… And You Wonder … Pt. 02

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Why I love the wild and the crazy!!


Here is the second part to the first time I went to a XXX Movie Theater in Brooklyn. This place is still there, but has had to change drastically because of its location and ridiculous zoning laws. The great marquee is gone, and no advertisements show to the outside. There is no sign that it is even a theater that shows porn.


I had to look again through the crack in between the seats. I watched as she uncrossed her legs and shifted down in her seat. While she did that she hiked her skirt up, and put her feet up on the seats. One went on mine, and one on the seat next to me. She wore black flats, and to this day I prefer them on women more than high heels.

“I can’t see a thing it’s way too dark down there.” the guy grinned as he told her. He reached down with his lighter and flicked his Bic. “Now that’s better.”

For a brief few seconds he pussy was all lit up. Wet wasn’t the word I would have used, she was soaked with no panties on. I could see the pussy dew in her full bush.

“Watch it with that.” she giggled. “Aren’t I hot enough already.”

I thought .. fuck yeah you are.

This was too crazy to believe being my first time in a porn theater. I was shaking from excitement, or freezing from the air conditioning it was hard to figure out which. My cock was hard as a rock, and I decided fuck it I’m going to pull it out and stroke my cock.

That’s when I noticed she saw me looking between the seats at her. She just smiled back at me, but then she did something that really shocked me a little. She put her feet up on the back of the seat I was in and spread her legs. It was hard to see cause only the movie lighting was helping.

The guys started rubbing her thighs up to her pussy on each side. I watched as two guys moved into the row behind them, and the woman and her men didn’t even bother to look behind them. So now I felt that I could at least stroke myself without the fear of them getting up to walk away if they saw me.

Don’t ask me what they were all saying to each other cause most I can’t remember, but I do know that she must have noticed me stroking myself around now. She leaned forward to take a look over the back of my seat, so I shifted in my seat towards the movie to show of my hard cock. I stroked madly as I even lifted my ass up off the seat to push my hard cock up in the air.

I heard her giggle to her men and say “The kiddo has a nice one.”

I looked back over the back of my seat now, feeling bolder, turning to see the action behind me. Then her feet came back up on the back of my seat again, but this time it was different. She was lower in her seat with her legs spread wider, so her feet rested on the seat but from above the ankle. Her feet in her flats sort of dangled above the seat. I watched as the men started to take turns fingering her wet pussy, it was so wet I could hear them squishing in and out. She was loving that and every time she would arch her feet while bucking against their fingers. Her feet were on either side of my head and when she bucked hard her right one would even brush up against me.

It was something she many not have even noticed until I started to feel brave and caress her left ankle and foot. I noticed she moaned even louder now, she was enjoying my slight attention to her along with the pumping fingers of her friends into her wet pussy. When I saw her smiling back at my grinning face, it felt so hot to be a small part of the action. I looked closer past the woman in the row behind her and the two men were actually the guys I watched earlier. The black guy with the big cock, and the thin white guy again.

The black guy was the bolder one and kept leaning over güvenilir bahis to get closer looks at the woman’s pussy, bolder I also mean because he was clearly jacking that huge black cock off while watching. He then stood up straight to stroke it while leaning over her seat. She clearly saw his huge cock then and got even wilder thrashing in the seat. She pushed herself up on her elbows to get a closer look at him stroking that monster cock. When she did I got a much clearer view of that wet pussy and hairy muff of hers. He leaned over the seat further and it looked like she even licked his cock before he leaned back to sit down.

He sat back down because we were attracting a lot of attention and a crowd was gathering around us. In fact some guys had just climbed over the seats from the row in front of me to get into my row. He even sat next to me trying to get a good eyeful of the action going on. He caught my attention long enough for me to miss what went on next, and I looked back to see the woman now on her knees in her seat and facing away from me.

Oh my god was she going to suck off the black guy now I thought. He wasn’t standing though, and looked to be massaging her tits through her top. That didn’t last but a hot minute though as she climbed right up on top of the man to her right, the one I thought was her husband. I watched as she was obviously adjusting his hard cock to get it inside her hot wet pussy. She moaned out loudly as she got his hard cock inside her.

This was so unbelievably hot as I watched her bounce up and down on his lap with his cock driving up into her. I couldn’t see anything since they were clothed still, but still it was hot as hell. Live action is 100 times better than the movie going on behind me. She was going wild bouncing up and down on his cock, just then the whole thing got even wilder as the black man stood up with that huge cock sticking straight out towards her. He was stroking it, jacking it off like a madman when I watched as she leaned over her man’s shoulder still bouncing on his cock.

Then I watched as she leaned over and opened her mouth wide, the black guy took the subtle hint leaning into her open mouth with his big cock. This was amazing as I watched this beautiful hot woman bounce on her man’s hard cock, even grinding into his lap she sucked the big black cock of the stranger standing in the row behind them. Forget the circus this was the greatest show on earth right now. It was so hot I was ready to splatter the back of the seat in the row in front of me with my hot sticky load.

I’m not sure if the guy she was riding was mad at her for sucking the black guys cock or it was just that he wanted a better view because he started to move her off his lap. Then I saw the other guys with them actually move into her seat, she climbed on that guys lap with little difficulty reaching down to adjust his hard cock to slide into her wet pussy with one swift movement. The black guy didn’t miss a beat and went back to feeding her his monster cock to continue sucking on.

Ohh .. yeah hubby was getting an even better view then I was as he watched the woman now bounce on their friends lap driving his cock deep inside her as she slammed he body down on him. Hubby was jacking off even faster and harder then I was as he leaned back in his seat to watch. She was one hell of a cock sucker too, the black guy was thrusting his huge cock into her mouth and even held her head from back to make sure his cock wasn’t going to slip out for a second.

She was moaning around his cock, the black guy was groaning from her sucking him, the guy whose lap she was on was grinning his ass off, and there was her hubby and I jacking our throbbing hard cocks off watching. I was hoping this türkçe bahis would last a while, but nothing this hot could last that long. The black guy’s body stiffened and he held her head tightly with his cock buried in her mouth. Her body had leaned forward so that hot sucking mouth could accept his sticky load. She gulped and gulped swallowing his seed as her hubby got right up to her face to watched her closely eat his hot cream. She backed away from his spurting cock not missing but a drop as a thick strand of cum stretched from his cock head and her lips.

Her hubby quickly kissed her there tongues were frantically sharing the sticky load the black guy just fired into her sucking mouth. In another swift motion her grabbed his woman and lifted her from the friends lap onto his own. His hard cock that he had been jacking off must have needed some fast relief and he wanted to unload inside that hot pussy of hers. She bounced frantically on his lap driving down on his hard cock as they kissed passionately. Tongues were going wild and it was very intense, so intense everyone just stopped with all this going on and stared at them and stopping everything else.

Her man stiffened, she ground down on his cock. He groaned loudly, and she cried out a loud “YEESSS!!”. Then he filled her hot pussy with his load. She was thrashing and grinding on his lap so he could shoot every drop deep in her hot wet pussy. It was so hot to watch, and we all just stared with our mouths open. All except there friend, he wanted more action, and he grabbed her and pulled her off her hubby back onto his lap. I watched this with the best view in the house as he pulled her on top of his cock with her now facing me.

The look on her face as his cock slid deep inside her already cum filled pussy was priceless. I watched as she gleefully bounced on his hard cock, then she leaned forward and placed her hand on the back of my seat. Her face was right over mine as I she saw me jacking my hard cock close up. I moved forward in the seat to give her a better look at me jacking my cock, and she smiled down at me. Then she did something I’ll never ever forget and she kissed me. She kissed me lightly, no not a tongue kiss but a hot enough one to make me fire my hot load everywhere. My balls emptied there load firing up through my hard cock and it exploded all over the place. She giggled as my cock blew it’s load directly towards her face, and she was loving it. I buried my face in her neck licking my may to her ear, and when I got there all I could do was whisper in that ear .. “You are beautiful.” as I shot the biggest load of my life.

She gasped leaning back, and the guy inside her pussy started to cum also. I could tell from the look on her face. It was a look of amazement, it was contentment, it was happiness, and it was the hottest thing I had ever witnessed so close up. The look of complete joy as she excepted his hot sticky load deep in her convulsing wet pussy was astonishing. It was beautiful, and so was she. I was happy I got to tell her that.

Because then just as quickly as this all happened it was over. The guy that was inside her cumming moved back into his old seat, and she sat back into hers. She panted and gasped sinking down into the position she was in before. Her feet came up on my seat again like before also. I caressed and fondled them right away, as I looked back and watched her know the one who was fingering her own pussy. She was completely in a sexual frenzy, as I watched her bring her cum covered fingers to her open mouth and lick the cream from those fingers. It was so hot my cock started to get hard even though I had come so much I thought I would need hours to recover from that explosion I had.

It was the most erotic güvenilir bahis siteleri thing to see her feed herself all those juices, as she happily giggled that she was ready to get started now tonight. Both men laughed at that, and it seems everyone that was around us was laughing somewhat. Not me I was too horny to laugh, my cock had risen from the near dead to be stiff as stone again. Watching her clean herself by scooping out the cum leaking out of her pussy was too much for me. It seemed to get her hubby very hot again also as I watched him lean back in his seat and stroke his own re-hardened cock excitedly.

Sadly all good things end abruptly, and some guy that I hadn’t even noticed before moved next to the hubby and tried to help him with his hard cock. It freaked him out and he nudged his lady to get up. She nudged there friend and the three of them proceeded to just move their seats I had hoped. Before walking away to the aisle she leaned over to kiss my forehead, and said .. “I hope we see you here again something.” she told me softly smiling.

The hubby muttered something to her and the friend and they headed to the doors out to the lobby. I quickly got my hard cock in my pants and got up, but not fast enough. By the time I got to the doors to the lobby I saw them going out the exit door to the theater. It was the most amazing thing sexually that had happened in my life to date then, and I smiled. Hell yes I would be back, and god I hoped I saw her or them again sometime.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, but I did stay to closing just in case something else this great would happen. of course it didn’t, but I still left with the biggest grin on my face. I had blown a couple other loads while watching the movies.

I learned a lot about myself that night, and that is why this encounter has been put in the Fetish category as opposed to any other category. I learned I now would always prefer flats on my ladies feet then even high heels. I learned I loved to watch, and sometimes it’s better to watch then even join in. Even more I would love to watch my own woman like this man had watched his tonight. I learned I would love to share her with other men, and especially men with a big cock or even better a big black cock. I learned I loved to see a woman enjoy herself completely and whole heartedly, even more to see her enjoy men’s cum that she would coax out of there cocks. I even learned, though later in my sexual life, I would love sharing my own cum with my women.

These .. And You Wonder .. encounters may not be as explicit as others I will share, but they are as close to the complete goings on as I can remember. This one in particular I will never forget because it shaped me to be the crazy and wild chance taker I would become. I would get into a lot of these kind of encounters in my life, just because I was horny and willing to watch until the right moment to get the chance to join in the fun times. Lots of them were to come after this one, just wait and see.

Definitely not “The End” just “The Beginning”.


* Disclaimer – Please Read. Due to the amount of comments of a ridiculous nature I feel a disclaimer is needed. I do not claim to be a writer, nor do I aspire to be one. I do check for spelling and punctuation in my submissions. These are Erotic stories, they are supposed to get you worked up, and if you are checking my spelling then the story or experience (in my case) just isn’t doing the job. Please don’t feel I need to hear your negativity, just move along quietly to the next author.

99% of my writings are from real life experiences, with a little bit of creative description.

I really do appreciate hearing people enjoy the accounts of my experiences, so I do welcome positive comments. Personally I only send positive comments though this site, since I am also not a critic. I do hope you continue to enjoy these adventures, and will continue to share them with you. Thank you.

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