Angel’s Love For Daddy Ch. 2

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Daddy finished taking in all my sweet love juice slowly licking me back to reality, “Now my sweet angle you must return the favor for your Daddy, and show him how much you love him.”

He propped himself up on the pillows on the bed, his robe lying wide open his glistening manhood standing at attention. “Kiss your Daddy first my Angel. Come here and taste your sweet juice with me.” I crawled on my hands and knees smiling to my Daddy who loved me so very much. His lips were wet with my scent as my mouth slowly descended to his; his hand grasping the back of my head pulling me into the most passionate kiss like no boy had even given me. Tasting myself for the first time was intoxicating combined with the force of the sensual kiss I was receiving.

“Now suck your Daddy’s big cock like a good little girl so I can watch my Angel face take it in her naughty little mouth.” He nearly growled at me while he ran one of his large fingers up and down my wet slit as I crawled back down the bed to settle between his legs.

I smiled up at my Daddy, taking my small hand and wrapping it around his pulsating rod noticing the thick vein running along the underside of his shaft. I remember thinking how beautiful his cock was. My eyes never leaving his face, my rosy lips kissing and suckling the big purple head. It felt hot, powerful and exciting to have my Daddy in my mouth. My tongue snaked out to lick his pee slit and he moaned, “Yes my little cock slut, you do that so well. You please your Daddy, and Daddy will always please your sweet little pussy.”

His Hatay Escort talking made me more vigorous taking him deeper into my mouth, his girth was wide and taking four inches was a chore but I loved every minute of it. Soon I felt his big hand on the back of my head pushing me down harder nearly gagging me, “Oh yes my baby, Daddy loves fucking your pretty little mouth. I am going to come soon and I expect you to swallow all of Daddy’s milk like a good little girl.” I nodded my head in understanding

My hand instinctively went to his sack that I had seen him massage so many times right before he would squirt. I felt them tighten in my hand knowing this must mean soon I would get my reward and be able to taste my Daddy and please him. He pushed my head once more then spurt after spurt of hot jism filled my chubby cheeks. His hand was caressing my face; his lips spread in a smile that told me how much he loved me.

“You did very good my little baby, but you realize how naughty it was don’t you?” I nodded, “But you like having Daddy’s cock in your mouth don’t you,” again I nodded. “Good, because from now on you will be my little sex kitten.” I crawled up to lay my head on his chest as he stroked my hair and back.

His large hands found my firm buttocks and massaged them, sliding his finger down my crack to my little honey hole. I was so afraid he would find out I had been with one boy before, but when he slid his finger deep inside my moist velvet center he smiled. “Such a little slut already, and I love it.” He continued Hatay Escort Bayan teasing and sliding his fingers around bringing me to a flush of want and longing.

I found out that I took after my Daddy in needing to be sexed frequently. I felt his thick meat start to respond; it began to swell against my breasts as it was nestled between them. “Push your titties together for me my sweet.” I did as I was told, soon he was slowly sliding between my tits, “This is called titty fucking, do you like it?” I nodded dumbly, there did not appear to be anything that I did not like when it came to my Daddy’s pleasure. “Good girl,” he murmured.

After twenty minutes of him bringing himself fully erect our moans and groans had again excited the both of us. “Bring your tight little ass to Daddy, let me gaze on all of your little openings my beautiful little cock sucker.” I moved quickly needing to feel him touching me and praying he would soon bury his thickness deep inside of me.

Wiggling my bottom in his face he gave me a swift swat that startled and excited me at the same time. “Don’t wiggle until I tell you that you can daughter.”

“Yes Daddy I promise.” His fingers again playing with my aching pebble, engorged and ready to be touched, yet he teased it by running circles around it and back to my now dripping hole. Slipping his finger deep inside me causing me to moan loudly “Oh Daddy, yes, yes.”

He slowly thumbed my clit, his forefinger gently sliding in my hot box; his middle finger soon joined it. He removed his Escort Hatay middle finger now soaked with my juice and rubbed it against my little anus lubing it as he slipped his large finger inside. My body took on a mind of its own as I rocked and took his fingers deeper inside me. “That’s it my little slut, fuck Daddy’s hand but do not come until I tell you. If you feel it coming on you tell me.” I nodded unable to speak, enjoying the feel of being full of my Daddy’s love.

“Daddy, I feel it, I feel it. Please don’t stop.” I cried out as a wave started at the core of my center and moved toward my head.

Daddy pulled his fingers out, picked me up and slowly with my back facing him lowered me onto his steel like rod. I began to moan loudly, the slight stretching pain became enjoyable. His thick meat was buried to the hilt in my little pussy, which was now contracting around him. The pleasure it gave me was ten fold for him as he groaned loudly, “My little Angel’s tight cunt is my heaven, come on my cock baby girl come hard.”

His hands reaching around to pull my labia open exposing my pebble to the cool air while he flicked it into a blur and the orgasm came strong and hard. I bounced up and down needing him deep and hard inside of me. Daddy pushed me forward until I was again on all fours, taking me from behind, inserting his big finger back into my anus. “Tell me how much you love your Daddy my sluttish Angel, tell me now.”

“I love you Daddy, I love you a million times over.” His grunts and groans stopped, he sucked in a deep breath and his cock began spurting filling my cunny with his milky magic.

“Oh my sweet little Angel baby, Daddy is going to show you so many pleasures,” he spoke seductively as he kissed my neck and back. My heart soared knowing this was only the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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