Angel in the Fog

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It’s Christmas evening. You have to go get something and have to leave the house. On your way back your car breaks down. It’s foggy, snowing. You swear. Your mobile doesn’t work and there seems to be no phone anywhere. No cars pass you. You start looking at the car to see what’s wrong. You know that it could be hours before anyone passes by. It’s too foggy for you to walk somewhere. You can’t see anything. Your head is under the bonnet. A flashlight in your hand. Suddenly you hear footsteps!

A light clicking of heels. You point the light into the fog, searching for the source of the sound. Suddenly a dark shadow darts out of the fog. You freeze as a grey wolf appears in front of you. His teeth are showing and he is growling deeply. You back away and he follows you.

Then you hear a soft voice saying, “Come here shadow”. The wolf whines and backs away. You look up and see a shimmer of red in the fog. The fog parts like a curtain and I step out. I am in a long red dress with a red cape over it, rimmed with white fur. The wolf is at my side, my hand on its head. I beckon you to follow me and you take a first step. The growling of the wolf makes you stop though. I bend down and whisper lovingly into his ear, my arm around his shoulders. The wolf calms and gently nudges me with his nose. I get up again and turn to walk away. At first you are unsure what to do and stay where you are.

A whisper calls to you “come”. You take unsure steps towards the fog. It closes behind you. You feel soft and warm and the smell of vanilla comes to your nose. I am straight in front of you. You can see me through a thin wall of fog. You turn to look at your car but all you see is fog.

You face to the front again and realize you are alone. I am not there any more. You call for me and hear me answer in my sweet voice “come to me lover”. You walk on, turn and walk back a little. You loose your orientation. You start worrying about what is going on. Suddenly a soft hand touches your face from behind. You close your eyes and feel yourself falling.

The hand on your face moves along your jaw line, down your neck, your chest. You can feel my chest pressing against your back. My body feels hot and soft against yours. My breath close to your ear. I place a small kiss on your neck, lick along it. You moan gently and my second hand comes around your waist. My hand softly makes its way to your bulge. I purr as I feel the hardness straining against your pants. You close your eyes and let me do as I please. My body curls around you and moves to the front. I kiss you softly and then slide down your body, getting to my knees. You can feel me undoing your pants and sliding them down. Then my hand is moving over your hard cock through only the boxers.

It feels Rize Escort like I am burning you and you moan out. Everything I do seems so sensual and slow. I pull your boxers down, releasing your hard hurting cock. My fingers grab it slowly, tightly. Stroking it up and down. You bite your bottom lip, trying not to moan out loudly. Then you feel my hot tongue on the tip of your cock, licking, wetting it. It snakes around the head, goes deeper. Licking along the underside. Then back up, and just as you are about to moan you feel my mouth close over it and suck you into my hot waiting mouth. My sucking gets harder. My mouth moving up and down. You place your hands on the side of my face and hold it still, as you fuck into me, making me take your cock to the hilt. You can feel my tongue, my teeth, my lips and it’s driving you crazy. Your whole body is tensing and you have to fight to keep control over yourself. You don’t want to cum yet, but you can feel it building.

As if I could sense it, I stop. Slowly letting your cock slip out of my mouth. I take your hand and walk backwards. The fog parts to reveal a bed covered in fur. You hear a sound behind you and turn. As you turn back to me seconds later I am lying naked among the furs. You swallow and try to keep your cool. I smile at you seductively and arch my back. My breasts push up and the cold air turns my nipples rock hard. You want to touch me. Want to see what I taste of. You try to walk towards me and hear a growl behind you. You don’t need to turn to know that the wolf is behind you.

You can feel him brush along your leg as he passes you and lies down between the bed and you. He lays his head on his front paws but he is still watching you closely. Your eyes go back up to me. My eyes are closed. My hands start running over my body. Stroking over my soft breasts and hard nipples. I let them roll between my fingers. Slowly my hands go lower. Run over my tummy and stop just above my closed legs. I pull my knees up and start spreading my legs. With every inch I open them more of the luscious wetness between is revealed.

Your breath starts getting faster. You have the feeling that your hard cock gets even harder just from watching me. My hand slides between my legs as soon as they are open far enough. I moan as my fingers run over my hard clit. The soft moan from me sends shivers down your spine. I arch up higher and spread my pussy-lips. You can see the wetness running from my open pussy along the crack of my ass. You are just dying to crawl up between my legs and lick my pussy. Your cock is aching with hardness.

Your hand goes down and wraps around it. I hear you suck your breath in and open my eyes. I smile at the sight I am greeted with. Your hand is grabbing your cock, Rize Escort Bayan jacking up and down.

“Shadow…” I whisper and the wolf jumps up onto the bed to me. I let my hand go through his thick fur and to your amazement you can feel my fingers on your chest. The wolf moves up and licks across my face. I nuzzle into his neck and you feel my breath against yours. I whisper something into his ear and he leaps of the bed, running into the fog. I look back at you and smile. You take this as an invite and move closer to the bed. You reach it and are just about to move onto it as the wolf darts back out of the fog and stands over me growling at you. You back away, but then your lust for me takes over.

You growl at the wolf “She is mine! Move away from her!” His ears go down and he turns. He jumps off the bed and whines as he leaves me. Finally you know that I am all yours. You are about to pounce me like a wild animal, but as you look into my face you see so much love that you can’t. Slowly you run your hands up my thighs. Your knee goes down on the bed and you kneel between my spread legs. You move forward and your arms go left and right of my sides. Your face comes closer to mine and finally our lips meet.

You can hear me sigh as you kiss me. Your whole body is on fire, but you control yourself. You ease your body down onto mine. My hands go up along your sides and rest on your back. Your hands go up to my face, as our kiss gets deeper. Your lips leave mine and your hands tilt my head back. You lick along my neck, placing little kisses on it. Your hands move down over my sides. Your upper body rises and you stroke across my breasts. I moan out again and you let your tongue go down onto my hard nipples. I push my body up to meet your mouth. You start nibbling on my hard nipples and my hand goes up to the back of your neck. You move lower, kissing your way over my tummy. You stop to lick your way around my bellybutton and one of your hands moves between my legs.

My right leg slides onto your shoulder and you slide deeper. My pussy meets your mouth with a longing desire. You tease with your tongue at first. Licking along the wet slit and over the hard clit. I push up, begging you for more. Your left hand comes up and parts my pussy and you let your tongue slide through it. My whole body tenses and I arch my back. You can hear my little whimpers and lick deeper. Your tongue is exploring my pussy. I push up more and you place a hand on my tummy to push me back down onto the bed. My hand goes to your head and you can feel me clawing into it. It drives you on and you lick a little faster. My breath comes in pants and my moans get louder. You give my pussy one last kiss and move back up my body, licking and kissing it. Escort Rize

Your lips never loose contact with my skin. They feel like they are burning my skin. You reach my sultry lips and kiss me deeply, so I can taste myself on your tongue. You kneel between my legs and your massive hard cock rests on my pussy. I can feel little drops of precum run from it onto my body. You move back a little and position your cockhead between my soaking wet pussylips. Your hands grab my hips and you are about to ram your cock up into me as you look into my face. A tear escapes my green eyes.

“Angel, what is wrong?” you ask.

“Please Lover. Be gentle.” I whisper. You caress across my face. Slowly you slide into me, just an inch. Every move you make is loving and soft, so you don’t hurt me. The tear dries and I start purring again. More and more of your hard cock enters me. Sliding into me slowly, giving me time to adjust to your size. Finally you are buried deep in my pussy.

You don’t move. After a little while you feel my muscles move around your cock and you start moving again. Sliding out a little and then in again. Your hand goes to my clit and you start stroking across it as you slide out further and then enter me again softly. My body is on fire now. I arch up and beg for more. Your movements get faster and you start making love to me. Your hand on my hip, grabbing me, the other caressing and making love to my clit.

I start begging for your kisses and you lean forward. You slide between my legs and I wrap them around your hips. Your hands hold me at my sides and your lips devour mine. You can feel my nails run over your back gently. Our movements become one as you push into me again and again. My little moans become louder and your breath becomes heavy. My pussy keeps tightening on you and it’s driving you crazy. My head drops back and you lick along my neck.

My whole body bucks up under you and you know that I am very close to cumming. Your thrusts become harder and your balls tighten. I start screaming as my orgasm washes over me. My pussy explodes onto your cock and you start shooting your hot cum into me. I can feel it burn my insides and my nails dig deep into you. You growl out and bite into my exposed neck. Our orgasms go on forever it seems. Slowly we start coming down. Our bodies are worn out from the total ecstasy we have just experienced.

You caress my face and say, “I love you.” I kiss you and you close your eyes. You feel as if you are falling. Something cold brushes your face and you open your eyes.

You are standing next to your car. The fog is parting around you, moving away. Suddenly you see something come out of the fog from the left. It’s Shadow the wolf. He runs past you and as he does you hear my soft voice calling “I love you too!” Then he is gone into the fog.

It seems to disappear into nowhere. You sit back down in your car and try starting it. It does so with no problem and you drive back home with the memory of an Angel on your mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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