wondered idly about John. The sexual innuendoes they were bantering about had gotten her interested and it had been a long time.

“So why did you agree to do this on a Saturday night?” John asked. “Surely you had to have given up a date or something.”

“I need to get my car a new set of tires. The old ones I have now are bald. A few extra hours at work will help. And no, much to my regret, there are no hot dates in this little girl’s immediate future. Working here during the day and taking classes at night doesn’t leave much time for a social life. What about you?”

“Just a company man. The big boys say jump and I ask how high as I’m on the way up.”

“Yeah, right.” Kelli said. “That’s a little hard to believe.”

“No harder to believe than your story.”

“What’s so hard to believe about my story?”

“A beautiful woman with perfect long red hair. Skin that any woman would kill for. Obviously intelligent and with a great sense of humor. And she says that she doesn’t have guys lining up outside her door? That’s what I can’t believe.”

Kelli looked quickly over at the boxes left lining the wall. “Flattery will get you anywhere,” she said.

“Excellent,” John said softly.

Kelli counted the remaining boxes quickly, wondering if the ideas in her head would or should be allowed to happen. “You know, there are only 52 of those damn boxes left.”

“Wanna race?” John asked.

“Race? How?”

“See who can get their last 26 broken down fastest. Winner gets the prize.”

“So what’s the prize?”

“The loser has do to anything the winner wants,” John said with a grin. On seeing the surprise on Kelli’s face he added “or at least she, ahem, or he, has to get the winner the first free soda from the cafeteria.”

Kelli paused for a moment as thoughts tumbled through her mind. She broke into a smile and shouted “You’re on,” as she quickly sprinted to the pile and started bringing back the next boxes.

As Kelli finished her last box, she looked at John sitting amid a pile of half broken cardboard. She started humming the theme from Rocky, raised both of her arms above her head and jumped up and down, pretending to be the champ on the steps of City Hall. John recognized the scene but was fascinated by the way her shirt rode up slightly, exposing a thin strip of skin above her jeans. “Looks like you owe me that soda,” she said. “But I guess I get anything I want now, don’t I?” she asked with a smile. She started to windmill her arms over her head to stretch them out. “I just wish that my arms weren’t so tired so that I could take advantage of it.”

“Well, we can’t take it too far. This is the corporate office, you know.”

“How far is too far?” she asked with a mischievous smile.

“Nothing involving whips and chains. No one but the big boys are allowed to chain people to desks around here.”

“I guess I can live with that,” she replied, surprised to discover that she was interested in more after all. “For the moment,” she added. “Hey, didn’t you tell me earlier that you were here last night?”

“As my aching back reminds me, I indeed had the dubious honor of bringing most of these boxes in last night, yes.”

“Then I want a tour as my prize. My boss has told me great things about the new building but I haven’t been here before tonight.”

“Is that all milady wants?” he said with a grin. He bowed low in mock servitude. “The champion will get her tour,” he said. “And anything else she wants, too,” he added with raised eyebrows.

They walked through the offices, looking at row after row of new desks and file cabinets and making comments about people they knew in common. A quick tour of the executive level was next with both of them joking about how “the other half lives” and talking about the plans they had to get one of these offices for their own one day. In the basement level they walked though the new cafeteria and the fitness room.

“Is this going to be open for all employees?” Kelli asked. “I’d love to stop paying forty bucks a month to the gym I go to.”

“You istanbul escort go to a gym? You certainly don’t need to” John said.

“Cut the sarcasm. Yes I go to a gym. I like the aerobics classes.

“From what I understand it is restricted during the day but open at night for us peons. I don’t know if they’ll have any classes though. I brought some of this equipment in last night. Want to go in?”

“I didn’t see anyone else in the building. Is there?”

“Nope. The cleaning crew will be in tomorrow at eight, and then work begins on Monday morning. So we’re the only humans in sight. Kind of reminds you of a bad slasher movie doesn’t it?”

Kelli giggled. “Should I be worried about you? We just went through the kitchens after all. Did you pick up a big knife?”

“Worry only about your virtue, fair lady. Your body is sacred to me and a knife is certainly the last thing I would consider using on it.”

They both laughed as they went into the room. Kelli was surprised at the elaborate machinery as well as at her bantering and responses to John’s cornball chivalry. “What’s in there?” she asked pointing to a closed door in the back.

“I don’t know. I didn’t go in there last night. Let’s find out,” John said he pushed it open. Both were very surprised to discover a sauna and whirlpool spa inside.

“Wow. I couldn’t imagine that they would put anything like this is a corporate office fitness room. God, that hot tub would feel good right now,” Kelli said. “I just wish I had brought my swimsuit.”

“What, never been skinny dipping before?” John asked with a broad smile.

“Not with a man before. We did once when I was in Girl Scouts, but that was when I was ten. That doesn’t really count.”

“I’ll bet you look a little different now then when you were ten.”

“Just a little.” Kelli reached up and motioned to her breasts. “These grew somewhere along the way when I was about 13. Before that the neighborhood boys called me “Carpenter.” She giggled. “It was the longest time before I knew that meant flat as a board.”

“What about the rest of it?”

“What is the rest?”

John smiled. “Flat as a board and easy to nail,” he said.

“Well, there have been a few men in my past. What about you?”

“Nope. Never been with a man before,” he replied, trying hard to keep a straight face.

“I’d hope not. I can’t imagine that I’d ever consider skinny dipping with someone who only liked boys. That wouldn’t be any fun at all.” Kelli reached over and lifted the top on the tub. Heat rushed out and welcomed her. “Looks like they even turned it on for us.”

John decided to let the obvious joke pass. “So are you considering it? Skinny dipping, I mean. You get anything you want, after all.”

“Anything?” she said as she looked into his eyes.

He nodded. She reached up and unbuttoned her top button. “My last boyfriend was selfish,” she said. “All he wanted was for me to go down on him, then get it in me quickly so he could go to sleep. He always came too fast and quit.”

“What brought that out?”

“Are all men like that?”

“Some men are. I know a lot of guys who are only interested in keeping score. I always figured that quality mattered more than quantity. And if the quality was good enough, the quantity would be all you could handle.”

“What, no joke for that one? I’m disappointed.”

“I think we’re talking about more than skinny dipping in a hot tub.”

“We’re talking about anything I like, remember?”

Kelli pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. John just stood there and looked at her breasts covered by a thin white bra.

“My God, but you are beautiful.”

“Your turn,” Kelli said with a shy smile.

“What do you want to see?” John asked, smiling.

“Right now I want to see your back. I’ve always loved to watch a man take his shirt off. I love to see the muscles move.”

“Your wish is my command,” John replied as he turned around and pulled his t-shirt over his head. When he turned back, Kelli’s jeans were on the floor by her shirt.

“If you get in there wearing white panties I’ll see through them anyway.”

Kelli giggled as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, dropping it with her other discarded clothing. “If you want to see the rest you’ll have to go first.”

John stripped off his jeans and underwear, almost losing his balance and falling into the tub in the process. Eventually he stood in front of her naked, his member quivering and strengthening slightly with anticipation. Kelli laughed and pulled off her panties, raising her hands above her head and singing “Ta-Da” when she was done. “What do I get if I’m the first one in?” she asked.

John couldn’t resist the temptation to look at her completely. “Beautiful,” he said softly. “Go ahead. You already get anything you want.”

They climbed in the tub and settled in on the same side, close enough but not yet touching.

“Anything I want?”


“Then tell me escort bayan about your first time.”

“Will you tell me about yours after that?”

“Mum-huh,” she said with a nod.

“It wasn’t really very special. I played basketball in high school and I was dating a cute little brunette cheerleader wannabe named Carla. Carla was a great girl, just a little unsure of what she wanted. I’d been pushing her to have sex for a month or so but she hadn’t given in yet.” John looked over at Kelli. Her eyes were closed and he could just barely see the tops of her aureole above the surging water. It was all he could do to resist the temptation to reach out and touch her. He looked at her for a second and noticed that her hands were both under the water and her shoulders were moving slowly. “We’d done a few things, hand jobs mostly, on a few dates but she had never let me even see her naked. The night we were playing Warwick High she came down to the bench just before the game and told me that she’d do it with me if we won.”

“So you were a jock?”

“Second string.” John looked at her again and smiled. “It was a motivation thing I guess. We hadn’t beaten them in 6 years. Our school was never really a basketball powerhouse you see. The championship for us was the Warwick game. So anyway, she said that she’d put out that night after the game if we won. Man, I played hard that night. At halftime we were down by 3 points. When I came out of the locker room for the second half she mouthed ‘Remember my promise’ to me. I waved her over and told her that if I made my first shot she had to go to the restroom and take her panties off.” John laughed. “I’ve always been one for anticipation. I made my first shot and a few minutes later the coach pulled me out for a breather. I looked up at her and she held out her hand and there was some fabric in it. I couldn’t really tell whether they were her panties or not, but the rest of the game I kept imagining what she looked like. God I wished she was wearing a skirt instead of jeans.”

“Does that do it for you? Knowing that a woman isn’t wearing any panties?”

“Oh yeah. Let’s say that I’m going out on a date with a woman. If she told me that she wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt, damn, I’d have a raging hard on the whole night and be trying to get a look up her skirt.”

“Peeping Tom. Voyeur.”

“Damn right.” John looked over at her again. This time Kelli was looking right at him and not trying to hide the fact that she was touching herself. As the swirling water covered and uncovered her breasts he noticed that her nipples were hard.

“But you’re getting me off track. When time ran out we were tied at 53 points. We went into overtime. I had visions of making the game winning point and then making love with this girl. Well, I fouled out of the game with a minute left but Mike Phillips put us ahead with nine seconds left. Warwick tried one last desperation shot but missed. So we won and I got laid for the first time.”

Kelli looked at him and stopped moving. “Hey, that’s not fair. I wanted to hear about the sex, not the game.”

John smiled. “You have beautiful breasts. Just like I imagined them to be.”

“Get your mind off my breasts for a minute. You said I get anything I want. I want to hear the details.”

“Carla came down to the court and gave me a hug. I asked her if that was really her panties she showed me earlier. She smiled and nodded and reached into her pocket and put them in my hand. Damn that was tough. I told her that they were mine now and she’d never see them again.” He chuckled softly. “She just nodded and told me that she’d meet me in the parking lot after I showered.” John laughed again. “Imagine a teenage boy who was still a virgin. His girlfriend puts her panties into his hand while he’s wearing thin basketball shorts. With no pockets in them I might add.” Kelli broke out laughing and John noticed that her shoulders had stopped moving. “I’m still not sure how I managed to hide my erection or those panties from the crowd or the other guys in the locker room. But let’s just say that I took the shortest shower in history and was in the parking lot looking for Carla in record time.”

“Did you wash behind your ears?”

“Yes indeed. And a few other places as well. I finally found her sitting on a curb near my car. When I ran over to her she put her bra in my hand. God I was hard then. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hard.” He reached down and stroked himself. “Except maybe right now. I’ve never told this story to a woman before. Especially one I’m naked in a hot tub with.”

“Keep going. If you stop now I’ll get dressed and leave.”

“That’d be like high school all over again. Do you girls know what you do to guys in school? A teenaged guy gets hard when he sees a glimpse of panties under a girl’s skirt in class. Do you all take classes in teasing?”

“Yes we do. It’s called ‘Men 101’ and they teach it in girl’s health class. Teasing is an art form when done properly.” She stopped and looked at him. “I escort istanbul never realized how much a skirt shows sometimes until I was in college. I was a TA for a while and some of the girls would let their legs open a little when they got involved in a test or something. I asked the professor about it once and he just mumbled something about job perks and told me to get my mind out of the gutter. Do all men like looking up a girl’s skirt?”

“Only the straight ones. You’re interrupting me again.”


“Where was I?”

Kelli took his hand in hers and then placed it on his shaft. “About there.”

“Oh yeah,” he said as he began gliding up and down again. “Well, we tried to figure out somewhere to go. Our houses were out since both sets of parents would be home. I pushed for the local beach spot on the river, but she said that everybody would be there and she didn’t want her first time to be public. That was the first time she had told me she was a virgin.”

“You didn’t know before that?”

“I figured that she probably was since we hadn’t gone much farther than a little rubbing, but we hadn’t really discussed it. If she had brought it up then I’d have to either lie or admit my own non-coital condition.”

“And that’s against the guy code.”

“Exactly. So anyway we finally settled on a boat dock a few miles from school. We thought that maybe there’d be a boat there we could get into for some padding. And if not at least it had a door so anyone would have to walk in to catch us. Carla slid over to me in the seat and I put my hand over her shoulders so that I could feel her breast.” John laughed softly. “I nearly came before we got there.”

“That early? What were you, a spoilsport or something?”

“No, I was eighteen and a virgin. Once we were finally at the dock I closed the door behind us and asked her to take the rest of her clothes off. She did, staring in my eyes the whole time.” John squeezed a little harder. “I just wish there had been more light so I could see her better. I pulled off my shirt and sweats and just stood there with my dick pointed straight at her. She walked over and touched me and I almost blew right then. I asked her to go down on me first. She’d never done that and looked a little squeamish about it. But she did. Not a very good blowjob but I came so quickly it didn’t matter. After that we laid down on this boat cover we found and began to touch each other again. Almost immediately I was hard again but I didn’t know what to do next. Finally I just asked her if she wanted me to go down on her. Now I was hoping against hope that she’d say no because I didn’t have any idea in hell what to do if she said yes. Of course she did say yes. So I put my head between her legs and starting drawing the alphabet with my tongue.”

Kelli snorted. “Where did you get that idea from?”

“Locker room talk. Some of the guys were sleeping with someone and would tell tales. So that’s what I did. I couldn’t have been very good at it because I kind of lost track and started to repeat letters somewhere around M. I guess I was okay though since Carla came somewhere around S.”

“S for sex, huh?”

“I guess. Although it could have been R for rookie, I’m not sure.” They both giggled. “I’ve still never had a woman tell me exactly how to do that. Will you give me a lesson since you used to be a TA?”

“Only in the interests of furthering the cause of all pleasure for all women. Now finish your story. What happened next?”

John looked over and saw that her breasts were fully out of the water and she was moving her arms faster than before. “I had all these fantasies about positions. Doggie, her on top, up against the wall. You know what a teenage guy has in mind. The problem was that we were a little worried about getting caught and the dock was, uh, shall we say, a little uncomfortable, so I just wound up in plain old missionary position. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. I got on top and between her legs and found the right spot. I had just pushed inside her when I remembered that I didn’t have a rubber on.” He chuckled. “I was so excited after the game that I hadn’t stopped to get any and of course I wasn’t expecting to have sex that night. I pulled out and she asked me why. I told her that I didn’t have any protection and she got this sad look on her face. She didn’t have any either. I started to get a little mad since this was her idea after all and she should have been prepared, but then I realized that I was getting laid after all those fantasies and wet dreams and it was no time to get mad. So I pushed in 3 or 4 times until I felt it start to build again. That’s when I pulled out and rolled off of her and she finished me off by hand. We had done that before and that’s why my first time wasn’t all that special.” John laughed and stroked himself again. “But at least I got to find out what the inside of a woman felt like. And to see her naked even if the light was bad. I had never even seen a naked girl before, you see.”

“Not ever? Not even pictures?”

“Oh yeah, I had seen some pictures. Magazines that the guys would bring to school and stuff. But my father was very religious and we didn’t have a computer so I guess my childhood was sheltered. I meant the first time I had seen a real live naked girl.”

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