An unexpected seduction 3

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The next time Amy woke up, she was alone in bed. The room was quiet, and somebody had pulled a blanket over her. Her body was deliciously sore and sated, but she would definitely need a day or two to recover before she had sex again. The double penetration had left her feeling weak and stiff, and she wanted nothing more than a long soak in her own bathtub, the room lit with candles and the smell of bath salts scenting the air.

She got out of bed gingerly, wincing as the movement brought on searing pain through her lower body. Those two men had really worked her over, and as good as it had felt at the time, she needed some pain meds now.
She felt uncomfortable to be alone in Jack’s room; the stillness in the air telling her she was probably alone in his apartment. She wondered for a second where her two lovers had gone, but a small part of her was relieved that she didn’t need to face them again right away. She was overwhelmed by what had happened and she needed a few hours to herself.
She glanced at the scraps of fabric she’d had on when she first knocked on Jack’s door, but she couldn’t face the body twisting and wiggling it required to be put on. Besides, it revealed more than it covered.
She opted for Jack’s bathrobe instead, and walked as quickly as her sore body permitted back to her own apartment. The building they lived on had only two apartments on each floor, so she wasn’t concerned about being seen by anybody as she took the short walk of shame across the carpeted hallway.

She took the bath, wisely leaving the salt out of the water opting to add a few drops of essential lavender oil instead, knowing it was a natural disinfectant. The water felt like silk against her body, and she moaned with the relief as the steam and the comfort started to relax her muscles. She lay there until the water cooled and then took the luxury of adding more hot water. Eventually she got out and went to her bedroom to get dressed in her oldest, softest t-shirt and sweatpants. She crawled under an old knitted afghan with a book and a cup of hot chocolate with the vague desire to escape her thoughts. What was going to happen next? Was she going to see Jack and Bobby again, or was this a one-night stand thing for them?
The thought disturbed her, sending a vague ache through her heart. After discovering how great sex could be, she couldn’t imagine going back to the pre-Bobby celibacy.
There was a sudden sound outside her door, and then the thundering of fists against the wood. She got up slowly, still sore enough to avoid sudden movements.
“What the hell, woman?” Bobby demanded when she opened it. He was standing with his hand still raised, and Jack was behind him looking vaguely amused. “Why are you not in bed where we left you?”
She stared at him with amazement.
“I woke up,” she said. “And I wanted a bath. I’m pretty sore.”

He pushed past her, thrusting a bottle of pills into her hands. “Thought you might be. That’s why we left, to go buy you some decent pain meds.” He folded her carefully in his arms. “Please don’t disappear like that again,” he said. “It scared the crap out of me to get back and find you gone.”
“I’m sorry,” she said. “I was just a bit… overwhelmed.”
“I know, baby. Come on, you need to eat something again so you can take the pills. They’re pretty strong.”
She hesitated. “I don’t take pills from men,” she said. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just a thing I have.”
Bobby stared at her a long time, his eyes searching her face.
“Why?” he asked finally.

She shrugged. “I don’t really like to talk about it. But you deserve to know that I was date-raped three years ago, and I woke up the next morning with almost no idea what had happened. But ever since that happened I’ve been really scared of taking medication if I’m not hundred percent sure about what it is.”
“These are the same pills I take after a wild session,” Jack began, but Bobby stopped him with a look.
“It’s ok, baby,” he said, his hand rubbing her back. “We’ll take care of you without pharmaceutical drugs. You’ve had a long bath?”
“Good. Now let’s get you something to eat and then I want you to go get in bed. Your body will need a lot of sleep to heal itself.”
“So last night was your first time since that night?” Jack said as he followed them to the kitchen. She nodded, almost shyly.
“Yes, I haven’t had the courage to… look, there’s something you should know. You know Elizabeth and I get along pretty well, right? We’ve been friends since college. I never told anybody about the date-rape. She… Please don’t get mad at her or at me, but she asked me to try to seduce you. She thinks you’re completely gay. That’s why I came to your door wearing that ridiculous outfit.”
“What did she promise you if you went through with it?”
“Front-row tickets to a concert I’m dying to go to. I know it sounds like I was whoring myself out, but I convinced myself to give it a shot because I knew it was time I stopped hiding behind what had happened to me and start to live again. Her offer was just the starting point for me. I wasn’t going to take the tickets.”
Bobby looked at Jack, and she could sense the anger in him.

“If I ever find the fucker who did that to you, I’ll kill him with my bare hands,” he said calmly. “Honey, we have something to tell you too. Will you listen me out before you get angry?”
She blinked, confused. “Of course.”
Bobby sat down on one of the chairs and pulled her on his lap. Jack knelt in front of them and took her hand in his.

“Elizabeth came to us before she went to you,” he said. “Or more correctly, she came to see me. my sister knows I’m about eighty percent gay and twenty percent straight. To be honest, we’ve been in quite a few threesomes together. She wanted me to have sex with you because she thought you deserved some fun. She didn’t know why you’d been avoiding men. I asked Bobby to come over and take care of it, because I know he actually prefer women over men.”
She sat, shocked, hurt, and disappointed. “So I was a pity-fuck?” she asked in a low voice. “You were just screwing me because your sister asked you to?”
“It wasn’t like that,” Bobby said. “I know it sounds that way, but I swear, when I saw you standing there wearing those heels, I forgot all about why you were there in the first place. I was attracted to you immediately.”
She stood up, pushing his arms off her body. Then she turned and looked at them. “Three years ago somebody date-raped my body,” she said. “The three of you just date-raped my soul.”
“I don’t understand why you’re so angry,” Jack said slowly. “You were there for sex, weren’t you? And that’s exactly what you got.”

“I was there because I needed to prove to myself that I can be desirable. Neither of you know what it feels like to be terrified of the idea of opening up to somebody like that. For three years, I couldn’t stand even my own fingers inside me. The idea of sex scared me to death – handing that power to somebody with no control over the outcome. And the first time I venture out of my little shell, you and your manipulating sister prove to me, once again, why I’m better of alone. The two of you lied to me, made me believe that you wanted to have sex with me for me, and now I have to find out it was never about me in the first place. I don’t need anybody’s pity – least of all yours. Now get the fuck out of my house. I don’t want to see either of you again.”
Bobby stared at her, his eyes dark. Jack had a grim line across his mouth as he pulled his friend across the room to the door. Bobby yanked his arm loose, strode over to her and cupped her face between his palms. “While you stew over some imaginary conspiracy theory, keep this in mind – I fell in love with you last night. It was instantaneous and even if Elizabeth had not paid us to make love to you, I would have been all over you.”

It was the wrong thing to say.
“She paid you? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Get out of my apartment, and stay the hell out of my life!”
She slammed the door behind her, san down onto the couch and started crying silently.

Two weeks passed, two horrible lonely weeks in which Amy fell back into her pattern of Mozart and Jane Austin kocaeli escort and chocolates. Finally she passed the grieving period and headed into angry and defiant. She forced herself to go out and buy a new outfit – a black dress short enough to show the bottom cheeks of her ass, the front dipping down in a slit to the navel, the two edges held together by laced—up pieces of strings. She dyed her hair honey blond, and allowed the hairdresser to cut it in a shorter style. She bought new makeup, and perfume that smelled like sex in a bottle. She was going to get laid, and she wasn’t ever going to let anybody hurt her like Bobby and Jack had.

She arrived at the bar she had chosen after careful consideration. It was in an upscale part of the city, but not too far from her apartment. It was known for its dancing stage with a stripper pole and privacy booths. It even had a cage, and she knew that it attracted a lot of bikers.

The cab dropped her off outside the door and she got out carefully onto the uneven pavement with the spike-heeled shoes that made her several inches taller. She clutched her purse tightly as she walked towards the entrance, ignoring the catcalls from across the street. The whistles gave her the courage she needed to relax her shoulders and swing her hips seductively.

The bouncer at the door gave her one look before he let down the rope to let her go in.
Inside it was dark, the music pulsing, the lights on the dance floor flashing across bodies and throngs of people gyrating against each other. The bar was curved around the one side of the seating area and she made her way through with a little difficulty. Once inside, she realised that nobody was paying her any real attention – her clothes fit in pretty much with what the other girls were wearing. It put her at ease, so that she only stiffened up marginally when she felt a hand snake around her thigh. She glanced at the drunken man who looked to be only one step up from a hobo and shook her head. “Sorry,’ she said. “You can look, but no touching.”

She ordered a beer and took it to an empty corner table where she would be able to watch the people, the flow of activity. She was a quick learner and she could spot all the different types of personalities in an hour – the group of friends having a good time, the single men out on the troll for some fresh pussy, the lonely ones nursing beers and broken hearts. She looked at the men, weeding the jerks out by the amount of girls they hit on, and their preferred method of doing so. Finally, she settled her sight on a tall man sitting alone at a table. He wasn’t drinking too much, and he kept glancing at his watch, clearly waiting for somebody. He looked like a decent guy, just out for some relaxing drinks and company. She got up, carrying her bottle of beer as she went. In seconds, somebody took her table.
Now or never, she told herself. You can do this. You can go hit on that guy, ask him for his number, get him chatting. You can do this.

Just don’t think about Bobby.

She stopped by his table and he looked up, smiled appreciatively, a lazy male grin.
“Mind if I join you?” she asked. He motioned to the other side and she slid into it carefully not to let him see under her dress – yet. She drowned the last of the beer and looked at him, licking her lips seductively.
‘Can I buy you a drink?” he asked. “how about a few shooters, maybe?”
And so it started. They did a few shots, drank some tequila, more beer.
He was a really nice guy, she thought hazily after a few hours. Good sense of humour, nice eyes, an expensive looking watch. His friends arrived just as she finished another beer, and they joined them at the table. She was deliciously drunk, and horny with it.

Don’t think about Bobby.

And because her thoughts were going in that direction, she offered the five men a private lap dance. They whistled appreciatively and helped her to get on the table. She was so drunk that she was in real danger of falling off, but she didn’t car. Some of the other people in the bar saw her performance and her audience grew as she started dancing. She started of slowly – a side to side grind that had them grin and shift uncomfortably in their chairs. Her confidence grew, fuelled by the alcohol in her bloodstream. She started touching herself, her hands sliding over her stomach, her shoulders, her legs and ass. Finally she lifted her arms over her head and sank down, bending her knees and keeping them together. and looking the one guy straight in the eyes, she opened her legs with her hands on her knees. He groaned and she knew exactly what he was looking at – a barely-covered pussy, dripping wet.
She got up and continued dancing, loving the stares she was receiving, and the hands that were caressing her ankles and legs.

“I’m not going to put up with this much longer,” Bobby warned Jack as they ordered beers. “I’m telling you, Jack. I’ve given her time to cool down but I’m running out of patience.”
“We screwed up,” Jack said. “Elizabeth worse than the rest of us. She should never have tried to play us off against each other like that.”
“We shouldn’t have taken the money.”
“Hell, Bob, somebody offers me a thousand just to screw a chick, I’m not going to say no, am I? We didn’t know about what she’d gone through.”

“We should have made a point of finding out first, though,” Bobby said. There beers arrived and thy turned to go find a table where they could discuss strategies to get Amy back in their bed. Jack wasn’t too bothered about it – he really was more into guys – but he knew that Bobby was miserable without her. he sure missed the cookies she used to leave on his doorstep when she’d baked, and it pained him knowing he’d hurt her. Despite the fact that he lived right across the hall form her, neither of the men had seen her since the night she had chased them out of her apartment. Jack knew that Bobby had been spending a lot of his free time sitting outside her door, hoping to see her. But, so far, he had not had that success yet. She refused to pick up her phone and didn’t answer when they knocked – if it wasn’t for the fact that they could sometimes hear her music playing in her house, he would have called the police to investigate a possible dead body.
He frowned into his beer, glancing around the bar. Most of the people were all staring at some chick dancing on a table on the other side of the room, a hot little number that was probably causing quite a few hard-ons in the bar. Hell, even he wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that sweet ass.

“You should get some of that,” he said, pointing with his beer bottle in the direction of the girls. Bobby looked around, and Jack saw his body freeze up.
“No,” Bobby said. “No way.”
“What,” Jack asked, but then the girl turned around and her could see, quite clearly, what.
Little Amy had finally left her apartment.

Amy felt one of the men at the table sliding his hand around her leg, pulling her gently down. She went willingly, not stopping him when he started feeling up her ass under the dress she was wearing.
“Oh, yeah, baby, spread those sweet legs of yours so I can get a good look at what you’re hiding under there. Yeah, like that… Fuck, you’re hotter than my mom down there, and let me tell you, me an’ my friends will all agree that my mom is hotter than a porn star. Let me put my finger inside you, get some juice… Oh yeah, that’s the spot I… dude, what the fuck?”

Amy opened her eyes. She was feeling slightly nauseous and debating the possibility of getting off the table without throwing up. She looked into a very hard, very big male chest. Was one of the bouncers throwing her out? And wouldn’t that just be the cherry on the cake of a very crappy two weeks?
But while the chest in front of her was big, it wasn’t the pumped-muscles she’d seen walking through the bar, and it wasn’t wearing the black shirt with the little logo either.
Plus it was all too familiar.

She glanced up and saw Bobby face, thought, Fuck, and toppled over in her drunkenness.
He caught her, of course, but she could feel the suppressed anger in his hands as he held her up.
“I’m taking the lady home,” he said to escort bayan the men at the table, and when one of them started to argue, gave a stare that shrank the man back down. He held her body close as he started walking out, lifting her up slightly so that her feet couldn’t touch the ground.

“Let me go,” she said, struggling against his hold.
“Not a fucking chance, sweetheart.”
“Get your hands off me!”

He ignored her and dragged her out of the bar. She was feeling sick now, her body’s way of rebelling against the copious amounts of alcohol she’d been forcing it to endure.
His car was parked a block away from the bar, and once she realised she was going to be sick, she stopped struggling. Jack trailed behind them, clearly amused by the situation.
She managed to keep the sickness at bay until he parked outside the apartment building where she and Jack lived, and since she was now feeling pretty shitty and out of it, she didn’t fight him when he picked her up and carried her inside, her arms and legs dangling limply. Jack brought her purse and unlocked her door for Bobby.

“She’ll want to wake up in her own house,” he said.
“Yeah. I’m going to stay over here tonight.”
“I thought you might.”

He took her to the bathroom, knowing she would be puking her lungs out soon. He’d just put her down by the toilet when she leaned over it started throwing up. Bobby held her hair away from her face and rubbed her back while she gasped for breaths, utterly miserable. He hated seeing her like this, hated knowing that he was part of the reason that she’d been out drinking. And for the first time he tried to see it from her point of view, and he didn’t like what he saw. She spent three years too terrified of sex to even masturbate to relieve the pressure, and on her first forage out, hoping to test her skills and lead the pace with a gentle gay guy, she gets mauled by a stranger who ties her up and convinces her to take a part in a threesome.

She never said no, not even once, but had they really given her the chance? They knew exactly how to charm a girl, and both of them and been yanking on all the right chains pretty hard. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she had to find out that they probably wouldn’t have given her a second glance if her friend had not paid them to do it.
It must have been one hell of a blow to the self-esteem.

His voice was soothing when he helped her to get cleaned up. She was near the point of passing out, but he held her up with ease as he wiped the sweat and make-up off her face with a warm, damp cloth. He held a glass of mouthwash to her lips and she rinsed her mouth with trouble, probably swallowing more that she spit out.

He carried her to her room and peeled the dress off, knowing she would be more comfortable without in. Her body was limp – how much had she been drinking? – and he forced a glass of water down her throat, hoping it would ease her hangover. He took off her shoes and made her comfortable on her bed before removing the thong she was wearing and pulling the blankets over her body. He turned her on her side and with the experience of somebody who had once been a student, placed a small dustbin next to the bed in case she got sick again. He stroked her back for a few minutes, until she passed out completely. He stood up and looked at her, and then at her room. It was a girly place, utterly feminine without being fussy. The irony wasn’t lost on him – it was the first time he got in her room and had her naked on her bed, and he would be spending the night on her couch.

He checked on her regularly, forcing more water down her throat. Eventually he fell asleep on an armchair in the corner of her room, his neck at an awkward angle and his arms folded across his big chest.

Even before she opened her eyes, Amy knew she had the mother of all headaches in her head, probably giving birth to small little baby-migraines in her skull. She didn’t open her eye for a long time, knowing it would be worse if she did. Finally her bodily functions demanded attention, and she knew she’d have to go to the toilet.
She was ridiculously thankful to find herself in her own apartment, though she wasn’t exactly sure how she’d gotten home.

The light burned a hole through her eyelids, and she groaned as she tried to stand up. She was naked, but since she couldn’t remember having sex, it was safe to assume she was alone, so that hardly mattered. She used the toilet, her system sighing in relief, and surveyed herself in the mirror through squinting eyes.
It was bad. Her hair was a wild mess, her eyes red and her skin blotchy and pale.
She took a long hot shower, the warm water going a long way towards clearing her head, and when she stepped out, she felt marginally better.

That feeling was short-lived when she stepped into her kitchen, lured by the suspicious smell of fresh coffee and toast.
“Great. Just what I need,” she said when she saw Bobby sitting one of her kitchen chairs. “What do you want?”
“To apologise,” he said quietly. “I thought over what you said the last time I saw you and I have to tell you how sorry I am. We should have told you about Elizabeth before we had sex with you.”
That took the wind out of her sails. “Fine,” she muttered. “You’re forgiven. I didn’t exactly have a leg to stand on, though, did I? I accepted her offer just like you did.”
“Yes, but you didn’t know she’d warned Jack, and we knew why you were there. We should just have been honest with you. And I’m sorry for the sex.”
She blinked at that and got herself a glass of water. “I liked the sex. The sex was pretty awesome.”
He grinned. “Really? You didn’t hate it?”
“Was my multiple orgasms too subtle for you?”
He hooked an arm around her waist and pulled her down on his lap. “would you be interested in a repeat performance, then?”
“Oh, yeah. Just not right now, if you don’t mind. I’ve brushed my teeth three times and my mouth still tastes like I used my tongue to mop up that bar’s floor.”
“That should pass after you eat something. I sent Jack to go get some Cream Soda – it’s the best drink for hangovers. He should be here soon. How’s your head?”
“Don’t ask. I drank some Advils in the bathroom, it should kick in soon. I hope.”
“I was really mad at you last night. I’ve been trying for days to get hold of you with no success, and all the time you’re entertaining the good people of Seedy’s. seeing you up there, letting those men touch you everywhere I wanted to touch you…” he closed his eyes. “I wanted to kill them. Knowing you’ve been having sex with other guys since I screwed up is killing me.”
“I haven’t been with anybody since you,” she said. “Last night was my first attempt at getting some. I was so miserable.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” he moaned, pulling her closer. “Amy, I’m so hopelessly in love with you. The first time I saw you standing in front of Jack’s door, you stole my breath and my heart. I haven’t gotten either back yet.”
“I think that’s why I was so upset,” she said. “I fell in love with you just before the first orgasm you gave me, and then I found out about Elizabeth. I felt so betrayed.”
“I’m here now, honey, and I don’t care what you say, I’m not leaving you again.”
“What about Jack?”
“What about him?”
“I thought the two of you were in love.”
“Oh, hell, no. Jack and I are each other’s booty calls in dry times.”
“Will we…” she swallowed. “Will we have sex with him again?”
“I don’t know,” he said, his hands rubbing up and down her back slowly. “We don’t have to if you don’t want it.”
“I don’t think I’ll want it often. But there’s one thing I want to try someday.”
“What is that?” he asked as he breathed in the scent of her shampoo. “Your hair looked great last night, by the way.”
‘Thanks. I want to… I have this fantasy. It’s probably stupid.”
“Tell me,” he murmured against the top of her head.
“I want you to fuck me, while he takes you from behind.”
Bobby felt his cock stirring at the thought.

“I think that would be so hot. But after that, I’m not sure I’ll want to share you with anybody again; not even with Jack. And I won’t want to be with anybody else either.”
They sat quietly, cuddling izmit escort while he drank his coffee and she a glass of water. Jack dropped in with the promised Cream Soda a few hours later, and she found that Bobby had been right – it cleared up the worst of the hangover in under an hour. They ordered pizza and sat around in her living room eating it. It started raining and the torrents outside added to the cosy atmosphere of her apartment, bringing an intimacy with it.

She was feeling herself again by the time they moved to her bedroom. Bobby and Jack stood and kissed each other while she made her bed, their hands slicking over each other’s chest. She gave them the space to do that, knowing that it would probably be their last time together. When she was done, plumping up her pillows and smoothing out the spread, she took off her bathrobe and lie down to watch them. They were slowly undressing each other while they kissed, and it was so hot to see the way their hard male bodies rubbed against each other. When they were both naked, they started grinding their dicks together against each other, rubbing their cocks across their bellies, smearing it with the slick pre-cum. They got on the bed with her and started paying attention to her. Bobby kissed her while Jack licked her cunt like a cat licking up a bowl of cream.

Bobby cupped her breasts, kneading them sensually and testing their weight and size with his big hands. He teased her nipples, making circles all around them without touching them, and then rubbing his flat palms lightly over them until they were so hard, they were stinging almost painfully. He swooped down and licked over one, moaning with his pleasure at her taste. She threw her head back on the bed and moaned as he sucked one rosy tip into the hot wetness of his mouth. He suckled at it hard, looking up and into her eyes as he did so. She sighed and he took the nipple lightly between his teeth and tugged it upwards, drawing it out into the air. He let it go with a pop and it slammed back down on her chest, making her breast wiggle. He liked the look of it and did it over and over, with both sides. She giggled at the obvious pleasure he got from playing with her body. He kissed her again, tangling their tongues together between their mouths, loving the taste of her. She played with her hands in his hair, and started humping Jack’s face as he ate her out.

She felt Jack’s tongue as he skilfully licked at her entrance, and her clit and she could feel the pressure building slowly as he slipped one finger in. He curled it around to find her g-spot, and the need to come was intense. It felt as if she needed to go to the toilet, but she knew it was the orgasm building. When he bit down on her clit and flicked it with his tongue, she moaned and came, her juices squirting out in a way it had never done before. The orgasm was intense, a fire fuelled by Bobby’s attention to her breasts. Jack licked up all the juices he could and brought his face over for Bobby to lick clean. They shared her juices with a kiss that was hotter than the sun. She got a pot of Vaseline from her bathroom cabinet, not having any other lubricants in the house.

When she came back inside her room, the men were lying in the 69 position, sucking each other’s cocks. She got so hot, seeing the way they sucked each other skilfully, heads bobbing, hips pumping. Jack moaned, and the vibrations around his cock made Bobby moan too. The both obviously really enjoyed it. Bobby let go of Jack’s dick and started licking and sucking his friend’s balls. Jack copied him immediately and they were both gasping when Amy unscrewed the pot’s lid. She dipped her two middle fingers in the jelly, making sure to take enough. The way the men were laying, she could easily reach both their asses. She slipped her finger inside their tight holes experimentally, first playing around a little at the entrances before pushing in deeper. Both of them let go of each other for a few seconds, basking in the pleasure.
“Press down and curl your fingers,” Jack moaned. “You’ll find our prostrate… yeah, that’s it sweetheart, right there, oh, that’s good…”

“Fuck,” Bobby gasped when she stimulated the gland. “Fuck, Amy, that’s so fucking hot…”
She pumped her fingers in and out of their asses, soon adding more fingers inside them.
She got more Vaseline and the both turned on their backs, giving her full access to their cocks. She sucked Bobby into her mouth, tasting the mixture of pre-cum and Jack’s spit as she bobbed her head, taking him as deep as she could. Her hand was stroking Jack up and down as she took Bobby into her throat, coating him with Vaseline. Finally she lifted her head, Bobby’s pole popping out of her mouth with a satisfying pop.
“How do you want to do this?” Bobby asked, kissing her deeply. “All of us, doggy-style?”
“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t think so. I want to see you both, want to see your faces.”
“Then get on you back, girl,” Jack said. She lay down, her legs spread. Bobby got down on top of her, his arms supporting his weight to avoid crushing her. He slid inside and she sighed. It felt so good, always felt so good. He pumped in and out of her slowly, withdrawing until only the tip of his dick was inside her, and then slid forward till he was sheathed all the way. Her core gripped him and he made small gyrations with his hips, a new sensation that ground his pelvis against her sensitive clit and had her arch her back. He slowed down when Jack knelt behind him started to rub his ass.

Jack looked at Bobby’s tight, muscular butt and stroked it lovingly. He pulled the two ass cheeks away and fitted his cock head against the puckered hole. Bobby hissed when Jack slid forward with a deep, practised stroke. It felt so good. Jack felt Bobby’s tight anus grip him hard, pushing back against him, and started pumping into his friend with short strokes, He pulled out until he was only just inside him, and felt his friend do the same to Amy. They held it like that for a few seconds, suspended above each other, and surged forward at the same time. They timed their strokes like that, taking each other at the same time. Jack held Bobby’s hips for deeper penetration and started thrusting in earnest, quickening his pace stroke by stroke until he was pistoning in and out so hard he kept slipping out of that tight hole. He hunched his back over Bobby’s strong body and put his hands on his friend’s shoulders to take him deeper. He was surprised to feel Amy’s hands already there. He grabbed them and they held on to the man they both loved while they fucked.
It wasn’t long before Bobby was pushing back against him, his stroked growing erratic as he neared orgasm. Jack felt his balls draw up tight and knew he was close. He heard Amy cry out, felt Bobby surge deep inside her. His hips were jerking uncontrollably and Jack knew he was coming deep inside Amy’s cunt.

The thought of Bobby’s cum pushed him to fuck his friend harder and faster, their bodies slamming against each other by now. Bobby’s ass milking him now, riding his cock as he rode his friend like a cowboy, his hips slapping against Bobby’s ass, his balls swinging wildly and hitting his friend with every thrust. He came with a roar, pumping his seed in Bobby’s bowels, feeling the ring of muscles clenching and relaxing against his cock rhythmically. It pulled the cum from his dick in ropes, and the orgasm crashed over him as the three of them came together for the last time.

When it was over, he pulled out and rolled off the bed, his legs shaking. Bobby and Amy were cuddling on the bed, but Jack knew they needed the alone time and he went to the bathroom to clean up.
“See you two lovebirds later,” he said as he walked away. They murmured their goodbyes and he left them, thinking about Bobby. He would miss fucking his friend, but they were never meant to be together. The guy liked pussy too much to stick to one man’s cock. It didn’t bother him overmuch – he was a charming guy and the city is full of cock-hungry asses.

Bobby stroked Amy’s back as they both drifted off to sleep. There would be time enough for talk later, he thought. For now, he just wanted to hold her in his arms. He would miss having Jack’s dick up is butt, but he could always buy Amy a strap-on. He was still thinking about it when he fell asleep, the love of his life cradled safely in his arms and blissfully unaware of the plans he had in store for them.

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