Animal Café Ch. 29

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It was early in the morning, too early. I could have stayed in bed and rested because, frankly, spending time with ALL the petgirls out of costume all at once wasn’t easy. My little friends could be sexually demanding. At night, they gave Oreo and me some privacy, but it was a different story during the day. I never had as much sex over two days. I was wondering if there was a correlation between that and Oreo’s cute BDSM outfit I borrowed. Maybe that new look had made me more desirable.

But no, I still woke up with Oreo at my side and, even if I was tired, I decided to accompany her to work along with the other pets who would be on duty today. The idea that I wouldn’t be able to spend time with Oreo for the next few days and unable to explore our new relationship was a bit sad, but it was our reality. Seeing how happy she was to return to work, I couldn’t do anything else but be okay with it.

Hand in hand, we walked in the awakening downtown area, heading towards the Cakes she was the only one not living at the pethouse with us because she apparently had a nice place where to live already. Since I have never met her out of costume, I barely knew anything about her. Only Meeka seemed to know everything about our new little cheetah, but she kept telling us that Savannah would share what she wanted to share about her personal life whenever she would feel like it. It didn’t help satiate our curiosity, but I couldn’t say it was the wrong approach. It was up to Savannah to discuss her private life however she wanted.

We were also curious to see the new paint job at the café. It was part of why I decided to come this morning. Yesterday, Lucy had closed the shop for a full day to allow a renovation crew to complete the work without being slowed down by petgirl hugs and cuteness or a fox kicking a paint can. We all hoped for a new style to replace the previously boring one. Lucy was maybe very good at running the café, but, not to be mean, we all agreed that she wasn’t a very good designer.

When we arrived there, Asha, Meeka, Misti, and Vix entered the shop, but I stayed outside with Oreo for a moment. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and she did the same.

“Aww, Oreo… I won’t see you for three days. I’ll miss you so much.”

“Oh, you are not going to come to the café?”

“No, I mean, you, out of costume.”

“It would still be me even if I wear my pet suit. I hope you’ll spend time with me.”

“I will.”

It was our last chance to kiss for a while, so we got to it before it was too late. It was a bit heartbreaking; I just got my first girlfriend, and I had to let her go for an eternity. Because of that, I really didn’t care about what people in the street would think about two cute girls kissing each other in public. I wouldn’t miss my last opportunity to enjoy my lover one last time.

“Mmm… I love that, Clara, but Lucy will be angry if I’m late.”

“Yes… Just kiss me one more time.”


As we were struggling to let each other go, a small voice barely interrupted us.

“Hi Clara. Hi Oreo!”

“Hi Kitty.”

“Are you a couple? I didn’t know that.”


It took me a second or two… but when I finally reconnected with reality and understood who I had just greeted on autopilot, an electric shock hit my brain. I quickly turned around and hid behind Oreo.

“K… KITTY!?”

“Well, yes. You just said hi to me. I have not shapeshifted.”

“I… I know… but… What… what are you doing here?”

“Dah! I’m working here! You know… for the past two weeks! Is your brain alright?”

“But… bahis şirketleri but… but…”

“But what?”

“No… nobody told me!”

“What? But, you fed me several times and even played with me when I was bored.”

“You… You are Savannah? I… I didn’t know that.”

“Hum… Not sure what to tell you. Oreo, you knew it was me, right?”


How did that happen? How come Kitty turned into a pet and worked for Lucy? Never in my life have I been intimidated this much by a girl, and now, she was one of the pets, one that I have fed and petted often during the past two weeks. How was I supposed to react to this? I wrapped my arms around Oreo to seek comfort.

“Aaah! Clara. I have to go, or else Lucy will be angry.”

“Yes, same for me. Lucy told me that she would fire me if I were late.”

Reluctantly, I let Oreo go. She gave me a quick last kiss before engulfing herself in the café, followed by Kitty. For a long moment, I stared at the front of the door, wondering if I still wanted to go in.

But I was no longer the old Clara. I didn’t want to be that scared version of me anymore.

“Mmph! Let’s go. Clara. Kitty is not a monster! There is no reason to be scared of her. She is just a bit… special.”

As I was about to raise my hand to open the door, Lucy opened it before me.

“Clara? What are you doing standing in front of the door again? You always do that.”

“Oh… But I was about to…”

“Come in, I need to talk to you about something.”

“O… okay.”

Once more, Lucy caught me playing leek in front of her café. One day, I would probably stop acting weird. But what now? What did she want to talk about? Did she hear that I was dating Oreo and wanted to reprimand me? Now that I was thinking about it, I didn’t even know if Lucy had a policy in place against relationships between employees. If that were the case, it would be dramatic. If given a choice, Oreo would possibly choose the café over me. Or would she? And if she were to pick me, I certainly wouldn’t let her. Above all else, I wanted Oreo to be happy, so losing her job as a café pet would make her very sad.

My resolve had vanished, and I sank into my usual bad habit of making up stories in my head. Why was this happening to me?

“I… I…”

“Uh? What is it, Clara?”

“You… you can’t fire her!”

“… Okay… You lost me here. Fire who?”

“O… Oreo!”

“And why would I want to do that? Oreo is one of my best pets. I love her to death.”

“Be… because… we… we are dating.”

“… Really? Oreo and you are dating?”

“… Yes. But… I didn’t think about the café and…”

“Woah! Slow down, Clara. You just went into a spin.”


“Are you really dating Oreo?”

“Y… yes.”



“And the girls know about it too?”

“Yes… They… they said I could and… Trixie was a bit jealous, and she said I was her girlfriend too, but Vix said no and…”

“Haha. Calm down, Clara. It’s okay. It doesn’t surprise me that Trixie was upset. Well, I’m happy for you. And very happy for Oreo too. Maybe that’s what she needed, after all. I’m sure spending more time with you outside the café will do her some good.”

“You… you are okay with this, Lucy?”

“Of course, I am. You two are adults. I’m glad that Oreo will look forward to her next break. I always had a hard time convincing her to take off her cat costume.”

“O… okay.”

“Just keep it professional when you are working at the café. Okay?”

“S… sure. Yes.”

That bahis firmaları went well. As Lucy said, maybe I panicked a bit too quickly and made up stories in my head, but in the end, she took it positively. I had not seen the situation from that angle, but it was true that Oreo always made a big fuss when it was time to take off her costume at the end of her shift. She didn’t like it outside the café. So, if she loved me enough to spend time with me out of costume, it could definitely help her, but also Lucy, who wouldn’t have to fight her for an hour every single time.

A bit relieved, I followed Lucy inside.

“Ah! Where is Asha? I told her to wait for me. I bet she went upstairs anyway.”

Lucy went to the staircase but didn’t feel like going up. Instead, she recalled her disobedient girl by talking loudly.



“Come here! I said I wanted to talk to you.”

“You can talk to me when I’m a pet!”

“No. You are not going to be a pet this morning!”

“WHAT!? WHY!? What did I do?”

“Nothing! Come down here. I just have something to ask you.”

“Aaalright. “

There was the word “Asha” in the word “unashamed.” The pretty Indian girl, perhaps as an act of vengeance for having been denied her privilege to be a pet, climbed down the stairs completely naked. She was so pretty with her brown skin and perfectly straight black hair. I knew Oreo was my girlfriend, but since we were obviously open about playing with the other girls, it didn’t feel too bad while looking at her.

But Lucy rolled her eyes.

“And what will you do if a client comes in and you are naked?”

“He will buy a lot of cakes so he can stare at me longer.”

“Smartass. Come with me to the kitchen. I have something to show you. You too, Clara.”

Asha and I looked at each other and just shrugged. We had no idea what Lucy wanted from us. Obviously, she wouldn’t ask us to feed the pets since they were all upstairs dressing up to the point where they would need assistance, so it was a bit mysterious. We followed her to the kitchen nonetheless.

“So, I wanted to show you what I got installed yesterday while the crew repainted the place.”


“Haha. Yes. Brand new. Six burners. Commercial grade.”

“It’s amaaazing! So much better than the old crappy one you had.”

Kitchen appliances didn’t do anything to me, but I knew Asha loved cooking, so it was unsurprising to see her all excited about a good quality gas range.

“Lucy! Are you planning to feed an army? You didn’t need something this big just to cook our food.”

“Actually, yes. I do plan on feeding an army. The Cakes a delicious coffee skin, larger boobs, her perfect curves, and her fantastic friendliness. I also associated her with her costume, of course, since that was how I got to learn who she was in the first place. The stunning snow leopard was one of my favorites, probably only behind Vix and Trixie; because Vix was just excessively adorable, and Trixie was just so funny.

“MMmm! I’m…. I’m close…”



So voracious. Why did it feel so good every time she nibbled my inner thighs? I was getting on the edge real quick, my eyes rolled up, and my drooly tongue stuck out. And then I exploded, trying not to make any noises that would have alarmed Lucy about our illicit activities.

If Asha really wanted to turn me into breakfast, I was all for it.

As I tried to recover, she placed her hands and chin on my chest and smiled.

“Clara. Do you know why we love kaçak bahis siteleri having sex with you?”

“Aaah.. aaah… I… I don’t know.”

“Because, of all the pets, you are the only one who makes a super-typical Ahegao face.”

“… Ahegwhat?”

“Haha… Ahegao. You should look it up on the internet one day. But you don’t do it on purpose, so it’s super cute and not creepy. It turns me on.”

“Mmm… I’m not sure I want to know.”

“Haha. Okay. Maybe it’s better that way. Sooo… How about you get your Asha-breakfast now?”

“… but… Lucy…”

“I tell you, she is busy. Plus, she will blame me for having corrupted you. She still sees you as an innocent little girl.”

“Mmm… okay.”

It was Asha’s turn to visit the island. Since she was already naked, there were no barriers to slow down my desire to return the favor. Her smooth crotch was mine, but I couldn’t afford to take too much time to savor it, or else it was true that Lucy would catch us in the act. That would be big trouble. So I got to work right away, using a couple of fingers for extra stimulation. I was getting pretty good at female physiology; the pets trained me well.



“But… Cla… Clara… aaaah! That’s… that’s my G spot… How… How did you…”

“Mmm… Trixie showed me how.”


It was not working all the time, but it seemed the Asha model was particularly easy to figure out. Using the tips of my fingers, I really did find the right spot inside of her, and now that I knew where it was, I would never forget it.

That was another good thing about having sex with multiple partners. What I learned from one person could be applied to someone else. I gathered a lot of experience that I could put to good use when I had sex with my girlfriend. I wanted to give her the time of her life as often as I could. I wanted to be good at something that would make her feel amazing every time.

With her heels on the edge of the countertop, Asha opened wide to give me some more room to work efficiently. With all that practice I got since I moved to the pethouse, my little tongue became somewhat athletic. Because I didn’t want Lucy to catch us, I gave it my all.

“Aaah! Claraaa! What got into youuu!?”

“As you said… gnaaaw!”

“Haha! You are crazyyy!”

I worked hard for the next few minutes, but I didn’t manage to push her over the edge yet. I was positive that we were getting there, though. Asha even had to grab a nearby dishcloth and bite in it to keep her little moans at bay.

But then, my heart skipped a beat when, from the corner of my eye, I noticed a moving shape standing in the kitchen doorway. Was that it? Were we discovered already? Right away, I straightened up my back in panic.


To my great relief, it wasn’t Lucy. It was our little black and white cat friend, Oreo, and she walked to me to hug me. Was she offended that I was playing with Asha so early after we kissed goodbye? I was pretty sure that wasn’t the case, but since our new special relationship was so precious to me, I still had that little worry in the back of my head.

I was quickly reassured when Oreo climbed on the kitchen island and laid down on top of our naked Asha to get a hug from her as well.

“Aaah! Oreo! You are all slippery!”

Oreo wriggled some more on top of her. It appeared that Lucy had just polished her suit this morning and her slick rubber skin provided Asha with some nice sensations. I did love it when the pets were freshly polished too. Their perfect glossiness always made them look even cuter.

That said, I had a job to finish before it was too late, and since Oreo was here to assist, I returned to my Asha-snack. We were two against one this time, so our success would come quickly.

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