Ana’s Sin Ch. 08

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Mob Rule


Ana Rodriguez confessed everything to a priest in Las Vegas, Nevada. A church in the City of Sin. Father Louie was Chinese with an accent, very old, and surprisingly welcoming.

She confessed everything, including her uncle taking advantage of her early maturity and raping her. She even admitted it didn’t seem like rape and she fooled herself into liking it. She had never wept so much.

Brad had bought her clothes when he could afford it. A cute summer strapless dress, wedge heeled sandals, and cheap silver jewelry. She showed off her cleavage and wore a simple cross made of oak. Of course, she wore no panties or bra.

“Child, I hear your pain and confusion. But also … relief. This is your first confession of your sexual abuse?”

“Yes, father. And I have come to terms and acceptance that I am very sexually active. I do not wish to stop.”

“Yet you still believe, child?”

A long silence, and a long sigh. “I do, father.”

“But you defy Him?”


“Well that is nothing new. Welcome to Vegas. Only ten years ago I was an atheist, a billionaire, with the most beautiful women at my disposal. I buggered young men and girls probably underage, but I didn’t want to know. And I knew it was all leading to nothingness.”

Ana was surprised by the priest’s own confession to her.

“Then a girl came crying to me that she was sorry she had aborted my child. She forgave me, and went to a covenant. I tried to stop her and offered her a life most people could not fathom. Wealth and security for the rest of her days. I felt strangely guilty that she felt compelled to kill a child I never knew was conceived. But she refused and smiled, saying she already had that with Jesus.”

“You fucking Westerners and your strange gods, I had thought. Anger lead to despair, despair to near suicide. Then one day, I confronted a priest. I went to beat him to death.”

“The priest was a former martial arts expert. Taught special forces once. Kicked my ass and told me to come back when I had more defiance to offer God. “

“That was pathetic. You hate God? Then do better next time! Unleash your fury! He doesn’t like quitters.”

“I went back seventeen times and finally beat him. And when he was on the ground, bleeding, and I about to deliver my last punch, he smiled. No fear in him. Nothing. Just gladness. He truly believed. That’s when I realized I had no more hate or despair in me. I learned martial arts to beat a priest. Found I had surrendered all of my rage, and converted that day. That old bastard could not be broken. But I broke.”

Silence, and Ana tried to digest this weird tale.

“The Church is growing in China. More powerful than in the West. Some day the world will change in ways you cannot imagine. But, enough about me. Girl, I was expecting scandal and a great story of sin. You’ve experienced not a fraction of the horror and despair this city produces. Nor have any idea how little girls in China are treated. You’re uncle was a bastard. You no longer blame yourself for his suicide. Move on, girl. Try and sin no more, but I know you won’t. God knows it, too. But he’ll be there for you when you’re ready.”

Then the warning came.

“Just remember, you always have his forgiveness. But debts always have to be paid. You will still be punished. Better to turn away from sin now than later. Forgiveness of your soul still comes with a heavy price. But you know this.”

Big burly Brad waited for her outside the church, watching her walk over with that horny look. Regular sex with her had made him a cocky young man. They kissed, tongues touching, and then set out in his old Toyota truck.

Ana depended on him for everything. Without her ID or money, she was at his mercy. And she rather liked it. Tom Hardy hadn’t found her yet. She wondered if he were even looking for her? She didn’t care anyway.

Brad took her to lunch, sitting next to each at a booth like lovers. His hand often explored her thigh and found her pussy beneath her dress to tease her. Ana loved it.

Then they went home and fucked. Brad could come, stay hard, come again, and then still be good to go a third time in about a half hour. She often sucked him off sixty-nining the first time, swallowing his young cum. Then he would explode in her pussy, leaving it running down her thighs as she went to the fridge to find something to eat. Then later he would pound her ass and fill her rectum. Within an hour every her stomach, ass, and pussy was filled with cum. Then it would start all over again later in the day.

She loved it and all guilt and self loathing was gone now. Like lovers, they slept in the same bed. They used the bathroom together, pissed and shit in front of each other, and brushed teeth together. Often he would bend her over the sink and fuck her again.

Brad’s parents were old hippies that walked around naked, so she did, too. Brad’s dad tried not to stare too much. The mom didn’t seem to mind. Brad was more modest around his parents suadiye escort and was embarrassed he couldn’t afford his own place yet. But he was in college, who could these days? Ana didn’t care and got along with them fine.

Often Brad would wake up and spoon her, slipping his big thick white cock into her pussy and pumping away. She loved waking to being fucked and the resulting jizz in her. They always slept naked, and she pretty much never wore clothes at his house.

Months went by this way in bliss. Ana was a homemaker, cooking enchiladas in the nude wearing only her glasses, making coffee, bending over for quickies, and just enjoying having zero responsibilities for awhile.

But over time, she got bored and started dancing in a club. Nude dancing. The most thrilling thing she had ever done. The owner, a shady Italian named Tony, had her dance to the Salma Hayek theme from From Dusk Till Dawn, dancing with a white snake. It had taken a while to get used to the snake, but it was an old, lazy creature with no interest in biting anything.

“You want a hit?” Tony had offered her once.

“No thanks, pendejo. I’m a good Catholic girl.”

The look on his face had been priceless.

“Bullshit. I have clients interested in private session with you.”

“I already have a pimp, Tony. You’ll have to take it up with him.”

“And who is that?”

“None of your fucking business, Tony.”

The next day, she was sure to come to work with an AR-15 strapped around her shoulder with a keylock on the trigger. She had spent time at the local gunshop learning how to shoot it.

“What the fuck? You can’t bring that in here!”

Ana was in the dressing him, nude with high-heels, her rifle on the makeup counter. She picked it up and held it, making for quite a sight she imagined.

“Do I fucking look like a negotiator? I’m changing the contract. You want me to work? Then I keep the gun. In fact, it’s going to be part of my new dance.”

The new dance, an AR strapped to her back, pole-dancing, was a huge hit and made Tony a whole lot of new money. Until the cops came along, and Tony had to fire her.

She was fine with that. It had gotten boring anyway.

Brad liked to invite his friends over when his parents weren’t home and have a pool party. Or rather, his best friend Gregory did, who was a bad influence for shy Brad. Gregory … he didn’t like Greg … was a handsome hustler that made money any way he could. Sly, black hair and Italian features, green eyes that missed nothing.

Brad also had a kinky side and liked her remaining nude while his friends visited to play games or go swimming. Showing her off, she supposed.

On a normal day the guys and she would lounge around, drinking beer, pizza, playing games or watching movies or porn. A naked, four-eyed Hispanic girl among clothed young men. She didn’t care that they didn’t get nude, and most of Brad’s friends were not exactly handsome or slim. But they weren’t shy about sitting next to her when they could, or rubbing their hard cocks beneath their jeans.

Tom had pimped her out to a bunch of young men once that used and fucked every hole. But she had still been in denial about her lusts, enjoying the experience with a sense of shame. Fuck that! Now sex was on her own terms.

Brad was playful one day and flicked her nipple. Gregory sat next to her, smiling at this playfulness, and dared to cup a breast in front of the other guys.

Ana had already been especially horny that day after martial arts training none of them knew about. She was getting muscle tone, reflexes, and feeling confident with her Navy Seal trainer.

So Ana slapped Gregory. “Don’t touch me, pendejo. I’m not some Vegas girl. Only Brad gets to play, unless he wants to watch me fuck his friends.”

Ana got up off the couch, pulled Brad to his feet, then turned him around to face her sitting on the couch with his crotch in her face. She then took his cock out of his pants.

“Face-fuck me, lover. I’m hungry.”

He smiled as well as seemed embarrassed. But did not protest the sudden blowjob and Ana’s lack of the gag reflex. She choked on it as she sucked, licked his balls, and used her hands to play and rub as she worked him up to a quick orgasm.

Gregory, Kyle, and Angel had watched. Kyle was a big, burly young man with zits. Angel an awkward Latino youth who didn’t speak a word of Spanish. Ana liked them watching, it made her feel powerful and naughty.

When Brad came, she held his cock over her mouth so they could all see him ejaculate. It filled her mouth and spilled down her chin. She swallowed only when he was done.

“Mm, can I have more, papi? What about your friends?”

He seemed a little dazed, but then nodded. “Yeah, sure.”

Ana leaned over into Gregory’s lap and began taking his cock out. It was already hard bad meaty. Pale and uncircumcised like most white boys these days. Ana wrapped her mouth around it like a hungry wolf and sucked it up her throat.

Kyle yakacık escort actually got bold and started fingering her pussy. She moaned feeling his fingers explore the soft folds of her shaved vulva. The young man knew what he wanted.

“Damn, this chica is horny…” Then he moaned as her mouth sucked harder.

Ana kept her legs spread while lying on her side to suck cock. “Someone better return the favor soon and eat my fucking pussy!”

Kyle obeyed and his sloppy hungry mouth was all over her vagina, sucking and licking and loving every part of it. His tongue flicked at her clitoris.

Gregory shook as he came in her mouth. She waited until her mouth was full of his jizz, then sat up, opened her mouth with head back, and showed everyone her prize. Her tongue swished it around, then she swallowed.

“Damn! Damn girl, you are fucking crazy!” Kyle said.

In truth she missed Hardy and Buck fucking her at the same time, double penetration in pussy and anus. But she had never asked for it. It’s just what happened while she pretended to be the exploited victim in her mind.

Not this time.

Ana had Kyle pull his pants down and bring his cock out while he sat on the edge. Another big pale snake to enjoy, and she straddled him on the couch and put her tits in his face leaning forward. In this way everyone behind them had a clear view of her ass and anus, and cock sliding into her dark Latina pussy.

He sucked on her tits as he moaned, her tight pussy sliding over his cock like a glove. Deeper and deeper she sat on him. Kyle didn’t seem to care she had cum on her mouth and chin.

“You, Angel, get the lube and fuck my ass. I need two men in me now. This is my drug.”

“Chinga! Hell yeah, senorita,” the young Hispanic said.

He got behind her, applied lube to his long, slender cock, and pressed it against her asshole. Ana closed her eyes and leaned forward, and took in the sensation of it all. Big cock filling her small pussy. Another cock stretching her anus and sliding into her rectum eagerly. A tit being sucked on, and then the other. It was very much her vice. The pleasure mixed with the discomfort and intensity of anal sex was amazing.

“Fuck my puta holes and cum in them,” she breathed.

Gregory and Brad watched in awe as it all unfolded. As two hard penises penetrated her at the same time.

Ana groaned and grunted as the young men slammed their rock hard cocks deep into her, losing themselves to the ecstasy. Letting herself go, her orgasm was swift and wonderful, and as two sets of balls drained into her cunt and ass, her orgasm was prolonged into a series of shuddering gasps.

By this time Brad and Gregory were hard and ready again, seeing all of this action. Brad sat on the couch and Ana mounted him, taking his meaty dick into her cum-filled pussy.

Gregory wasted no time lubing up and sliding his cock into her ass for more DP. The grunted and groaning continued with hard eager thrusting from two recently drained men. But they worked up to more, and filled both holes just in time for another shuddering orgasm from her.

“No mas, I have to shit cum now,” she said as she sat on the couch with legs spread and cum oozing from her pussy.

The she got up, and cum escaped her ass and slid down her legs ads she made her way to the bathroom.

“Make sure you all clean up, cabrons! I don’t suck shitty dicks!”

So this time they played games, ate pizza, swam in the pool, and fucked her over and over again. In the kitchen, in the pool, and in the living room watching football.

On Fremont Street she walked with her four young friends wearing a tight black tank-top that doubled as a bra, revealing her C-cup cleavage, black yoga shorts that hugged her perfect and pantyless ass, and sneakers for lots of walking. Let the world stare at her cameltoe.

Lots of exotic nightclubs and sexier women than she, Ana was taken in by the sights. Nipples had to be covered, but tits often hung out as performers danced or DJed on the street. Her tight clothes were barely noticed.

They walked for hours it seemed like in the still hot desert night air. Sometimes there was an indoor pool, and Ana took her sneakers off and dive in for a swim in her thin clothes. They would dry completely moments later in the hot and dry Vegas night, though she would smell like chlorine.

She felt like a teen looking for trouble. Giddy, happy, carefree, flirtatious with young men that fulfilled her every sexual fantasy, and just fuck the world.

And then Gregory found them trouble at a titty bar where a contest was being held. A raised square platform for boxers or dancers, a dark place with naked women in cages, loud music, and a cheering crowd.

“This is the real deal, folks. Amateur porn for the prude, the curious, the adventurous types. What will the public pay to see common folks to do on stage before this illustrious audience? Who is the next volunteer? Step right up to offer yourselves şerifali escort to the crowd. You! Young lady, ever want to do porn?”

A red-faced girl in the spotlight shook her head. The stage was on some massive turntable moving slowly, so the stage host in his black tux and slick hair moved even when he stood still.

“How about you, young sir? Do you have a big, black dick for the white ladies here?”

A well-dressed black man shook his head. “Hell nah!”

A few white women expressed their disappointment loudly.

Ana and her friends were mesmerized. What was this?

A woman in her middle age got on stage, dressed sexy, dress shimmering in the spotlight, her legs tanned and long, face a bit weathered, but attractive.

“We have a volunteer! What will you pay her to do? And with whom?”

A server wearing almost nothing approached with a tray. “If you want to watch from a distance, two-drink minimum. If you want to at the stage, you have to bet.”

Brad paid for her drinks and she guzzled them down, enraptured by the event. She could only see glimpses of flesh. The older blond woman taking offers from the crowd. And a huge black man stepping on stage.

A dollar offered to them both to undress. A dollar from a crowd of a hundred or more. She shook her head. “Fuck you!”

“You’re old, lady. No one wants to see saggy tits. But we’ll pay to see you suck cock! Five each!”

The crowd seemed to agree. That was nearly five hundred dollars to them each!

“No!” a woman shouted. “Big cock only!”

The black man brought it out. It was think and huge, meeting everyone’s expectations with cheerful delight.

“Swallow only! And prove it!”

The crowd agreed, and the blond lady got on her knees and looked up at the black stranger before her, and his enormous black cock. Then she grabbed and started sucking on it, and the crowd went wild and cheered them on.

“Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!”

“Is this staged? Actors, right?” Ana asked.

Brad shrugged, but Gregory shook his head. “Nope, all real. I had a girlfriend that took one of the bets, and made two grand. Minus their cut of ten percent. They call it a tithing, and claim this is a charity to help people hook up and fulfill their exhibinist fantasies. No cell phones, no pictures.”

“Bullshit, you know they are recording and saving this.”


Cum exploded into the blonde’s mouth, and she held it just long enough for everyone to see, just like Ana liked to do. Well, it was a porn thing after all. The crowd cheered and cheered.

“What else? How about take it in the ass? I’d pay twenty bucks for that!”

The older woman shook her head, and left the stage, wiping cum from her chin with a grin on her face. Clearly something she had always wanted to do.

Ana was very intrigued by all of this. She got right up the edge and looked around at the other customers.

“Anyone else? Come on, who is willing to go all the way in front of a crowd? How much is the crowd willing to pay? Sign the disclaimer, get your blood tested for diseases, and offer yourself up to the Mob!”

“Mob Rule!”

Ah, the reason the place was named that, she just realized. How clever.

The guy who walked the stage and pointed at various people looked like Max Headroom.

“Anal sex? Gangbang? We’ve seen it all, and the innocent have made small fortunes letting their lives be shattered before the crowd. The highest bid for a college student to lose her virginity was $200. And it doesn’t happen unless exactly one hundred of you pay up to watch! $20 G’s she made! A good start for paying off those student loans, yes?”

The crowd cheered, and approved of the horrendous attempt at moralizing such a thing.

“And yes, we checked to make sure she was a virgin, and showed the crowd on that big TV her private parts, first. We are legit, and on the up and up!”

Then Max Headroom saw Ana, and pointed at her with a wide grin!

“You! A young, innocent Latina, yes? You ever let anyone cum on those glasses?”

The spotlight was on her, and all of her confidence vanished, and her awkward, terrified self returned. She felt meek and innocent again, all the dark sexual fantasies pushed down deep. She shook her head and put her hands in front of her face.

Evidently, that was the wrong thing to do.

“Sexy!” someone said. “Go for it! Come on, chica! You know you want to!”

Men shouted out ot her in Spanish. “What about a donkey? Can we get a donkey?”

The crowd laughed at that joke, giving them all ideas, no doubt. Fucking disgusting! But deep inside, seeing the interest the crowd showed for her innocence to be gang-raped, she wanted to take this crowd for everything it had.

“How much?” she asked.

No one heard her, of course. Max Headroom had moved on to entice someone else. But she shouted louder.

“How much!”

Max came back to her, as did the spotlight, and the crowd quieted to hear her.

“How much? For someone to cum on my face. No blowjob. Just that?”

“Aw, that ain’t shit. Who cares?” a few said.

But they were shouted down by others. “A dollar!”

“How about two dollars? Two hundred bucks just for someone to jizz on my face? Why not?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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