Andrea , Sir James Ch. 04

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Kissing Lesbians

Sunday morning I awoke to the sound of the bedroom door opening. I sat up and saw Sophia walking towards me carrying a tray, the smell of coffee wafted over to me as she said, “Good morning sleepyhead, I made you some toast, marmalade and coffee.”

“Thank you Sophia, what a lovely surprise,” I said as she put the tray down on the bedside cabinet.

She was dressed in a pale blue silk dressing gown and as she bent to put the tray down the top fell forward and I caught a glimpse of her lovely breasts, the sight of which made my cock stir. Straightening up she smiled at me and said, “My sister has been telling me a lot about you since I arrived.”

I interrupted her and asked, “Who is your sister?”

“Why Andrea of course, well we are only half sisters really, her father was also my father. Do you mean she never told you about me yesterday when you were walking back from the summerhouse?”

“No. How did you know we had both been at the summerhouse?”

She laughed and said, “You’re a great pair of voyeurs from what she told me, both of you watching Clara blowing her uncle Phil. Eat your toast and drink your coffee while I explain.”

She sat down on the edge of the bed as I started to eat my toast.

“Andrea’s father was working in Rome for three months for the company he worked for in England. It was here he met my mother and they had an affair. When he returned to England he was unaware that my mother was pregnant, knowing he was married she never told him. However some years later he was again sent to the office in Rome and leant about my birth. My mother told him she did not want him to reveal his infidelity to his wife and so he never did. Just before my mother died when I was twenty-four she told me all about her affair and who my father was.”

“So after her death I came to England and confronted him, he acknowledged me as his daughter, by then his wife was dead and it was then that I met my half sister Andrea.”

” She of course is four years older than me and was married to Sir James when we met, we hit it off straight away and became very close friends. We share everything about our lives. She told me all about his perverse sexual desires, and then explained to me about her own sexual wants and needs and the reason she married him although he is thirty years older than her. I in turn told her about me having sexual wants similar to hers. She eventually persuaded me to allow Sir James to use me in a similar way to what you saw with Clara. That was last summer when I spent three months here at Henley, although I never met any of the people who are here now. However the people I did meet were really into group sex. I enjoyed my stay but I went home to Rome for the winter, as I do not like the English winters. She begged me to come and stay for the summer again this year so here I am. I suppose you think badly of me now Jack?

No I don’t think badly of you Sophia. Why should I when you have watched me participating in the sexual activity here at Henley?

“Thank you Jack. I must say that I enjoyed watching you last night reaming Clara anally when Andrea asked you to. You certainly are well endowed. II know Andrea is looking forward to giving herself to you later.”

At this point the bedroom door opened and in walked Andrea.

“Good morning,” she said as she came over to her sister and stooping she kissed her. Then she laughed and said “How thoughtful of you to bring Jack some breakfast Sophia, I hope he has been behaving himself and not trying to get you into bed.”

“No he has been the perfect gentleman. I have just told him about you being my sister seeing that you didn’t,” she replied.

“I never gave it a thought Sophia, it was not done intentionally. Anyway I hope he won’t act like a gentleman this afternoon,” Andrea said giving a laugh.

Sophia stood, looking at me she smiled and said, “I’ll take your tray now Jack.”

Then she and Andrea departed.


I showered and dressed then went for a stroll in the garden. It was a perfectly lovely day and it gave me time to think more clearly about the events of last night. I suddenly recalled Sophia’s words this morning, “I loved watching you reaming Clara anally.” I felt my cock stir as I recalled how good it had felt. Now however I wanted a chance to get my cock all the way up Andrea, I hoped that almanbahis adres she would not just keep me waiting and wanting knowing full well how much I desired her. It was then I also recalled Sophia saying, “I hope I get a chance to participate and enjoy that lovely big tool of yours.” The thought of Sophia impaled on my cock aroused me more. Yes I was learning quickly to shed my inhibitions and just take my pleasure in anyway and with whoever was available.

I ate lunch with Frank Phil and Millie but saw no sign of Clara. I never even asked about her. Her father and her sister treated me as though what had taken place last night was just a normal thing.

Later when I was sitting in the garden again Sophia came and found me. “Everyone’s waiting for you Jack,” she said. I noted the big smile she gave me and felt sure that now I was at last going to get to fuck Andrea.

I stood and she took my hand squeezing it gently, a sign I felt sure was her liking for me. Without another word she led me to the room where we had been last night, it was empty.

Sophia said, “In the next room.”

She led me across to another door and opening it I walked in with Sophia just behind me.

I was not prepared for what I saw. Everyone was naked sitting waiting for me. Sir James stood up and said, “Hurry up and strip off Jack, you two Sophia.”

We both stripped and it was then I saw the strange looking tubular metal table.

Andréa stood and smiled at me as I drank in her naked beauty. Her breasts the pink nipples already swollen stood out like ripe fruit waiting to be tasted. I watched as she turned away from me and walked towards the padded table. The lovely twin moons of her arse, the curve of her hips, her slim thighs tapering down to her slender legs made me desire her more than ever.

I watched as she climbed onto the table and lay face down, her head overhanging the end and then I saw that the table must have had a space in it through which her breasts now hung down. Sir James then fastened her hands to rings low down on the front legs of the table.

Then I watched as Clara walked over to the table. The sight of her young perky tits jutting out and her perfectly round arse made my cock swell more as I recalled how I had fucked that beautiful arse while she writhed, moaned and cried out.

It was then I saw the purpose of the bed like part under the tabletop, which was shorter than the top part and sloped down. Clara now manoeuvred herself onto it; laying on her back her knees raised her legs spread. Her mouth was now in a position to be able to suck on Andrea’s tits, she however made no effort to do so.

Sir James must have pressed a button on the side of the table because as I watched the upper part on which Andrea’s legs were supported started to move out splaying her legs so someone could stand between them, he then fastened Andrea’s ankles to brackets on the edge.

Sir James said, “Come on Jack stand between her legs to see if your cock is at the right level to fuck Andrea.”

I walked over to the table with my almost hard cock swaying from side to side, the sight of which was not lost on the others except Andrea, who could not turn her head. Sir James positioned me between Andrea’s legs and told me to hold my cock out towards her. I noted that her crotch also overhung the table thus making her cunt fully available. But as it turned out there was no need for further adjustment as her hole was already in a good position for maximum penetration.

I watched as Sir James’s brother Frank now stood in front of Andrea, I realised that he was going to fuck Andrea in the mouth while I fucked her cunt. That left Sophia, Millie and her uncle Phil. I need not have wondered about them as Sir James who now had a video camera in his hand stood facing side on to the table so as to be able to video all the action. Then Millie was positioned on her knees with her uncle Phil’s cock in front of her so she was ready to suck him. Sophia to my surprise was made to kneel in front of me her back to Clara’s spread legs.

“Ready everyone. You Jack start off licking Andrea’s cunt while Sophia sucks your cock, you others know what to do I am sure. Ready action.” Sir James said as he started to video the lewd erotic scene.

From my position I would be unable to fully describe the debauched scene that was now taking place. almanbahis yeni giriş So I will now move on to what happened later when everyone had showered and assembled in the TV room, where I was able to see clearly all the events that had been videoed by Sir James. I learnt later that he had a video library of some of the more unusual sexual activities that had taken place at Henley.


Everyone had showered and wore only a dressing gown when we sat down and had a meal before we went to watch the video. The TV room was really like a small theatre, with seating for up to about twenty people. Being a wealthy man Sir James had one of the largest plasma TV’s available which was mounted on the wall with an excellent sound system to enhance the experience.

As we all sat watching the screen the camera focused on Millie as she took her uncle Phil’s cock in her mouth and started sucking him. Her head moving back and forth taking more of his cock into her mouth, until soon she was taking all his cock her lips pressed to his groin. She paused for a few moments, she I think savoured the feeling of having her mouth stuffed full of cock, while he groaned with pleasure saying, “That feels fucking great Millie, now suck that cock, make it really hard so I can fuck your hot cunt.”

The camera then panned around to show Frank his hands on the edge of the table for support, his cock in Andrea’s mouth. He was moving his hips back and forth as he fucked her mouth. He was also telling her how good it felt shoving his cock head into her throat. Then the camera lowered to show Clara playing with Andrea’s breasts. She was squeezing them as she sucked on each nipple alternately, and then flicking the swollen nipples with her tongue. Andrea of course could not make any sounds from the pleasure Clara was undoubtedly bringing her. I guess the vibrations of her suppressed moans reverberating on his cock head was Frank’s reward, as she attempted to release her feelings vocally while he plunged his cock roughly into her mouth again and again.

The camera then panned to me bent over with my tongue licking along the length of Andrea’s slit which was weeping with her juices, her lips parting as she became more and more aroused and ready for me to penetrate her. Then the camera moved a little lower showing Sophia licking and sucking on my engorged tool. The feeling of her lips stretched tightly around my shaft and her attempts to see if she could take the whole eight inches into her mouth had aroused me at the time, but the sight of her doing it enhanced my memory. I now watched myself plundered Andrea’s cunt with my mouth and tongue. The camera held me for a while as I sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue, then licking up and down her pink valley, probing the tight ring of her cunt. Then moving up and over the narrow divide and licking in circles around her anus, which was displayed to me as I held her cheeks wide apart with my fingers. It looked so lewd and erotic as I pressed my lips to her anus kissing it. What the camera could not show was my tongue probing and teasing, it as I pulled her cheeks as wide apart as I could so her anal ring was open, and my tongue being pushed as far as I could inside her.

Holding her spread like that I had raised my head. Sir James had moved closer and zoomed in to show the dark centre revealing that her anus was open.

Then he moved on to show Phil who had moved behind Millie. She was now on her hands and knees thrusting her arse up with her shoulders down to give him easier access to her cunt. The sight of Phil pressing his cock into her wet cunt was clearly seen. As we watched we saw in close up as he plunged it to the hilt into Millie’s eager receptive cunt, and heard Millie moaning with pleasure.

Then he pulled back and held still, his swollen tip was all that was inside her. Millie wiggled he arse showing she wanted to be filled and fucked. Phil said, “Ask me for it then you hot bitch.”

Millie knew just how to please him I could tell by her response as she said, “Ram that big fucking cock up my cunt uncle Phil, fuck me…FUCK ME HARD.”

Phil did exactly what she wanted. He gripped her hips and slammed his cock all the way up her eager cock hungry cunt again and again, making her moan loudly at his hard rough fucking. Phil was talking dirty to almanbahis giriş her, telling her what a slut she was, a cock hungry little whore, as the camera once more panned back to show Andrea having her throat roughly fucked by Frank, saliva dripping from her mouth as he used it as if it was her cunt.

Sir James had shot the moment when I had pulled my cock from Sophia’s mouth, showing how big and hard it was. Sophia had turned around and bent lower and a little to the side to give me a better standing position. Her head moved down with her tongue out as she began her oral assault on Clara’s cunt. Then the camera showed me placing my cock head to Andrea’s cunt glistening with her juices until my engorged cock head was pressing against it ready to penetrate her. Then the sound of Sir James’s voice filled the room, as we heard him say as he had at the time, “Take her Jack, ram that big tool all the way up her with one thrust,” I had hesitated, but Sir James said, “Do it Jack she will thank you later if you give her a really rough deep fucking with that monster dick.”

I watched myself now as I slapped her hard on both cheeks of her arse. Then gripping her waist how I had pulling back slightly before ramming my cock into her ring. I relived the moment when I felt it expand, and then my cock was rearing all the way up her cunt hole, forcibly opening and stretching her sheath. I heard her gagging as she tried to cry out, but Frank’s cock was buried in her throat at that moment. I then began to ride her hard, thrusting as deep I could, feeling my engorged tip hitting the opening of her cervix.

Perhaps it was all my pent up frustration at the way she had teased me since our meeting, making me wait after telling me that Sir James had brought me home for her, that made me fuck her thinking only of my own pleasure. I rammed my cock into her again and again until at one point I heard Frank cry out saying, “Take my load on your slut face.” Now on the screen I watched him withdraw his already spurting cock, his come shooting out landing on her face then some dripping off in long strings and falling to the floor.

Her mouth now empty Andrea was heard moaning and crying out at my forceful use of her. Then just as I slowed a little she called out to spur me on the greater effort saying, “Fuck that cunt hard Jack…fuck me like a whore…take your pleasure and fill my cunt with your hot come.”

Then she cried out to Clara, “Squeeze my tits hard you slack fucking bitch, bite my nipples,” as I pounded her cunt harder, my tip buried to the hilt in the hot wet confines of her tight cunt again and again.

She had suddenly cried out as her orgasm arrived. I recalled her sheath rippling along my shaft, taking control of my cock, drawing my come up, feeling it moving along my shaft as I cried out my pleasure as it sent spurt after spurt deep inside her to mix with her orgasmic juices. Hearing again her cries of pleasure as we climaxed together. . The final part of the video showed Sophia getting Clara off with her tongue and two fingers, one finger up her cunt and the other up her tight asshole. This left Sophia as the only one who had not been brought to orgasm. I wondered how aroused she was now after watching the video. I was soon to find out as Andrea said, “Poor Sophia never came, what are you going to do about it Jack?”

Her sudden question took me by surprise and I looked at Sophia who stood up and walked over to me and said, “Your cock filled my mouth Jack, now my cunt needs to be stretched filled and fucked as well, fuck me now.”

The others waited with bated breath for my response and no doubt the chance to be voyeurs as I had my way with Sophia while they watched.

I was already feeling quite horny again after watching the video and sensed that Andrea, Sir James and Sophia herself wanted to see my reaction. A kind of test to see if I would act like the other males had in using Millie and her sister Clara as sluts for their own pleasure. I realised now that the time had come when I must decide to show my acceptance of their offer to become a part of this uninhibited sexual group, by using Sophia for my own pleasure while they watched.

Not that Sophia would not also experience pleasure, but not brought about by her being taken in a gentle loving way but being taken forcefully. I then recalled what she had said about her sexual desires being very similar to those of her half sister Andrea. So once more I gave in to my own base desires feeling more aroused now knowing what I was about to do to Sophia would bring me acceptance and the freedom to indulge my sexual fantasies no matter how depraved they may be.

To be continued…

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