An Evening to Remember

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To all the men who wish such things really happened and the women who would love to join in!


The dreaded product presentation portion of the pedicure/manicure party was over and my potential customers were busily oohing and aahing over the latest anti-aging products, uncapping lipsticks and sampling perfumes. With a sigh of relief, I slipped out of my glossy black heels and released the top few buttons of my black blazer to reveal a bit of cleavage peeping out of a pink lace camisole. Why, oh why did the company insist its consultants dress this way? I longed to be wearing a comfy pair of plaid flannel pants or flirty satin shorts as many of my guests did. Along with bunny slippers. After all, it was a slumber party theme. Why shouldn’t I get to join in?

On that thought, I decided to completely discard the blazer and tossed it over a kitchen chair.

“Are you okay?” Lauren, who had graciously hosted the party for me, entered the kitchen and placed a hand on my bare shoulder to gently massage it. The tension I had built up began to melt away beneath her expert touch.

“Oh, yeah,” I gave her a bright smile. “Just glad that part is over. I hate being the center of attention.” Was it my imagination, or did her gaze lower a bit and linger on my breasts?

“Want something to drink?”-

“That would be great. Just ice water.” When she returned, I took the frosty glass from her and pressed it first to my flushed breasts before taking a sip, careful not to smear my raspberry lipstick. As a cosmetic consultant, I was always very conscious of the condition of my makeup.

Lauren watched me the entire time and I began to wonder at her attention. She was married; surely she wasn’t interested in me that way. Of course, I was married too, and that didn’t stop me from being attracted to the occasional woman.

“I should go check on the other ladies,” I said finally, and Lauren followed me into her living room. The room was large and open with deep, cushiony couches and easy chairs lining the walls. About half dozen women were gathered in the room, each with their feet soaking in a tub of deliciously hot water. They had relaxed in various poses, heads laid back, hair loose and flowing over their shoulders.

My own French roll began to chafe, and I withdrew a few pins and allowed my chestnut hair to flow smoothly down my back.

“Much better,” I murmured and ran a hand through it.

“You have gorgeous hair,” Lauren complimented me, and I turned, startled. It was common for women to offer such compliments to one another, but was Lauren hitting on me? “Why don’t you take off those stockings and have a soak yourself? You look like you could use one.”

I eyed the other women. They looked so relaxed, talking and laughing amongst themselves. The earlier social unease abated as they rinsed their feet and rubbed various lotions over their exposed skin. I longed to join them.

And so I did. Lauren brought me my own tub of hot water and watched openly as I lifted my black knee-length pencil-lined skirt to release my black silk stockings from their garters. I rolled them down slowly, revealing a smooth, tanned and toned leg, and tossed the stockings onto a side table.

Lauren gently laid a hand on one of my thighs and began to lightly escort bayan run her hand up and down my leg. I glanced at her in surprise, but she simply smiled and continued the light stroking as I slid my feet into the water. Her hand wandered further up my thigh and playfully dipped between my legs.

“Lauren!” I whispered, glancing around at the other women to see if any had noticed.

She laughed softly. “Don’t worry. They know me. None of them will mind.”

I wasn’t so sure, but I couldn’t honestly deny that I enjoyed Lauren’s attentions. She was a beautiful woman; a bit taller than I with honey blonde hair that came natural, not from a bottle. Her eyes were normally large and bright blue, but now they had darkened and clouded with what I knew was desire. For me. She wore a bright blue satin camisole trimmed with lace and matching shorts, and her feet were bare with the nails painted a coral shade.

I decided to enjoy the moment. If I offended anyone, what could they do to me? Not buy my products? I could hardly be a worse saleswoman than I already was.

Lauren brazenly pushed my skirt higher and slid her hand up my bare thigh. “Why don’t we take this off?” she whispered.

I desperately wanted her to touch me in the place where I was already hot and wet, so I nodded. She easily lowered the side zipper of my skirt and helped me slither out of it. She released the garter belt I wore as well and tossed it aside to join my stockings. I was left in a demi bra, tanga and camisole, all the same shade of pink lace.

“You have beautiful skin,” she commented softly. “Must be all that moisturizer.”

“Must be,” was all I could manage, since her fingers were teasing me, delving beneath the lace of my tanga. I arched my back in an attempt to force her fingers into my pussy, but she would not be tricked. She pressed a finger against my lips and whispered, “shhh… just relax and enjoy.”

She found the hidden side zipper of my camisole and slid it up. I willingly lifted my arms as she removed it and sank deeper into the suede of her couch. Through hazed vision, I realized that not only were the other women not protesting, but they were openly watching. A few had removed their own pajama bottoms and were lazily caressing their own clits. Two, I thought their names were Kira and Natalie, were kissing one another open-mouthed and had slid their hands beneath one another’s shirts.

Lauren straddled my lap and gently kissed my forehead, running her fingers through my hair, allowing the scent of my shampoo to escape. Her lips traveled down my face to my own, and I exalted in the taste of her mouth as she gently licked and nipped.

So much for lipstick.

I met Lauren’s tongue with mine and we kissed deeply as our hands explored each other’s bodies. I removed her camisole as well, and she rapidly removed her own satin bra, then my lace one. We were both bare-breasted now, and our breasts met and rubbed against each other. I could feel the tight buds of her nipples rubbing against mine.

It was exquisite. I ran my hands up and down the smooth skin of her back, around to her flat abdomen, and upwards to cup her breasts in my hands. I wanted to kiss them, to lick and suck those rosy nipples.

But Lauren had other plans. She lifted my feet from izmit eve gelen escort the water and then tossed every throw pillow she could reach onto the floor. She tumbled me down and stretched me out upon the pillows, then reached for a bottle of lotion I had set out for display on her coffee table. She opened it and poured a liberal portion into her palm and the jasmine and lemon scent filled the air.

My clit was tingling, my cunt was soaked, and all I wanted Lauren to do was bury her face between my legs in a sixty-nine position so I could bury mine between hers. Natalie was already sucking and licking Kira’s clit and two other women had begun to kiss now. Couldn’t Lauren hurry it up a bit?

She slid my tanga down my legs and discarded it.

Finally! I thought.

But Lauren wasn’t about to give me what I wanted and completely ignored the part of me she’d just uncovered. Instead, she calmly began rubbing lotion over my entire body, paying special attention to all of my erogenous zones – the sides of my breasts, the sides of my torso, the hollows of my neck and shoulders, my navel. She zipped right around my aching pussy and lavished attention upon my thighs, knees, front and back, calves and the arches of my feet. Then she lowered herself over me and kissed me again, very thoroughly. She traveled downward once more, kissing and licking all the spots she had just slathered with lotion. She cupped my full breasts in her hands and licked their curves and closed her mouth over my flushed nipples. All the while, I kissed and touched what parts of her I could reach, but mostly I simply tangled my hands in her golden hair and moaned.

Kira and Natalie were tangled in a sixty-nine position now, each ravishing the other’s pussy with their tongues and lips. I could see that Kira had her fingers buried inside Natalie as well, with one in her ass. I burned and tingled, watching them as Lauren simply took her sweet time.

I screamed out loud as her lips suddenly closed over my clit, which had been begging for attention. “Oh, God,” I cried, “Oh, yes… lick it, lick it…”

She did, sliding her tongue around my clit, inside my pussy, and around the lips. I was ready to come, more than ready, and when she focused the fast little flicks of her tongue onto my clit, I did, with a long, screaming moan.

She wasn’t done. She thrust three fingers into my pussy and one into my ass, hard. I jolted in shock and then relaxed with the pleasure of it as her tongue just kept moving. Her other hand reached up and toyed with one of my nipples, pinching and stroking, just hard enough to cause a pleasurable amount of pain. I came again, in a series of little quivers that sent intense spasms of ecstasy throughout my entire body.

Lauren bent her head again to the task, but I stopped her with both hands gripped tightly in her luxurious hair. I tugged, very gently, but enough to let her know I’d had enough of being on the receiving end.

It was time to give. “My turn,” I whispered when she glanced up at me. She grinned and I drew her up, gripping her face in my hands as I kissed and licked my juices off of her face.

Wrapping my legs around her waist, I flipped her over and arranged her on the pillows, just so. I pressed her slender arms izmit otele gelen escort over her head and gently held them there with one hand while I kissed her face, her neck, her shoulders, and rubbed our breasts together until both our nipples were hard and achy. With the other hand, I slid my fingers beneath the waistband of her shorts and dipped into her very, very moist pussy. I drew my wet fingers to my mouth and very, very slowly licked her moisture off while her eyes narrowed, watching me.

I kissed and licked and teased my way down her body, admiring her taught abdomen and the way her waist nipped in at the sides. I especially admired the patch of hair at the apex of her thighs, a tiny bed of blonde curls. I placed a gentle kiss there and then dove in. I wasn’t about to torture Lauren as she had me; I wanted the taste of her on my tongue. Now.

Her hips lifted as my tongue found the sensitive bud of her clit and circled it. I licked it delicately as fast as my tongue could go, then slid my tongue into her pussy and lapped up the sweet, creamy liquid I found there. As I savored the taste of her, the feel of her, I felt desire again pool low in my own stomach, and couldn’t help shifting my hips in frustration.

I focused on her clit again, sliding two fingers inside her as I sucked tenderly and licked violently.

“Oh, yeah, um…” Lauren moaned, and I sighed with her as she came, long and hard, arching her entire body upwards and tangling her fingers in my hair.

I rested my head on her thigh for a moment, giving her sensitive pussy a moment to recover before I attacked her again.

When I did, I suddenly felt two gentle hands on my own ass, then a kiss on each cheek. I glanced behind me and saw Kira sliding beneath me, facing the opposite direction as Lauren so her legs were entangled with Lauren’s. I now had two gorgeous women beneath me, both their pussies in my face.

And Kira’s mouth was on me.

I nearly forgot what I had been doing to Lauren, such was the magic of Kira’s tongue, sweeping over my pussy, teasing my clit, and circling my ass. Lauren’s hips thrust upwards, as if to remind me, and I eagerly returned to my task just as Natalie lowered her own body over Lauren’s face.

Within moments, we were a tangled mass of long, slender limbs, tousled hair. The scent of our wet pussies flavored the air. Lauren stretched her hands upward to play with Natalie’s breasts as she licked her and I, in turn, played with Lauren’s breasts with one hand and finger-fucked Kira with the other. My tongue darted back and forth between the two pussies before me that were nearly touching. Kira, beneath me, slipped her four fingers into my pussy and her thumb into my ass as she sucked my clit, shooting pleasure through me so intense that I screamed as I came and she smacked me, hard, with the other hand. The bright shock of the pain only intensified my pleasure.

When I recovered, I doubled my efforts and licked up the unique, delicious flavors of Kira and Lauren, using both my hands to flick their clits and finger-fuck them. Within moments my efforts were rewarded as they came, keening, one after the other.

Natalie followed not too far behind, and we all collapsed in a pile amongst the pillows, naked, satisfied, and panting.

I doubt our company founder would have approved of the sales method, but every one of those women not only purchased over two hundred dollars of product, but she also booked her own pedicure party. I had my most productive, and pleasurable, month of sales in my entire career.

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