Angel of Mercy

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This is a little different than my other stories, no incest this time, and for some, the sex might not be enough either, I hope you still enjoy it. Let me know if I should write more stories like this.

* * * * *

True love is a rare and wonderful thing when you can find it. Soulmates, are something that most dream of, few find them in their life time, it could take several life times to find this one true love, this soulmate that we were made for. I believe that when we die we come back, during our life time the ones we meet, love, marry, are etched forever in our souls, I believe that Soulmates are lovers or friends from a past life. What follows is my version of what I believe to be one of my past lives, I hope I find her again. Where did it begin, or better yet, when, did it begin.

During the Civil War, in the Atlanta, Ga. area, I was a confederate soldier, fighting for what I believed in, fighting to maintain the way of life I’d grown to know and love. During a particularly heavy exchange of fire, I was knocked out from the blast of a Yankee cannon. I remember seeing and hearing the blast, then all went black. When I came too, I thought I was blind or dead, but then I saw the bright glitter of the stars. I ached all over, my head throbbing, I felt something wet on my stomach, I touched my stomach and flinched when the pain from a wound sent a blinding pain to my already aching brain. I tried to stand, but the pain sent me falling. I soon found I could half drag and half crawl, where I was going I had no idea, but I knew I needed help, and it wasn’t going to find me laying there.

Due to the pain, I made very slow progress, and once I fell on a log I was trying to crawl over, and passed out from the pain. I didn’t know how long I was out, it was still dark, soon I caught the faint smell of bacon cooking, and followed the wonderful smell. After what seemed like hours I crawled through some bushes into the clearing of a great plantation, I could see the servants cooking in an outdoor kitchen, I tried to call for help but my throat was so parched no sound would come out. I got to my knees, and finally to my feet, I raised my hand to wave for help, I took a several steps towards the servants, my footing slipped on a rock jarring my wounds, my head filled with a blinding light and fell with a hard thud.

A cool wetness stirred me, my eyes fluttering open, and looked upon an angel, a smile upon her lips, “Thank God, ya’lls alright.” she said in the most beautiful southern drawl I’d ever heard. I tried to sit, and the pain in my stomach informed me I was to stay laying. The angel of mercy, explained to me that her servants had seen me come out of the bushes, and saw me fall, she was summoned, and she saw I was hurt pretty badly, she had her servants carry me into the big house, and placed on an empty bed. Because of the war, no doctors were available, so her and one of her servant ladies doctored me up the best they could. A few minutes later an older black woman brought a tray into the room, I could smell coffee, and other heavenly smells coming from the tray.

The beautiful southern angel, started to feed me, telling me to eat up, that the food would help me build up my blood. I ate, and drank what was offered me, soon I was feeling a lot better. Then I noticed, I was Manavgat Escort Bayan naked in the bed save for the bandages on different parts of my body. As I lowered the covers, I looked into her eyes, and she smiled the most mischievous smile I’d ever seen.

“Ya’lls clothes were a complete mess, sir, and I had to get those filthy rags off so I could properly clean your wounds.” she said with no remorse in her voice. After idle talk, I learned that all the men folk of the plantation had gone off to fight the Yankee’s, Her mother had passed away a few weeks after her father and brothers had left to fight in the war. She was all alone in the house, but for a few servants that stayed to help the young lady. I’d dribbled some soup on my chest, and the lovely girl leaned over me to wipe it off, she looked into my eyes, our faces only inches apart, I raised my head towards her sexy mouth and paused, unsure if I’d offend her with a kiss or not, but she must’ve wanted the kiss too, because after only a few seconds she leaned in for the kiss, our lips lightly touching, I was in heaven, I’d died and gone to heaven, for there could not be anything better than the soft feeling of her lips, the sweet taste of them. When our eyes opened, I was looking into the eyes of heaven, I was totally and helplessly in love. “You mustn’t get yourself all worked up, ya’lls still weak and needs ta heal up some more, before anything else.” I closed my eyes, thinking to myself, this must be heaven.

I awoke after an unknown amount of time, it was dark, and I could see by the moons light that my hostess was sitting in a rocking chair next to my bed, she’d fallen asleep during her vigil over looking after me. I needed to use the outhouse something fierce, I tried to get up, and as I did the wounds on my stomach sent a blinding pain to my brain causing me to cry out loud. “And just what do ya’ll think your doin’?” my hostess exclaimed. I explained in embarrassment that I needed to go to the privy, she chuckled, and bent over by the foot of the bed, she told me I’d just have to use the pan till I was well enough for the walk out to the outhouse.

She lifted the covers, forced my legs apart, lifted my privates up in her hand and then hung them back into the pan. Then she covered me back up and told me to take care of business. This wasn’t going to prove easy, for starters, I didn’t think I’d be able to do my business while sitting in bed, the second, at the first touch of her angelic hands, I’d gotten the biggest, hardest erection of my life. After several minutes she looked at me impatiently and said, “Well?”

“I can’t.” I choked out. She lifted the covers and saw one reason why it wasn’t possible for me to go, smiling she asked if she’d caused that to happen and I told her yes. Smiling, she bent down and kiss the head of my throbbing member, thinking that this truly was heaven, I leaned back and closed my eyes ready for her to take me into the heavenly confines of her mouth, when all of a sudden, THWAP! I felt a sharp, intense pain in my organ, she’d thumped it with her finger very hard, and as a result it started to deflate quickly.

Laughing she said, ” Mamma always said a sharp thump would keep a horny boy in line.” A tear had formed in my eye, I was now totally in love with this woman. Manavgat Escort I relaxed and soon was emptying my bladder. When I’d finished, she took the pan outside the door and sat it down, she went to the dresser and pour a bowl of water from the pitcher, taking wash cloth she proceeded to wash me gently, I was completely confused now, and was worried because I felt the familiar tingling of another erection building. She cleaned me completely and continued her manipulations till I felt my release very close, she smiled at me and told me that I was the first real man that she’d been so close to, and that I was everything she’d imagined a man to be, minus the cuts and wounds from the war.

At that time she looked down and saw a small pearl of pre-cum form at the opening on my penis. She raised a questioning eyebrow and wiped it off with a finger, she studied it as she rubbed it between her finger and thumb, smelling it, then placing her fingers into her mouth tasting it. Her face and eyes light up as if tasting honey for the first time. ” Did I make it do that?” she asked. I replied in a quivering voice, “Yes my love you did.”

She squeezed from the base to the tip, as if she were milking the family cow, and she was rewarded with a bigger drop of pre-cum, this time she leaned down and licked it off, at the first touch of her tongue, my dick jumped and jerked, I thought I was going to loose it right there. As she licked and sucked the head, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I could no longer hold back. I moaned out as she slowly took me into her mouth, she suckled me like a babe on its mothers tit. I told her I was going to cum soon if she kept doing that, “Cum?” she asked. “What’s that?”

I explained to her about the little drops she’d licked off the tip of my cock were just a small sample of the cum that would come out if she kept up her sucking. “YOU MEAN I’LL GET MORE OF THAT DELICIOUS STUFF?” She asked excitedly. Laughing at her naive look she was giving me. I could only nod, in response she lowered her head back onto my throbbing cock. She licked, kissed and sucked every inch of my cock, she licked my balls, taking first one then the other into her mouth. As she lowered her head, letting my cock slide into her throat, I felt my cock swell, the start shooting her reward down her throat. She let out a muffled squeal of surprise, the force of the first shot caused her to gag a bit, but she recovered quickly and didn’t miss a drop.

The spasms racked my aching body, I’d never in my life experienced the like, pain and pleasure at the same time. I came harder, longer than I’d ever cum in my life. When she’d sucked the last drops from my withering cock, she kissed the tip of it, leaned up and kissed me deeply. “Thank you, sir.” she whispered into my mouth. I caressed her face, “No thank you, my angel of mercy.” She raised the covers back over my naked body, kissed my forehead and left the room. I drifted off to sleep, feeling safe and warm for the first time in many months. The horror of war was momentarily forgotten, I slipped into a deep restful sleep.

The noise and shock of the blast jolted me awake, the pain wracked my body, my brain. The sun was blinding, my eyes were greeted to the bright sun, trees, men running every where. “Jeb, you ok?” Escort Manavgat a fellow confederate soldier asked. I looked down, I was in my uniform, the blood was dried, the gapping hole showed the clean bandages underneath. I looked up at him in bewilderment. He helped me up, and we got away from the battlefield as quickly as possible. When back at our companies encampment, I was questioned by the doctors as to who had cleaned my wounds. Telling me that whoever did it, saved my life, and did an excellent job of bandaging me. When I told them of the plantation, the servants and the young woman, they said they wanted to meet her, that they could use some extra help if she were willing. A wagon was brought over, I was loaded into it, we rode with a small escort of soldiers in the direction of what I thought was the plantation.

I was so confused, I couldn’t understand how I’d gotten back on the battlefield like that. We found an old path cut through some trees, we followed it on for several miles, we came into a clearing, there was the plantation. Only, the house seemed dirtier, darker, than I’d remembered. We went into the house, it was abandoned, and from the looks of the cob webs and trash, the place had been vacant for a long time. The doctor, and other soldiers thought we’d found a different plantation, but as we were leaving, I looked over the mantel a painting of a young woman hung there. When the dust was wiped away, I saw my Angel of mercy, dressed in the same clothes she’d worn when she doctored me. “That’s her, that’s the woman that fixed me up.” I exclaimed. Everyone came up with the explanation that the occupants of the plantation fled when they heard the battle getting closer, that the house was in this condition when I was here, but didn’t know it due to my wounds.

As we were leaving, one of the soldiers saw someone in the brush, thinking it were the enemy, they soon had the person captured. It was an old black man, half blind, I showed him the painting, “Where’s this girl, where’s the mistress of the house?” I asked. Raising an eyebrow, he looked at me, then the others, “You’se pokin’ fun at me ain’t ya.” he said. When asked what he meant, he replied. “This here plantation has been abandoned since the first of the war, the men fold went off to fight, the old woman died shortly after, and that girl, well, one night a group of them blue coats came through her looking for supplies. They told all her servants they was free, they hung the young mistress out back, saying she was a slave owner.”

A tears had formed in the old man’s eyes, he looked at us and said, “The young mistress had given us all our freedom after her mother died, we all stayed to take care of her, cuz we had no place else to go. She didn’t even try to fight when they took her out back, she just smiled her sweet smile like always, then they hung her.”

Everyone looked at me, I looked at the bandages, “This is impossible old man, she bandaged me up, she fed me food, she…”

The look in the old man’s good eye told me he was telling the truth. My Angel of mercy was in fact, an Angel, as we rode back to camp, the doctor said he was changing his report to show that a field medic had bandaged my wounds, and I was helped in by a fellow soldier. I looked at the picture, and knew, that this Angel was real, and that one day, I’d find her again.

Was she my soulmate? I don’t know, I know she saved me, I know she gave me comfort and relief when I needed it most. I hope to one day find her, even if its just to say thank you. But until then, Angel of mercy where ever you are, Thank you.

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