An Evening of Pleasure

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She moved closer to him, her breast brushing against his arm as she walked behind and covered his eyes with the satin blind fold. She trailed kisses over his neck and back as she tied it tight.

“Can you see?” she asked in a low seductive voice “no” he replied.

With a wicked smile she walked before him and adjusted the smooth piece of material so that it was comfortable. She traced her finger down his cheek to his lips, and parted them, teasing him.

“Do you want me?”

She chuckled, her question answered from the throbbing cock she held in her hand.

“So much” he said.

She bent to tease his lips with her tongue, sliding into his mouth, he tasted so good. She moved her lips down to his chest licking his nipple, the moan escaping his lips barely audible. His mouth opened, desperately searching for air. The way she kissed him, licked him, teased his body, was pleasure turned to pain.

He ached for her touch, the desire was building, and she was well aware of that from the wetness she felt in her hand. She trailed kisses down his body to his waiting cock.

Kneeling before him she took his cock in her mouth, filling her up, deep in her throat. She loved to suck him, the taste of his thick cock made her wild. The precum spilling onto her tongue was a good indication of what she did to him.

She took his hand and led him to the bed. Sitting him down on the edge she spread his legs and pulled him down so his ass was at the edge. Slowly, she ran her tongue up the inside of his thigh to his balls, gently licking from the bottom up the length of his cock, a little lower each time working her way to his ass. The feeling of her wet tongue running over his ass and up his balls to the almanbahis tip of his cock made him tense.

“Take it, take my cock” he moaned. “suck me.”

“Fuck, I love when you suck my cock” he growled.

Her lips were tight around him, he was big, so thick in her mouth. He grabbed her and thrusted deep into throat, taking it all in until she could feel the coarse curls of pubic hair against her lips.

His hands were in her hair, grasping a handful at the nape of her neck, he held her and began to control her rhythm, pushing her down onto him, then pulling her back.

She moved her hand to his ass, she could feel him contract as he drove his cock forward to meet her mouth.

She worked her finger to the cleft of his ass, searching for the opening. She gently probed the area, he groaned and stopped his movement.

“Do you like that?…do you like it when I touch your ass?”

“Yes” he whispered “fuck yes.”

She could feel herself getting hot, wet between her thighs, she reached down and slid a finger deep into her cunt, pulling it out and rubbing the wetness on his balls and ass. She pulled back from his cock and started to stroke him, moving down to lick her juice off his skin, running her tongue over his ass.

” Look at me when I suck you, she purred”

He looked down at her, watching her swallow his hard prick.

She continued stroking his thick shaft, slowly up and down the length of his cock, occasionally flicking her tongue over the sensitive tip. Gently, she pushed the tip of her finger against his anus. Stroking his cock faster now, she felt him open up to take the slender probe.

“Yes” he growled. “Oh god baby i’m going to cum”

She wet her lips almanbahis yeni giriş with the tip of her tongue, feeling the cum course through his dick, she pumped his cock, milking him of every drop. His cum shot in long streams, covering her tongue and her lips. She swallowed every bit of his thick cum, devouring it greedily.

She took his cock back in her mouth, barely touching the engorged head. Softly dragging her lips over his shaft. His fingers dug into her back. Obvious the intensity was too much, she took him in her hand, and gave one last flick over the head of his prick.

“uuuuuuhhhhh, shit baby”

He looked down at her, his thumb wiping cum off her cheek.

“You missed this.”

She laughed as she pushed him back on the bed, crawling up his body.

” And you missed ‘this’. ”

She felt wild, hungry for sex. She wanted to talk dirty, to tell him to fuck her ass off, to stuff his cock in her cunt, she saw the look of fiery passion in his eyes, she pushed her fingers into her cunt, pulling her hand away from her pussy and sucking on her wet fingers.

“I want you inside me, I want to feel your cock”

She knelt over his body, her hands on his stomach. He could feel the heat from her cunt.

She bent to kiss him, sliding her tongue across his lips. His hands were in her hair holding her to his mouth.

She slid a finger in her wet pussy and pulled it to their lips to taste. She started to tease his cock, barely touching it with her pussy, taking him into her just a little then moving him out.

He gasped, a throaty moan followed. She took his hands from her hair and pinned them above his head, her breasts pressing against his thick bed of hair, almanbahis giriş her nipples slicing into his flesh. She slid her hot cunt down onto his cock taking him deep inside her.

She started to move, slowly at first, then quickening her rhythm, sliding up and down the length of his cock. She put her hands on his thighs and leaned back a little so he could watch her take his cock. It was so wet, glistening with the juice from her pussy.

She rocked back and forth against him.

“I want you in my ass baby.”

She lifted off his cock. Her hand guiding his pulsing tool and placed the tip against her asshole. He grabbed her hips and drove his cock into her. He held her tight against him, letting her relax around his cock. When he was certain she was comfortable, he lifted her off his cock, just a little and let her fall back down. “Tell me how much you want me, tell me how much you want to fuck me.”

He held her in place. He wanted her to beg him.

” Please baby, please fuck my ass”

She pushed down grinding against his cock.

“Give it to me, fuck my ass.”

She reached down with one hand to rub her clit.

She took his cock deep in her ass, his balls tightning. She to feel him explode, fill her with his hot cum.

“Give it to me. I want to feel it. I want to feel your cum splashing into my ass”

“Cum with me baby.”

That was all he needed, he thrust into her one more time before crying out as he exploded deep inside her tight ass, shooting his cum so hard into her. She shook as the most amazing wave rushed over her body.

She collapsed against his chest, her breath shallow. His fingers brushing a strand of hair that clung to her cheek.

“Are you ok?” she whispered. “mmmm yes, can we do that again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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