An Incest Birthday Ch. 34

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Only one chapter left. The series is almost over, can you believe it! Enjoy.


It’s been a whole month since dad said he would give us a chance, and frankly, it’s been a really good month. We made sure to stay out of dad’s way when we were feeling affectionate, and he did his best to be accepting knowing what was really going on. We slowly reverted back to the relationship we had before the day he found the picture, although it took some time because we decided to come clean about everything, from each thing he thought his mind was playing tricks on him, to him actually walking in on sex acts and didn’t know it. he took it about as well as he could, knowing he was sometimes giving advice to his son on how to fuck his daughter, but eventually (the better part of the month) he shook it off.

Mom and dad are back to their normal selves, in fact, we hear them having sex a lot more now than they have been in the recent past. Dad helps out a lot more around the house, cleaning up and helping her with dinner and whatnot, and mom goes out to the garage with him when he’s working on working on a car or building something, and they’re a lot more lovey towards each other, especially when it’s time to go to bed, we hear everything, even when we’re trying not to. We even get more one on one time with mom and dad, whether it’s going to a sporting event, fishing, a car show, or even a dance class, we make more time for each other no matter what we’re doing.

Aunt Lisa even managed to up her life a little bit more. She moved out of our house and back into her own. The people who were handling the fix messed up a few details with what she wanted done so she got away with paying almost seventy percent less than what it actually cost for her remodel. Also the fashion place she works at expanded or whatever and she was one of the people who got a promotion. Her love life even took a turn for the better. She started seeing a guy not too long ago, and even though we don’t know much about him, she seems pretty interested in him by how much she brings him up in recent conversations. We have yet to meet the mystery guy, but we know she’ll bring him around when the time is right.

The Wilson’s are all just about the same as they have been. Steph and Chris are still fucking each other’s brains out while getting close to each other on the love end of things, Marie from what I know is still doing what she’s doing, although I don’t really know what she does to be honest. Whenever she leaves the house dressed up I think of Tommy from the Martin TV show and that running joke about him not having a job. Jim’s catering business is picking up according to Stephanie and Chris. he now gets at least four big clients a week, and is doing really well, and he still has no clue about what Marie and Steph did with Rita and mom, and maybe it’s best if it stays that way, no need to rock the boat if there isn’t a reason to.

Ashley and the Ashley’s have all been on their good behavior. They fulfilled their deals about going around and apologizing to everyone they could find for being rotten to them, and Ashley fulfilled her promise to Denise about apologizing to her brother and doing whatever he asked of her, which turned out to be Ashley volunteering herself for the big sister program. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, she has a ten year old little sister she has to be friends with from noon to six, and to be honest I think she enjoys it. I haven’t heard anything on how her search for her brother turned out, but I’ll keep pushing until she tells something.

Our life for the first time in a year has been virtually problem free. I mean yeah we have our little squabbles here and there but that’s it, it never carries over and it never becomes bigger than it needs to be. We are about as perfect as we could be in the situation were in. For the last month we’ve slept with the door open, except when we knew we were gonna have sex and be too lazy to get up and open the door, but for the most part it’s been open. Sometimes we sleep in Rita’s room. Sometimes we sleep in mine, hers for a change of scenery and mine for a sense of familiarity. It’s become our new routine now, and everyone in the house is used to it, they even knock on the door before they come in, we don’t have any more need for that color code system we used to use before dad was the wiser about us.

I lay in bed going over all this in my head as Rita slept next to me when there was a knock on the door. I purposely didn’t answer it just in case it was dad; we’d gotten to the point where he was completely awkward around us and a closed door, it was funny, so we liked to make him sweat sometimes. There was another knock and again I lay silent to see if he’d open the door, which he did, but it wasn’t dad this time, it was mom.

“I know you heard me, stop trying to mess with your father,” mom said.

“But it’s fun. We can actually use this to be funny now, so I’m using it.”

“It’s funny until he actually walks in on it, and then what? His son’s cock inside gorukle escort his little girl is a sight I’m sure he doesn’t want burned into the back of his mind.”

“Ok I’ll tone it down a little. That might be a little too much for him yeah.”

“Just a little. Do you ever use Rita’s room? It looks untouched since you got back.”

“We switch between them when Aunt Lisa’s not using it. is she here yet?”

“She’s on the way. Have you two made a decision on what you’re going to do yet?”

“We did, we’ll tell you at breakfast, as soon as Rita wakes her dead body up,” I said nudging her.

“Don’t be too long, food will be ready in about fifteen, not enough time for a quickie.”

“That’s plenty of time. I like how these conversations are still normal for us,” I smiled.

“They are aren’t they? Among other things. Get cleaned up and come on down.”

“PUT MOST OF THE FOOD IN MY PLATE!” I yelled as she left, waking Rita up in the process.

“Not so loud! I’m having a good dream, and a good orgasm,” Rita said sleepily.

“Well since I’m not a part of it nows the perfect time to wake up!”

She tried to will herself to go back to sleep but I wouldn’t let her until she finally got up and punched me in the ribs for my efforts, which might not be worth it in the long run.

“That was a good dream! You’re gonna make up for that TODAY!”

“When have I not? It’s time to get up anyway they wanna know what we’re gonna do.”

“We still aren’t completely sure. We’re teetering on half and half.”

“Ok then let’s try to tip the balance. What are the pros and cons of leaving?”

“We’ll do the pros first. We get a new start in a new city, no one will know who we are, we’ll be out on our own, nobody will tell us what to do, and the big one,

unlimited sex, anywhere.”

“Pretty good list, what are the cons?”

“We’ll be on our own in a new city we know nothing about, we’re far away from family, bills and other finances, those are the only main cons I can think of right now.”

“Those cons could be cons wherever we go, those might not really count as a reason to not leave, except for the being far from family con, that sounds like the

only legit one.”

“So you’re for leaving? You think we’ll be able to just pick up and go?”

“We’ll have to at some point. If we plan it at least we get a jump on it rather than if it was forced on us. We have to leave the nest eventually, it might as well be on our terms.”

“So we’re leaving? As of right now we decided we’re moving to another city?”

“As long as you agree with it, yeah, we’re moving to another city.”

She sat quiet for a minute, actually giving it some genuine thought, and then she looked up and smiled. “Let’s do it. It’ll be the first step in our new life, as actual boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“It’s settled then, Seattle here we come, in a few months for however long it takes to relocate to another city. Let’s go take a quick shower before we go down to eat.”

Rita went ahead so she could use the bathroom and I grabbed our towels and phones and headed in behind her. Taking showers together with no fear of getting caught was something we had to get used to, but I think we managed nicely. We didn’t wanna flaunt it because of dad but we didn’t have to be secretive about it anymore, he knew it was happening. I went into the bathroom and closed the door just as Rita was stepping into the shower.

“Come on Randy, you said they were waiting for us downstairs didn’t you?” Rita asked.

“I’m coming, we can’t walk into the hallway naked can we? I had to get our towels.”

I stripped down and stepped into the shower an immediately upon closing the shower curtain Rita had her hands on my cock stroking it to life with a big smile on her face.

“Really? I haven’t even touched the water yet and you’re already molesting me.”

“You ruined my sex dream, I told you you were gonna make up for it.”

“I didn’t think you meant immediately. We won’t have time to do anything now.”

“No time my ass, we have time. You’re not leaving this shower until you make me cum.”

“Can I at least get some soap and water on me first? I’ll freeze standing back here.”

She huffed, but didn’t let go of my cock. “You have a minute and a half, make it count.”

Seeing the look on her face I knew she was serious, so I grabbed my body wash and my man loofa and lathered up as quick as I could, but I wasn’t quick enough. Before I had the chance to wash off even the smallest bit of soap my cock was back in her hand getting hard again.

“Times up. I want some cock, now,” she said as she pushed herself into my soapy body.

She pulled me into the side wall and held her leg up for me to grab and moved her pussy around my cock until she managed to slide it in without either of us touching it.

“”FUCK YES! Pick back up right where I left off,” Rita moaned.

“Shhhhh! Just because everything’s ok doesn’t mean we can be altıparmak eskort bayan loud as hell!”

“Everybody’s downstairs anyway, and I’m not that loud, not yet, now fuck me!”

She held her arms around my neck for balance as I held onto her leg and fucked her up against the wall while washing off as much soap as I could in the process. She leaned her head into my neck and sucked on it for a while, and then out of nowhere she bit down on me, not enough to draw blood, but hard enough to leave a mark. I responded by grabbing her other leg and picking her up off the tub floor, holding on to her ass while her legs dangled on either side of me. As dangerous as it was, it was worth the risk. She brought it on herself by biting me. I fucked her as hard as I could while making sure we wouldn’t fall in the process.

“I knew that would get you going, now fuck this pussy baby, fuck it hard!”

“You want it hard? You want me to fuck you so hard you can’t move after?”

“YES! That’s exactly what I want! I want it to hurt every time I take a step!”

While I was fucking her pretty good, I couldn’t go all out because we were in a wet porcelain tub, any wrong move and we were crashing to the floor, so I lifted her off and bent her over so that she was under the water and it was hitting me in the chest, which in turn washed the rest of the soap off. I slapped her ass as hard as I could, definitely leaving a hand print, and while she was rubbing her cheek to make it feel better I shoved my cock back into her.

“You wanted to be fucked hard? I’m gonna fuck you hard!”

She didn’t get a chance to respond because every time she went to say something I would thrust into her and cut off her speech. She had nothing to grab on to other than the hot and cold faucets in front of her, so she grabbed the cold faucet and put her other hand against the wall to keep from hitting her head because of how hard I was fucking her. She tried to be quiet, but with each thrust her moans got louder and louder and her pussy clamped down more and more until she had no choice but to let out a long moan.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me baby! Feels so goooood!”


“Really you two? What did I tell you!” dad said from the other side of the door.

“Sorry dad, we just got carried away,” I said while still fucking Rita.

“I don’t wanna see it, hear it, or know anything about it, not cut it out and get out of there!”

He left and we went right back to fucking each other, not that we stopped in the first place, but dad being there was enough reason to take notice and slow down at least.

“We got carried away? You didn’t think that had any chance of flying did you?” Rita asked.

“It sounded a lot better than sorry dad I’m fucking your daughter, hold on a second!”

“When you say it like that it sounds so naughty, it makes me wanna fuck you harder…”

“I’m not stopping you. You can fuck me back just as hard as I’m fucking you.”

She started bouncing off my cock as fast as I was fucking her, but it caused her upper body to go flimsy in the process, so every other thrust she’d turn the cold water on higher, freezing me, but not deterring me, and then she’d turn the cold water down, scalding me and making me slow down to try to get out of the way. Whenever she figured out it was too hot she turned the cold back on eventually put her other hand on the wall and leaned against it.

“Don’t stop baby, don’t stop! I’m about to cum, keep going!” Rita moaned.

“So am I, I’m about to cum inside you baby, you ready for it?”

“Yes, cum inside me, I haven’t felt you cum inside me in so long, cum inside that pussy!”

I held onto her hips slamming into her as a rush of hot water hit me in the face, and then in the chest, and then in the face again because of me rocking back and forth. I felt myself about to cum with each passing second, and when it came time to happen I grabbed Rita’s shoulders and stood her up so the water was now hitting her in the chest and squirted up inside her pussy. She gasped each time I squirted inside her, and the water hitting her chest along with my grip on her tit was too much for her to handle, so she came right after I did.

“Yes, I’m cumming! Hold me up Randy, I can’t stand, hold me up! Fuck!”

Her legs started buckling as she came. Luckily I was there to hold her up as she surely would’ve fallen with the weakened state she was in. she bent her arm back to hold on to my head that was buried in her neck as we both came together for the first time in I don’t know how long. When I was don’t cumming inside her I pulled myself off of her and let my cock slip out of her, which made her groan all the way until I fell out, which made her groan louder.

“Dad is gonna kill us. I don’t even wanna go eat now,” I teased.

“Somebody has to go down, and since I still need to wash up it’s you.”

“No I can wait, you still need nilüfer eskort bayan help standing. We can go down at the same time.”

“Stop being a scaredy cat, you’ll be ok. I’ll be down in like five minutes.”

I got out and dried off and went to our room and threw on some walk around the house clothes and headed downstairs just as Rita was coming into the room. She grinned at me knowing I was walking into a deep stare with dad because we were being too loud, well because she was being too loud, and now I had to go deal with the after effects, typical. I slowly made my way to the dining room table where dad was sitting there drinking his coffee with his paper while mom sat the table. I cautiously sat down on the other side of the table and one over so I wasn’t directly in front of him, and when I did, he put his paper down and looked at me.

“What are the rules Randy? Repeat to me what the rules are,” dad said.

“You don’t wanna see it, you don’t wanna hear it, you don’t wanna be anywhere around it.”

“So why am I hearing Rita screaming like she’s being killed in the bathroom?”

I really didn’t wanna answer that question. “Sorry dad, it won’t happen again.”

“Kids. I know I said I’d give it a try but that’s pushing it. Give them an inch they want a mile.”

“It’s not just his fault dad, I was there too,” Rita said as she came around the corner.

“Oh I know, you were kinda hard to miss. Next time can you please remember that were not living in a bunker? These aren’t soundproof walls so keep whatever

noise you make down.”

“Ok dad, sorry, we’ll be more careful next time. I still love you daddy.”

Rita got up and hugged dad just as we heard Aunt Lisa blow her horn and pull in. I got up and helped mom finish setting the table as Aunt Lisa came in and took a seat.

“Morning everybody. Where’s the coffee? I’m gonna need a full pot today,” Aunt Lisa said.

“On the counter. You’re just in time we’re about to sit down and eat now,” mom said.

“Perfect timing, you just saved me from ordering an egg mcmuffin from McDonalds.”

“So have you finally decided what you’re going to do?” mom asked.

Rita and I looked at each other and I nodded to her to tell them all the good news. “We decided that we are going to move. We’re gonna make a fresh start for

ourselves in Seattle.”

“Seattle? Why Seattle? You know it rains a lot in Seattle right? Seattle?” dad asked.

“Dad if you say Seattle one more time it’s not gonna sound right anymore, yes Seattle. It’s a pretty good city to make a good start in. They have good job opportunities, good pay, affordable housing, there’s plenty to do, we think it’s as good a place as any.”

“How far away is it? How often will you be coming back to visit? What’s the crime rate? What neighborhoods are you looking in? There’s so many more questions,” mom said.

We’ve done our research mom, we found a good area to live in that’s affordable if we both get jobs, which we will, and we’ll come back to visit often. It’s about a half a day away, so it’s far enough away that we’re actually on our own, but close enough that if we get homesick we can hop in the car and drive back without it killing us,” I said.

“When do you plan on leaving? Are you waiting until you have everything planned out or are you leaving spur of the moment in the middle of the night when we’re sleep?”

“We’ll have everything planned before we leave. This is one of those things where you have to make sure everything is right, we can’t rush moving out of the state.”

“Have you told Stephanie and Chris? Mr. and Mrs. Wilson? Ashley’s?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Stephanie and Chris know already, we were thinking we could all go out together and eat dinner at this place we know, Café Stratos, and tell everybody there,” Rita said.

“Café Stratos? Never heard of it. Is it fancy? Do we need reservations?” dad asked.

“No it’s not that big yet, but their food is the bomb! We know the waitress girl, she’ll be happy to see us and she’ll take care of us the whole night. It’s a Greek restaurant.”

“Greek? I don’t know when the last time was I had Greek, I’ll be there,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Yeah it sounds good. Make sure I have enough time to come home and change, I don’t wanna wear a suit and tie to a non-fancy restaurant,” dad said.

“It’s not fancy, but it’s not a dump either, they just didn’t have enough money for a bigger place. Nobody’s heard of it because it’s unlisted and block in by two other restaurants,” I said.

“Ok I’ll take your word for it. We can’t be there no earlier than eight. I need at least fifteen minutes to come back and change. I’m off to work, see everybody tonight.”

Dad got up and kissed mom and took one last piece of bacon off his plate before he headed out the door. We like the scoundrels we were took all the food he had left on his plate and divided between us, and by we I mean Rita and I, mom and Aunt Lisa never had a chance.

“I should get going too. Everyone that got a promotion has to be in the office an hour early every day for two weeks for training. Everyone pretty much knows how to do their job but it’s mandatory so the company doesn’t get low balled about cutting corners and whatnot. It’s a twenty percent pay raise so I’m not gonna complain,” Aunt Lisa said.

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