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She lay face down on the bed, bum raised and back arched, her weight resting on her knees and chest. Reaching back, she gasps her buttocks in each hand and pulls them apart. My gaze was drawn to her pink arsehole and as I watched she was pulsed it, as if blowing me a kiss.
“Come on Sir, fuck me. Fuck my little hole. I’m ready.”
Grabbing the lube, I climbed onto the bed behind her and dripped some directly onto her hole. It pulsed again as the cool liquid touched the hot flesh. I rubbed it around with my middle finger then slowly pressed in. It sank in easily so I pulled out and added a second finger and some more lube. I worked both fingers around in her whole loosening her up. When I felt she was ready I removed my fingers, poured more lube over the head of my very hard cock and pressed it against her little hole. She pushed out as I slowly pushed in and watched as the head gradually disappeared into her arse.
She let out a small gasp as my cockhead popped through her ring. I paused a savored the moment of taking her virgin arse and took the opportunity to drip more lube onto the junction of cock and hole. Then slowly, very slowly, I sunk the rest of my cock deep into her bowels.
“Breath little girl, Breath and relax.”
Not realizing she had been holding her breath, she let out a long whoosh of air and I felt the pressure on my cock ease.
“Wow, it feels so BIG Sir. So much better than the plug I’ve been practicing with. Your cock feels so hot in my bum. It hurt when you went in but it’s better now. Weird but kind of good.”
I dripped more lube onto her hole and slowly pushed back into her again. I felt her tighten again but once I was fully in and stopped she relaxed again. I paused then slowly pulled back out dripped some more lube then pushed back in. Putting the bottle down I took her hips in my hands.
“Ready to be fucked little one?”
“Oohh Yes Sir. Slowly, you’re really big and I want you to make me cum..”
I started with slow in and out short strokes, until I could feel that her hole was fully open, then I picked up the pace, fucking her with steady long strokes until I could feel the cum wanting to burst from my cock. I wanted it to last so I pulled my cock completely out of her and watched as her hole slowly closed up again. Putting my cockhead against it again I pressed in again, feeling her ring pop open again and sank in to the hilt. I did this a few times until I felt the need to cum subside.
“ Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Like that. Fuck my little hole.”
I buried my cock deep in her and rolled us over onto our sides, so we were spooning. Grabbing her hand I pulled it down to her pussy.
“Push your fingers inside little girl. Feel my cock in your bum.”
I continued with the long slow strokes and felt her arse get even tighter as she slid not one, but two fingers into her very wet pussy.
“Oh wow, I can feel the head of your cock then feel it pushing past my fingers. It makes my pussy really tight as you fuck me.”
“Now work you pussy with your hand while I fuck your arse.”
She brought her other hand down and started rubbing her clit at the same time working her fingers in and out of her pussy. As she got more and more excited her arse relaxed even more. Her fingers moving ever faster over her clit a sure sign that her orgasm getting close. I leaned in and sucked her nipple into my mouth lashing the tip of it with my tongue. That was the trigger and she start to cum, her body going rigid and then the yell.
“ Aaaaaaaarrrh – oh – Yeeeeeeeessssss.” She was always very vocal when she came
Her arse spasmed on my cock as her whole body shook. I stopped moving and waited till the tumult slowly subsided. Now I could wait no longer, I needed to give her a real fucking and cum deep in her virgin arse.
I laid her on her back and folded her in two with her knees by her shoulders and her arse high in the air. Placing the tip of my cock on her gapping arse I pushed slowly in to the full depth.
“Now little one I’m going to really fuck your arse.”
Grabbing her hips I started with slow long thrusts, but soon I was fucking her fast and hard
“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck… Fuck… Fuck…” she screamed almost in time with my strokes as I pounded into her and soon I felt the boil of my cum again.
“Aahh, Ahhh Aaaaaahhh……” with my cock as deep as I could go I poured my seed into her bowels. I kept holding her in that position until my cock when completely soft, then reluctantly pull it out. I laydown and pulled her into my arms.
“Well little one, you are not an anal virgin anymore are you?”
“No Sir, I certainly am not. Can we do that again some time?”
“Anytime you want little one anytime you want”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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