An Intense Weekend in Our Motorhome

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Jane, my wife, hadn’t been feeling up to sex for several weeks, due to the dreaded menopause again. She’s 54 and has been going through this difficult change for several years now. It’s affected her sex drive such that sometimes we go for week without her wanting sex, then we have weeks or months when she can’t get enough, so overall I can’t complain. It makes for quite a roller-coaster sex life, especially since she’s become a naughty little minx over the past year, but more of that shortly. Several weeks ago she got her mojo back, bless her, and we made up for lost time over a long weekend of intense sex, in which we found ourselves in some new situations.

It was perfect timing as we were planning to go away to the south coast of England for the weekend in our motorhome, which we haven’t used in weeks. We have a lot of fun in it when we go camping and Jane invariably gets even hornier than at home. It’s not at all unusual for us to go away in it for a weekend and spend much of the time shagging our brains out. I call it our ‘fuck truck’ but my wife prefers to refer to it as our passion wagon. It’s very comfortable, has everything we need, especially a big comfy bed, and we both love the fact that its side windows are fitted with privacy glass. We can see out but no-one can see in, and Jane loves daytime delight and being able to see people outside going about their business on a campsite while she’s fucking me.

She’s changed a lot in the past year or so, and with a lot of encouragement from me she’s become a lot more sexually demanding. She might be a respectable, grey haired mature woman in public but in private she’s now naughtier than I’ve ever known her to be, and she’s losing her inhibitions more and more. Although her menopause gets in the way sometimes, when she’s able and willing to have sex she wants a lot of it and has delighted me by how multi-orgasmic she’s become. Jane adores fucking, she gets very vocal when I’m buried deep inside her, and she now happily engages in the dirty talk I’ve always enjoyed when servicing her. We’re having the best sex we’ve ever had in the 30 years we’ve been together and we put it down to having an empty nest, a low stress lifestyle, and a readiness to embrace the loosening of inhibitions that comes with age.

Thankfully we both have a playful nature, we don’t take life or ourselves too seriously and we love each other’s company. We’ve noticed that when we’re out with friends of a similar age, we’re alone in holding hands and showing our affection for each other. We often get teased for getting caught having a snog or a sly grope when we’re in company. I’ve also noticed that Jane loves telling me that we’re much more active that her married friends are; I don’t know what she bases it on, she never tells me in detail what she and her female friends discuss when their conversation turns to relationships and intimacy, but she always says she comes away feeling smug. I sometimes tease her and ask what her friends would think if they knew what a dirty girl she is, and she gets very turned on at the thought.

Anyway, because of the dry spell Jane and I had suffered over recent weeks I had a low expectation for weekend sex and reconciled myself to the simple pleasures of camping and re-visiting an area in which we used to live, early in our marriage. We left home first thing on Friday morning and drove down to Portsmouth. We parked at one end of the seafront and set off on foot to explore many of our old haunts in and around the waterfront. We worked out that we hadn’t been there in 20 years, so we were both feeling a warm nostalgia of early married life with small children.

Late-morning we found ourselves sitting on a bench in one of those seaside shelters on the prom that in season are invariably full of old people sitting and watching the world go by. We were warm in the sun, there was no-one else around, and we were both feeling all loved up as we chatted about times past. We’d been walking for about 2hrs and I was starting to think about lunch options and where we could go for a quiet romantic lazy lunch.

My darling wife had other ideas though and she snuggled into me and offered her mouth to me. We started necking and cuddling like two teenagers, but it felt so natural and we were soon lost in each other. Jane slipped her cool soft hand up the leg of my shorts and onto my hardening cock. She was clearly relaxed and eager to play, and thankfully the prom was deserted. I realised too that it had been her decision to pick this bench in the shelter, so I guessed she must have wanted some privacy to play a little and the thought made me harder.

She bit my lower lip gently as I slipped my hand into her shirt and cupped her braless left breast. Her nipple stiffened in my palm and she moaned breathlessly into my mouth. She started to work my foreskin back and forth slowly over my glans and I could feel the precum over her fingers, causing us both to groan quietly. I managed to change hands to free up my right hand to pop it between her legs and Tekeli Escort she parted her legs slightly, just enough for me to slip my hand between her warm thighs. At this time of year Jane wears lightweight cropped trousers and the material is really thin. I could feel the outline of her labia and put gentle pressure onto her trouser crotch as I rubbed firmly up and down her opening. She had her eyes closed and was sucking my tongue almost painfully into her mouth, squeezing my bare penis with her fingers and I could hear her start to pant.

I hadn’t been near her pussy for weeks and I think in that moment she realised my dilemma about whether or not to touch her there. She opened her eyes and released my tongue, and asked me to check if we were still alone. I looked around briefly and reassured her. She placed her free hand on the back of my head and snogged me hard while reaching down to undo the fastening on her waistband. I didn’t waste a second and slid my hand into her trousers and into her thin cotton pants to made contact with her already swollen clit. She cried out loud as I carried on and slid two fingers straight into her wet pussy. She was in such a mess down there that she simply consumed me and swallowed my fingers with ease. She was starting to lose control and I looked around again to check for other people. Thank goodness the prom was still deserted anywhere near us and I started to finger fuck my lovely wife.

She was so wet, open, and responsive. She buried her head in my neck and promptly climaxed all over my hand, then climaxed again as I slid my fingers onto her clit and gently squeezed the prominent nub. I kept my hand in her pants and cupped her warm wet mound as she came back down to earth slowly. As I felt her warm breath on my neck and her breathing start to slow, I realised this was the first time we’d ever had sex in a public place. Not wanting to spoil the moment I decided not to mention it, but held her close and whispered in her ear how much she turned me on.

She looked up and me and smiled, mouthed a silent ‘love you’ at me and squeezed my cock again with her fingers. Then she looked up and down the prom and gave me a wicked look, “your turn,” she said. But I realised that in her haste she’d not spotted a couple walking their dog and heading off the beach towards us. I slid my hand subtly out of Jane’s trousers and readjusted our dress, pausing to smell my fingers. I slipped them into her mouth and she cleaned off her pussy juice just before the dog walkers passed us.

She pressed her body up tight and kissed me again, “Oh Tim, let’s go back to the van and get some privacy please, I need you inside me,” she pleaded. We’d parked at the far end of the seafront and as we started a brisk walk back to our home on wheels I plotted how we could achieve our privacy without attracting attention. I needn’t have worried, for as we approached the van we could see it was the only vehicle on that part of the front, parked off the road on a hardstanding next to a remote part of the beach.

The van was warm inside, I busied myself with unfolding the bed while Jane drew the curtains around the cab and went for a pee in our onboard shower room. I managed to undress and get under the covers by the time she emerged. Her face was flushed and she couldn’t get her clothes off quick enough, and I realised just how horny she was, desperate for cock. She slipped under the duvet and shivered as she pressed into me and instinctively grasped my erection.

We didn’t say a word to each other, she urged me onto my back and my penis twitched as I realised she wanted to mount me. We’d already had our foreplay on the prom and the walk back to the van hadn’t cooled us off at all, if anything we were even more ready to join our bodies together. Jane got astride me, facing me and reached down to open herself up and guide my erection into her gaping cunt. I was rampant and slid straight in, full length and nudged her cervix in the way we both adore. She bore down on me and squeezed my penis, then promptly collapsed onto me with an orgasm that came from goodness knows where. She recovered quickly and got back up on her haunches and proceeded to ride me hard, crying loudly while I grasped her tits and gently pinched her nipples.

She straightened her back and sat up, enabling me to get so fucking deep inside her. She thrust her tits out for me to play with but we both realised she was losing control again and she begged me to get on top of her. I could feel my sap rising so the change of position enabled us to re-set and pace ourselves a little.

I think we both knew that having not fucked together for so long, we were likely to wipe ourselves out when we did finally climax hard. We uncoupled and I enjoyed the feel of my penis in my hand, all warm and slimy from my darling’s messy vagina. The van already reeked of sex and I noticed a wet patch on the sheet as we changed position. Jane spread her legs wide and bent her knees, offering me her extremely aroused Escort Tekeli pussy. “Tongue or cock?” I asked her, knowing full well what her answer would be.

“Cock. Give me a really good hard pounding.” I get so horny when she issues her demands like that. Now was not the time for teasing her further and I wiped my cock-head up and down her opening and over her clit.

“Oh fuck me, please fuck me, don’t mess about,” she looked up at me pleadingly, her eyes like dark saucers, full of arousal. I entered her slowly but she was having none of it, she pressed her heels on my bum and pulled me into her balls-deep. That got to me instantly and I gave it to her really hard and deep, no subtlety at all, just pure animal fucking, the noisy, slapping pounding we both craved.

“Oh baby I’m going to cum,” I cried.

“Yes! Yes! Fill me, splatter my insides. OH FUCK! I want your cum deep inside me,” Jane shrieked at me.

I let go, it almost hurt it was so intense and it triggered Jane’s big one. We held each other tight as I emptied my balls and her body spasmed against me before she went limp. We fell asleep there and then, utterly drained physically and emotionally. I woke up after a short while, still inside her, our body fluids everywhere, the bed in a frightful mess. I glanced at the clock, to discover that we’d been at it for over an hour. I extracted myself from her and peeked through the curtains to see people strolling up and down the prom just a few yards away.

I wondered if we’d been heard, we’d made a lot of noise and when we fuck hard in the van the rear leaf springs squeak loudly. Frankly I couldn’t give a damn, we’d been so desperate for each other. Jane woke at that moment and begged me to make some lunch. We cleaned ourselves up, got dressed, pulled back the curtains and sat in the cab seats to eat lunch, for all the world looking like any other middle-aged couple enjoying a picnic and the sea view. The messed-up bed behind us and the distinctive smell of sex in the van was just for us to know about.

After lunch we drove along the coast towards Chichester and stopped at a very pretty and old seaside village. As we strolled around the village arm in arm, Jane told me that she was feeling really horny, that she wasn’t sure how long her mojo was back for but that she wanted us to “make hay while the sun shines.” As we approached an ice-cream van she asked me if I’d like a 99 and surprised me when she asked for one too. She rarely eats ice-cream and I commented on her uncharacteristic lapse; she stopped and grabbed me for an ice-creamy snog, people all around us, and looked deep into my eyes, “we both need to keep our sugar levels up this weekend,” she murmured quietly so no-one around could hear, “I hope you’re up to the task,” she giggled and walked on, leaving me speechless and with the stirrings of another erection in my shorts. Oh fuck, I realised that this was going to be a lovely weekend.

We got to the farm campsite late in the afternoon and were pleased to see it was the quiet field we’d expected, just three caravans around the edge of the large field and surrounded by trees. We pitched in a sunny corner away from the other campers and got ourselves set up. I opened up the sunroof and all the vents to air the van thoroughly as it still smelled of our earlier lovemaking. We made tea and sat in the warm sun reading and chatting, enjoying the peace and quiet of this lovely private spot. As the sun started to drop behind the trees and the afternoon warmth dissipated, Jane remarked that she was going to shower and change into something warmer. She disappeared into the van and I could hear her showering and wondered if I should join her. The onboard shower is tiny though and I decided to instead set up the bed while she showered.

I could feel another stirring in my shorts and knew that Jane invariably enjoyed some late afternoon delight when away camping. She often teased me by saying she only wanted it to give her an appetite for supper. I managed to make the bed without Jane hearing and when she emerged from the shower all pink and naked she squealed with surprised delight when she saw me waiting for her in bed and my erection tenting the duvet. She dropped the towel and slipped into bed next to me, smelling gorgeous and still warm from her shower. We were all over each other immediately.

“Oh Darling, you smell lovely, did you manage to clean everywhere?” I teased.

She gave me a wet snog and murmured, “No, not quite, why don’t you make more mess and then clean me up properly.”

We cuddled and between kisses we talked quietly in very graphic terms about what we needed from each other. Our language got more and more dirty and she got very aroused telling me exactly how she wanted my cock, my mouth and my fingers to attend to her raw needs.

Hearing her talk in such a filthy way made me rampant, even more because it’s something she’d learned to enjoy much later in life. She wrapped a forefinger and thumb around the Tekeli Escort Bayan base of my cock and started wanking me gently to even greater thickness, groaning loudly into my chest. She persuaded me onto her and begged me to guide my erection into her wet swollen cunt.

This time I entered her slowly, just inserting the first inch or so into her and sliding it in and out of her before gradually adding more length. Jane was more controlled this time too, happy to let me take charge and we fucked gently and contentedly for a satisfyingly long time. It wasn’t long before she climaxed again and inevitably started to lose the plot, urging me on to fuck her deep and hard. She gasped out how she loved feeling my balls against her bum and begged me to reach under her and hold her bottom while I pounded her. Not only is the feel of her firm bum in my hands a big turn-on, but so too is the fact that it raises her pelvis and allows me to enter her vagina still further. She gasped and cried out loud in pleasure as I gave her the final inch of length and embedded myself completely in her body.

She calmed again as she got used to the complete penetration and I stayed still inside her, loving the feel of her cunt sheaving me so fully. “Oh fuck I feel so full,” she groaned, “I love feeling so stretched around the base of your cock”.

“Hmmm, I love feeling the head of my cock nudging itself up against your cervix.”

She moaned loudly, she loves hearing me talk so explicitly while buried inside her. Her moaning got me so aroused and I just had to give her a good hard fucking. I moved my hands out from under her bum and raised myself up on my arms and pounded the crap out of her. Her pussy juices flowed freely and she squeezed my cock on each out-stroke, desperate for me not to withdraw. We were making so much noise, but were past caring whether the other campers could hear us. It was early evening and we could hear them outside their caravans having supper. Inside our van everything was squeaking and rattling and our bodies were slapping together loudly as we fucked our brains out. As her orgasm started to subsume her Jane got noisier still.

“Fuck me hard, oh yes YES!!! ….. oh you lovely lovely man, FUCK ME!! ……. Oh god your cock feels heavenly ……. FUCK!! …. TIM!!

She came to a screaming climax, I had to hold on tight as she bucked hard up and down underneath me. I couldn’t remember when she’d had such a violent, noisy climax with me inside her. Clearly the weeks she’d spent without cock had taken their toll. I held her close while she calmed slowly, managing to keep my erection inside her and oh so gently moving it by millimetres back and forward to keep her slick and supple inside. Gradually she came around, groaned into my shoulder and begged me not to stop. I was losing count of the orgasms she’d had today but she was obviously ready for more and placed her feet on my bum to spur me on.

I steadily increased the stroke length until she was getting the full length but at lovely slow, languid pace. I bottomed out on each stroke, grinding my pelvis against hers, plugging her completely and making her airtight. She wrapped her arms around my neck, snogged me wetly and urged me to keep the strokes just like that, as long as possible. Her vagina was so open, so well fucked, and very liquid. I told her what a mess she was inside and how I loved feeling her cunt like this, gaping, syrupy and very relaxed. I looked down as I pulled out my cock slowly and got her to look at the state she’d got him in, rampant and slick with her juices. I teased her by slipping him out and rubbing the head up and down over her engorged clit. It drove her nuts and she was off again, looking up at me and pleading with me not to tease.

“Oh no, pleeeease, I need you deep inside me,”

“You shall my sweet, all in good time, I need to give your clit some treatment for a bit,” I grasped my warm wet erection and pushed the hood of her clit back with the head of my cock.

She bit her bottom lip and cried gibberish, her senses overloaded with sexual pleasure, clearly loving the clit treatment, but also desperate to be penetrated and inseminated. I maintained my intimate massage until she set off on a series of mini climaxes, her body racked with pure pleasure. God how I love looking down at my wife of 28 years and seeing her like this. I’m so glad we’ve re-invented our sex-life.

Gradually she regained control and looked at me intently. “Are you going to slip him back inside me now?” she pleaded. By now it was my turn to be suffering from intense pleasure, I was desperate to re-enter her.

“Yes please,” I groaned.

“Well, you’re going to have to wait, I’m in charge now.”

Oh fuck, the little minx placed her hands on my tummy and stopped me in my tracks, reaching down to wank me slowly with her hands. “You can come back in when I decide, that’ll teach you to tease me.” She gave me a dirty smirk and concentrated her effort on teasing my cock and rubbing it up and down her wet sloppy gash. Of course we’d played this game many times and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she re-admitted me to her warm mess. I still couldn’t stop moaning, the feeling of being stroked against her neat but swollen labia was gorgeous as she wiped the head of my cock against them.

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