And She’s Only 18! Ch. 02

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Big Tits

In a recent story, I told you about the 18-year-old girl who lives across the street from my daughter. In that story, I told you about the sex-filled day that she got locked out of her house and how she filled me in on she and her parents had a real-life experience with sex education.

Well, I got the shock of my life about four weeks after that. I went to my daughter’s house only to find a moving van in Alta’s driveway. Her mum was outside carrying a lamp to the van, so I went over to talk to her.

“What’s up with the moving van, Nancy? Are you guys moving?” I asked her

“Yes, we bought a new, larger house in Amber Lakes, not far from where you live. As you know, I sell real estate; and when this buyer wanted a house that fit the description of ours, I took them there to see it and they bought it right away. George and I had seen this one in Amber Lakes about a month ago and thought that we would like to own one like it some day. Little did we know that the “some day” would only be six weeks away. So here we are.”

“I’m so sorry that you are moving. I’m going to miss seeing you, George, and Alta.” I told her.

“Oh, by the way. Thanks for helping Alta out a couple of weeks ago. I meant to call you and tell you how much I appreciated it. She calls you “her hero” but she thinks a lot of you anyway. So do I.”

I was suprised at her last statement, but I didn’t think anything of it. She said she wanted to give me her new phone number and invited me inside to get a pen and a piece of paper. She gave the lamp to the guy and we went inside.

“Now to find a pen and paper!” she exclaimed.

“Here, I’ll put it on the back of my business card then you will have two numbers you can call me at–my cell number and my business number. You can call me anytime–anytime. I’d love to hear from you. I’ll even give you my private e-mail address. Nobody ever uses it, but you can.”

As she was leaning on the counter to write her e-mail address, the top of her shirt opened up a little bit so I could see her tits in her bra. They weren’t very big, and certainly not as big as Alta’s.

“Boob man, are you?” she asked.

“Sorry, Nancy. Didn’t mean to look; and yes, I am a boob man.” I confessed.

“That’s okay, Bruce. I love to show them off because it does something for me, too.” she said.

“They’re pretty, Nancy,” I said and started to walk away.

“Bruce, there’s more to see if you are interested. Why don’t you call me tomorrow or Friday and we can meet Ankara escort at Tim’s for a coffee. I might even be able to take you to see a couple of empty houses that are on the market.”

I knew what she was telling me, but I was now a bit worried that Alta told her what we had done that afternoon. I had to go for the coffee just to find out.

On Friday morning, I sent her an e-mail to see if she was free that afternoon. Her reply by e-mail was “Yes I am free. What took you so long? Meet you at 1:30 at Tim’s on Hazeldean.”

I confirmed and looked at my watch. I had about three hours to kill before our “meeting” and the time seemed like it was only crawling by.

At 1:15, I went to Tim’s so I could get a table away from everyone else and so they wouldn’t overhear our conversation. To my surprise, Nancy had the same thing in mind. She was sitting at a single table against the wall and a window. No one else was around.

I walked over to her and smiled.

“You have some captivatng smile, Bruce. Who’s your dentist?”

I said thanks and told her his name. I also commented on how eager I was to see her again and she said she was as eager to see me.

She had taken her jacket off and was wearing a blouse that push against her tits. It was obvious that it was at least one size too small. The pressure on her tits made her nips stand out a bit. Of course, I couldn’t keep my eyes off them.

“Yup! A boob man for sure.” she said and all I could do was smile.

“They’re pretty, Nancy. One button too many, but they’re still pretty.” With that, she reached up and undid one button.

“Satisfied now?” she asked sarcastically.

I went and got coffee for us and we sat and chatted about her new house, her real estate business, and our lives in general. I asked her how Alta was making out at community college and she said that she and George were happy with her progress. We are glad that she likes her course and likes to be with them. She said they do a lot together, which made me wonder again whether or not Alta told her about our sex romp. I changed the subject because I was getting uncomfortable.

She told me that George had taken Alta to Toronto to a Raptors game and to a play. She said that they had hired people to unpack the house for them.

“They were supposed to be finished unpacking this morning. Want to go have a tour of the house?” she asked me.

I agreed because I was generally interested in seeing new houses but more so because I wanted Ankara escort bayan to be alone with her.

We went to her place, and she took me by the hand and gave me a tour of the downstairs. After we finished there and had discussed the quality of workmanship and all the extras she suggested we go upstairs.

We walked over to the staircase and she dropped my hand and put her arm around my waist. I put my arm around hers and we started upstairs.

“Wait, we have to do something,” she said and we stopped and she kissed me somewhat passionately. Then, she took one step up, turned around so that her tits were looking me straight in the face.

“Here they are. What are you going to do with them?” she asked.

I didn’t answer her. I just leaned into them and kissed them through her blouse and took one in my hand and massaged it while kissing the other.

“That feels good, Bruce. Can’t wait for more.” she tells me.

We kept on upstairs and she hastened the tour, saving the master bedroom for the last. We went in, looked around and together moved to the bed. I sat on top of her and unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down her bra straps so her tits were free. I sucked on them and played with her nipples.

“I’ve got more things than tits to play with, Bruce,” and she began to undo her pants. As her hands were down near the button and zipper on her slacks, her fingers grazed my dick.

“That feels good, too.” she said. Then she took off her slacks and slid down her panties. I reached my hand down to her pussy and cupped her mound with my whole hand. I slid my hand up and down so that my fingers were sliding in her slit once in a while.

I sat up and looked at her body.

“You’ve got a nice body, Nancy. You sure do keep it in good shape.” I complimented.

“As nice as Alta’s?” she asked.

This made me jump because I was now sure that Alta had told her something.

“I’m not sure, Nancy. I’ve never seen Alta’s body?” I lied.

“Fucking bullshitter. I know you check her out. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. I have you now. Get undressed so we can have some fun.”

I got undressed; and before I could even kiss her, her head was on my belly. She asked me if I liked blow jobs and I told her that oral sex sex was my most favorite thing. She sucked me for a while, then I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her face-down on my body so that I could suck her at the same tme. We 69-ed for quite a while and took a breather.

“You DO suck Escort Ankara well, Bruce,” which made me become even more convinced that she knew I sucked Alta’s pussy. However, I thought I would recognize that discretion is the better part of valor, so I ignored the comment.

“Bruce, I think I am a nymphomaniac. I just can’t get enough cock. George and I fuck every night I have a dildo that I fuck myself with when I am alone; and I even have other ways of getting off. I love cock in my pussy, in my mouth, and even in my ass. I love to suck cocks and lick pussy, although my source of pussy is limited. What about you?”

I told her that I was a PHD–Pretty Horny Devil and that I crave sucking any woman’s pussy over fucking her. Then she asked me

“Any woman’s pussy? No matter who she is or how old she is?”

“No, I didn’t mean just every woman. I love women your age, and I often fantasize about being with a younger woman.”

“How young? College? under 30?”

I lied and told her that really young girls are too dangerous because they don’t know how to be discrete. She said that she knew what I meant.

She reached down for my cock again and got me hard. She laid on me and pulled herself up for me to suck her tits. Then, she sat up and guided my cock into her pussy. She rode me back and forth and up and down, moaning all the time and while I was playing with her tits.

“Will you give it to me in the ass, Bruce,” she asked

I told her I wasn’t into anal, so she asked me if I would at least play with her ass, so I grabbed it and helped her fuck up and down with it. I let one hand slide down so I could reach in under her and when I did, my middle finger went right to her hole. At this time, I was so horny that I just slowly and gently slid it in a bit further.

“Bruce, that feels so good. Fuck my ass with your finger while I fuck your cock.”

I did this and began enjoying it more and more. I asked her to put her hand under me and play with my ass, which she did. It made me cum right away which tells me I might be able to get into anal with the right person.

We stayed in the house until 4:00 and she showered because she had to go to a house showing. We agreed that we liked what we did for each other and that we should do it again.

She said, “Bruce, my cunt is so wet and juicy right now that I could do this all over again. But, we can’t. I’ll e-mail you when I know we have a place and you can do the same for me. By the way, don’t tell anyone about this, will you?

I told her that I was good with my mouth but I wasn’t a blabber mouth. With that, we showered together to get the smell of sex off our face, breath and body, kissed and left.

Can’t wait to do her again.

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