Anatomy of a Crush

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She wasn’t quite sure why she was attracted to her professor. Maybe it was his intelligence. Maybe his intensity. Maybe the prominent bulge that tantalized from the front of his tight jeans. All Mandy knew was that she couldn’t take her eyes off of Dr. Gonzales.

He wasn’t all that young-he admitted to being almost 60, though he looked far younger. He still had most of his hair, and only a tiny patch above his right ear had begun to turn gray. He was very fit for his age, too. Yet the strangeness of the crush only served to intensify it.

Mandy found her self listening more intently in his lectures than in any others. On the days she had his Anatomy and Physiology classes, she dressed a little nicer, showed a little more cleavage, wore a special scent. At first her efforts seemed vain and childish, even to her. But then…it started innocently enough. During a lecture on skin, Dr. Gonzales brushed Mandy’s arm and said “You have beautiful skin, to me.” The rest of the class was given up, in her mind, to fantasies of more.

The very next class, he lectured on bones.

“Now flat bones,” he intoned, “are the site of hematopoesis. Can anyone tell me what hematopoesis is?”

“The formation of blood,” Mandy replied without missing a beat.

Dr. Gonzales walked over and patted her back and rubbed her arm and said “Very good! Thank you!”

Mandy was surprised at how soft his hands were. But then again, he was a scientist. Again, it was a struggle to stay focused after physical contact had been made. Even hours later, she could still feel where his hand had caressed her flesh. It made her weak in the knees to think he may be interested, too.

The next class, she went with a plan. She was wearing a classy, yet low-cut blouse, a skirt that skimmed her hips perfectly, and a necklace that just sat at cleavage level, perfect for playing with to draw attention to her full, firm breasts. She sat in the front row, as always, and leaned in, listening intently. Mandy really hoped it was not her imagination that his eyes lingered on her a little more often today. He seemed to stand closer to her than usual, Ayrancılar Escort too. And when Dr. Gonzales “accidentally” rubbed his arm against hers, she reached her other hand over, and gave a little squeeze. It was a bold move, but the message appeared to work it’s way across.

Dr. Gonzales was normally one of the first out of the room after class, but that day he lingered. So did Mandy.

After the other students had filed out of the room, she walked up to his desk.

“How can I help you, Mandy?” he asked with slight suspicion in his voice.

“I think you know exactly how you can help me,” she replied, voice thick with innuendo. “You see, I’m having the hardest time concentrating in class, and it’s beginning to affect my school work. Is there any chance for a private tutoring session after class?”

Dr. Gonzales cleared his throat and said, “I have another class to teach right after this one, but if you meet me in my office in two hours, I will be happy to go over somethings with you.” She smiled and started to walk away, when he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close to whisper something in her ear. “Keep the skirt,” he growled, “lose the panties.”

She whispered back, “What makes you think I’m wearing any?” before kissing his neck and walking away.

Time passed far too slowly for Mandy. She wandered to his office half an hour early to find him already sitting in there looking very distracted. He looked up as she entered, and casually got out of his seat to greet her. Placing one hand on the small of her back, he reached back with the other to close and lock the door. Then he pulled her close and held her firmly as he said, “I had to let my other class out early. You know, part of me was hoping you were teasing. I could get fired for this.” Mandy reached down between his legs and stroked at the rapidly stiffening erection in his pants and said, “This part of you sure is glad I showed up.”

With that he let out a moan, and lowered his mouth onto hers. The passion, the need and the skill were enough to make Mandy lose her balance, but instead of Ayrancılar Escort Bayan letting her fall, Dr Gonzales held her upright, allowing her to melt into him. She met his kiss, passion for passion, need for need. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him ever deeper into the embrace.

He reached down and caught her legs as she leapt up to wind them around his waist. He swung around and sat her on his desk, which Mandy just now realized had been recently cleared off. Dr. Gonzales pulled back from the kiss and looked at her for a moment before taking her face in his hands and gently kissing her forehead. Mandy would normally have found this patronizing, but coming from him, it seemed like an honor.

His hands began to gently slide down her neck, and towards he cleavage. He leaned over and kissed one milky white mound, and then the other. He began unbuttoning her blouse, kissing each new inch of skin that was uncovered. Mandy began to tremble as he kissed his way back up. He pulled the silky material from her shoulders and let the blouse fall onto the desk, revealing her lacy, see-through bra. Masterfully unhooking it, he let her breasts fall free of their restraints and carefully cupped each one as though it were a precious treasure. He ran a thumb over each nipple, sending electricity coursing through her body.

“Oh, Dr. Gonzales,” she moaned.

He smiled at that. “I think you can call me David at this point,” he said kindly.

He lowered his lips to her left nipple and began to kiss it, then his tongue darted forward to stroke it as well. He expertly sucked, licked and nibbled Mandy’s whole breast until she was breathless, before repeating the same action on the right. He very nearly brought her to orgasm.

“Oh, DAVID!” she cried, doing her best to muffle it. He began to work his way down once more, but his time, as his mouth moved downward, his hands began to slide up her thighs, gathering her skirt as he went.

As he stopped to kiss her navel, his thumb brushed across the tuft of brunette hair at the top of her cunt, causing Ayrancılar Escort Bayan Mandy to gasp. He moved his head to between her legs and began to work. As skilled as David was at kissing her lips, it was nothing compared to the skill with which he began to eat her out. His lapping tongue and expert lips brought her to orgasm almost immediately. It hit her like a wall of pleasure. Mandy couldn’t help it; she screamed.

Quickly clapping one hand over her mouth, he continued his ministrations until she was completely spent. Then he removed his hand from her mouth and replaced it with his lips.

This time, Mandy was the one to move. She kissed his neck, and nibbled on his ear. She slowly slid off of the desk and, running her hands over his body as she did so, dropped to her knees on the floor. Playfully, she unzipped his fly with her teeth, and dropped his jeans to his ankles. His underwear followed.

She placed a hand around the base of his shaft. From staring at his package in class all that time she gathered he was big, but this was a surprise. Not particularly long, perhaps 6 and a half or seven inches, he was quite thick. She could barely get her hand around it. Hungrily, she placed the giant purple head in her mouth and began to suck.

David let loose the most beautiful animal groan. She began to move her head up and down, taking in about an inch more every time, until her face was buried in his crotch, the whole length of the shaft in her mouth. She sucked his cock with skill to rival that with which he had pleasured her. She licked around the head before driving her mouth back down the length of him, pausing at the bottom only long enough to lick his balls before pulling back up again.

Before long, David’s testicles began to tighten, and his breathing came faster and harder. One hand braced on his desk, he intertwined his other in her hair pushing her head faster and faster, until-

“Oh, god, Mandy, I’m cumming!” he grunted as thick streams of cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed down every drop. He held her head still until he was quite finished, then pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply.

As they got dressed, Mandy said, “you know, I think I’ll be able to concentrate better in class now.”

“Yeah, me too, ” laughed David, “as long as we keep having these study sessions.” He unlocked the door. “Same time tomorrow?”

“Absolutely, Dr. Gonzales,” she said with a wink.

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