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“Broadstairs Minor Sir,” the lower sixth prefect announced as he escorted the young Broadstairs into the Deputy Heads snug.

“Yes Lampbert, what is all this about?” the Deputy Head asked,

“Broadstairs won’t let me bugger him sir.” Lampbert complained, “Neither before prep or after rugger this aft sir, really it’s not fair.”

“And what have you to say for yourself Broadstairs?” the Deputy asked.

“Sorry sir, I’m from Yorkshire sir and I don’t take kindly to buggery sir,” Broadstairs insisted.

“Look laddy, we aren’t committed to turning out queers here but the upper sixth do need to get their ends away somehow,” the Deputy explained, “After all when they were lower sixth last year they let the then upper sixth bugger them stupid.”

“That’s as it may be sir but buggery of a person under the age of twenty one years is punishable by a term of imprisonment not exceeding seven years sir.” Broadstairs explained.

“Tosh and impertinence,” the Deputy insisted, “Get out Lampbert, you should have sorted this out the proper Windsor way with a good thrashing on the quod, and you Broadstairs, we need a little private chat.”

Lampbert stormed out slamming the door, “Rather the drama queen that one, stick a broom handle up his ass and waggle it around a bit to bring him off and he’ll be right as rain,” the Deputy explained, “But Broadstairs, you do seem to have a bit of a character.”

“I knows right from wrong sir,” he explained.

“That really isn’t the point laddy, seven Brtish Prime ministers have been to this school, four leaders of Commmwealth countries, do you really think they got there without being buggered a time or two?” he asked. “Damnit, you can’t even get selected to stand for county council without taking the chairman of the local association’s Tadger up your jacksy these days.” the Deputy explained.

“Can if its Labour,” Broadstairs insisted.

“Well you won’t get far in Labour Party called Broadstairs will you Laddie,” the Deputy chuckled, “You need a proper Yorkshire name like Knobblethwaite or Allerton.”

“I’ll still not be buggered sir,” Broadstairs insisted.

The Deputy thought a moment. “How do you expect to be respected by your peers if you don’t fit in boy? It’s all about shared experiences and buggery is about as shared an experience as you can get.”

“But I don’t want to be a politician, I want to be an engineer sir,” Broadstairs pleaded.

“Then what the hell are you doing here,” the Deputy Head explained, “You need an apprenticeship in a shipyard or locomotive worrks.”

“Electrical engineer sir” Broadstairs explained.

The Deputy looked at the desk in surprise, “Oh,” he exclaimed, “Well that does rather confuse the issue.”

“So what are you saying sir?” Broadstairs enquired, “Can I be excused buggery or not?”

“Only if you bring a note Ankara escort to that effect,” the Deputy insisted.

“From my parents?” Broadstairs asked.

“Lord no, from the school nurse,” the Deputy explained, “Get her to say you have piles or something..” he said as he reached forn the phone.

“Nurse is expecting you,” the Deputy said putting the phone down, “Now get out of my sight.”

Broadstairs knocked on the Nurse’s office door. Miss Williams the school nurse calle “Come in.”

Miss Williams smiled. At thirty something she was hardly in the first flush of youth, her blonde hair was dyed, her breasts sagged despite her underwired bra’s best efforts to push them skyward and her lips were an impossibly bold shade of red. Her eyes twinkled.

“Problems with buggers eh?” she said laughing.

“Er, its not right Miss,” he explained, “The Bible says.”

“The Bible says a lot of things,” she said, “Love thy neighbour for one.”

She looked at his developing physique, “Right then trousers off and bend over let the dog see the rabbit hole.”

He looked around, “Go on I won’t bite.” she said as she casually locked the door and drew the blind.

He awkwardly dropped his pants, “Step out, right off, now let me see,” she ordered as she saw his cock was slowly stirring.

“Over the bed,” she said pointing to the hospital bed along one side of the room. She smeared gel over her index finger as he positioned himself alongside the bed and bent over it.

Her index finger probed his ass hole, “How’s that?” she asked. She didn’t need an answer as his cock suddenly went absolutely rigid, “Are you sure you’re not queer?” she asked.

“No, its your tits digging in my back and your perfume,” he insisted.

“Don’t pretend Broadstairs, I know you like my finger up there, just imagine how nice a cock will feel,” she cooed.

“Its a nice female finger miss, if women had cocks it would be all right but they don’t,” he pleaded.

“In that case prove it, fuck me.” She snapped.

“Miss?” he queried.

“Take me, push me against a wall and ram your meat up me,” she suggested as she wriggled her finger in his ass.

“Oh fuck!” he exclaimed as suddenly his knob end erupted and a great flood or creamy cum shot across the plastic bed sheet.

“I really think you are actually queer,” Miss Williams sighed, “Try it, let them bugger you, you might well like it.”

“And what about you, do you like being buggered?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, and she smiled.

“Good then take this,” Broadstairs insisted as he turned towards her while frantically trying to bring his flacid cock back to life.

“Sorry Broadstairs, your spirit is willing but your cock is weak, that’s the great thing about being queer you can enjoy lots of sex up your ass hole whereas your cock only works occasionally,” she laughed at Ankara escort bayan Broadstairs furious frigging his cock trying to bring it to life.

“Silly boy let me,” she said and she took his cock in her left hand and squeezed. He yelped in pain and then her hands were on his balls and a finger in his ass again, “Now remember what I said about pushing me?” she said as she let go of his balls and instead pulled her panties aside and began to frig herself.

“Oh fuck,” he exclaimed as his cock came back to life with a vengance.

“So put it in me,” she offered as she sat on the bed edge, “You said you wanted to.”

He could not resist, her cunt lips beckoned wetly and as her turned towards her she guided his cock unerringly into her invitingly warm wet willing snatch.

He began to hump her but she kept probing his ass hole, working one, two and then three fingers into his passage.

“See you like your ass fingered, imagine how nice a cock would feel up there,” she said huskily.

“No!” he protested and once again his cock began jerking and pulsing as he shot his load again.

“You’re lucky I’m on the pill,” she laughed, “You really should try it up the ass, you come so quickly its ridiculous, you’ll never satisfy a woman.”

He felt absolutely shattered, “Sorry,” he said.

“So you should be, now I want to see you after Tea do you understand, straight after instead of afternoon prep.” she insisted.

“Instead of buggers?” he asked.

“Yes instead of buggers, now pull up your trousers and get out of my sight.” she scolded .

Broadstairs rushed off still tucking his shirt into his pants. Miss Williams went back to her paperwork and then rang the head.

“Ah, I see,” he agreed, “Never been buggered, an anal virgin in fact, well thank you very much Miss Williams, I feel I need to give this my personal attention.”

Broadstairs had no idea what was to come when he went to see Miss Williams after Tea, “Trousers off Broadstairs,” she ordered, “ Mr Smallmerstone-Symes has suggested we find you a Butt Plug to work your passage.”

“Oh no,” he replied, “No I won’t.”

“Look if you have the plug you can practice fucking me instead of doing buggers until you’re ready,” she offered, “Now surely you won’t turn me down, remember, hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”

“No, of course not,” he agreed and he quickly slipped his trousers and pants off.

“Good,” Miss Williams agreed and she sat on the bed edge again. She lifted her short skirt pulled down her panties revealing her moist pussy once more.

Hs cock quickly reared to full length and in a moment she had guided him inside her once more.

Her fingers were at his ass hole again as he humped and then quite suddenly he realised they were not alone, The Head, Oswald Smallmerstone-Smythe the fat loathsome sweaty malodourous though very Escort Ankara well bred, alledgedly related to Queen Wilhemina of somewhere or other, and thoroughly creepy headmaster was standing there in his jacket and shirt tails. He looked ridiculous with his black socks and sock braces but no trousers or pants. The black hairs sprouted from his pink legs like something you find on a baboons backside.

“Nice buttocks Broadstairs,” He said, “Very becoming, now brace lad while I fuck you.”

Miss Williams removed her fingers from Broadstair’s passage and guided the head’s bulbous knob end against Broadstair’s ass hole.

The head pushed, but hs knob slipped and all he did was push Broadstairs further into Miss Williams.

“Oh fuck that’s good, do it again, fuck me,” she cried.

“Miss Williams, you are supposed to be training the lad for buggery, not having an orgasm,” the head complained.

“Ignore him, ride me, fuck me, I want to cum,” Miss Williams cried.

The head tried again and once again only pushed Broadstairs cock further in to Miss Williams willing cunt as his knob end slipped once again.

“Third time lucky,” he suggested but again his cock slipped but this time came to rest in Broasdtair’s ass crack which the head found to be quite an acceptable substitute as he began to hump his balls against Broadstirs tail bone.

“Yes,” Miss Williams cried as the Head frantically humped Broadstairs and Broadstairs rhythmically and energetically fucked Miss Williams until the head shot a blob disgusting grey slime up broadstairs back under his shirt and Broadstairs in turn shot hs load in Miss Williams.

“I say this won’t do at all,” the head complained, “You’re the first boy to deny me in thirty years at this school. You are a disgrace. Miss Williams, I want a two and a half inch butt plug in him tonight and a five inch by the weekend do you understand?”

“I understand,” Miss Williams agreed, “I will work on it, in fact I think Broadstairs should be excused lessons for a couple of days so I can treat him properly.”

The head went to look for his trousers and a couple of minutes later and fully dressed he went his slimy malodourous way back to his study or Sty as the Upper sixth had named it.

Broadstairs tried to wipe his back but just made matters worse, getting the head’s cum everywhere, “Oh just strip off Broadstairs, use my shower, I’ll find you something to wear.” Miss Williams suggested.

Broadstairs showered as suggested, “You had better wear this, she suggested handing him a bathrobe, “While I have your things laundered, and this,” she added showing him a two inch Butt plug.

“I don’t want anything up my ass,” he insisted but Miss Williams kissed him on the lips, pressed her breasts against his chest and and at the same time pressed the streamlined end of the Butt plug up his backside.

His cock reared at the intrusion, “Ohhhh,” he gasped “Oh no!” as the Butt plug slipped back out and he shit himself all over Miss Williams’ polished floor.

To be continued?

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