An Exception to My Rules Ch. 02

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The volunteer editor for this and for part one, Winnie 17, is not only a good editor but also a great supporter. So thank you for the editing and the encouragement.

The next afternoon, I called in to my office for messages. Dorothy said that Sheila had taken a really confusing message and that she was transferring me to her phone so she could explain it. The phone rang and Sheila picked up. “Ray, I’ve got a confusing message here, and I was so busy when it came in the I’m not sure I got it all. It was from someone who said you were helping her with a problem yesterday, and she wondered if you could meet her at the same place you met yesterday and answer some more questions. And Ray, I didn’t even get a call back number before she hung up. So does this make any sense to you?”

“Dorothy is listening to every word you say, isn’t she?”

“You know, Ray, I believe you are exactly right. That has to be it.”

“And of course, she cannot hear what I am saying?”

“Well,” she replied, “I suppose you have that situation figured out very well. So do you think you can figure out who it was and where she wants to meet you?”

“I think I have things figured out. In about forty minutes, go by that Pablo’s Restaurant where I have taken you and Dorothy for lunch a few times and tell them you are there to pick up a take out order for Ray Williams. It will be paid for. Bring it to the apartment and everything will be set. Now, I have one question for you. Can you make a decent omelet?”

“As a matter of fact, I can. Why do you ask?”

“Because I am free until between ten thirty and eleven tomorrow morning, and I have everything we will need for you to fix breakfast. So see you in about an hour, okay?”

“Well I am sorry I did such a lousy job of taking the message, but I’m glad I got enough information that you could figure it out. So you have a good evening.”

“Sheila, you’ll be glad to know that you can depend on that.”

I immediately called Pablo’s and placed my order for pick up. After that, I got a set of clean sheets and made the bed. I used one of the brand new satin sheet sets I kept in the bottom of a drawer just for times when I wanted to really impress someone. I also kept two sets of relatively new bath sheets, so the bathroom was equipped with towels and wash cloths of a totally different color scheme that yesterday. Than I hopped into the car and ran down the street to one of the video rental stores, one that I did use from time to time. There were a couple of the women who came to my apartment fairly regularly who really liked to get naked in bed, watch pornographic videos and try to duplicate every position that appeared on the screen. I picked up three videos, being careful to make sure that they included a lot of oral sex. at least one or two instances of anal intercourse and no lesbian scenes. No point in planting ideas in the mind of an already confused woman.

Sheila had no idea that we were going to the movies tonight, but life is full of little surprises. And after all, had she not asked me to teach her? Was she not coming back tonight specifically for graduate school? And isn’t video one of the tools that lots of teachers use in the classroom? I got back to the apartment just as the phone was ringing. I had a really good relationship with Pablo’s, and the clerk knew that if she called me to let me know when the order was picked up, my tip would be larger the next time. It also gave me a pretty good idea of what time she would be arriving. So just a few minutes before Sheila would arrive, I stood on the porch. When she pulled into the parking lot and stepped out of her car, I waived to her. As she reached where I was standing, I told her to stop and put the bags with the food down. I pulled her to me and kissed her, and she immediately responded. As I stood there kissing Sheila, I got a rock hard erection.

I broke off the kiss and picked up the food bags. We entered my apartment and I immediately put the food in the oven set on warm. Then I turned to Sheila and said, “I’m more hungry for you than I am dinner, and it will keep well for a couple of hours in the oven. In all probability this will be the last chance I will have to see that glorious body of yours, so would your be up to starting like we did last night with a trip through the shower?”

She grabbed me, and she initiated the kissing. “I was hoping you would want to do that. So you really think I have a glorious body?”

“No, dear, I don’t think you have a glorious body, I know it for a fact. And I know it is in the top three of all female bodies I have ever had the privilege of making love to. And I can assure you for a fact, that you have a glorious, splendid, fantastic body. And just before we get too deeply involved in what I want to do with that fantastic body, we need to get one thing straight. You do love your husband, right?

“Yeah, I really do. I thought about that a lot today. I hated it that he had screwed around on me, but I also realized that it could have been me. ankara escort bayan I had an invitation to go out drinking with some girlfriends the weekend he was out of town, and I thought about taking it. And if after a couple of drinks, some nice looking guy had ask me to dance, I would thought what the heck, it is only a dance. But if it had been a slow dance and if I had three or more drinks under my belt, and he had kissed me, really kissed me like some guys will do on the dance floor, I would probably have been willing to go to the parking lot and fuck him in the backseat of his car. Wouldn’t go home with him, wouldn’t take him back to my place, but dropped my panties and got in the back seat with him, could have happened. So yeah, I do love Tim. But I know this. I am not only willing to change, but now I am positive than he has to make some changes in what he gives me. So while I am confused, I do still love him.”

“I hope that ten years from now, you look back on me simply as a good friend, and Sheila, it will crush my very soul if we can’t stay friends after this. You remember that every year Ralph throws a big barbeque and he is almost demanding that everyone from the office come and bring their spouse or significant other, and I promise you that I could talk to Tim there or any other place we ran into each other and he would never have the slightest idea that I was the one who owes an eternal dept of gratitude to the little home town girl that spread her legs for him.”

“You are something else. Here I am, an adulterous woman dying to get my clothes off and get your dick inside of my body, and it turns out it is simply an unconventional marriage counseling session. So if fucking you will save my marriage, lets fuck.”

I looked at her and said. “You say want to fuck. Before tonight is over, I am going to show you things about fucking you never dreamed of. So let’s not just stand here and talk about it. We had so much fun starting with showering together yesterday, and I’m just as sweaty today as I was then, so let’s start the same way. I’ll race you to the shower and bet you a dollar I can get my clothes off first.”

“You’re on,” she said as she pulled away and headed for the bathroom, dropping jacket, skirt and blouse along the way. We finally agreed that it was a tie, and I got the shower just the right temperature and both climbed in. This time, she spent a lot of time exploring my body, with her hands all over my dick. “Funny thing is, for the last six or seven years, I have spread my legs for a few guys to stick these things up inside of me, but I never looked at one up close. I think I will make it a policy in the future to take a good look at a guy before I let him start sticking things inside of me. But in the meantime, I think your dick is squeaky clean, and I’m really horny. So think we could go from looking at it to using it?”

I turned off the water and handed her a towel. She immediately started drying my body, and I picked up the second towel and used it on her. As soon as we were mostly dry we moved to the bed. I reached down and turned the spread and top sheet back, and lay her down on the sheet. She pulled my face to hers and we started a massive make out session. And since we were both already naked, each of us used our hands to explore each other’s body. As my hands reached her breasts, I began to nibble on her ear and neck. Then as my hands went to her pussy I moved my mouth to her breasts. As my hands slowly slid toward her vagina, I used my lips and tongue to tease her nipples. Then my head was below her waist level, and it was my tongue and lips that were slowly engaging her clitoris. Then the fingers I had in her pussy found the g-spot. Her breathing went from normal to measured to gasping, and her body tensed up. I could feel the tension grow and grow until suddenly there were a series of little trembles and a low moan began to escape her vocal chords. As that began to happen, I shifted to where my dick could easy penetrate her, and slowly I entered her. I was just penetrating her body as she began to reach an orgasm. And now, when we added my stroking in and out, as her pelvis began to move in unity with my thrusting in and out, and the low moan began to have words. “Oh, Ray. Oh god, oooh oooooh oh OH RAY OH GOD!”

Her body was gyrating with such power that this hundred twenty pound woman was bouncing a two hundred thirty pound man up and down from underneath him. And just as her body started shaking and shivering all over, just as she almost became a human vibrator, I started to climax. My cum was flowing out deep in side of her, and I was having the most intense climax I had ever experienced. I kept thrusting back and forth, and while she continued to move her pelvis up and down in response, her breathing slowly returned to normal. Soon I was totally spent, and just rolled over on the bed beside her. I put my arm across her body, kissed her on the forehead. We were both silent for a couple of minutes, then I said, “I want you to know that I did have another invitation eryaman escort for tonight. Some of the guys from my leads club get together at a bar in Olympia and play liars poker on Wednesday evenings. It was a hard decision, but I think I made the right one.”

“A thousand comedians out of work and there you go with the wise cracks. I just don’t know what is ever gona become of you.”

As we laughed together I told her, “I do know that I am going to go to that kitchen, get the food out of the oven, put it on the table and have something to eat. Otherwise this wild woman who is holding me captive is going to wear me out. I must replenish my body. Care to join me?”

“Oh, I forgot. I squeezed out a few minutes early and stopped by the mall and picked up a negligee to wear tonight. Since you told me I needed to get used to looking sexy, I thought I would start now. And then I left it in the car. Sorry.”

I picked up one of my dress shirts and handed it to her. “Forget a negligee. When you put on my shirt to get the pizza you were the sexiest thing I have ever seen. So just put that on and use the three bottom buttons, and I’ll be looking at the epitome of sexy.”

“Only three buttons. You had me do four yesterday.”

“Yeah, but I’m a selfish, greedy lout. If you are just wearing the shirt and sit down, I can see your pussy. When you only use three buttons, I can see your nipples. I wasn’t willing to share that view with the pizza guy, but I want to savor it all through dinner.”

“I know that most people consider me to be better than average looking, but you are the first person who ever made me see myself as sexy. And I think Tim thinks I am both, attractive and sexy, but he hasn’t ever quite get the hang of making me feel sexy. Maybe it has always been partly up to me, and maybe that is why he thinks I am unresponsive. So you got into my head and suddenly I feel like a sexy woman. Maybe I really was unresponsive when we made love. Oh, now I have myself confused.”

“Sheila, while we eat we are going to watch an instructional video. Have you ever seen much of what the goody-two-shoes out there call pornography?”

“A few photographs of naked guys, some of which sort of turned me on, some were kind of gross, but never any video. I’ve heard about them, one of my girlfriends says she and her boyfriend watch them all the time for new ideas and she says they are great.”

I got the food from the over and put it in the serving plates that I had already set out and took it to the table. I motioned for Sheila to sit down, and before I joined her I turned on the television and started the video. For a few minutes she was unsure how to react. The opening of the video had a man and woman screwing on the side of a hot tub, and it showed some close up shots of penetration, and lots of close ups of the woman’s face. Sheila was sort of embarrassed at the beginning, but when a fully clothed woman walked up and started screaming about it was her house and she got to share any sex that happened there and started to take off her clothes, she was intently watching the film.

Then, of course, guy number two shows up and drops his pants. When the reason he was a porn actor was revealed, Sheila let out an audible gasp. Then when girl number one started giving him a blow job, she said “How does she get that whole thing in her mouth? I couldn’t get all of Tim’s or yours in my mouth at once. And sometimes he hints around that he would like me to give him a blow job.”

“Ever made an attempt at doing that, Tim or anyone else?”

“The first guy I ever had sex with kept trying to stick it in my mouth, but I gagged and threw up and that was sort of the end of that. So how does that girl do that?”

I turned the video off and said “Just suppose you didn’t have to put it all in your mouth. Do you think you could put two or three inches of it in?”

She grabbed my hand and put her mouth over my thumb. “That’s between two and a half and three inches, wouldn’t you say?’ I nodded yes, and she continued, “no problem with that, but how does that help?”

“As soon as we finish eating, the old professor is going to show you. I think you will be amazed at how easy that is.”

“I think that watching people having sex has made me horny, and looking at the bottom of that bathrobe, you seem to be a little aroused yourself. So let’s put this food away and get to the bedroom.”

“Leave the food. Head for the bedroom. Get on the bed, I’ll be there shortly.” She headed for the bedroom, and I went to the counter beside the sink, where I had already put out two plush hand towels. I got the water temperature just a little warm then wet one towel and squeezed as much water out of it as I could. Then with one wet and one dry towel I joined her on the bed.

“So what are the towels for?”

“Every woman had a different threshold for certain issues. For example, after my lips and tongue spent ten minutes fully engaged in your pussy you did not hesitate to let me kiss you, kiss you etlik escort deeply, and your tongue and my tongue massaged each other and you did not hesitate. But some women won’t kiss a guy who has just went down on them. And my dick spend a few minutes in that same pussy, glorious minutes I might add, and again, some women can put it right in their mouth, some want to clean it up a bit. But tonight you are going to take the damp cloth and clean my dick, because we are going to have an academic discussion of the male penis. So start gently cleaning mine, and tell me what you see.”

Over the next three or so minutes I explained to her about the head and the corona and how almost all of the nerve endings that made sex pleasurable for a man were located in that one little area. Then I had her put my thumb back in her mouth, and had her use her lips and tongue to rub on it, and then cup her tongue around one side of it and actually suck on the thumb. When she was comfortable with my thumb, I said, “now, take the head of my dick into your mouth and do the same thing to it that you did to my thumb.”

She did exactly what I had asked. For a couple of minutes I simply let my breathing become more audible as the sensations of her tongue and lips working on the head of my dick began to build. “Oh, that feels good,” I said after a couple of minutes. “Now stop and let’s talk about what happens next.” She took her mouth away from my dick. “When my tongue first stimulated your clitoris, how did you feel?”

“Really hard to put in words. It took my breath away and I felt all tingly inside. And it was if for the first time in my life I was aware of what being a woman could mean. It is so hard to describe.”

“Then you understand. Oral sex is not needed to procreate, men and women do that to and for each other because it brings out sensations and pleasures that just don’t exist in any other part of the universe. Using the popular vernacular, when you give a guy head or he goes down on you, it is purely because you are each willing to do something that on one level might be considered disgusting just because you are wanting to please your partner. Now, the first person to ever give me a blow job also taught me how to return the favor, so to speak. So I have always been willing to see oral sex as a mutual endeavor. I suspect that if we do this right, you can get Tim to the same place I am. Also understand that even thought I love blow jobs, that for me a blow job by itself it is not enough. And here is the funny thing. I have noticed that the better a woman is at giving me a blow job, the more I want to have good old fashioned intercourse with her.”

“If you feel my dick right now, you will see that it is rock hard. That is in anticipation of your putting it in your mouth and stimulating me until, as you said back yesterday, white stuff squirts out of it. And that is what we need to talk about before it happens. When a man starts to cum in your mouth, there are three different things you can do. First, you can immediately remove your mouth from his dick and spit it out. You can get up and run to the bathroom, but that totally breaks the spell. So if you have to spit it out, use one of the towels I brought with me. Or you could continue to lick and stimulate him and hold as much in your mouth as you can before you spit it out. Or thirdly, and while this one sounds almost gross to a first timer, you can just swallow it and keep on sucking. Let me give you an analogy here. Many of our ancestors, and my grandmother was like this, thought that swallowing a raw egg every morning kept them healthy. When I was very little, I used to get grossed out when she would crack an egg into a little shot glass and then toss it down. I doubt it really has much health benefits cause after all, she only lived to ninety three, but swallowing cum is no different than swallowing a raw egg. You can do it if you want to. Now, every man I know about likes it best when his partner swallows and keeps on sucking. It just magnifies the experience. So keep in mind that if your goal is to make a man crazy about you, your goal is to swallow. But don’t make the decision until you have cum in your mouth. So what do you say, are you ready to earn your masters degree in being an irresistible vixen?”

“No, I’m not ready. But not only do I want to please Tim, but I will admit I want very much to please you. For the rest of your life, I want you to think of me as your favorite pupil. So lay back and ready or not, I am going to do it. And since your mouth is free, please talk me through it. Be sure and tell me how I am doing.” Saying that, she put her mouth back over my dick and started to repeat what she had done to my thumb earlier.

“You are a fast learner. That feels so good. Oh, that feels soooooooo goooood. Just keep it up.” with that, I pulled her around where I could get one hand in position to tease her nipples, using my thumb and forefinger to gently massage them. And I could feel my body winding tighter and tighter, almost like I was building up for a massage eruption. Then she began to improvise a bit. Not only was she using her lips and tongue just like she was supposed to, she began to rock her head back and forth, and over time she got four then five then six inches of my dick in her mouth.

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